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  1. Yeh that happens too often lol. Although I've also managed in the past to portal back into the vault room, skipping all security lol. Haven't been able to replicate it though sadly.
  2. Sorry? I can't hear you, I portalled too far ahead 😛
  3. They already smashed the true void key into excalibur prime's face. The others are just a lie.
  4. Amazing for solo survival or interception endless.
  5. No I said that because you thought Ivara is better for spy. Switch teleport makes a mockery of most vaults, quicker than Ivara's prowl plua intruder can.
  6. I was too lazy to even use the pipes lol https://youtu.be/8Z7sXmuP3XE
  7. 225p is not very much for a non-new player. Unfortunate yes but easily recoverable.
  8. Not liking a frame and simply saying it sucks and making false claims are two entirely different things.
  9. The good news is you can wipe your dojo all the way back to square one and you will keep all your research even if you had to destroy the labs. But I agree that this system is a deadset shocker and needs fixing, just like 99% of all Warframe content.
  10. Slow and solo, then don't say Loki sucks if you're bad at spy lol.
  11. I've seen some really stupid arguments on these forums. This one is definitely in the top 10. OP believe it or not while I'm careening through a level I don't stop and think "is that guy on my team wearing colours from the lotus pallette?" It would do nothing and potentially anger many. Absolutely pointless. If you want to show your pride, design a rainbow colour scheme for your frames and be done with it.
  12. Tldr - new player played for maybe a few hours and decided to make a complaint thread instead of using Google.
  13. Lol Loki can finish spy far faster than Ivara can you just don't know how to use him. That being said, Nova is faster thsn both by a mile.
  14. Making it easier to dodge. I'm a big believer of sink or swim.
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