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  1. Normally this orb closes before you can get to it. I've done this before on Zypher and now with Gauss. They are just too fast an no way to get out of the orb other than /unstuck May need to make that disk a switch so if you hit it, it opens.
  2. Problem: Screen shot included below showing how I have them aligned. It is actually not possible to really get them to line up properly on the hips. On top of that the Offhand one moves with the breathing of the warframe while the right one doesn't, which leads me to believe the attachment point is mismatched. This is using Neckros Nobel animation set. Related: This isn't the only weapon I have had issue with. I know at one point Scythes mounted on the back along the spine with the weapon's head at the base of the neck of the character where now the head lines up with the base of the spine and it's not possible to rotate it to the base of the neck any more, which in my opinion looked much cooler. There are other weapons too if I should go through them or not. Being a cosmetic type person, how things look is super important to me (I hope thats obvious by my tennogen I have purchased) Request: If possible when fixing these, please allow for 360 degree rotation and placement of all holstered items Having locked rotation at odd angels makes it difficult to allgin things to look aesthetically pleasing. Holstering edits of rifles would also be nice as many do not look good when holstered and I have to hide the weapon that I want shown.
  3. Okay, I see this brought up every year and I think it should still be brought up: Dullahan Mask should have an option for the Sentinels to completely turn them into a floating head and then have a headless option for warframes. Would be cool to have a "ghost neck" like Wisp Dama helmet ear things, but either way... Headless warframe, pumpkin sentinel. p-p-p-p-p-please Eddie?
  4. yup. So very nerfed. So nerfed she may actually be reverse nerf.
  5. I am sad to see Accelerant removed, that was one of her best abilities. But honestly as long as one of her augments provides a Heal Over Time of some kind, I will be okay. She just really needs some kind of Heal Over Time. If you all know what I mean?
  6. Works for me too. Just need something. I turned up the graphics and took the frame rate hit and there is a distrotion field I see that isn't there normally. But even then, I am dropping below 40fps then.
  7. I do love playing Limbo, But maybe its my Toaster set with graphics low, one of my personal biggest problems is telling when things are in or out of the rift. Specifically Limbo or enemies out side of cataclysm. Right now Limbo has a desaturated colors and muted sounds when inside the rift. I have had times though, especially on some of the ice planet tile sets, I can't tell when I am in or out. Something I'd like to see regarding Limbo is maybe a slight negative coloring around the edge of the screen perhaps? With enemies themselves, perhaps have those that have the same rift state as you look normal and those that are opposite are extra blurred out kinda like Necro's undead with the Irkalla skin, just more so. Instead of just a cloud around the feet. That would probably help a lot of people who are confused on why they can't hit an enemy. Perhaps make them look simi-transparent even or walking shadows? I don't know. Just some feed back. I don't know how others would feel but Something like: Player outside of rift and enemy in the rift, then enemy looks like a hole in existance with an aura moveing into it like it's sucking in light. In reverse, Players will see the enemies glow and give off light when the enemy is out of rift and player is in. If both match, enemies and players look normal.
  8. Simple suggestion, with all the sprinting themes going on these days and movement set mods, Something in the theme of Agility Drift: Something that gives Evasion when sprinting. My thought was 3 seconds of continues sprinting (no rolls or jumps) and gives Evasion stat based on the sprint speed of the frame for 2 seconds. 10 x Sprint Stat. Keep sprinting, keeps refreshing, but gives time for jumps and what not but if you get knocked down, you lose it. Maybe even have it build as sprint? Probably too powerful for that.
  9. The Target Fixation buff resets while hovering from the charge up of Tailwind to hover. Also Tail wind's hover mode does not seem to activate air born mods such as the Aero sniper mods.
  10. Space on companions is so darn tight and it's hard to do a build with out bite and maul and have an effective pet. Perhaps have something that makes it just stats increase as the pet level.
  11. Because I was wondering how a large bird, one like a moa, attack things or do they try to run away. Hint: They are not known for running away. They mess things up. That would be cool too. Or maybe have the Prova show up over it's head like back in the old days when you disarmed moas.
  12. DeeDeetheSpy

    Moa Melee

    So after watching a bunch of videos of Ostriches attacking things today, I really want to see a Moa to get the ability to attack this way. I don't know if a weapon or a precept would be best for this but having the Moa pick a target, activate small fear aura, chase the target, then knocks it down and start stomping on it until the target get back up and then walk away.
  13. I totally meant Nezha... Derp, derp, derp. Thank you. And yeah. an Ephemera that activates when ever you slide!
  14. Pretty simple. I was on a Tron kick today and really wished Nidus left a light wall instead of fire wall.
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