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  1. First of all, this needs to be posted in feedback.. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/21-general/ Second, they actually (Rebecca) touched the subject in the last devstream (I think) but guess what, Steve didn't listen and was focused on playing the revamped PoE.. Third, I'm also tired of all this bad host and host migration nonsense.. it's killing the game in my eyes. This could finally fix the tediousness of playing solo.. I'd love to have hordes coming after me instead of like the 5 guys like it is now..
  2. Not bad.. literally every point is relatable lol Let's hope they address all those things over time.. I know they talked about those co-op doors recently..
  3. Wow there are so many freaking ****** on the internet, Jesus Christ.. On topic: I wouldn't mind if quick thinking would consume shields when your hp would be directly attacked, since, her shields are her energy.. it's common sense that it should work that way, no matter how u twist it..
  4. Definitely bring back normal lengthy rotations.. this double the waves and minutes is just dumb.
  5. Lol you're wrong. They can hotfix console builds, done it in the past for days.
  6. Yeah I call bullS#&$ with that "weird math" that comes out of nowhere.. that's not how RNG works lol
  7. My biggest mistake was to install this game..
  8. No, no more umbra frames. That's why we're getting umbra forma ffs
  9. The mustache and his man bun were literally the reason I spend money on him and bought him.. so, no?
  10. Not to mention buried fun.. this is the most boring thing ever -_- they need to cut the time it takes to close a fracture at least in half.. damn
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