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  1. You have the option to play solo. Use it.
  2. If you want more slot machines, go to a casino or play an EA game. Keep that garbage out of Warframe.
  3. RIP to the best Endo and Ayatan farm in the game. So disappointed to see the droptable littered with absolute garbage.
  4. These changes in particular seem far, far better suited to base ability buffs more than anything else. Tacking quality of life onto otherwise meaningless augments is just about the worst way possible you could make them better. This is all the more exacerbated with Rhino. He already has two augments that are basically always required. Requiring players to give up three mod slots, two of which would only offer quality of life, seems a bit outrageous if you ask me. As for Valkyr, this should also honestly be built in to her 4. The way things stand now with new melee, the threat of dying to accidentally aiming, or god forbid trying to use a hold combo, means that you're better off just never pressing 4 in the first place. Volt... just needs all the help he can get, and this augment ain't it chief.
  5. This is such a useful amount of information. I hope this will eventually lead to daily platinum trade caps, or removing rivens from trading altogether however. The amount of plat a person can spend on some of these items is beyond asinine, and I can only hope that DE will address this in time.
  6. Why? Why even do this? I could understand the Staticor nerf, as dumb as it is, but this? THIS?! Non-combat frames in Warframe are in a rough spot as-is, but now you remove what was one of the best things about them?! I just can't understand who thinks this was a good idea.
  7. So, while I think these changes are a good start, I would like to address Nyx's Chaos, and possibly the Chaos Sphere Augment: In my opinion, this would be a far better ability if it were a Channeled AoE Ability, similar to how Nekros' Desecrate works. Activating Chaos would drain energy over time, and create a sphere around Nyx that would move with her as she travels through a level, confusing any enemies that entered it. The Chaos Sphere Augment could in turn allow the debuff to "stick" to enemies, keeping them CC'd when outside of the ability.
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