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  1. Right now I am finding Lavos a solid unexciting frame. I tried Strength, range, and duration builds and honestly don't find anything different between the builds. Even did a 60% and a 75% efficiency and think any more than 30% is a waste. The other thing is none of his abilities rally seem to jump out at me. Usually on frames I am building around a particular power. Lavos on the other hand I am just constantly using his entire kit. That said, I wish I had something that would step out. Like having a 15-30 second duration on the deployment of his 3 so I can use it to affect an area. Then again,
  2. First: It suddenly occurred to me I am VERY perturbed (not really) that I can't put the Knux on a necromech. I want... nay,.. DEMAND having giant robot fists on my Necromech. Also, talking with my Alliance this morning about it, and several want a Necromech only conclave mode. It sounds more fun than current Conclave. Rock'em Sock'em Skeletal Bots!
  3. I heavily use specters right now myself, in a team or not. Most the time using Protea for her dispenser; Nidus for Power Strength, ground heal, and maggot distractions; then Wisp to put motes down. The Cosmic specter I kinda rotate about, but usually too much hassle for a BP that only builds 1 and I have to do a high level rescue and usually kill all the guards. (note, Hassle, not hard). As it stands, the three listed are so incredibly useful as QoL during solo and a bit nice during group play. Especially with what you equip them with matters. Exergis is super broken on specters and will pr
  4. I've been thinking about this for a bit now since the talk of in mission necramech use, But I was thinking it would be interesting to have a Specter 2.0 pass done. First thing would be getting rid of the the 3 tier specter system. It feels kinda silly to me and doesn't make that much of a difference it seems. I never did the Dark sector Rail things back when they were a thing but I am sure it meant something then, but this is an artifact of that and doesn't seem to make much difference now. My suggestion would be just having 4 load out slots you can assign to actual load out slots you have. Ma
  5. Feedback: Still having tornados spawning in BFE. Really would rather have it like Hydroid's tenticals of sorts. Where it puts a circle on the ground and they stay inside the circle. I was doing defenses and kept having them spawn and stay spawned across the map at the enemy spawn points instead of on the def point where it is useful.
  6. Polearms, Scythes, and saves all use the staff holster and it's upside down. So all those "top" details end up dragging into the ground or making odd touches to my unmentionables. Is there anyone that can just go in and increase the range value of the rotation of the melee weapons when holstered so can turn them right side up... I mean Axes are upside down too but they use the same holster and stances as great swords.
  7. Signed up with it and saw, "Hey, it has a Warframe thing on here so I can get the Gauss for doing the signing and the ups. Redemed it and couldn't figure out how to get it on my warframe account... Just to find out in the smallest of print it says "Xbox One Only". I don't know where else to complain about this. I was hopeing there was just a place to link my account like I did with Steam, Twitch, and Discord. So annoying. Thats it, just the little whine over the issue. Now I am going to eat some cheese.
  8. It is clear to me, But I will try... Rep: There are syndicate alerts already in the game. Part of them is finding 8 tokens in the mission that you can turn in for rep with the syndicate. Just cut out the middle man of the rep and instead just make the tokens the things use to buy from the vendors. Then Maroo, she is already contact that buys your statues for endo. She gives a single weekly alert to get a statue from a Deimos/derelict tile set. Move vaults to her too. So she does a pay out for bringing her artifacts from vaults and you can just buy the corrupted mods from her in
  9. From what I am seeing with the leaks from the Test Cluster having alerts drop a currency for Steel Path and take it to a store to turn in and let me say: I like it. Its something I have been a proponent for and want to see more of this. I would actually like see this expanded greatly. Suggestions: Remove rep all together, you have a syndicate sigil on, puts a chance of dropping one of the 3 types of tokens for them on kills and then instead of hunting all over missions, just have syndicate Alerts that drop 8 tokens. Go talk to the vent kids for bounties to get tokens for the
  10. I have to agree. Would like to see the WF arcane to have a general passive effect on it's own. Maybe a different element so we get compound elements when they combined?
  11. I am okay with Prox detection too... Fun thing with the "saftey feature" you said... I used to purposely aim Orgris at the feet of enemies and on a rare time it would stick in such a way the jet would point down and some reason would rag doll enemies and launch them upwards then randomly about. It was super rare, but made me laugh every time.
  12. Example: Using Adhesvie blast I put down 4 Tonkor shots. When one blows up, it triggers the other 3 other gernades if they are in range. Same can go if other explosives are in the explosive sphere from Bombards and so on too during the triggering event. I just think it will be fun...
  13. I would honestly like to see thrown mods work on all melees with projectiles (not hitscan ones). But Wolf Sledge needs to be included either way.
  14. Please widen the ranges of the "holstered" values on the sliders for melee weapons. Anything that uses the staff holsters (Pole arms, Staves, and scythes) all mount upside down.
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