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  1. Will there be anymore buffs for yareli. Also will there be any changes to k-drive movement. I ask cause when archwing movement was change titania razorwing movement became much better. So if k-drive movement becomes better am sure merulina movement will become much better also.
  2. Yip just looked and ntn was changed we was lied too🙄🙄🙄
  3. @[DE]Danielle So am going to each syndicates and collecting the emotes, but when I got to Cephalon Suda I noticed that the emotes are the same as the ones the railjack crew has. But with the emotes from Cephalon Suda the strings are not there. If it's a bug hopefully de can fix it, but if it's not and that's how they are, would it be possible to add the string effects to them?
  4. Yea 7 months is ridiculous. I really thought this update would of fixed it smh
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