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  1. Just go find other games to play, might find something you like to fill the void in the mean time.
  2. I was working on a kitgun for the NW challenge, went to gild it, didn't get a prompt to name it.
  3. These are various things I'd do to improve Atlas. *Edit: As I was trying to sleep (And failing) I brainstormed a way to improve tectonics. 1) I'd change his attributes to have no shields with increased health, 150-200 is what I'd go with at base. Possibly more armor. Atlas is meant to be a titan and having the base line default health just seems unworthy of the title. 2) Ultimate Changes - I'd make it an exalted rock (Crystal for deluxe) fist type weapon, similar to his 1, it'd dash to your enemy while delivering a powerful AoE punch. Upon activation and for as long as it is active, two rumblers would be summoned to fight til death or deactivation of the ability. With it being an exalted weapon, you'd be able to mod it separately and the rumblers would use the mods. Reason for this is because rumblers by themselves with no scaling is a very terrible ultimate ability, doesn't even deserve to be called an ultimate. This would add much more to the ability. 3) Rubble Passive - No mechanic or stat changes, for his passive, I'd make it cover the whole body to become a full on rumbler when around 80% rubble. For the deluxe skin it'd grow crystals instead of rocks. There would be an option to disable rubble visuals under the appearance tab in arsenal. Reason being fashion frame. 4) Deluxe Weapon Implementation - Allow fists type weapons to use the karst deluxe weapon skin. Reason for this is because the Tekko, a fist type weapon, is Atlas' signature weapon and they cannot use the deluxe for Atlas. I shall not dwell on this further as I would go into a frustrated rant. 5) Deluxe Skin Effects - I would make it affect ALL of his abilities rather than just his ultimate. 6) Rumbler Changes - Give his rumblers more attacks that are not as slow and let them dash to enemies for a punch. It'd be pretty cool to see them do the special power stanced fist weapon attack from dark souls 2, a tornado of three punches with the third knocking down enemies. Reason for this is because it'd make them feel more like brawlers than just entities punching things in an unmotivated manner while also letting them actually hit things that decide to walk away from them. 7) Tectonics - His walls desperately need more damage reduction as in higher levels they get deleted pretty quick, making them mostly useless. I would remove the boulder mechanic and allow Atlas to place 3-4 walls without the augment. 8 - 😎 <-- remove emoji conversion (reason for this is it makes my list numbers inconsistent). Petrify Changes - I would change it so that instead of glaring at a group of enemies and petrifying them, it'd be a sort of fist slam, causing rocks to rise from the ground and coat the enemies in a 15-20 meter base radius. Reason for this is due to the gaze being somewhat finicky to use and sometimes not going in the direction you want, this change would make it far more useful. 9) Ultimate/4 Augment Changes - I'd change this augment to spawn four rumblers instead of two with the ranks of the mod scaling their attributes back to 100%. Reason for this is because the current effect is terrible, not worth using or even considering other than having a super sized rumbler. Call it "Rumble Royale" 10) Petrify Augment Changes - I'd give it a different effect, turning petrified enemies in lesser rumblers that have a duration and as they decay, they drop 10 rubble every 10 seconds, lasting 30 seconds. Affected by power duration. Reason for alternate effect is it'd be a good consideration for use, call it "Titan's Influence". 11) Tectonics Augment Changes - It would make Atlas only able to place one wall but activating the ability again Atlas uses up 100 energy (Affected by Efficiency) and sacrifices the wall for 800 rubble, half would be converted into armor, the other half into healing. Excess rubble from healing would be converted into additional armor, call it "Tectonic Plating". This would give Atlas a solid method of healing and gaining rubble. 12) Landslide Augment Changes - While this is a good augment, think I'd change it so the AoE from final combo punch petrifies enemies rather than ragdolling them. Call it "Earthen Wrath" That is all, keep in mind Atlas is meant to be a Titan, these changes would make him significantly stronger and actually feel like one. Though I wouldn't consider any or all of these 'overpowered' as there are far better warframes for the job. And with these changes, all of his kit would be used often. As well as allowing for better fashion frame, whether you want to become a rumbler, grow crystals, or not have rubble have a visual effect thus possibly ruining your fashion. Been playing with him for nearly four years now and in the excitement of him chronologically being the next prime, I would love it if DE would look at his overall design.
  4. I initial D'd my way through an exterminate fissure with revenant. Note the challenge said "raise the alarms" not "alerted." If the enemies are dead, they can't raise the alarms.
  5. The Komorex pros and cons. Pros: Looks cool, awesome reload animation, feels good, sounds good. Cons: Excessively long reload speed, low damage, annoying self damage. Today I found someone that had slightly higher mastery score than me so I spent hours trying to find what weapons I missed, turns out the game didn't want to tell me about the MK1 Furax and MK1 Bo. WHY?! The game hiding weapons in general is just plain foolish. I don't care if I have to wait for baro, trade for it, do an invasion for it or what not. Be it wraith, prisma, vandal, (or MK1 for some ungodly reason) just show me which weapons I don't have mastered. Sure leave the absolute unobtainable stuff out like founder gear, otherwise show me. After farming wisp, overall I like the ropalolyst fight, however the lasers of instakill death is a good bit much, especially since they occasionally fire off immediately after a cutscene, ending in an unavoidable and cheesy death. Minor nitpicks with the fight is the grab just stops me from playing the game and doesn't even do much damage, disabling transference and operator abilities when needed (though I can understand why this is). Sometimes the fly goes up too high to be mounted. The new gas city looks awesome while maintaining the original layout for the most part, making it feel familiar while also having a nice layer of polish. Like how the roombas have a chance to drop a mod to heal sentinels, though I don't use sentinels. The ropalolyst mission, don't like how the lotus goes on and on and on taking up half my screen while making my way to the boss. Sure it's nice the first time but this is a grinding game, I suggest adding some option to disable the dialogue/transmissions if you have already completed the mission. I would also like to suggest adding other riven categories to the arbitration vendor for 5 essence for rifle, pistol, melee, 10 essence for shotgun, 10 or 15 essence for zaw and kitgun rivens. Still have to deal with the rng of specific weapons, rolls, while having to do something 'endgame' to work towards obtaining them more than having a chance for one per day. So to me this seems fair and would give another reason to do arbitrations. Speaking of arbitrations, I suggest increasing enemy density in the early waves of defense as right now it's excessively boring due to lack of enemy hordes. But please do not increase the amount of enemies needed to complete a wave, just make the enemies spawn faster.
  6. Was playing nekros in IO and some of the shadows summoned by nekros will block the wave from progressing to the next.
  7. I am the wrong person to ask about that, I have no idea.
  8. Congrats, you have gotten me irrationally excited. I like the unique method of him obtaining energy along with the rest of the improvements, do hope DE at least considers this concept.
  9. I dunno, I guess it'll do. Can't exactly test how viable it'd be.
  10. Love the concept though I don't think those hefty cooldowns match the pace of the game, I'd say either lower or remove them. Aside from that I see no problems, though I am not an expert critic.
  11. Why oh why would you release atlas deluxe WITHOUT a deluxe skin for FIST TYPE WEAPONS?! Absolute heresy.
  12. I am having a hard time telling if spamming this type of thread is a meme or if people don't know what jokes are. Someone please enlighten me.
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