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  1. Am on ps4 and I have a bug that is not letting me use my second ability on my railjack(R1 and square ■)
  2. Soooooo a next hotfix but no fix for lavos liquid and the missing vials😒😒😒
  3. Still no fix for lavos liquid that's is missing from his vials and syandana and the missing vials on his side. This has been going on since his release😒😒😒😒
  4. I have everything max and didn't get it either
  5. [DE]Daniel yall have yet to fix the vials and liquid on lavos and it been broken from he was released.
  6. It's been a month and de as yet to fix this
  7. Is it possible to get the mandachord beats for Octavia prime trailer?.
  8. DE yall gave us a update and still have not fix the liquid in lavos vials and the vials on his side are not showing. This has not been fix from we got him
  9. OMG yes let effigy use spectral scream instead ones its summon. That would be awesome
  10. 1:His passive counteracts him and his abilities and doesn't help him at all. We know chroma as a warframe that wants to take damage and give out damage. Why not let his passive be a rage mod passive(25%). I say this because the passive that he has doesn't help, chroma wants to take damage and not run away from it. By giving him a rage passive it helps not just his survivability but it will also help his Spectral Scream and it gives more of reason for chroma to take damage for his Vex Armor. 2:His Elemental Ward should be able to recast, because we are now able to change element on the fly
  11. The eros wings ephemera keeps disappearing in look link. I have to keep clicking if i want to c it
  12. Can we plz get a fix on lavos vials being empty. Not only that but the vials on his sides are not showing up. Also the syandana vials is also empty.
  13. After seeing Revenant's new deluxe skin i went back to play him, after playing some mission and testing and making different builds i realized that his first ability is lacking and would need a bit of touch up to make it better There are things that i feel that fights against him making his enthrall ability lack Hopefully de goes back and gives him a touch up. 1:His thralls cap is 7 which is ok but that's also the problem. When i would have seven up i would not be able to activate my first ability anymore, my thralls would be at one side of the map staying back fighting enemies, but
  14. Is there anything else coming to steel path, more Rewards and progression? Give me a reason to be there
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