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  1. Nope, just ask for a different frame then and stop playing atlas if you want him completely changed....
  2. the wall attracts agro..... Put it near a Mobile Defense Target and enemies will go for your wall first, its super useful. Only think Atlas needs is Rumbler AI rework, but that is a general problem in warframe. What they could do if simply give the Rumbles more fighting moves.
  3. Further decreased the max size of Atlas’ Rumblers ever so slightly so they no longer get caught in certain doors. would it not be better to just have them clip a bit? its only when going through a single door that its an issue anyway and thats 30 cm to cross... to reduce the size overall just for that short time frame that also we come across very rarely is a bit of an odd choice imo.
  4. ermm but old content IS the current warframe reality.... Ya know, those grineer tilesets you play on daily, those corpus tilesets you play on daily? those infested tilesets you play on daily? 90% of the current tilesets ARE old content and it will be years before they all get the Jupiter treatment. In the meantime they can add to those with very simple, low effort, high gain updates. Like a new tile... Or like a door finally being an actual passage way. Heck simply flipping/mirroring certain tiles will already add "new" content to the game.
  5. Screenshot: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264918643278610432/617978096468885534/unknown.png That just looks great, reminds me of Alien or Blade Runner, it adds so much depth and atmosphere and feel to the tileset. More smoke, fans, and these lightrays pls 😛 Sadly its currently, seemingly, exclusive to these two dead end tiles, where the rest of the tileset is just bright and kinda ugly, heck sometimes really overly bright even.
  6. Adding tiles would do nothing for people who want content... adding content does nothing for people who want content... Right. Outdated outdated, the entire game is outdated but if you want to wait half a year to a year to have a single tileset completely overhauled while playing on that outdated stuff the entire time...good for you. And also, what possible issues did Gas City have that this overhaul fixes? its largely the same tiles with a new look. I much rather have them just add to what they already have with fast small updates to expand that and make those tiles have something new to them. I find a new tile on a tileset I know very exciting to find
  7. and that is exactly not what Im talking about, at least read before replying. Im talking simple, small upgrades that in the end can have a lot of impact. What did we gain with Jupiter? a full extremely time consuming new tileset, we somewhat LOST the old tileset and again, it took a lot of time to make, new lore, new bossfight etc. And sure maybe at some point a tileset is so aged and tech moved on so much that it would be much better to just redo it. But Im now talking about ALL those tilesets we visit daily and how all of those can easily be added to, giving a lot of return for relatively minimal effort. Again, same for you. Im not asking for a tileset to be completely overhauled and im not asking for new tilesets, that is not what im aiming at. The title of this thread is: Build upon what you already have pls DE Not: build new stuff from scratch that requires a lot of time pls DE. Of course I appreciate the effort of new tilesets and stuff like the plains etc, but this thread is about gaining a lot of content for relatively little effort. Making a door, that looks like a door but never acts like a door on an existing tileset, ACTUALLY function like a door. Our minds are already setup for every tileset how to traverse it, where the doors are, shaking that up adds to the game. And apart from that im merely asking for a single tile, aka a single room, to be added to a single tileset, once per month. Again, that is a nice flow of new content, without asking a lot of the devteam and that over time will just pay out more and more.
  8. You are adding new stuff all the time, but you seldom just build upon what you already have. For this discussion specifically, levels/tilesets. We know certain tilesets ONLY as the infested version. I mean for example the "infested ship" tileset is an infested tileset and lorewise it has taken over a corpus ship. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Infested_Ship Just look at those pictures There is no corpus tileset that has those same assets/tiles in a non infested affected form. That just borders me tbh. Same has those various tiles from various tilesets that always spawn doors that NEVER have anything behind them, those doors NEVER open, they are doors but not programmed as something another tile can be behind. Bit of a crappy old picture that, but you should recognize that tile if you played warframe a lot, you also know immediately where to go when looking at it, straight ahead and on the left side there is a door. Would be shocked to know there is a door on the right side of that as well? a big door even, but one that never leads anywhere, its just a texture and that should not be. Simple adding that would immediately make existing levels a tad more interesting/new feeling. And what about those rooms you often start in but never just, come across, have you ever tried walking backwards towards the starting point, and looking at that room like "wow where am I? this looks new" because you never enter that room from any other angle. I think DE could (and should) do a lot with just existing content still. (and personally I dont feel it would be that far-out a request to ask for a single new tile, for a single tileset, every month, just to keep building on the places we frequent every day and keeping them fresh)
  9. Bit of personal feedback on the devstream. 1. while removed, I feel the idea of missions dynamically changing still has merit, maybe worth perusing especially for Railjack. 2. If your crew members for you(r railjack) provide buffs...how does that work in MP? you guys sorta waved away the problem of who Railjack it is by letting everyone always see their own (which im not sure is that fun personally, maybe I want to travel on someone else's Railjack) but how will that work with the crew onboard? On Grendel: 1. I feel his devour should restore health to him alongside of getting that 1 out of 3 buff. 2. I hope those particles will get some fine tuning, the tech behind it is nice but it looks kinda ugly, like big flakes, like its some sorta of cell shaded paint flying at him. And why is it flying all around him and not just into his stomach? 3. Like others have suggested, his belly opening scare should show energy colour and honestly, I feel he does require some sorta of effect that insinuates he opens a portal in his stomach to consume the enemy.
  10. love how DE things that a dedicated augment slot would rip the "balance" of this game apart... they do know their game is a cakewalk right? they do know challenge is a big issue as is and it does not linger on a freaking augment slot, come on now. Also that Banshee one just seems like a bug fix to me, and apart from that these changes are mostly so minimal, I doubt it will make anyone suddenly consider using these augments.
