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  1. (PS4)creativedsign

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    I hope to learn more about: Atlas Deluxe - u guys showed concept and thats it... can we get a quick look at work in progress, like what you did with Nezha. Sentinel rework, rivens etc - when? Been mentioned a few times and still ...silence. Mesa Prime? ... any time soon? Oh and Melee 2.0 ?
  2. Can we add ex.weapon for Atlas please, his rock-fist heavily uses melee mods and u end up running around with absolutely unusable melee weapon just for his landslide.
  3. This new interface is pretty bad for consoles. I see that mouse users would love it but I'm still struggling using it using controllers.
  4. (PS4)creativedsign

    UI Redesign: Information & Timeline!

    Tho it does look good and functions awesomely on PC... Console players struggle with UI item targeting. This new UI is not controller/console friendly. Please try to make a pass to optimize it for us PS4 ppl plz
  5. (PS4)creativedsign

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I agree, I am not a bug fan of PVP based games But we r talking here not about genre, but about appreciation of them dedicated players who supported the game for years but Dev spitting in all vets faces by trying to please new players over vets. OK let me ask this ... Let's say u r a new player, now this system will allow u to say F to sucky azima and get zenith right away which vets had to wait for almost 2 years of logins to get. They now have an Option what to get. Vets who are hovering around 900+ days like me still locked to just getting One item , whatever is next, we got no options. Unless DE will release about 50+ more other daily rewards vets can choose from.
  6. (PS4)creativedsign

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I didn't say they r a good sample. U know what's not a good sample? #1 game out there with a player base 10+ time larger then WF and not even 1 y.o. game Fortnite. Free to play MMOs always gonna be high on the list coz they r free and all them squeakers who can't spend all they lunch money on buying games download it and keeping it at top 10 considering highly rotating player base most of won't reach pass MR15... Vets are the spine here!
  7. (PS4)creativedsign

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Well said! Couldn't agree more! DE is focusing too much on pleasing they new players and absolutely ignoring vets who actually dedicated thousands of playtime hours and supported this game fir years. We got nothing to proudly own and wear besides a number of played hours. DE gotta start appreciating and rewarding vets.
  8. (PS4)creativedsign

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Considering that 80% of my gamer friends never even heard of it. 10% played it for a week and quit coz they couldn't get into it coz de is not providing enough beginner player guidance, and 10% who still playing are unhappy with they direction. Sure! New games which are being release gaining a larger player base in months then WF after all this years so yeah... Sure let me "agree" with u.
  9. (PS4)creativedsign

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I have to agree. There should be vet exclusive weapons, something for new players to be motivated and keep on playing the game. Why are we trying to give everything to everyone only because they r whining that they want it asap. This just doesn't make sense plus I understand if we would be taking about Amazing weapons. Azima - blah, zenistar - bad melee weapon and only semi useful as CC but still we got better melee weapons not locked behind logins, zenith - good weapon but we got better primaries, sigma - special mechanic is broken, targeting is off and most of the time won't even stun An enemy, dmg is blah. And primed mods ... Most of them sucks, only two of them is semi useful, but we r talking about primed - so not new player friendly since u need around what 30-40k endo to level that sucker up for a super small buff. And again 90% of the time we r fighting Lil 20-40 enemies, and any and all of our weapons can handle that... Pointless to run around with weapons who can one shot lvl 150 enemy coz we don't have content for it ...
  10. (PS4)creativedsign

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Its almost like they dont need players to make money right?
  11. (PS4)creativedsign

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I'm a PS4 vet so we didn't lose much since system lunched a bit later then PC ... I'm almost at 950 logins.
  12. (PS4)creativedsign

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    No matter what we do or say. DE will not listen and do whatever they wanna do. Always.
  13. (PS4)creativedsign

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Am I the only one who is totally against this new system. I feel like DE is trying to please all them new players and totally pissing on all vets. Name One thing that DE did for vets only... Used to be this login rewards (not the best but it was a thing) so if u see a guy with Sigma and Octantis - u like oh okay. Now u r like meh. DE when are you Really gonna start appreciating vets and rewarding them for supporting this game for years.
  14. (PS4)creativedsign

    Baro Visit Feb 23rd - Prisma Jet Sentinel Wings (single to pair!)

    Can we make boosters a constant item he would bring every other week? Amount of resource grind keeps increasing and at least its gonna be a lil help with this problem.
  15. (PS4)creativedsign

    Sept. 20 Connectivity Issues.

    PS4 is struggling too. Lots of exp lost :))