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  1. Bump. Also would like to know if the melee mods interact with the precept attack mods.
  2. Excellent point. There are a bunch of "On Kill" effects that don't happen because often status procs would kill the enemy and the weapon doesn't get credit or another player kills them. Rather have it like with the Synth set with companions where the weapon just had to damage the enemy before it died for the effect to trigger.
  3. Just to reillterate, there are a lot of drop tables in the game that are oversatuated and difficult to target things. It would be super sweet to have them drop AND be avalible from a vendor. Have Orphix stuff buyable from Father, Disruption from Little Duck, and Arbitration and what not as it is. Then make other stuff avalible from various vendors for credits.
  4. Could you guys do a pass on Combustion Beam, Concealed Explosives, Thunderbolt? These have always been thematicly cool mods that did jack once you cleared the star chart because the flat damage they do isn't affected by mods and is so low it is pointless for higher level content. Personally, I would love a more skill designed thing, The explosives be affected by weapon stats and mods, but it's EXPLODING HEADSHOTS! BWHAHAHAHA. Or with the beam, have them inflate and explode for their health pool + Weapon stats + modding. But only if they get X amount of inflation stacks, if you hit something else with the beam, the inflation stacks recedes and they wont explode.
  5. Honestly, I like having some RNG and a Store too. Being that the stuff randomly drops along with currency, so if I just don't get the drop, I can go to the vendor and buy it.
  6. Remind me of the Ranger gameplay in Neverwinter MMO. Its fairly well designed with a melee build, a range build, and the hybrid build. What gets cool with the hybrid build is it is setup so melee attacks stack buffs for range and then range attacks use up the stacks instead of having a timer but at the same time build up stacks for the melee... which for when you switch back, the melee will use up the stacks while building the range stacks. Makes for rewarding game play.
  7. Vaykor Sydon? Many melee was broken with Melee 3.0 if they had outside of the norm mechanics.
  8. Vaykor Sydon's Radiant ability is still broken. It doesn't build charge and while the alt fire does the animation, it doesn't do the effect.
  9. Right now I am sitting on 232 Riven slivers. I know that to some players thats not a lot but I never intentionally hard core farmed for them. I know there are players with WAY more of them. It would be nice to be able to do something other than 1 riven every 7 days. Suggestions: Make them tradable. Let me buy Sentinal Rivens from sim or Archwing weapon rivens from Arbiters with them Let me grind them into Kuva or trade them for kuva. Let me buy riven transmutes with them (I don't like Eidalon hunting, no matter how easy it is.)
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