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  1. We need a way to invert the way tap and hold abilities work on a frame by frame basis. It could be in the Warframe ability screen or something, but we need a toggle instead of the global one that can mess with how abilities work. We are getting more and more abilities that use a tap and hold function and some work better while inverted while others do not.
  2. I don’t know about a cost reduction, but it does need to be more common. I can go mining for hours an only get 10 or 20. I don’t mind a bit of resource gathering, but when it takes an entire gaming session to get just a handful of what is suppose to be a common resource, it becomes frustrating.
  3. I'm in the same boat, but I actually sunk 2 umbral forma into my Wisp. I agree, and thought the same. It would be cool if the Helminth took the umbral forma off the frame. I would be ok with the frame being sacrificed at that point. Kind of like other games where if you want to preserve enchantments on a weapon. You can sacrifice the weapon and salvage the enchantments. 110% support this. I don't think there is any reason this can't be a thing.
  4. At least it wasn't an Umbral Forma... good luck.
  5. I agree with both of these sentiments. I agree with this as well, but I'd like to comment. I can't pretend to know what's going on in DE's studio, but I can present a point of view that may be possible. Last I seen we have some 44 unique Warframes... So some 40+ Warframes with 4 abilities each. If it were me, and I was tasked with the job of reworking all these abilities, I think this new system makes since. It creates hard data on what Warframe abilities are used, which ones aren't used and so on. It's kinda like a bandaid that could potential solve the bigger issue of fixing a l
  6. We will have access to a number of new abilities that will give us health. Molt, Blood Altar, Dispensary... there are more I have yet to list. Not to mention what RainbowDaddy had said. The Warframe that have only health have ways to heal.
  7. While Valkyr was my main, she will soon be a thing of the past. I’ve made a rough proposal on ability changes that would make her abilities work better together without being over powered and broken especially since her 1 and 3 seem to not help her suggested play style. Most people build her for Eternal War or Hysteria for their reasons, but if you were in the Eternal War group chances are that your entertaining moving War Cry onto another frame. Here’s the thing with that. The armor buff it gets is great, but it’s percentage based which means that some frames won’t be able to take advant
  8. I like this. Umbral Intensify at its base has 44% which makes it better out the gate then the regular version, but your going to pay big for it. Which is fair. I also agree keeping the set locked at 3 and just make it so more frames can take advantage of these mods a little better. I was just talking to someone about them using their legendary core. He had asked which mod would be the best to use it on. As usual everyone had their own suggestions. I thought about it... a few people were pushing him towards umbral intensify. Yea, not a bad choice, but I felt it has alot of strings attached
  9. I have the frames I want from Simaris, and the ones I don't I'll wait. It's not that big of a deal. I been getting other parts and stuff and doing steel path. When they drop the Dev Workshop and if something pops up that is a must have then I may focus on that warframe, but until then I'll just have fun with friends.
  10. Yea, I agree on all points here. Do price drops ASAP and drop them down to the same price as Fortuna frames. No reason for them to be so high. I went to go get mirage and was surprised to find I had maxed out standing. I was like, "Dope, knock this stuff out TONIGHT!" That was until I seen those outrageous prices. I was all like, " Meh, no big deal, do a few scan and get mirage in the oven." So I go and DO A FEW SCANS. Daily capped reached... with some 3k off from getting the last Mirage part, "Fffffffff...!!!!" I finally got her in the oven the next day, but yea... I'll be
  11. Because endurance running and Steel Path exist, does not mean that Armor is worthless or that it is outdated. We have a few different people in this discussion that have many different perspectives.That's fine, it allows us to see things from different points of view, but let's be realistic. Most all of the content, weapons and Warframes, are balanced against the normal star chart. With the tools we have been given, mods and companions, you should have no problem taking any frame and completing the star chart. Some missions may require you to play on a team to complete, but that's because it's
  12. DE has already stated that they will be reducing the cost of Warframes when purchasing them from Simaris. While I'd imagine that it will still be a lot of grinding Simaris targets, it shouldn't be as bad. I don't recall if they gave an actual amount by how much they are reducing it, unfortunately. My opinion on the matter is that a part of me feels they should just give us the ability to a frame we have already leveled up and sold, assuming they have that info. Although I do understand that it does give alot of people something to do that are in the same boat. Ideally you would choose the
  13. I am well aware of Health Conversion, how great it is and its limitations. I just not a fan of handing out answers, and if you read my post I did imply other methods of attaining armor. The Arcane that gives you armor on hit is about as useful as Adaptation and dealing with sudden spikes of damage or being one shot. Unairu armor is nice, but not going to really make or break you...
  14. Armor IS damage reduction. There are a few status effects that bypass it such as the slash status effect, not to be confused with slash damage. Also, a few updates ago all warframe armor has been neutralized, meaning it has no strengths or weaknesses. I think the problem more in lies with very few mods that actually increase armor's base value. What I mean is that most mods that do increase armor only raise it percentage based, so if you have a frame that has very little armor to begin with you're not going to get much out of it. Case in point, Valkyr has one of the highest armor ratings
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