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  1. This build made my physically recoil after being to by a friend. I think everyone is finally starting to understand how bonkers absurd Baruuk is, but for the love of god people please stop using his 1. Between the DR you get with your 3 and 4, (and, you know, the truckloads of damage it will do,) literally *nothing* should be killing you. Dropping duration like crazy and spamming your 2 is a far more effective use of your energy. I've yet to try viral / heat on his 4 due to... way too much forma investment, but dear god why do you need berserker, pfury, *and* arcane strike? That's such a waste when you could be adding more crit damage. If you're going to waste your time
  2. You have a ship. Grineer have ships. Put 1 + Gun together and have fun.
  3. What if I told you that balancing Warframe powers around the state in which they are the weakest... should not even be a thing DE thinks about. Literally nobody will complain if a Warframe ability is "too good" unless it actually breaks the game.
  4. This literally does not matter in any sort of capacity. DE has stated from day 1 of Rivens that they would not impact Warframes or Warframe abilities in any way, with special mention given to Exalted weapons. All I'm asking for is a bit of consistency and the complete and total annihilation of Rivens, but that will come later.
  5. While a part of me is a bit sad to see this hilarious buff get shot down, I can at least understand it. With this said, however, will DE be addressing the fact that Riven Mods on stat sticks for Khora / Atlas / Gara still give their massively increased bonuses to Warframe Abilities? I feel like that has been a much larger and more noxious issue than the Xoris' hilarious fun Big Number Effect.
  6. While I appreciate the thought behind this change, I think the new version of the Moa's textures are far, far worse. Previously it would not take light colors well at all, but dark colors resulted in a lovely smooth finish, and the metallics were bright and shiny. After the "fix," the entire Moa seems to be covered in a layer of grime, including the metallic channel, making it look far, far worse: I would much prefer reverting the change somewhat. Give us better coloring options while also removing the grimy layers that make the moa look far, far worse.
  7. Have you considered, perhaps, merely not gambling instead?
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