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  1. Hello and welcome to my braindump, you might know me from wurfrum or maybe a few syandana designs but I also like to think of new concepts for in the game, so here I just drop all my stuff ready for you to read and enjoy.

    From Warframe concepts to new weapons to tilesets and questlines, I like to think up as many things as I can and here is the dump of those ideas. You can read and give your thoughts about things, maybe if you want to draw concept art for it go ahead, you will be granted a horrible good wurfrum drawing of your favo frame in return and hey, maybe you will make it into Prime Time which is pretty cool. I will keep this place updated with more and more concepts, see keep your eyes open, for more... bad ideas.


    Warframe Concepts:

    Manibus - The accursed (His name means hand, smart isn't it)



    "...The accursed frame, Manibus, could directly tap into the very fabric of a living being. Their souls were not safe for Manibus could grasp it, extract it and use it. His powers are strange, like nothing we had seen before, was this the next step for the warframes? Or was it a huge mistake..."



    Manibus is a support frame with a small amount of dps capability, the gimmick is that he can extract souls to give him a short energy regen. His energy pool is just a bit under Volts' (130 at max) making him able to use a lot of his abilities many times. Manibus is a strange case of an infested frame, all his capabilities are not of infested nature while his right arm gives off a lot of infested vibes. His body is very slick while his infested arm looks rough.




    • Passive - Accursed Aura: Manibus lets out a constant aura of disrupting energy, melee attacks have a chance to get radioactive procs.
    • Ability 1 - Soul Snatcher: Manibus creates a giant energy claw from the end of his arm, swiping at the enemy and stealing their soul energy, this attack neglects 20% armor. The energy gained by this ability is Amount of damage x Max amount of energy. (20k damage x 450 max energy = 40 energy) His Soul Snatcher stacks, this stack will decrease by the usage of other skills, stacks increase the duration of all of Manibus skills.
    • Ability 2 - Infesting Pulse: Manibus lets out a wave of energy which inflicts radioactive procs and viral for a short amount of time. Enemies will start killing eachother just like every race does.
    • Ability 3 - Cursed Sanctum: Manibus creates a charged area, teammates who stand in this area of effect have immediate shield recharge of a standard 20 per second. The more enemies that stand in this area of effect will increase the shield per second with 2 per enemy (20 extra max).
    • Ability 4 - Nebula Stream: Manibus unloads all energy in his body, creating a stream of pure energy which damages enemies, Manibus can move slowly while using this ability and can aim at anything, hitting players gives them a small energy regen per tick of your attack. Increasing duration also increases energy efficiency

    Tragula- The Explosion Frame


    "...We wanted destruction and we got it, Tragula, the ultimate damage warframe, her impact is huge, Tenno, go forth now and test her out... I need to see her full potential..."



    Tragula is ment to be a high damage warframe with low health and armor but with insane stopping powers, her kit is made out of high damage attacks and a little bit of CC with her blast procs. She looks a bit like Mesa and Vauban and is covered with grenade like shapes.




    • Passive - High Temper: When shields are down she emmits an explosion that damages nearby enemies.
    • Ability 1 - Combustion PunchTragula coats her fist with the green liquid and punches an enemy, causing the enemy to be damaged, knocked back and if killed, flying through the map. Enemies near the target are also affected by the blast.
    • Ability 2 - Cannon Effect:  Tragula grabs an enemy by the head and takes it with her, when the ability is used again she fires away the enemy by blasting away its face, changing any enemy in a bullet. If held for too long the enemy can break free but his fate is already set, the explosive liquid will detonate after 4 seconds of contact when let go. While holding the body you can use it as a shield, as long as the target doesn't do you can use the main ability. Other members can of course hide behind you. Special enemies can't be grabbed by this ability. (Heavy units, Capture targets, Bosses, unique units) (Extra rule, strength above 180% grants you the ability to grab heavy units for a short amount of time.)
    • Ability 3 - Black Sea: Tragula covers the ground with a strange black liquid which inflicts enemies with it, when shot at they get a blast proc, the liquid also slows down the enemies a bit.
    • Ability 4 - Blast Carpet: - tragula shoots small bombs all around her which explode into smaller bombs, The smaller bombs deal less damage then the big ones but still do a lot with the blast proc, keeping enemies on the ground all around you. 

    Dux - The Nano Frame


    "...Control and conquer the enemy, that is our way, we will go deep into the very basics of our foes. Non will be safe from this new warframe, all who oppose us will be taken down, no matter what, and Dux, will be your tool..."



