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  1. Unfortunately mate this game is so pitifully easy that unless you play endurance ALL missions can be completed with ANYTHING. The last time someone posted a "god build" Inaros to beat all missions with i responded with this, a video of an unranked Excalibur with ZERO mods, beating MOT Survival, the hardest mission on the solar system map. Sorry to say that unless you choose to push it in this game and go endurance, the game just doesn't offer a challenge https://youtu.be/KgqaMKs9lk4
  2. While I agree, the sheer fact that most players opt for crit over everything else, suggests they don't understand such concepts unless their favourite youtube players makes a video about it. So it's more likely they'll opt for pretty damage numbers.
  3. Prepare to be laughed at by many people. Inaros is not the god you think he is. Take that build to 3 hours of MOT survival, let me know how it goes.
  4. Use a modicum of common sense. Nobody's gonna be putting ammo drum in there mate, It'll be whatever mod will make the weapon stronger. As just 1 example if you removed recoil from Grakata you would increase your effective DPS ie the only thing that really matters.
  5. Yeh he went awful quiet when I asked didn't he? No doubt it'll be a crit built Rubico complete with riven(crit dmg, crit chance, multishot), while he remains blissfully unaware and ignorant of the fact Piggles build will absolutely DESTROY a crit build lol.
  6. No it just highlights how bad at the game most of the casual player base is, they join, spend plat to get the shiny new prime, level up Saryn, a few meta weapons with rivens and leech in Hydron and consider themselves godly.
  7. Rofl 50% huh? Please do show your build with 6000+ viral damage. Aside from a riven he's really not lacking anything and that will only decrease capacity by about 4.
  8. It's all from Plaguestar bro, easy to get over 100 in that week.
  9. Hopefully nothing so they can spend longer on either properly developing a good frame or fix some of the countless issues with the game.
  10. Please tell me that bit about 20+ forma was a joke. Players on here have hundreds, including myself.
  11. A complaint voiced by someone with no concept of endgame and who always extracts at Rotation C.
  12. You sound like you deserved it. Hopefully at least a week to learn your lesson.
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