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  1. -=MANIBUS=-

    Manibus is based on symbiosis, two lifeforms working together to strengthen their ability to live. Manibus is an infested being that has attached himself to an old, broken warframe which has gained a new arm because of this.



    At first the frame was called Lanio (Disrupt) for its ability to use radioactive energy to disrupt enemies around him. Its abilities were very basic for many of the warframes and was chosen to become one of the standards in use frames. One day a Lanio warframe was gone after a battle against an old Infested being, the frame was never retrieved and was replaced by a new one. The frame layed there in the Infested nest for a few days when a weakened Infested lifeform crawled towards it, searching for shelter to regrow. It nestles itself inside of the hole were the frames arm should be, slowly growing, one day the Tenno who used the frame regained connection with the frame, the Tenno felt something odd, yet he still returned the frame back. Soon they would learn that the warframe and Infested had grown into eachother forming one being with a whole set of new capabilities, its new name, Manibus (Hand).

    Manibus new abilities gave it a stronger capability in combat and also in support, making it become a well rounded frame in any situation, the Infested being didn't grow further, instead it lived off the energy from the frame, seeing no reason to assimilate anymore. The Infested deemed harmless stayed on the frame, It had tainted the cloth around the frame a bit but the spores didn't spread any further, the spores even stopped spreading entirely.

    Eventually after the fall of the Orokin, the Manibus project was lost in a now by infested claim



    • Skill Strength: 100%
    • Skill Range: 100%
    • Skill Duration: 100%
    • Energy Efficiency: 100%
    • Sprinting: 1.12
    • Shield: 100 (Rank 30: 150)
    • Armor: 40 
    • Health: 120 (Rank 30: 240)
    • Energy: 120 (Rank 30: 220)



    • Passive Ability - Disrupting Aura: Manibus still lets out his radioactive energy, enemies that hit Manibus with melee attacks have a 10% chance to get radioactive procced.
    • First Ability - Essence Snatcher: The new arm of Manibus grasps the very essence of a living being, taking all energy, being it just electricity or life itself. The damage inflicted / the total energy capacity of Manibus is how much energy he refills with this ability. (for example. 8000 damage and a capacity of 400 means he gets 20 energy per attack.) Also the amount of enemies killed with this ability stack, the stack slightly increases the duration of all his other abilities.
    • First Ability Aug - Soulless Wander: Enemies killed by Essence Snatcher have a 10-20-35-50% to become a soulless puppet for 5-8-14-20 seconds, the max amount of puppets created by this aug are 3, the oldest you made will desolve if you decide to make another one.
    • Second Ability - Infesting Pulse: Going back to the roots of his new arm, Manibus lets out a burst of radioactive energy and veil spores which infects enemies in a cone infront of him. This inflicts enemies with a radioactive and viral proc.
    • Third Ability - Symbiotic Sanctum: Manibus creates a strange cracked field which grants a small energy regen per second when on it. Enemies that step in this field will very slowly start losing health while increasing the energy regen amount. The standard is 5 energy per second, increasing towards 30 if 10 enemies at the same time are standing in the field. (5-7-10-13-15-17-19-21-24-27-30)
    • Third Ability Aug - Natural Disadvantage: Enemies that stand in Manibus' Symbiotic Sanctum will also be slowed by 25%, giving them a high disadvantage. Also this makes them slower to leave the circle when they want to take cover.
    • Fourth Ability - Nebula Stream: Manibus channels all his energy through his right arm creating a stream of pure energy. This damages enemies per tick and grants allies a quick shield regen of 20 per tick. Manibus can slowly move while this ability is activated. The abilities effect is standard radioactivity but because of the instability of the original frame its abilities can change with the colour of the frames energy. Yellow/Orange/Red gives him a fire proc, Green/Dark blue gives him an electric proc. White gives him an ice proc and light blue gives him a radioactive proc. Purple gives him a strange proc of Viral damage.



    Here is some concept art I made myself, it is my first actual time trying to do an actual worked out design, it also contains the colours I used, an alt helmet design and how his first ability works because that might be kind of vauge to some. I hope you like it and get a good idea with the concept.




