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  1. There are a lot of fair points raised so far in this thread. I think my main issue is how the old SP system respected time put in and high level gear. I have to emphasize, as a person who did the Khora Essence farm, it was not a place to afk macro. It was all about micromanaging and energy economy, and on a good weekend warriors type run with my friends we could get a really nice haul of Essence. In fact, I've never seen anyone afk macro Steel Path. Afk macros are bannable by the EULA. Using that buzzword felt more like an excuse than an actual reason. The new system eliminates endur
  2. I see your logic, but my point still stands. Why would I spend an hour and a half farming for a kitgun riven? I would much rather get the kuva and roll the 120+ rivens I already have. For almost all of Teshin's "rewards", there are quicker ways to obtain the item in question. You can do transmutation to get a 10p mod to sell and buy a kitgun riven with. 3 Forma for 75 Essence is also a joke. Getting the 10% chance on a Hive run gives you plat for one or two 3-packs of that. Hell, even 30K endo can be farmed quicker solo using this logic. I can run SP Arena by myself in under 4 minutes (Ma
  3. The only thing I could do in response to this is sigh. How, in any way, shape, or form, is this considered a reward? The same goes for the slightly discounted Kuva from last week (My opinion on the kuva changed after seeing the rest of the rewards in the rotation). It really feels just disrespectful to the obscene amount of time you now have to put in to get steel essence. In this current form, the only thing even slightly worth it is the Umbra Forma every eight weeks. Please consider giving us WORTHWHILE rewards, like 10 forma for 75 steel essence as a middling example, or multiple catal
  4. I'm glad this got fixed, but this SHOULD NOT have been the case. You took away the hour+ runs endgame players were having fun doing on Steel Path and replaced it with even longer runs of the exact same bounties but underground, but somehow THIS slipped by you, even with a Public Test Cluster. Again, glad it's fixed, but that was inexcusable to be a problem on day 1.
  5. Gotta love the things I didn't know I wanted. I really love seeing a return of the insta-explode (which used to be a 3 mod combo). I can see my glaives getting a LOT more use now.
  6. I personally love the changes, so if they do change it, hopefully they do what they did with the Titania p syandana and throw the more subtle one back in as second ephemera.
  7. Today I bestowed a blessing on the Strata Relay around 5:30 ET (NA server). There was no UI showing the blessing, nor any fanfare, and nobody got the blessing, but it still took my font charge. Leaving the relay and coming back, it showed up for me, but not for any one else who did the same. Later another MR30 bestowed the same blessing, which worked, so my pal in DM's here wasn't able to get a screencap of him not receiving my blessing. Not sure what's going on here.
  8. Yes, more of these thanks for watching posts. Love me some recaps.
  9. That's not guaranteed though. I'm hoping it'll be there, but there's a significant chance it may not and get pushed back to Deimos Arcana in November.
  10. Does this mean that Founders are going to have exclusive access to MR30 with Nezha Prime until Deimos Arcana gets released? That’s a really bad look if that’s the case. We non-founders had to wait several weeks to hit MR29, and 30 is so monumentous it would really suck to have to wait again. Edit: Nonfounders are 15K MR away, and Founders are at most 9K away (GM Founders 3K). Nezha PA Will have only 12K worth of mastery, forcing non-founders to wait on a new weapon to be released to get to MR30. I get that founders deserve their shiny trophies for being here earlier, but it already stings
  11. There's a very peculiar wall in this tile that I've always been able to partially clip into, with the real wall being slightly behind it. Today I learned in the worst way possible that syndicate medallions can spawn behind that wall, and are completely unobtainable. I was able to clip my camera behind the weird wall to screenshot it. It's impossible to reach, and I'm down 5,000 standing.
  12. Knight of Sorrows (unedited) "Empowered by the cosmic madness of Vome, a sole, stalwart mind seeks what he lost, but loved so dearly." I LOVE the Paradiso armor, and how well it takes sigils!
  13. If we have a universal rifle skin, can we make the Octavia Deluxe boltor skin also universal? I would love to see that slow guitar strum on the Trumna.
  14. eeee Edit: nope, still not there before the bots.
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