    Dux is a well balanced support frame which focuses on multiple things, being a swiss army knife between the frames. His attacks hinder enemies and give your squadmembers a higher advantage, he isn't powerful solo but a very strong asset in teams. His looks are similair to a mix between Frost and Vauban, striking a strong but controlled posture.




    • Passive - Flow of Battle:  All enemies killed grant a small energy boost (2 energy per kill) to Dux and squad members close to him. The nano machines in his body steal the last essence of the enemies that have fallen in battle.
    • Ability 1 - Nano Wave:  Dux lets lose a wave of nano machines that knockdown enemies infront of him. This attack has a chance to leave a radioactive proc on enemies. Enemies killed by this ability give double the amount of energy that the flow of battle passive gives.
    • Ability 2 - Sinister Connection:   Dux channels his own energy with that of the enemy, his nano machines then slowly strip away the health from enemies while Dux regains it. This also works on squad members nearby. The amount of health regained is 10% of the damage overtime.
    • Ability 3 - Crumbling Empire:  Dux shoots off a needle made from nano machines, these then drill into the enemy that has been hit, killing this enemy spreads the nano machines to other enemies, killing them spreads the effect ones more but weaker, after spreading 4 times the effect is gone. The nano machines slow down the enemy by taking control of the muscle controls in the brain, changing even the fastests of creatures in easy practice dummies.
    • Ability 4 - Overdrive: -  Dux unlocks his seals to unleash his nano machines on the enemies around him, the range of the ability increases every second but the health drain does as well. Enemies infected with the nano machines will be stunned, slowed, armor debuffed, hit by radioactive proc or damage debuffed. This ability is based on the mysterious energy that is hidden inside Dux.

    Weapon Concepts:

    Gorrak - Grineer Energy Cannon


    Imagine a giant weapon like the Opticor which fires with a burst of two giant energy projectiles which make a nice energy explosion when hitting something. you got it into your head? good, here is my concept for the Gorrak.


    The Gorrak will be a big grineer weapon which charges up two shots which move slow but do big damage, they explode on contact hitting even more enemies around it. The Gorrak will be a status heavy duty hallway cleaner with impact damage and radioactive as default. 

    The weapon is very robust and looks like a conjoined ogris and knux, every time it fires it does two pumps which fires off the giant energy projectiles, you can hold the fire but doing it for too long gives you a radioactive proc while doing it.

    The Gorrak is ment to hit as many enemies with a single blast as possible, using it against a group of enemies will make sure they will start attacking eachother in no time.


    Also the Gorrak will be perfect for grineer warframe fashion, just saying.

    Voltax - Corpus Voltage Pin Rifle


    Oh great, another rifle which makes you unable to aim, what, WHAT, its alt fire makes a giant net of electricity of all the pins that you shot, well, that is pretty cool...


    The Voltax is the brother of the Amprex, it fires pins which do puncture damage on default, the rifle is semi automatic and has a nice alt fire which activates all the pins to let out a giant shock similair to Volts 1st ability, this shock can also become a different proc with mods, its status chance is pretty low for a weapon which is made for status but that keeps this balanced... I think.

    The weapon has a slick design with a few coils sticking out near the barrel, the weapon folds in and out when taken out of its holdster position.

    If you want to shock enemies in a new way, this might be your weapon.


    Tileset Concepts:

    Eris Dysnomia Moon Tileset - New short quest - New boss (Yeh, an infested moon sounds interesting.)


    Dysnomia - The only known moon of the dwarf planet Eris, named after the daughter of the greek goddess Eris. Dysnomias definition in greek is anarchy/lawlessness.


    Background -



    Derelicts are Orokin vessels that are adrift, the infestation has transformed these great Orokin vessels into what you find today. Mostly Derelicts orbit around planets when drifting through space, never touching anything. One derelict however came into contact with a Dysnomia, the one and only moon of the dwarf planet Eris. The tendrils of the infestation quickly grew into the surface, the spores spreading across the moon causing growths. The derelict peaked the interest of a few ships that came by, it shined bright, attracting any who came to close, each and every squad that would land there quickly became one with the planet, a mindless drone that would walk the surface forever.


    The Derelict was a special case, it seemed a highly classified Orokin project was on board of this vessel, after the fall of the Orokin this thing claimed the vessel, it became the vessel. It slowly digged itself under the moon’s crust, one day the Sergeant send a special fleet to investigate the problem, to his dismay he didn’t know that the infestation had spread so rapidly across the moon, these ships would be the first that spread the infestation to the other ships of the Corpus, causing a domino effect that changed the Eris region forever. Eventually Grineer ships would hang close to these supposedly empty ghost ships, also getting infested and spreading it further.


