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  1. I feel like the Auxiliary slot doesn't get enough love 90% of the year, and hope to rectify it with these! The idea behind these is a flashy particle effect around your frame's helmet. Location and size would not have a LOT of variation, and clipping would likely be bound to occur, but I still think they would look pretty slick. For gameplay purposes, when aiming down the sights, the effect would fade away (your perspective only) so as not to impede aiming. Some of these are based off energy, some by frame colors, so I'll explain each a bit better than my concept art can. 1. A rotating set of Corpus text around a bright Corpus logo. Bases on frame energy colors. 2. A static classic Lotus emblem, trailing lazy slow particles at a consistent rate. Bases on frame energy colors. 3. A slightly off centered, lightly flickering Grineer logo and text, serving more like a war-banner than a halo. Emblem bases on frame energy colors, text bases on attachment energy colors. 4. A rough, energy based replication of the Corrupted helm. Based on frame accent colors. 5. A solid floating metallic Umbral emblem in front of the frame's face. Bases on frame tertiary color. 6. A wavering energy based crown encircling the frame's head. Bases on frame energy color. 7. A rotating central logo resembling old Arsenal bases in the center, circled by slowly moving Orokin script reading "You are the hope and the future" like in the relays. Ring is based on frame energy color, text is based on attachment energy color. 8. A lightly pulsing semblance of Simaris, that slightly curves around the frame's head. Inner color is based on frame energy color, edges are based on attachment energy color. 9. A small encircling of energy resembling the Aurora Borealis. Both colors are determined based on frame's energy color. 10. A bright Fortuna emblem static and upright, while stock information circles both directions on two rings. Emblem is based on frame energy color, rings are based on attachment energy color. 11. Several solid, floating hunks of stone, akin to those that make up the Cetus wisps. Stone color is based on frame primary, stone detail is based on frame secondary, stone energy is based on frame energy. 12. A small cluster of butterflies that drift around the head. Wing color is based on frame primary, thorax color is based on frame secondary, energy color is based on frame energy color. Emblems 13. A small Corpus logo surrounded by rotating Corpus text. Based on frame energy colors. 14. A Grineer logo flanked by Grineer text. Logo based on frame energy colors, text based on attachment energy colors. 15. A vivid weave of Sentient energy, signifying an age old vow of revenge. Based on warframe energy colors. 16. A solid floating pustule of inert mutalist infestation. Primary, Secondary, and tertiary frame colors all impact the appearance of the cyst. Spore and energy color is affected by frame energy color.
  2. The point of the Synthula is kinda like the distress beacons, mostly to remind players it exists and offer the chance to pick a few up normally in unrelated play. Kuva in the fortress though would be a great idea.
  3. Yeah, explosive and cryo containers would still spawn with the same frequency. Hell, might be fun to even add a couple more.
  4. Long ago on one of Steve's livestreams, he noticed how there is often a glut of crates on a level but each individual crate doesn't offer much in the way of worthwhile rewards. I share this sentiment, and have often felt that the vast amount of crates choking up maps doesn't make up for the lesser rewards they offer. Conversely, if you've played on Fortuna for any length of time you've likely noticed how comparatively rewarding the crates there are, offering a wide selection of resources to offset their somewhat sparse nature. I propose a rework to standard tilesets that reflects this ideal, drastically reducing crate spawn rate but increasing the value of each individual crate, meaning that even long time players might feel a bit of a reason to divert from the path to smash some loot. Thus, here is my suggestions for the Great Crate Rework - Global resource and crate spawn rate reduced by 66% (1/3 of containers will spawn as compared to current) Crate Type Distribution: 70% Crate 30% Resource Resource Deposit Distribution: 60% common 30% Uncommon 10% Rare Resource deposits will drop 1.5x current resource amounts to compensate for reduced spawn chance. Resource deposits also get the following multiplier based on level to ensure value is maintained across the star-chart. Resource Multiplier: 1.0x - level 1 -10 1.2x - level 10-20 1.4x - level 20-30 1.6x - level 30-40 1.8x - level 40-60 2.0x - level 60+ Crate Rarity Distribution: 70% Common 29.9% Uncommon 0.1% Rare Crates will have multiple tables to drop from, as follows. Each "Survival" resource is rolled separately, and it is possible to get more than 1 ammo type or other drop per roll. Uncommon crates double these values. "Survival" table: Mission Specific Resource (Life support, battery, etc.) - 25% 100% Ammo 30% Energy orb (20% in lockers) 25% Health orb (40% in