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  1. I, too, agree that all frames should be made worse instead of buffing frames up to equal levels of power. /s
  2. Ditto. I've had this exact same issue with Tempo Royale, and it's incredibly annoying.
  3. This is such a useful amount of information. I hope this will eventually lead to daily platinum trade caps, or removing rivens from trading altogether however. The amount of plat a person can spend on some of these items is beyond asinine, and I can only hope that DE will address this in time.
  4. Why? Why even do this? I could understand the Staticor nerf, as dumb as it is, but this? THIS?! Non-combat frames in Warframe are in a rough spot as-is, but now you remove what was one of the best things about them?! I just can't understand who thinks this was a good idea.
  5. So, while I think these changes are a good start, I would like to address Nyx's Chaos, and possibly the Chaos Sphere Augment: In my opinion, this would be a far better ability if it were a Channeled AoE Ability, similar to how Nekros' Desecrate works. Activating Chaos would drain energy over time, and create a sphere around Nyx that would move with her as she travels through a level, confusing any enemies that entered it. The Chaos Sphere Augment could in turn allow the debuff to "stick" to enemies, keeping them CC'd when outside of the ability.
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