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  1. Excuse me 😂 what ? why the rush to max MR dude ? I started playing for the same reason 3 years ago, I was quitting league due to excessive toxicity within its community, so I found warframe randomly on steam, it was this relaxing game I play to pass time then one day, I discovered cinematic quests (which nobody told me about, the game literally did bad job explaining itself for a new play), then I staretd taking it seriously, until Railjack happened, that form me was the Sign this game has no direction, the Devs keep testing Ideas here and there and thats it, and oh boy... we ha
  2. If we are talking about the original concept of warframe from 2013 and compare it to the current version of the game, I would prefer to play the old one, people will say no to stamina bars, to difficulty bcs they have been injected with "power fantasy" all over the years, everytime DE drops an update, you check the forum people are complaining about it, after a while they get used to it and ask for more of it, an example is Railjack, people hated it (me included) and after a while We all kept asking DE for more railjack content...you see ? this is their game, they make money out of expectation
  3. I was about to say that too I totally agree, actually a lot of prisma weapons are overlooked
  4. This "Content creator" asked them to go rage in the forums :) see for yourselves :
  5. I think they intentionally didn't release it due to the Overpowered state of necramechs, people will find ways to AFK endless missions for infinite loot
  6. Performance issues in my opinion is the reason, why ? bcs people spam the crap out of the bramma during missions, its particles literally over cook your CPU/GPU causing FPS drops for low end machines, thats why such weapon is hated in my opinion, I personally don't mind people spamming a weapon if the weapon itself doesn't affect my game's performance.
  7. Okey, I was there when they first announced steel path in devstream, and I saw chat be like "no steve whyyyyyy", and on the forums people be like "we don't want the game to be like Dark Souls" and after a while, people played steel path, the rewards where terrible, difficulty felt so fake, and yet this community can still find ways to get attached to a game mode they hated or didn't want it to be in the game.. and now people are mad bcs of steel path changes.. If you remember, it all started with DE scott complaining about simulacrum(which is weird since they themselves added it ), basic
  8. as someone who played dark sectors back in the days, I'm so hyped about this !!!!
  9. I'm running Linux in my AMD rig, It works just fine
  10. Or we could say, what Genshin impact is currently learning from warframe and improving it, mastery rank rewards has always been so terrible in warframe, they don't give you a damn thing if you rank up, Genshin deliver a brilliant way of increasing the difficulty with the world level, basically you do a quest to increase your world level and it increases drops and rewards as well, this is something DE tried to do with steel path and failed, the difficulty in warframe is an illusion, just bcs an enemy is level 150 that doesn't mean it can't be one or two shotted, and on the top of that, the rewa
  11. that only shows how desperate the community for the game to be as good as those games, Warframe is on the edge rightnow... as I said multiple times, warframe will end up in a corner and thats what I personally don't want :)
  12. Seeing what this community has become, after being over promised with transcending content, I still remember how we all expected to fly our ships from the previously called "Open Worlds" into outer space, we all know how it ended last Christmas, I wonder if DE still have plants for warframe since everything changed bcs of Covid, the obvious cannot be hidden anymore, DE doesn't understand the difference between "fun and difficult" and "fun and tedious" anymore, and I'm not here to bash on DE or the community, My problem is with the philosophy behind developing content in this game, the source o
  13. I mean I finished the main quests, its not that bad, it still unfinished btw.. but tbh I'm not a big fan of its monetization system, Warframe still provides a better experience... but since we have currently no content I can't just keep spamming the same missions again, DE needs to figure out a way to keep players entertained while they wait for the next big update
  14. Interesting character, has hilarious comments, Keeps you entertained in a unique way so I agree
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