lockers) 5% - Distress Beacon Distress Beacon is used to instantly reset landing craft ability cooldown, activates on pickup, cannot be "saved." The idea for these isn't to be a reward in and of itself, but to slightly incentivize more use of the landing craft abilities. Ammo Distribution: 30% Primary 30% Secondary 20% Shotgun 15% Sniper 5% "Omni" Omni ammo will act as a restore to all ammo types if no Archgun is equipped. If Archgun is equipped and not at 100% ammo, it will instead refill Archgun ammo. Loot tables from crates (And lockers) will roll in the following chances. Each successful roll triggers another, with sequential rolls reducing in chance. Crate Roll Table: 1st - 100% 2nd - 50% 3rd - 25% 4th - 10% 5th - 3% 6th - 1% Crate "Loot" table Common: Credits 10-15x enemy level range - 45% Resource (Follows same distribution as deposit spawns) - 28% Resource "Special" - 10% Mod - 5% Endo 3-5x enemy level range (rounded down to nearest 5) - 5% Ayatan Amber - 2% Ayatan Cyan - 5% Crate "Loot" table Uncommon: Credits 20-30x enemy level range - 25% Resource (Follows same distribution as deposit spawns) - 36% Resource "Special" - 12% Mod - 6% Endo 4-6x enemy level range (rounded down to nearest 5) - 9% Ayatan Amber - 4% Ayatan Cyan - 8% Crate "Loot" table Locker: Credits 10-20x enemy level range - 40% Resource (Follows same distribution as deposit spawns) - 14% Resource "Special" - 15% Mod - 8% Endo 5x enemy level range (rounded down to nearest 5) - 7% Ayatan Amber - 8% Ayatan Cyan - 8% These drop chances for individual types are meant to incentivize both crate hunting AND locker opening. These values may be too homogenized, thus removing some drops from lockers or crates and weighting other values more appropriately may be warranted. To compensate for increased credit gain in missions, end-mission rewards will be buffed to make them still valuable in and of themselves. Scaling will follow as thus. Level 1-10 - 1.5x current rewards Level 10-30 - 2x current rewards Level 30-50 - 3x current rewards Level 50+ - 4x current rewards Dark Sectors / "Outlier" Credit reward missions - 1.5x current rewards Resource "Special" table is universal for all planets, and follows as thus: Synthula 1x - 5% Tellurium 1x - 15% Oxium 1-2x enemy level range - 50% Cryotic 5-10x enemy level range - 20% Argon 1x - 10% Mod Loot table is a pre-determined set of mods, including all "crucial mods" as well as a selection of others deemed worthwhile. These mods will be divided in a 3/2/1 ratio based on rarity, (common/uncommon/rare). All Crates and lockers have the following distribution for Nav Coordinates as well, separate from loot tables. Lockers - 10% Common Crate - 3% Uncommon Crate - 6% All Void Crates will not have Nav Coordinates, but instead offer the following chances to drop focus lenses, separate from regular loot tables Lockers - 1% Common Crate - 0.5% Uncommon Crate - 0.75% All Kuva Fortress Crates will not have Nav Coordinates, but instead offer the following range of Kuva distribution, separate from regular loot tables Common - 1-1.5x enemy level range - 5% Uncommon - 1.5-2.5x enemy level range - 10% Lockers - 1.5x enemy level range - 10% Additionally, resource deposits will have an additional type added to the rare spawn chance called "Kuva Canister" that will drop a guaranteed range quantity of Kuva. During special invasion boss events, crates and lockers will have the following chances to drop the related resource, separate from regular loot tables Common - 10% Uncommon - 20% Locker - 15% All maps will have dedicated "Loot Zones" which are areas typically blocked by map puzzles or far off the beaten path. Hidden areas. Loot Zones add an additional 100% loot drop roll to all crates, and change crate distribution to 50/50 for common/uncommon spawns. Additionally, rare crates have a 0.3% chance to spawn in these areas. Lastly, all clantech resources would be removed from crates AND from planetary resource pools, and instead be dedicated to factions specifically. Meaning that Grineer units will ALWAYS drop Detonite Ampules exclusively as their clantech drop, and Infested units will ALWAYS drop Mutagen Samples as their clantech drop. Corrupted will maintain this ruling, adding more incentive to travel to the void. I feel all these changes would make exploring the map more rewarding for new and old players alike, and offer scaling into higher level content throughout the star chart. It will also assist in higher credit gains for the average player, once again scaling into higher end content.
  5. The Showstopper The MOA jumps briefly into the air with a pirouette before landing in a splits position and emitting a projection showing various emotes, such as hearts, emoji faces, etc. The MOA then jumps back up to the starting position. The emotes could be tied to personality chip, and will use the MOA's energy color. Animation trigger would occur on bounty phase, mission objective, or wave completion as a sort of celebration. Here is a rough pass in SFM. I had to use the assets available so it's not fully indicative of the idea, but I think it's a good start.
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