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  1. Congratulations! You completely destroyed railjack. Removing the ability to always start on your own ship, AI teammates that will literally just walk in circles, liches that refuse to fight the enemy, forcing non-railjack gameplay into railjack seemingly without being able to earn plexus affinity... and my god the myriad bugs that we thought would finally have been dealt with like infinite loading are all back and somehow even worse. And to top it all off, corpus crewships that make it impossible to solo-artillery them! I want to know who was behind this god awful decision and why they hate
  2. Exactly this. These predatory tactics are used to pry on people with addictive personalities- I should know. That's why they're so insidious and should be railed against with utmost vehemence.
  3. Okay what company is paying you to make this post, because surely you cannot seriously believe that this brainless draining of players' wallets is in any way, shape, or form a good direction for Warframe to go. Battle Passes, free or otherwise, are already a blight upon modern gaming- to push Warframe in an even more nauseating direction would surely be the death of it. Please, for the love of god and for yourself, think about how these corporations are using you.
  4. Hildryn's drain-per-enemy-effected mechanic is literally half the reason her 4 is dumpster their, with the rest being the abysmal maneuverability and the asinine weapon restrictions. How in the void did you figure that taking the worst mechanic from one of the more mediocre frames would in any way help this game- to say nothing about putting Wukong and Excal on the same level as Saryn... which is just a hilarious notion.
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