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  1. Please, please, please, please STOP with grab bags containing exclusive items!!! It creates a super negative sense of FOMO and actively screws some Tenno out of them while giving others several. It's not okay. Same thing with glyphs, these drops give NOTHING to players who already own them! Make it a guaranteed one-off reward instead of the RNG must-have-higher-viewer-numbers garbage.
  2. If possible, maybe you could add these rooms (plus last year's) into a subsection of the Leverian? Walking around those rooms from the lower perspective would be very nice, especially for preservation of the experience/memories!
  3. Please, please stop with the grab bags with exclusive items in them.
  4. Alt helmet also isn't included. That's unfortunate. Edit: Just completed the quest. Did not receive the bonus Riven mod. Also, I was going to co-gift the plat version to my friend so we both got 2 decos; I cannot receive the pack as a gift and burned my plat.
  5. I was spitballing an idea in the brief period of time I had to think about it, pump the brakes on the sass. It's quite clear from the mountain of replies to this thread already that just about everyone has their own ideas on what is and isn't good about this, what's bad or good for the meta, etc.. Many weapons could use a few more multipliers, and I imagine it won't take long for the new meta to pop up and be established/nerfed. As it stands, it's best to wait it out and provide good faith feedback as the devs work this out. There are much better ways to say you disagree than flaming the guy who shares a glyph with you.
  6. Hot take because I’m on break at work: Give the arcanes the same treatment you did rivens when they caused imbalance; vary their strength based on weapon usage and avoid skyrocketing the meta.
  7. Can we Please get an updated Appearance section for our Arsenal? It already exists for Crew Members, Railjack, and Landing Craft. The ability to randomize individual colors is a must have for me.
  8. Unpopular opinion, but I’ve been loving the new void storms. If you’re skillful, you can complete then faster than the Survival benchmark (much faster with Grineer Skirmish) and all the extra goodies/ return Radiants really help make it worthwhile. To the naysayers, keep in mind you’re getting: Large amounts of endo from ship parts, substantial credits, more relics back than you put in (usually), substantial XP from objectives to passively level items, 25% chance to get your Radiants back in most cases, and a never ending supply of Void Traces. My longest mission times usually run about 8-9 minutes, but the variable objectives for me have masked well the otherwise repetitive nature of cracking relics, and overall these Void Storms are a passive, evergreen Ducat grind that still give several other goodies. Do I even need credits, endo, or XP? No, I have a maxed mod collection and a maxed copy of every arsenal item in the game. Is it fun to watch numbers go up while casually grinding Ducats? Yes. Yes indeed.
  9. It's a small drop chance from rotation C of ESO. Abysmal, but obtainable.
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