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  1. I think the point from the "ensmallening" DE did to the games texture size serves a purpose, 8k photorealistic textures doesn't always means good graphics, there are literally AAA titles out there that literally uses flat color stylized materials and still look up to date, We need to stop expecting graphics to go up every time Nvidia drops a new card, bcs We literally reached the limits, almost every single game released in 2021 focused on VFX and particles more than texture size, and it works, in case the companies wants to port their games to mobile, so if you're developing a game in 2021 you don't really want to use insane texture size.
  2. In short, its the way the game was meant to be played, people often defend speed and fast movement out of ignorance to what warframe original concept was like, I think DE is taking us back to that originality, and it feels great tbh
  3. what worries me about warframe on mobile is the game size, and the download size of upcoming updates, Kinda like whats happening with genshin impact, content being added then removed later to save mobile players space, This in my opinion will be a huge struggle for DE. what worries me is the new war and beyond, and how DE is gonna handle all those devices simultaneously, The last thing we want rightnow, is a device that constantly bottlenecking the game, I'm 100% sure we gonna see people scream "THE GAME IS TOO BIG". Its really a challenge unless DE wants to sacrifice some of the quantity or quality of updates, any miscalculation could possibly result in more content delay, resulting the company not delivering what they promise, so i'm very skeptical here, I hope DE clarifies what it means for warframe to be on mobile in the future, bcs right now it seems like mobile as a gaming device is holding back a lot of other titles that decided to go where the money is...
  4. I don't think Duviri will be here anytime soon, Probably 2022
  5. For me I hope for : - new war continuation - Sentient anomaly tileset in railjack - More mechs (bcs its actually more fun than warframes getting knocked down every 5 sec) -the ability to equip archwing to Mechs, and fly them in outer space - original Endless railjack missions - I can't believe I'm about to say this but the game doesn't need Raids at its current state, so I hope for a DElayed statement. and please, DE for the love of Clem, No more kinkframes :), I think we have enough warframes rightnow.
  6. Sure, Its up to DE to make that happen, also its up to them to balance Railjack combat, bcs rightnow seeker volley is breaking Railjack, You basically Spam one button to kill everything, which make the entire game mode seem like this thing that is in the way rather then being an enjoyable experience.
  7. Now this is what we talked about back when railjack was a completely alien concept that DE decided it the future of the game, Warframe will, and will always be a Space Ninja game, its a third person shooter, slasher, Use all your powers to mass murder filthy grineers, Thats why those game mode are being added to Railjack
  8. I wanted to make this post for quite some time now, I personally wanted to wait until the update drops to test stuff out, but something in the dev workshop caught my attention and I wanted to make a post about it, again this just me trying to look at things from DE's perspective, nerfs or not, I don't think it will change a damn thing in the first place.. I don't think we should be worrying about red crit, what we should worry about is the game being dull and not interesting enough for people to play it, new players quit the game bcs its too tedious and repetitive and boring, not bcs they don't output redcrits.... I think the community should stop being too sensitive, sometimes balance help the game provide a better gameplay experience. I think the problem is endless mission, like survival for example, they require certain builds that will keep alive and efficient at the same time, such builds cannot exist without melee in the current state of the game, I don't think its a bad Idea for us to be nerfed a little bit, to give room to other strategies to be used, Its really boring to keep using melee for everything, warframe original concept was never melee focused. And DE, if we're taking that road, if we're nerfing stuff at least lets do it the right way, If Parented mods are the solution at least buff the gladiator set for melee users, and if attack speed needs to be reduced at least fix the clunky stance animations, Give people a fluid Melee experience, give us reason to want to appreciate the animations..
  9. That's true, and I guarantee you this, too much attack speed will never disappear from this game while such thing as speed frames buffing other frames exists, Too much attack speed can sometimes affect your game without your consent
  10. How am I supposed to shoot 20 corpus units in steel path survival while they all shoot you at once ? How am I supposed to use guns ? How the heck am I supposed to take aim and shoot while enemies mindlessly shoot you from all directions ? People use melee for a reason, in steel path you have to be constantly moving so that you relatively dodge enemy bullets, so DE what the heck ????
  11. the fact that I spent a week and a half trying to get all weapons from deimos and still need tons of scintillants shows a lot about DE's philosophy of making warframe, I just want the damn weapons that's all, I personally think Warframe crafting system needs a complete overhaul for this particular reason... as for world of warcraft, the game died many years ago when they removed the social aspect from it, people are moving on to play other games and that's understandable, I think FF14 is an example of a good mmorpg that belongs to 2021.
  12. They tried so hard making this game more appealing to casuals while people are literally trusty for more endless farm, so yeah, Endless farm will never disappear from the game any time soon
  13. That's one more reason to never play in public squads ever ! except for cracking relics
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