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  1. The convenience of killing 3 birds with one stone: you get to farm for Meso relics (and a chance at Neo relics) and oxium and you can grind some levels while you're at it. I go to Io often for Meso relics. Yes, you can use Hydron, you can definitely use Onslaught but it sucks if you're unfortunate enough to join in a session and people leave early out of pettiness because they aren't getting enough kills or they don't like the team composition. I will never forget that it took me 2 hours to level a Warframe because people kept leaving at wave 5 or 10. It was mentioned during the Devstream where they first showed off Onslaught. Wasn't just Focus, Scott said it was the answer to the lack xp farm spots.
  2. I had a decent haul on Io without a booster. Can still make it work.
  3. The thing that irks me is so many people getting their stomachs in a knot over friends/clan mate stipulations. Yes, I know there are solo players out there. Warframe at it's core is a co-op loot-shooter. It always will have that at its core. If I have to play with anyone, I'd rather play with friends and clan mates over randoms because I have some horror stories I could share about PUGs. But Nightwave isn't a failure simply because of the complaints the OP stated. It's not a failure but it also isn't perfect. Nightwave needs substantial adjustments. But the only way DE are gonna know and try to consider and implement any changes is to 1) post in feedback and 2) Don't just say "This sucks, get rid of it/change it back". Think out some alternatives, type them up and post them in that feedback thread. Stuff like that has an impact even if they don't use it... it gets put out there and it lingers in their minds. (Look at how Titania can now benefit from Aviator after all this time.)
  4. I couldn't reach instrument because repller systems wouldn't come up doing missions. Then I had an inkling in the back of my mind and checked out Little Duck's wares and saw I could buy them and ease some of the pain. I get what you mean though, the RNG at play in acquiring these is real iffy. On the plus side there's the mods in the table so you have a bit of encouragement to keep at it. I'd just not grind it so much (say for example 4 hours straight) because that's how you make something already tedious more painful than necessary and you burn out faster. I've done that. I farmed Equinox all day on release day and spent a whole session dedicated to farming Ivara. It's finally over but it's like losing a piece of yourself for going about it that way.
  5. There's a community aspect to clans. You meet people with similar interests and maybe foster some friendships - or at the very least you're all dedicated towards completing goals. There's plans for more clan-based stuff so you have a reason to play together other than nightwave challenges or a mutual goal of finally talking to someone in chat and farming mats or getting some extra muscle for a specific mission. I personally can't stand being in huge clans because I've found that they're going for quantity over quality. They'll scoop up any and every newer player plus those looking for a new home after leaving a dead or do-nothing clan. As a result, there's way more people who need mentoring and carries and not as many to squad up for other stuff. Another major detriment of this is people tend to run in their own closed circles, so these four in particular are always together. I've had this happen in my old clan on PS4, it was always the same group of guys and we would rarely let someone else in for runs unless it was the rare occasion we were feeling charitable. Decided to do the opposite and be more open and helpful because I understand climbing the mountain that is "getting good".
  6. Another of my favorite Warframes is being Primed. Definitely liking Equinox Prime's design. Plus we're getting Tipedo Prime and Stradavar Prime?! Oh very nice! Some aren't sold on day form...maybe if we play around with the colors...
  7. It's not a bug. According to console patch notes the data hashes and the fight are being reserved until later on. I'm wondering if we'll be grandfathered in already for scanning them ahead of schedule. Sounds likely.
  8. I was having trouble getting repeller systems for my rank up. That is until I noticed I was a high enough rank to buy the repeller systems from Little Duck directly to do it. Now I just need to get some more Crisma Toroids to get back to max standing on the reset.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Yeah that was probably the chat mods trying to cut down on the plat spam momentarily. Sometimes they do crack down on it like in the case of getting questions from chat or because the spam just gets to be too much.
  10. Thanks. I had time to think about it...that and I end up typing long winded responses.
  11. Awesome of you guys at DE for going the extra mile! It was weird to see a bunch of new accounts with only one or two posts. I suppose they found their way to the forums and wanted to let those in charge know that they didn't get their prize. The criteria for getting it has changed now. While it's unfortunate for some it was a benefit for many others, namely players on the other side of the world where Tenno Live would've been on too late for them. Because of this script, lots of people who couldn't watch the stream at that time now got what they wished and all they had to do was link their accounts and log in within that week. The problem isn't just on DE - granted, they announced a huge Twitch Drop for one of their biggest events. It wasn't entirely their fault for not expecting almost half a million people to not only watch but then immediately flock to log in and brought the servers down. Twitch Drops have had problems before - not sure if it was PC only drops or if it just didn't go through for some in prior cases (I know I didn't get some a few times). They're not gonna stop using them altogether. It's part of their partnership with Twitch. If anything, cases like this will help to improve how future Drops are handled. Technical difficulties happen. Sounds like for some people not logging in - not playing, logging in - is a problem, that that in and of itself is unfair and they feel cheated out of a free Prime Warframe (or slot). It's understandable if you were on vacation/holiday and didn't have access or had some IRL issues to tend to. But other than that, there shouldn't have been a major problem with simply logging in last week, right? Maybe they haven't actually lined their Twitch account and only thought they needed to watch? Maybe I'm wrong but I still see some questions about it and read some people not even knowing they had to do that crucial step in other places.
  12. IIRC this isn't the first time that a drop hasn't worked for some - even when they've linked accounts and watched for the allotted amount of time. This is also the first time that they've even announced a drop like this - and during a huge event - no doubt there's a lot of traffic.
  13. Yes. Make sure that you linked your Warframe and Twitch accounts in the "account management" on the Warframe home page in order to get it. DE usually posts a time zone converter site for Prime Time streams like this one: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html Seems it'll be midnight 8, July 2018 (00:00) when the stream starts over there.
  14. It comes with its own slot and reactor built in. Live. It's delivered directly into your inventory. Since it's a Twitch Drop, you will also get an inbox message from Teshin (think of it like a receipt or confirmation screen that you got it).
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