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  1. This looks really neat but with these changes, the gun+glaive combo ends up serving no purpose.I suppose it's a cool reference or something but I think it should have an impact on gameplay beyond just looking cool
  2. Been really considering getting my hands on ember as of late so this is perfectly timed
  3. When I sent that message, they were exclusive to the starter weapons. Megan later clarified that they had been changed to be universal
  4. In the update 29.1.0 it was clarified by [DE]Megan herself that these skins were initially meant to be available only for the starter weapons but were later made universal, as implied by their names ("oscira rifle skin" instead of "oscira braton skin"). This change does not seem to have passed for the rifle skin, as the skin is not available for use on any weapon other than the braton. Pls fix, thamk.
  5. These skins look absolutely stellar but they are exclusive to some of the worst weapons in the game. I think I speak for everyone when I ask for these to be made universal skins, similar to the zundi pistol skin
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