    Well, this was the concept of Manibus, I thought it would be cool that we had more of these infested wonders just like Nidus, that is why I started writing this out, hope you liked it, if you have any comments please make sure to drop em and don't forget to press that big fat green button.

    Tenno, have fun.

  2. Just now, Alcatraz said:

    I read the important parts of the thread, but I'm generally curious why you don't use the steam workshop app to design these. Is the workshop a bit beyond your skill level?

    I am still getting familiar with the use of Zbrush. To imagine that I also have to do texture work in Substance Painter with my lack of skill atm is beyond me. For now I will design as much as I can for all of you, hoping that maybe some 3D modellers can help me out. I got 2 projects going atm, one is already in the forums and the other is a secret, all I can say is it contains the Zanuka in some shape or form.

    Thanks for the question btw :)

  3. Hello and welcome Tenno,

    This is my own little Junkyard where I drop all my concept art for Syandanas, Helmets and sometimes extra stuff. If you want to stay up to date you can always press the follow button, If you want to leave an opinion you always can and I will react as fast as I can, even making adjustments to my concept art if needed. If you want to take over my work and start on a 3D model contact me, you will always earn more than I do because 3D modeling and texturing takes a lot of time and I know that. That was all, enjoy the yard.


    Syandana Sector

    here you can find all the Syandanas I drew so far, the list will grow and so will the hunger of your eyes, atleast I hope so...


    Vokjat Syandana

    The Vokjat is a grineer thruster which will surely give you a boost into fashion, you think Faven can design grineer stuff better than me? HA (It is true tho). With a simple grineer pattern, two beautiful fueltubes with needles on it and a big thruster which will bring the ultimate boost (of fashion). Also the big cabel below just dangles around, it is also for fashion sake so yeh... nothing to say there. Enjoy.



    Elix Syandana

    The Elix is based on the Riv Elite armor set, as you can see I implemented the Lunaro logo in the design, the Elix is almost like a larger version of the armor piece stuck to your back, all the way on the bottom of the backpiece you find a metal ring with the flag bonded to it. It goes down to the Lunaro logo and 5 tips. The colouring is supposed to be the Riv Elite colourscheme with a bit of purple mixed into it, giving it a true winners look.



    Pratura Syandana

    This syandana is based on Nef Anyo, I took attributes from his jacket and changed it into a nice looking jetpack (which runs on credits of course) so you can soar in the skies with grace of the void. The colourscheme is a simple corpus style of gray, blue and dark gray with bright blue lights. Even tho it looks big its size is not that great, mostly because it musn't hinder a warframe in its daily job of killing.





    Helmet Sector

    So many frames and so many possible helmets to give to them, lets try them all shall we, behold helmet designs from great to why I even made this...


    Hydroid Mano Helmet

    The Mano helmet is designed after the bulky people that live in the carribean. Deap sea dreads with glowing tips fits hydroid well, even tho his face looks slender together with his body he will surely show you who is boss on this ship. Mano means stream, for you flow through the sea with hydroid, if only his prime would come soon. still waiting.






    Warframe Sector

    I will try to Design warframes with complete concepts as well, tho it is difficult to write it all down, so I won't, I will mostly make designs do the talking.




    Concept Sector

    General concept artwork and such will be posted here, from tileset ideas to bosses and enemies, everything is here to be found.




    I hoped you liked your visit here and come anytime, new things come ones in a while and would be a shame if you would miss it.

    Cheers Tenno, love you all <3

  4. Welcome to the DeadNexus Fashion Junkyard, where I throw in all my syandana sketches etc etc. 

    The official post can be found here 

    This is just a way to show you guys the sketches here as well, to get more feedback and such :)


    Right now Shark_in_a_Box is working on a nice Infested syandana called the Dynia, progress can be followed here.




    Here you can find all my wonderful sketches. Enjoy <3

    (Quick sketches can be found in the comments)

    Pratura Syandana

    - A syandana styled with Nef Anyo in mind, I made it into a jetpack. -




    Elix Syandana

    - A syandana based on the Riv Elite armor, one of my personal favourite armor sets in the game. -




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