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  1. Since they began starting all new weapons off at 0.5. Obviously things can only go up from the very bottom...
  2. The Zephyr changes will do nothing, they are low-effort, no-value tweaks that do nothing to address her multiyear outdated kit. Her 2 and 4 need to be completely scrapped and entirely new abilities instituted, ones on par with the strength and utility that modern frames receive; in particular Airburst, which is nothing but "you throw a fireball", the laziest and least useful skill you could've given her, was stillborn the moment it entered the game and none of the meagre tweaks it has received has or will change that because "you throw a fireball" skills are NEVER good. Her 1 also needs a
  3. You got that right, which sure makes me wonder why you are still trying to number-tweak her worthless 2 into something worth 50 energy. "Throw a fireball" will never be that no matter what you do to it. Also, unless you actually increase the pickup range of her tornados, that will also continue to be useless. It's been SIX. YEARS. since Zephyr released, and in all that time she has never had more than a few low-effort, umambitious tweaks. Her 2 and 4 need to be completely scrapped and redone, and her 1 needs a heavy rework in functionality, in particular the hover which is good for absolu
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