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  1. So my squad were about to finish off the head of the SP Ropalolyst after a protracted fight when the Misison Faiilure Imminent warnign flashed up. Approximately ONE SECOND afterwards, the Mission Failure screen appeared. No time to turn around a kill a remaining sentient to avert it. Is this intentional? If so then what is actually the point of the failure warning if there is nothing you can do about it because you are not given any time to react? Also the first time we tried to do the mission it bugged every single person in my squad out in a new and different way right at the start; from constantly being reset, to the entire client locking up, to being frozen in place to dying instantly and being unable to revive. These are all long-standing issues that I'm sure have been bug reported plenty.
  2. Is Sevagoth's alt helm also in the Nightwave rewards rotation now?
  3. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Attempting to kill my Sister of Parvos REPRODUCTION: Getting the health down to the point where a Parazon attempt can be made. EXPECTED RESULT: I stab her, find out if the word is right or wrong. OBSERVED RESULT: The prompt to use the Parazon does not appear. I had to let her heal up and down her a second time. This happened for all 3 sections of her health. Finally this also happened in the Vanquish Railjack mission, except that because the Sisters don't heal and get up on that mission, the whole mission was soft locked for the squad because it could not progress. REPRODUCTION RATE: It did not happen for the first two Sisters I killed, it did happen for the third.
  4. Aside from the topic of those of us who subsumed all the frames now having a net NEGATIVE in terms of available XP compared to those who didn't (seriously, other MMOs level the playing field with the introduction of new stuff, this one has us early adopters at a literal DISADVANTAGE) - what is supposed to happen if you have multiple copies of a frame? I have 2 Loki Primes and I have an invigoraiton for Loki. I can Invigorate only one of them and I'm blocked from invigorating the second one - and no the second one does not have the Invigoration UI marker that the first one has when equipped. Is this intentional? If so, why? If it's to stop us gaining XP too fast *grinds teeth* then why not make it apply to both copies of the frame then?
  5. The issue with the liches not showing up often enough to go through the various mod combinations once you have all of the murmurs has not been addressed at all. It still takes grinding a bunch of extra missions once all murmurs are complete to get enough Lich spawns to get all 3 words in the right order. Then there is an extra step that makes the process even longer when it comes to actually killing it. This is hugely frustrating. I was hoping the Railjack node would be something you could force sooner. Such as when you have all 3 words but haven't yet met your lich enough times to know the precise order. All we get is a 25% drop chance from killing a lich to get a single-use Lich beacon.
  6. So to kill a Lich/Sister you still have to manually get it to spawn enough times to get the correct sequence on it, but then you now have the Railjack Finale as an EXTRA step? I thought the point of the Railjack finale was that you could force the encounter sooner (without having to rely on a low drop chance random beacon)! The biggest problem for me was always getting the lich to show up enough times to put the murmur-revealed words to the test. Not farming the murmurs in the first place. This does nothing to address that.
  7. With more and more stuff being added to Arbitrations, can we have an actual choice of Arbitration mission? Like have 3 different missions up at once. You can only complete one of them (the other 2 lock out until the hourly refresh) but it would at least give us some choice...
  8. Zendadaist

    Affinity Bug

    Yep, this is STILL ongoing. Took my level 27 Bonewidow into Obol Crosssing for 15 waves and the End Of Mission screen said it'd reached level 32. Back to my Orbiter and it's sitting at 29. I hadn't done one of these in a while because I was sick of my Necramech not actually getting the affinity. Oh well, back to waiting.
  9. Whatever you did with the aspect ratio changes this patch, the Aspect Ratio Auto setting now gives me extremely stretched and unusable graphics. I'm using 2x standard 2560x1440 monitors and only have WF on one of them, so I don't understand why this is even affected! Everything was fine until this patch. Taking Aspect Ratio off Auto and manually setting it to 16:9 has fixed the issue but there's something not right here if it's breaking previously-working settings on a fairly standard sort of monitor setup.
  10. Does this fix the Disruption crash issue that the mainline brought?
  11. Yep, same happened to my squad right after the update. Lost a nice Axi G6 too ;(
  12. Squad of 3 of us were hitting up Apollo on Lua to farm the new Axi relics for Gara Prime. The Sentient Influx condition had just triggered from a conduit (in round 3 or something like that) at the same time as the warning flickers for an assassination squad. Then all of our clients seized up for a few seconds before all crashing. We'd managed to score an Axi G6 too. Gone :(
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