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  1. I was mastery 27 before the update and now I'm back at mastery 26, I assume it's the lost mastery bug already known about, just putting in that I got it too
  2. From what I'm seeing, Wisps number 1 ability seems super inconvenient. We'll have to sit around spamming it every now and then cos we'll want the buffs, which could take a while given you have to shoot, switch buff, shoot, switch buff, shoot. And I'd hope they're strong enough and actually last long enough to be worth using. Otherwise if they aren't useful enough or convenient enough, we'll just be spamming it for defenses and boss fights only and otherwise just ignore it and stick to number 2 and 4 abilities only. Honestly, (in my opinion) it would just probably be a lot more synergistic if every time you hit 1, it would quickly shoot out and place on the environment an aoe buff station which would shoot all 3 buff wisps within a large area of effect to Wisp and her allies, and this placement would be constantly regenerating/growing the buff wisps to shoot them at an ally who on longer had the buff wisp on them as it ran out and dissipated, but probably not before then unless there's a stacking mechanic. And you could have all 6 of those down at once in one spot for a defense, synergizing with the third ability and possibly able to stack on allies, or you could use all 6 to continue placing them as you move through a mission, recollecting your buffs every now and then, with every new 7th/8th replacing the 1st/2nd you placed and so on, allowing you to actually spam the towers or continue placing them, and not have to swap between the 3 different buffs and taking longer to place them down. And side note the same could be said about Nyx's new debuff, having to hold down to cancel the previous use before being able to shoot the ability out again, lets say out of the enemies it debuffs you kill all but one that's stuck in a wall and you're surrounded by enemies, you then have to waste more time cancelling it before you can use your ability again and keep fighting, it won't feel smooth, it complicates things, and that's what I'm getting with Wisp's first ability, everything else seems solid and like it can go places.
  3. Still no fix for Oberon's Renewal not affecting defense targets in Orb Vallis Bounties!
  4. I ran with the Argonak during the first Fortuna quest and it semed like it didn't highlight enemies in Orb Vallis. Maybe worth looking in to.
  5. Still no fix for Capture Void Fissures stopping spawning enemies and corruption/reactant after capturing the target, lots of missions being aborted because we can't crack open the relic.
  6. New throwable melee 'Falcor' sometimes outright ignores enemies and can pass right through them doing no damage or even detecting a hit.
  7. Need a fix for: Dargyns can still target you while invisible on the plains.
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