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  1. Thank you, I attempted to look for the topics but was unsuccessful. I've read through them, and would be ok with many of the others solutions. Its a problem and there are many solutions to fix them. I hope DE fixes this soon. I can deal with the mod thing, it's not the end of the world. Though, when I'm in Arbitrations, it really sucks to do an hour plus run and lose all dropped rewards. It's the Vitus that i'm concerned with.
  2. Through building a few things I've found that status builds don't seem to be as viable as they once were. Granted, I am new to status builds, so I may be ignorant to some key mods or something. After trying a few configurations i've found that weapons that are intended for status seems to be easily outperformed by crit based weapons. Take the Falcor for example... I've been enjoying the new Glaive combos so I was eager to get the Falcor to work over the past week, week and a half. After trying multiple configurations to my mod build, I was forced to utilize a riven to make a crit viable build so that it could compete in higher level gameplay. I don't know how I feel about that. On one hand it was able to do most all of the content in the star chart, but with much investment. Were as a crit based weapon takes far less investment and can easily handle star chart content and late game content.
  3. Currently I have found a few things that are a little janky, don't know how else to put it. I love the fact that you can go into a full melee mode, but it comes with some issues. If you only have a primary and a melee weapon equip then attempting to switch back from full melee to your primary does not work properly. I have had to equip my scanner and un equip my scanner to get back to my primary, or some other random button presses to get out of full melee. This is a recurring problem in a few other scenarios that I can not recall currently. I've had problems with using the scanner and full melee being not able to unequip it by pressing my switch weapon button, "Y" for me on Xbox. I have been enjoying most of the other mechanics of melee for the most part... except for arial melee. It's interesting, and I feel at the very least that arial melee should have actual combos instead of just one repeating attack. Long term I would love to see something similar to FF15's aerial combat system. I feel that it would give Warframe's melee a new perspective and a fun and enjoyable system that could be built on.
  4. I'm not a fan of "press and hold" in every situation, just two instances where they have shown to be problematic among myself and other users. Perhaps it's just a console thing, but It is a problem. I also agree that it can be clunky and slow when you just need to click through menus, but in both of my scenarios, spending the time to confirm your choice is not much of an issue and probably won't have any negative impact if implemented properly. Although, I have no issue with this being left to player choice and allowing the community an option to "hold to confirm" be toggled on or off in the game settings for these two instances. Separate toggles for both would be ideal. Thank you for chiming in!
  5. There are two things that I feel have been overlooked and have a very easy fix. One is the mod menu. There is a way to press a button to instantly remove all of your mods, convenient, but has the potential to be more annoying then helpful. I rarely need to remove all my mods, usually I’m just making adjustments here and there, but heaven forbid you accidentally press the wrong button! Then the next problem is Arbitrations, and before I go any further, let’s put aside our differences on whether you should be allowed to die or not. The fact is, is that there is a system in place that when you die you can press a button to leave. There is a confirmation screen, but it’s not helpful when the buttons happen to be the same button and for what ever reason you accidentally double tap that button. The simple and easy fix for both is “press and hold”. Easy, simple and works in both situations. It allows you time to realize that your getting ready to do something that you may not want to do. In both situations time isn’t a major factor anyway, so to have an action to force you to realize what’s going on would make these accidental button presses non existent. Thank you for your time!
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