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  1. Can you please fix the color "Favoritism" please as every time I login all the colors I favorited are gone and I have to favorite them again and again each time.
  2. I can understand that, I use my bubbles only on Defense missions and when I use limbo on other then Defense I try not to use my bubble at all as Im not really sure when its the best time to use it. Due to my duration on rescue missions, Guide the drone on the planes or Sortie Defense I use my 1st ability so my team can go off on the enemy not having to worry about the objective dying but sometimes a team mate gets caught in the tag and I feel like i HAVE to apologize to them and let them know they're in the rift. Like you said some players don't know how to use Limbo properly along with Slowva and Frost with the example you give. Since I don't play frost that much (even though I have him) or Nova I can't give tips for them but the best advice I can give for a limbo is get as much duration as possible (you don't have to use my exact build obviously) as with that much duration from the build shown above its good for rescue and defense but It is good to hear that a player like yourself meets a small number of Troll Limbos. I will experiment with limbo from time to time but when I do I usually do it in the Simulacrum to find a new build to help my team or do solo missions. I would also use Limbo for eidolon hunting but I don't have a Riven for my rubico just yet so He has to sit out for now.
  3. I think we got 2 to 3 more weeks of this season so i know you can make it to Rank 30 🙂 I think each week gives about 3-4 tiers. (from what I counted up) I personally don't care for kuva only because it's rare for me to even get my hands on a riven without buying it from other players I wouldn't even mind receiving forma from prestige 1 and up as I could possibly use that to forma my gear,use it for my dojo or just save em for Nightwave challenges.
  4. I agree on that, I at one point did do a gigantic bubble to help players gain energy and killing but at the time I witness my teams run more and kill less so I try my best to avoid that kind of thing. *For future possible posts* Also before anyone else mentions (based on the passed ingame region chat) I am aware of horrible S#&$ty limbo players who love to troll with limbo and while I might get disrespected for being 1 of the few limbos to try and be helpful, to try and get limbo some kind of respect.
  5. If you had limbo on your team would you rather he have extremely small bubble and long duration to protect the objective or extremely giant bubble with medium duration and doesn't freeze time? I only decided to make this knowing Limbo's Backlash and how many people hate him but I want to see what some people might think like can limbo be useful in a team as I do think he can with the following mods that I use for my Defense build on limbo. | Power Donation | Speed Drift | | Primed Flow | Narrow Minded | Natural Talent | Vitality | | Primed Continuity | Constitution | Augur Message | Redirection Power Donation is used for the obvious I buff my teams Power strength (Hoping I don't upset a slowva build) as I'm just trying to be helpful Narrow minded is used so that I can make my bubble small for the objective so that my whole team can get all those kills and bring destruction upon our enemies while also avoiding the bubble and if they want they step in it.
  6. I made this post to make a discussion but seeing some comments who are trolls are not helping 😞 obviously this won't mean anything but I like to read the comments because some players are giving good ideas,Good Defense on why it might not change or good reasons that it should be changed a little bit I'm sorry to those dealing with these people.
  7. So i'm favoriting some colors for future use in my arsenal and right click them, I log back in the next day to color my secondary weapon and all the colors I mark to keep track for future use are unmarked and it is sometimes frustrating as I sometimes don't remember which specific color I marked since color palettes like "Smoke" has a bunch of white and grey while the most recent color palettes like "Eminence" has a lot of good purple and those aren't being marked I had like 5-7 colors marked but now there's only 2 that's been kept, I hope i'm not the only one dealing with this.
  8. I guess,I felt motivated to get the Umbra Forma but now yeah, its boring to me personally.
  9. I wasn't really paying attention to the patches please explain what they did? I know I should pay attention to them they are important.
  10. the other thing my friend pointed out who is new to the game agrees that players who are looking for a challenge are feeling left out and DE is catering to players who want it easy and not work for it as well as my friend who recently started playing warframe a month and a half ago they are just trying to unlock the solar system, doing missions and minding their own business and they get invaded by the wolf of saturn six back to back at one point but im trying hard to get him to spawn and nothing, i've only fought him 4 times throughout this entire season I feel like nightwave should adapt based on progress of the game like if you haven't done the 2nd dream then it should adapt you with challenges that you can do since you haven't done "The Second Dream" Quest so that players like us who are again looking for a challenge and can take on eidolons won't feel left out and we get the challenges we need/want and players who are starting out new (I guess) can still get rewards for nightwave. I also feel like Nightwave should adapt to your progress just like the challenges idk these are just ideas.
  11. Why I feel like nightwave is boring now is because while the challenges do slightly get repetitive and mostly easy (for me) I got to Nightwave Tier 32 (30 tiers and prestige 2 tier) and all i'm getting is Wolf cred but only 15 and now its just meh if that's all you get back to back is wolf cred it's not really exciting to me and while yes you can get an orokin catalyst/reactor that is built, I would have to spend a whole week to get about 3-4 tiers (5 if lucky) and just for 1-2 orokin catalyst/reactor and its not rewarding enough for me to come back, I just get my daily login now and get off. Nightwave in the beginning was heavily rewarding once started as you get wolf cred sure but warframe/weapon slots, Kuva, Emotes, New Mods,orokin catalyst and New Cosmetics, it no longer feels rewarding if I only get 15 wolf cred maybe if we got 30 wolf cred i guess but 15 isn't really rewarding (to me personally) and I start losing interest as what am I supposed to do? Sure farm for some warframes (not khora), build them then rank them up to 30,toss them if I don't like them (which usually happens) and repeat I want to remind everyone DE said they want to get railjack and the New War quest (correct me if i'm wrong) before tennocon but we have i think 3-4 months left I hope they at least get railjack out before tennocon because to me it looks impossible to get 2 major updates and content out in 3-4 months, I love the game and I support DE but please make Nightwave a bit more rewarding after we get all 30 tiers for the current season or change it up like give 15 (or 30 unsure if itll change) wolf cred then give 10k kuva (since it is prestige tier 1 and up) wolf cred then 5k Endo, this is just an Idea and maybe other players have better ideas for prestige nightwave tiers or maybe DE will make it better in the future I don't know. I just hope DE does something about it.
  12. with all these hotfixes I am gratefully happy but it makes me worried that all of you at DE is rushing content out just to find out its buggy and broken please don't follow the horrible trend most Triple A companies are doing 😞 I love and care about this game and I know all of you are working your butts off and we do appreciate it but if it takes another month to polish and get the content as less buggy as possible then I can wait I'd rather have polish barely buggy content then this, I will let this slide as you guys continue to work to fix these and make awesome content but try to avoid this please.
  13. I'm enjoying the game, the melee system is a lot better then before also the game is entertaining to me while you may not be enjoying the game or whatever your problem is, this does not mean majority of the community agree's with you, maybe some do maybe some don't but you can't really speak for everyone. As for their "Jobs" they do a lot more then what EA and ActivisionBlizzard can do. Lastly, if the player they lost is you, i'm pretty sure losing 1 player won't actually do anything, instead of throwing a hissy fit maybe give some suggestions or ideas that DE could use to improve your problems or whatever it is, they do encourage feedback to improve the Overall Warframe Experience.
  14. I would rather you guys change Rift Haven then keep it around as it does promote trolling while the rest of the limbo mains out here who are trying to be helpful gets endless disrespect for being a limbo player please make it useful because right now it isn't useful at all 😐
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