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  1. Still no fix for.. Discovered an issue of Axi P2 being listed twice on Rotation B for intercepts where you would expect to see an Axi A6 Relic, which also seems overall pretty difficult to get as a reward from anywhere.
  2. I was mastery 27 before the update and now I'm back at mastery 26, I assume it's the lost mastery bug already known about, just putting in that I got it too
  3. Still no fix for Oberon's Renewal not affecting defense targets in Orb Vallis Bounties!
  4. I ran with the Argonak during the first Fortuna quest and it semed like it didn't highlight enemies in Orb Vallis. Maybe worth looking in to.
  5. Still no fix for Capture Void Fissures stopping spawning enemies and corruption/reactant after capturing the target, lots of missions being aborted because we can't crack open the relic.
  6. New throwable melee 'Falcor' sometimes outright ignores enemies and can pass right through them doing no damage or even detecting a hit.
  7. Need a fix for: Dargyns can still target you while invisible on the plains.
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