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  1. The Sentients literally waged an omnicidal war against anything that wasn't them... and you're worrying about their feelings? I swear it's like nobody pays attention to anything these days.
  2. It would be nice to see a toggle option in the Appearances tab for when The Vast Untime is activated that allowed Xaku to remain whole. As funny as the skelememes are, I do miss not being able to see my neat fashion choices on them.
  3. Oh no, people will decide to use good abilities that are good on good (sans Revenant obviously,) frames? I may not exactly be enthused with the subsume system personally, but this sort of "eww meta bad" mentality is just silly. People will always go for what's best in slot, anything else is just a waste of time.
  4. Okay, quite a few things are just wrong or silly here. First of all, using an ability for its intended effect is... not abusing it. It's literally just using it. Second of all, Zenurik is a colossal boost to the quality of life of literally every person that has it, regardless of if someone else on their team does. Thirdly, I think you fail to see why vacuum not being tied to random and arbitrary companions or abilities is so important. Vacuum is another huge quality of life component of warframe, and keeping it not tied down to this or that was the whole reason people wanted univac or a simpl
  5. I fail to see what your point is here. Plenty of warframes have at least one ability that's functionally useless, most with more than one. The fact that most general warframe builds want everything that roar does, mainly strength and duration, means roar ends up synergizing better than most innate abilities.
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