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  1. I spot that these "fixes" did actually, literally nothing. No, really. There is literally. No. Change. It is just as bad as after the first update. Let's review: Before 25.7.0, when the game still looked good: After 25.7.1: After 25.7.2: And now, after NO DIFFERENCE. NONE. Metals are still plastic. Colors are still washed out. Light is still blasting. Prisma equipment is still ruined. You didn't fix anything! Just scrap the new rendering and change it back please!
  2. Before 25.7.0, when the game still looked good: After 25.7.1: After 25.7.2: There is literally no difference. It is just as bad.
  3. This hotfix did nothing to fix the horrible metallics and lighting. Please, PLEASE revert these changes - and scrap them completely. It's clear nobody bothered to QA these changes at all.
  4. This is not okay. Everytime you mess with the graphics they get worse. Lights get more glaring, colors get more washed out, metals get less reflective, more dull and plastic. Please stop it. Revert these changes and leave it alone.
  5. It is completely awful and needs to be reverted. As others here have said, everytime they mess with the lighting the game looks worse, but this is just horrific.
  6. The new metallics are completely horrendous. My frames look like they're covered in cheap yellow plastic. Not to mention the eyeblasting light. Do you not see how bad this is? Did nobody even bother to QA this? Every time you mess with the lighting engine the metals in this game have become less shiny and reflective, more matte and dull. This is too far. For the love of god, change it back and stop messing with it.
  7. Target Fixation was completely useless garbage and remains completely useless garbage. Thank you for so thoroughly ignoring the voices that told you loudly and clearly that this would do nothing to help Zephyr, who remains by far the most neglected and underpowered frame in the game. Thanks. Thanks again.
  8. Please, PLEASE GOD PLEASE just scrap Target Fixation and do something completely different. Tailwind will never, ever be a damage skill. Why are you trying to force this instead of giving her something actually useful? TF is the single worst, most useless augment in the game and this will not change that at all.
  9. Problems with energy colors continue. The Ferita does not correctly take a chosen energy color onto its elemental effects - most of the time. It previews the blade effect correctly when you are selecting a color, although the green plumes should also be affected. https://imgur.com/OsX3J2Y However, once you leave the color selection the even the blade effect reverts back to a mixture of their default color and Ferita's default energy color, dark blue. https://imgur.com/Gkx53Rv This is also what happens when you are actually in a mission map. Interestingly, in both cases you can see that the metallic reflections ARE the correct color, only the elemental effect is not. https://imgur.com/t3Zm93k The channeling effect uses the correct color. https://imgur.com/D9MCBMz I'm assuming this has to do with the newness of the code that allows elemental effects to take on energy colors; that's a fairly recent addition to the game. Hopefully you'll be able to get them to sort it out. It's a beautiful skin and I want to see it performing in its full glory. Thanks again for your work.
  10. Will you ever allocate Zephyr Deluxe the development time and resources it needs to be completed, as other deluxes have, or will it continue to languish in purgatory as somebody's side project as it has for three years now? Can we receive any statement on the now months-old undocumented removal of melee knockdown/stagger resistance and lack of interaction with sprint and other speed buffs, as per: Will anything be done about the Catchmoon's extremely clunky hitboxes, lack of geometry punchthrough even with punchthrough mods equipped, and bugged lack of damage at close range, as per:
  11. Glad to hear about the Ferita change. As for Hagoromo, as far as I can tell it was never changed from the initial rework that you did. The energy colors simply don't get as saturated and vibrant as they used to be.
  12. Thanks for your work. I really like the Ferita rapier skin, although I am disappointed that the blade does not color very well at all, only the faintest tint. Is there any chance this will be changed so that the blade takes color more strongly? You do metals extremely well and I would love a fully colorable blade if possible. Also, you once said that you had a fix coming for the Zephyr Hagoromo's energy lights being washed out and desaturated compared to the old version. Any updates on that?
  13. I hate vague notes like this. What *exactly* does that mean?
  14. I really do not understand why you feel it necessary to restrict yet another of the above-ground fish to a 4-minute window. That now makes 60% of the above-ground fish that are only available in that brief period.
  15. MR10 lock for auto-install is unbelievably spiteful and stubborn, and I say this as an MR25. Just another case of DE digging its heels in and dying on a hill for bad choices they made in the past, just like with refusing us Universal Vacuum for five years and counting.
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