    The quick growing and sentient infestation of the Derelict has cracked the moon’s crust causing giant chasms and fissures, the tendrils have created multiple caverns and even managed to pull some ships closer to its body. Dysnomia has become an infested shipyard with giant formations of infested tissue and stone, large tendrils growing through and over everything and somewhere is a giant derelict pointing upwards to the sky like a giant tower just waiting to be entered.



    Questline - 



    The Sergeant, now knows as Mav, calls forward to the Tenno to assist him in retrieving what he owns. One of his ships that went to Eris held a special cargo of newly discovered warframe cryopods, however this ship was in the fleet that was send by Mav to look at Dysnomia. A fatal error on his part and on his crewman for not telling him about the cargo before it was too late. He tried to send specialized squads with new tech to fight the infested but nothing had been a success. He lets you know that this will be the only time that he will trust the Tenno with such a task and will reward the Tenno for their troubles.


    Lotus tells you about what happened there and that something mysterious was laying dormant there, she says you should take the task but be careful, the infested are dangerous and unpredictable.


    The first mission is going to an infested Corpus ship on Eris to hack the main computers to do a bioscan, after this you located a giant living organism close to Eris on the moon called Dysnomia.


    The second mission is that you land in the shipyard and search for the Corpus ship first, eventually you arrive at the ship you were supposed to find but it is near a giant gaping hole. when your warframe wants to touch the cryopods a giant infested tentacle grabs the pods and pulls it down towards itself. Lotus immediately tells you not to follow it. You return back to your orbiter.


    The third mission makes you head towards a different part of the tileset, a series of caverns with parts of ships and more growths everywhere. Here you need to find lost data on what this creature was and if there are any leads to its original location. After finding what you need it is time to take this creature head on.


    The final mission takes you to the entrance of the living Derelict, the moment you enter is the moment you take a step inside a giant infested monster. The tileset is an even more infested Derelict that has been tilted 90 degrees. While you walk through the Derelict it speaks to you, talks to you about the things you have done, and his hate towards the Tenno for killing his masters. This infestation was the first infested with a different mindset, he could actually think like a normal being, yet his anger caused him to consume more and more. Eventually you reach the engine room of the Derelict and there you find a giant mass of infestation with a few humanoid features, it has four huge tentacles with mouths attached to it. It talks to you one more time about your final moments here in the place where its life started, and that it was time to pay the price of betrayal.



    Boss fight -



    It is a 2 phased boss fight, in the 1st phase he is invulnerable, his tentacles open their mouths before the land a hit so when they open you got to shot it as fast as you can. when all four tentacles are destroyed his chest opens and reveals a huge tube of strange liquid, fire at it to damage the boss, eventually he will close his chest and his tentacles will spawn again.

    (If you look closely to his chest you can also see multiple cryopods that are stuck in his body, he has been stealing multiple ones for a long time, trying to infect the warframes within with no success.)


    the 2nd phase activates after the whole place collapses, you land on its now dead body but from within the dead infested tissue rises something even more dangerous, fractions of its body that were inside the tube grew around a warframe and tapt inside its energy. Its body is very large but still moves really fast, almost like an animal, the warframe within its body is a new warframe which you can obtain by doing this boss fight later on again. You need to shoot its arms that glow a strange yellow color, after destroying the arms it opens its giant mouth and reveals the warframe next to a big glowing blob (This is the actual creature) Shoot it and repeat this progress a few times and you defeat the infested creatures.


    (I don’t know a fitting name for this creature but I was thinking about Morphius, very basic but also very menacing.)



    Missions -



    1 Extermination : lvl35-40

    1 Mobile Defense : lvl35-40

    2 Hives : lvl40-45

    2 Excavations : lvl30-35 lvl40-45

    1 Survival : lvl30-35

    1 Assassination : lvl40-45



    Resources -



    Common: Nano Spores

    Uncommon: Plastids

    Rare: Neurodes

    Research: Mutagen Samples



    Tieset feel -l


    Dysnomia is a barren wasteland of dark brown sand, big rock formations and infested growths, broken down grineer and corpus ships or just parts of it and a Derelict in the distance. The caverns are big and filled with scrap, infested tendrils that originate from the Derelict go through every part of the caverns. The Derelict itself is a more infested version of the basic Derelict, also the whole place is tilted by 90 degrees to really give the crashed feeling.


    Enemies -  


    Any basic infested enemy can spawn here, there is also a chance for juggernauts to spawn.



    Thank you for taking your time to read my concepts, more concepts coming soon, I am sure of it


  2. They are big, they are bulky, they are made to protect and serve, they are... Atlas, Frost and Rhino.

    Yes, I wanted to make this for a looong time and finally took the time for it, behold three of the most manly frames in the game, standing proud for another great year of warframe and wurfrum.

