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  1. I can only admire your boldness in dropping a hotfix filled with nerfs on the morning of your big digital festival.
  2. The change in store/currency is a mistake. Arbitrations are incredibly boring, samey, and tedious. All this does is re-deincentivize Steel Path, when there were, finally, some actual reasons to do it for people who don't use it as a kuva farm. Also, Dexterity was already the only arcane anyone was going to use, and yet you've just made it even better and Merciless even more worthless than it already was. Parazon complete rethink where? The proposed changes will also do nothing to help that system. So many viable alternatives have been proposed - momentary kneeldown window, guaranteed with cooldown, gradual charge on kill, and more - yet you're stubbornly digging your heels in on health percentages when it simply *does not work* in Warframe's gameplay.
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