  11. yes, this, AND more landingcrafts, AND the ability to deploy your landingcraft during Railjack missions piloted by Ordis that can help in some way depending on the type of landingcraft. And I would love to see atleast a new background for those loading screens featuring the landingcrafts, its this low quality flying through the air nonsense. Id rather see a much more spectacular sequence, THROUGH SPACE, and maybe void storms and what not.
  12. You are trying to convey information to me, Im telling you what Im interpreting it as. If im not doing that correctly, then you were somehow not clear enough, so tell me how I should interpret it instead of getting all upset. You want it better to use, your main complained is that you mark enemies, then an ally nukeframe comes along and takes all your marked enemies away. Your suggestion is a big cone to mark things faster, ok, that wont help against that ally nukeframe. The only way to make the ash player get the kills (you so seem to desire even though you shouldnt) is to nuke the enemies before the other can. So, go ahead, correct me, tell me how Im interpreting this wrongly.
  13. and if you would read a bit further you would see Im reacting to exactly your suggested idea so yeah. however im saying that your suggested idea wont change anything about how the game currently works, you would only get your kills over the Mesa's and Saryn's if Ash goes back to Nukeframe so you are implying that you desire that. Boy, lot the respond to there: - No, not like Fatal Teleport, Im asking for gameplay that requires maybe some precision, some hacking or so. Think along the lines of the Nox sorta requiring headshots, or Lech Krill with the back attack. Something that requires a bit of timing, strategy, like Dark Souls. Just something that isnt solved with sheer damage output or the like. - Idk how you think Shuriken is straight superior, one marks a bunch of enemies and gets them all with one more press of the button. The other you need to spam. - Never goes far, maybe an ally is down and you want to help them quick, you unleash your 4th and heal them while the attack does the work for you. But again, that you dont need it has more to do with the game being to ez then anything else and goes for every single frame in the game. - That can be tweaked sure and ill be happy to hear your suggestions (Oh I read here you posted some, ill read those in a bit) BUT I have no issue with the "shadow realm" you enter when the ability is active, the energy is only drained upon use, its reservered for that use per marked enemy. If you are draining that quickly then I say, go for some possitive efficiency or something, that is what modding is for. It costs by default 12 energy per mark, that is less then half the energy cost of his 1st ability, not to mention only 6 when in stealth mode so yeah, you are doing something wrong if you are drained that fast. As for the shooting part, idk what to tell you, I just dont agree, marking and unleashing is faster then shooting unless you talk silly weapons then the Ignis or Amprex maybe. - Yes Walking simulator is bad for everyone, but what makes you angry, the marking enemies only to have them be destroyed by allies before you can activate it. That is exactly the problem with your mindset and the game. The game is 2 ez, you are not needed, they will do fine without you, hence your marking of enemies is not needed as enemies tend to be killed before you can activate it. Thats a problem with the game, not the ability, trying playing some Solo games with Ash and see how that goes. The second problem is your mindset, the fact that you feel the need to kill things to matter, again, accept that in this game you arnt needed, getting the most kills is a braindead silly affair, its no longer about playing the game, its about pushing 4 the fastest. I know its not fun to have everything killed infront of you, dear lord do I hate maiming striking whip users, but well that is just the game's poor design, and any rework to makes you get a kill faster then a Saryn is not fixing anything. (also again, the nice thing of the ability is that you dont actually spend energy on enemies already killed by others, cant say that for any other ability, if you use your rhino stomp only to have everything just killed right away by a Mesa, you just wasted 100 energy on nothing, while with Ash, you did not spend a thing) - Stop it with the swearing to describe the ability, its not clever or funny. Uniquely terrible is not a good thing, but that is again where we just simple disagree, I think its a good ability, you dont. I think its good because it has a unique mechanism, it does good damage, it fits the character. You think its bad because.... other players will kill things before you can do anything.... which again is a problem more with the game then this ability. And ill be happy to hear of these other unique proposals that are better, but the one I reacted to with "make it like Garuda" is obviously not unique.
  14. On the later part, it really does not take that much time.... and second, use your stealth ability? The frame isnt 99% useless in 99% of the game in team setting, it is just as useful as any other frame. You can hardly call a Mesa or a Saryn useful just because they are efficient at killing trashmobs quickly as you dont need this to happen to win. The game is too ez. My solution is indeed some sort of "nerf" but that is a broad statement, the idea would be more that it isnt about killing trashmobs, that other stuff is what makes it challenging. And maybe some randomly spawning boss units that require more of a player then just a high dps weapon or ability. Funny, feels like I answered this already. You cannot compare the 1st and the 4th, if you think you can do everything just as well or better with your 1st then do so. Apart from that, one of the first things I said, you can just activate the ability and have it ready for launch as soon as its needed, you dont need to "spaz like a lunatic" to mark things quickly, you are using the ability wrong if you are. Allies will likely kill your marks because... the game is too ez and you are not needed, and why do you care anyway? Again your idea/request of just creating more nuke frames is just a really bad one, I refer to my previous post (seems like I did not miss the point at all). What they need to do so make new enemies and objectives that dont get solved with nuke frames and DPS weapons. And there is plenty of reason to use Ash's 4th, making the marker larger wont change what is going on now. and its not like you have to actually aim right now, just look at the enemies or swipe over them and you are done. Nah, variation is the spice of life, making things work like other things is just a bit boring, as it is its unique and it should stay that way.
  15. doesnt work as in, doesnt kill enemies with 1 shot? I mean its high level content for a reason, hit them again I guess. 2000 true damage plus 100% bleed chance by default is nothing to sneeze at. (and before you start talking about weapon damage, that is by design, weapons put out way more damage then abilities)
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