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  1. Can we Please get an updated Appearance section for our Arsenal? It already exists for Crew Members, Railjack, and Landing Craft. The ability to randomize individual colors is a must have for me.
  2. Unpopular opinion, but I’ve been loving the new void storms. If you’re skillful, you can complete then faster than the Survival benchmark (much faster with Grineer Skirmish) and all the extra goodies/ return Radiants really help make it worthwhile. To the naysayers, keep in mind you’re getting: Large amounts of endo from ship parts, substantial credits, more relics back than you put in (usually), substantial XP from objectives to passively level items, 25% chance to get your Radiants back in most cases, and a never ending supply of Void Traces. My longest mission times usually r
  3. It's a small drop chance from rotation C of ESO. Abysmal, but obtainable.
  4. It's unfortunate that some of the drops are completely worthless for some players, like the Storm palette and Kuaka floof. At least there aren't any unobtainables this time round.
  5. I already have all the fishing trophies on display, but this is a cute drop series. I don’t mind the grab bag nature as much since these are all effectively the same. the problem arises when a grab bag has an unobtainable or significantly higher value item in its contents. Those are the sucky ones.
  6. Was the whole modular Archwing concept scrapped? There is still a wild imbalance among our Archwings (Amesha is the only one that can survive in higher tier railjack), and I feel that the others need either buffs or level scaling. Arch-guns are well up to pace with the game’s power creep, but Arch melees still all do the exact same thing. Any plans to diversify or equalize archmelees?
  7. Does being in a squad factor in to this? Though we didn't get any eximus, when I had a squad of three Jugulus were everywhere, but solo, I got maybe one every few minutes. Still haven't found an Eximus, but I must be doing something all wrong. You must've also had some insane luck. Even when I got a consistent spawn pattern going, I never saw one eximus after 40+ minutes.
  8. I can't give valid critique yet because I'm optimizing cache, but this seems like a really bad way to "improve" our guns. This mod setup will only apply to a miniscule number of guns, and you've effectively nerfed the crit potential of other guns by making Critical Delay and Creeping Bullseye mutually exclusive with the regular crit mods. On top of that, there is zero reason to ever use Creeping Bullseye over PPG except in the incredibly niche case of Hemorrhage, and on rifles offers a miniscule crit increase for a harsh penalty.
  9. There's multiple ways to break out of bounds in the Dojo and place a teleporter on top of the room. The skybox is still there! Also, DE have already okay'd Out of Bounds in dojo because they liked what people were doing with it.
  10. You have to claim them from your twitch inventory as well.
  11. Did you relink your accounts like they said multiple times? If so, did you check your twitch inventory? There's a second step to claiming it now.
  12. The Amprex already has the Telos skin, available from the Arbitration Honors shop, and a Day of The Dead Skin that comes around October!
  13. That sounds like an issue with your internet. I suggest not playing long missions.
  14. Not that my ears have caught, but I find any more, I'll record and update this thread with them.
  15. Noticed this running through a mission on Lua. Advanced Reverb in some rooms becomes choppy, harshly so with the music puzzle room (especially prevalent near the end). I begin by demonstrating that there is significantly more reverb in the more open center of the tile (this is to be expected) When I step on the music panels, notice that they sound choppy, especially the higher notes. This only happens when advanced reverb is on. I don't notice it with other sounds, just these notes. I had already solved the puzzle room, so the ambience pre-puzzle completion isn't playing, but it also
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