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  1. Ok this might sound a bit vague but what I mean is, lets say you are playing Titania and you have her Noble animation. She floats and after a certain amount of time, like with every animation, some movement/animation starts, she spins around and reaches out with her hands a bit... Why? why does she do that? well because when you use HER animation on HERSELF, during that twirl her butterflies detache and fly around her and she interacts with them. However, if you want to fashion frame and install an animation you lose that aspect, and its the same for many frames.
  2. Ok, bit vague title but what im asking is for an option between having no damage numbers, and having damage numbers. Personally I hate damage numbers, its so....gamey, soo.... high score-ish, it kills immersion for me. BUT if you play for example Equinox, you can use those damage numbers as a good indicator of when to release her 4th ability. Lots of numbers around you means lots of enemies in range = lots of kills = efficient use of your ability. Without those floating numbers you lose that tactical advantage. So while I dont really have an idea in my head, I would like something
  3. Now dont get me wrong, this is not a hate thread, I dont want to incite negativity. I just would like to get a picture of what in general seems to be the biggest gripes with this game as is. My personal input, I think the game is (way) too easy. I know this has been an acknowledged struggle DE is having so we can expect improvements on that front and I know its hard to make it balanced between endgame players like myself and new players. The difficulty atm is a bit... well... lame, either you kill everything with a passing thought OR the enemies become severe damage spo
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