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  1. Zilchy

    Chroma Eidolon Hunting

    Not every chroma and indeed every group plays the same way and yet they are still successful. It can be things as simple as lure strategies or the way chroma charges his combo. Everybody does it differently. It also depends on if you're aiming for 5x3 or 6x3.
  2. Zilchy

    Chroma Eidolon Hunting

    You yourself posted a comment below saying "momentum and acceleration are what I prefer". That's a playstyle my friend, a personal preference.
  3. Zilchy

    Chroma Eidolon Hunting

    Nice of you to make assumptions. I'll just take my 380 caps and leave you moron cos you're not worth my time. Spreading bad information when the guy's asking for help is not helpful and that's what you're doing.
  4. The Teralyst is small and doesn't matter. For the Gantulyst and especially the taller Hydrolyst, you need to jump and cast or better yet, jump on his leg and cast from there. You also can no longer cast during the scream as invulnerable targets can no longer spawn wisps. It is a bloody nuisance.
  5. Stopped reading when you said Sortie Lephantis is a challenge.
  6. Zilchy

    Chroma Eidolon Hunting

    OP after reading this entire thread I have 1 bit of advice. Ignore 17inchguns he has no idea. Ideally you want 3 CP 1 enemy radar and either 1 or 2 (never 3) coaction drifts. I've actually been experimenting with different rubico builds and let me tell you this: all of them will work fine for eidolons, for purely min maxing how you build your rubico is dependent on your playstyle and your riven (which again is not actually needed for eidolons). Personally I prefer a faster rate of fire on my rubico to build combo quickly so I've added vigilante fervour to my build. The majority of mods stay the same, then just tailor it to how you like to play.
  7. Zilchy

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.5

    Thanks for the hotfix! Unfortunately you've inadvertently altered the textures on the festive tree decoration to pure black and our planned clan xmas photoshoot for this weekend is currently ruined and probably postponed. If you could fix this little bug by tomorrow it would be much appreciated, merry xmas from Coup de Grace.
  8. Zilchy

    Update Failures

    Discovered a huge issue since the update concerning the dojo. So I've seen others saying they've lost all the resources in the dojo vault and I've figured out why. Since the Fortuna update if you contribute to a decoration while there's more than one of that decoration type in the room, placed and waiting for contributions.... IT EMPTIES THE VAULT FOR THE RARE RESOURCE. This is a massive problem and by my count I've lost 40 thousand Oxium and 100 thousand Polymer Bundles which I'd love to be reimbursed for. I created a video to show it plainly, please watch and please fix as soon as possible.
  9. Zilchy

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5

    "Made Fortuna easier for newbies who want everything right away" would've been an accurate way to summarisethe hotfixes. Don't keep nerfing everything, some of us enjoy the challenge for a change.
  10. Zilchy

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.8

    I agree and they're very quick to fix Arbitrations but not say a word about Eidolons.
  11. Zilchy

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.8

    Vomvalyst spawns in Eidolon hunts still broken. They seem to spawn very late in the healing phase and they appear right on it, making me think they're probably getting stuck in the ground and slowly coming up. Please fix this and keep up the good work on the fixes.
  12. Zilchy

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.7

    It didn't improve anything, they're still broken.
  13. Zilchy

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.7

    Vomvalyst spawns still broken during Eidolon hunts, please fix this. Keep up the good work
  14. Vomvalysts spawning really late during Eidolon healing phase and often they just suddenly appear up out of the ground or fly 20 feet over your head, making it very difficult to charge lures. Please fix this.
  15. Zilchy

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.6

    Was really hoping for another patch today, vomvalyst spawns in eidolon hunts are still broken, they come out od the ground, they fly 20 feet above your head and in general it's hard to charge lures.