    I might make more of these smexy bundles but for now I am going to work on my next wurfrum update, the infested, they deserve some love and the tumor in my warframe their necks is kinda pushing me to start working.


    Enjoy the art, save and share as much as you like, but keep yourself contained, we are civil people...






    Hope to see you next update, if you want anything made just say so and I will see if I got any time for it. I am a busy man, but I always have time to make trash art.


  3. 8 minutes ago, Hieracon said:

    All those glorious illustrations of Tyl Regors butt and yet theres none of the Regolnator?

    I cannot approve.


    What is the Regolnator you ask? It is Tyl Regors glorious bubble butt sawn off and put on a hammershaft to forever be used against our enemies. He got a butt of steel and theres no better hammer in the Origin system.

    Guess I should start making victory badgets of every boss, Tyl Regor will be the shiny butt wall decoration. Will start on it sooner or later :P thanks for the inspiration.

  4. 2 minutes ago, heskaroid said:

    People still find Dolan memes funny? 

    On the other hand, your artstyle is pretty goofy and silly.

    Wurfrum started as a copy pasta dumb Dolan memes as warframe. 

    I evolved it to its newer form, working in photoshop, mouse only.

  5. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to the DAAH, also known as the DeadNexus Art Appreciation Hall.

    Here you can find many great things, mostly wurfrum, but also some designs and projects I am working on atm, everything is ordered and hidden away so it won't get too cramped here.

    As you can see, this place is filled with all kinds of horrible things which I will update bit by bit, it can happen that I will be gone for a few weeks, do not be alarmed. When I am gone for a long time it means I am cooking up some more trash for you to consume, and appreciate of course.


    Step in, and have fun.



    Welcome to the Wurfrum sector of the DAAH, here you can find S#&$posts, memes and art which shouldn't exist. Feel free to use all this content as much as your heart desires. Wurfrum will start with the newest and all the way down to the oldest of old. You could call it ancient memes if you like.


    -Wurfrum Corpus Update-















    -Wurfrum Random Collection-












    -Wurfrum Grineer Update-
















































  6. 46 minutes ago, Cortanis said:

    Oh god... I can't stop laughing. XD I sooo want this to be part of the game. Maybe one day... just maybe.... DE will finally get on board with this train and include something just for fun like this in the game.

    Quite a solid piece of lore isn't it :P

  7. Dear Tenno,

    New trash has arrived, enjoy





    Crying Crymen




    Sexy Moa


    Sexy Moa


    Triggered Bursa


    Alad Mays V


    John Prodman - The resurrected legend


    John XXXMasman, free Provas for everyone!



    "He destroyed the Jordas Golem, praised a hero he fell into the darkness of space... never heard from again... people say you can still hear his Prova hitting the core of the Golem with all his might, a powerful echo which will continue to be heard by many generations." The corpus managed to find the masked, cracked in two. The mask was tainted by void energy and unfixable by even the best of engineers. A strange man offered his help, for only he knew how to repair the tainted metals... Eventually he managed to repair the helmet, it had changed, almost blessed by the void. Nev Anyo praised it as the ultimate void artifact, keeping it in his private fleet, only those who had permission of Anyo could praise to this mighty symbol. One day... the helmet had vanished, gone without a trace. a single golden Prova laying on the pedestal, Anyo, and all the Corpus knew. That John had returned from beyond the void.

    John Godprod - Codex entry.

    Dare to look upon the Godprod himself? Open this spoiler, be blessed by the Prophecy of Memes...





    Next Update is going to be the Infisted, look forward to it...

  8. [Dynia Syandana] The perfect syandana for all the Infested lovers out there. This syandana is based on the Phage, an infested weapon. Here we will show the process of the syandana and take you on a magical journey to the moment it will be released on Tennogen, we hope you like it and please, tell us what you think about it.


    Designs are made by DeadNexus_, Creator of Wurfrum. (Tumblr Link - https://deadnexus-arts.tumblr.com/ )

    Concept Art is made by Scharkie1333, Creator of multiple concepts, owner of the Armory and currently working on something special. (Deviant Link - http://scharkie.deviantart.com/ )

    3D Model is made by Shark_in_a_Box, Well known artist of warframe content. (Deviant Link - http://sharkinabox.deviantart.com/ )


    Concept Art



    Concept Art by Scharkie1333




    First Model by Shark_in_a_Box




    Zbrush Model by Shark_in_a_Box


    Shark_in_a_Box, Scharkie1333 and DeadNexus_


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