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  1. I generally like how the next melee phase turned out, but there are still 2 major issues similar in nature. 1. Neutral combo still moves player in the direction of attacking instead of being neutral - standing COMPLETELY still - why is that a problem? Because most enemies don't move with your combo flow, they stay in place and you need to jerk around a camera in order to stay in place, showing your back to the enemy, giving them free shots, because you can't block them. 2. Some if not all heavy attacks in neutral position charge you forward (something you could counter within old system by just moving backwards, now it won't let you) and even if you miss the target because of that useless charge it still drains your combo multiplier. All I'm really trying to say here is: there should be a combo and heavy attack you can perform from standing completely still and not moving at all, only starting to move when you press the buttons responsible for moving your warframe.
  2. As of right now I'll only write feedback about metallic textures changes, because I didn't play new disruptions that much yet (the lack of Axi relics on late disruptions is extremely discouraging). The new metallic textures feel a bit off, ever saw Power Rangers episode with Green Ranger in it? Vast majority of metallic textures look like Green Ranger cheap cloth golden vest. I don't try to be mean or anything, it's just the easiest thing I can compare it to. Current metallic textures look and feel like they lack any kind of depth to them. I'm not a metal expert, I guess I was just spoiled by mirror like metal that we had before, but the current change feels way too drastic on the opposite end.
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