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  1. Yeah well at the moment, most melee weapons are terrible. If you're actually going to use melee, I'd say the only thing worth using is heavy weapons.
  2. The only weapon that should ever be used as melee on Atlas, his Tekko. As for a build, landslide has 5% crit and low status, so go for pure damage.
  3. Anything that is a ball and rolls around at high speeds should have the ability to drift in my opinion. Bind the drift action to the sprint or sprint/roll key and if you planned to have sprint used in his ball form, just add it as a passive natural accelerator. So what if it can't be used in 80% of missions? Still would be a fun thing to do when you can.
  4. Atlas, I love punching things and summoning allies (even if those allies are rather bad).
  5. I am the wrong person to ask about that, I have no idea.
  6. Congrats, you have gotten me irrationally excited. I like the unique method of him obtaining energy along with the rest of the improvements, do hope DE at least considers this concept.
  7. I dunno, I guess it'll do. Can't exactly test how viable it'd be.
  8. Love the concept though I don't think those hefty cooldowns match the pace of the game, I'd say either lower or remove them. Aside from that I see no problems, though I am not an expert critic.
  9. Why oh why would you release atlas deluxe WITHOUT a deluxe skin for FIST TYPE WEAPONS?! Absolute heresy.
  10. I am having a hard time telling if spamming this type of thread is a meme or if people don't know what jokes are. Someone please enlighten me.
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