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  1. Already a bad rework idea.
  2. Ah apologies. I thought you meant Mirage as a whole xD Regarding your complaint, I don't think Heat procs should affect Eclipse. However, Prism should be changed to a purely duration based skill that gives the effects of bright lighting when Mirage is near. Tap should release it normally, hold should cause the Prism to hover above her. Providing illumination and offense
  3. Omg the drama. I swear, this community should have its own reality TV show. Mirage? Useless because of that? Puh-lease
  4. A literal non-issue and more of a spoiled request.
  5. Fun in PvE games comes from killing enemies. If a trigger-happy Ignis player sweeps through tiles, what is there left to kill? What fun are we having? No, playing Solo is not a solution. Besides, a range nerf will not kill the Ignis. Unless of course y'all are incapable of actually approaching enemies and aiming.
  6. It's very powerful though and with very high range for what it is
  7. It was announced that the Catchmoon would be getting a (much deserved) nerf. What about the Ignis (Wraith)? A flamethrower that has very long range, great ammo economy, highest beam thickness of all continuous weapons and creates an AoE upon impact on top of absurd damage against mobs with no real aiming required is a bit off. Especially when entire rooms can be wiped out by this in nanoseconds. Not only that, the Heat proc rework will bring this gun to even more powerful levels! In my opinion, Ignis should not have the range of a laser. The stream of fire should be much shorter, but the thickness be increased to compensate. Damage can stay the same.
  8. They are ALL viable. Catchmoon makes even primaries seem garbage. Hope it gets nerfed to have a max of 10m range lol
  9. A literal trivial issue when he has base 200 energy and Elude costs practically nothing to maintain.
  10. That was unnecessary, you know. Except if it's LifeOfRio with his BS click-bait titles.
  11. The thing is, Grendel's "passive" drains energy. Passives NEVER drain energy. That's why they are passives
  12. His passive is immunity to knockdowns while on the ground. Rubbles are a resource tied to his abilities. His passive is constant health regen. His mutation stacks, like Atlas' Rubbles, are resources tied to his skills
  13. Disclaimer: Yes, I am aware that I haven't actually played Grendel. However, enough has been shown in order for me to provide this feedback. DE allowed some content creators (I'm assuming there were several, yet I only saw one) to test him prior to release. He is quite survivable, yet has two major issues: his passive and his third skill. 1. Passive: The more enemies he ingests, the higher the armor value. The issue: The passive only works on enemies that have been eaten by Grendel. The only way to ingest them is with the use of his first skill. The problem? It's not a passive, it's an aspect of his first ability. Passives cannot solely be triggered by abilities. They have to be able to be triggered through other means. Even with Octavia, her passive can be triggered with the use of Transference. My suggestions: Move the armor bonus per ingested foe perk to his first skill (since it already is one). Next, his passive could be that, Grendel, being a glutton, can pick up resources and ammo in order to gain health, shields and/or energy. Note, the player still gets the benefits of the drops, they simply will give Grendel some health, shields and/or energy. Additionally, when Grendel dodges, enemies he makes contact with are knocked over because of his bodyweight. 2. Regurgitate: Hurl a vile covered enemy as a toxic projectile. The issue: An ability that has no use without having first used the first skill. Again, it's not synergy, it's dependence. Again, like his passive, Regurgitate is an aspect of his first. To add insult to injury, Feast can already throw up enemies, dealing Toxin damage. Regurgitate simply does this with higher projectile speed. Groundbreaking. This is EXACTLY why Wisp's original third skill was changed. It had NO use without using Reservoirs first. My suggestions: Regurgitate is a tap/hold. Tap causes Grendel to vomit a stream of stomach fluids that deals Corrosive and Toxic damage in a cone and is a channeled skill. Should Grendel have enemies ingested, these will ejected out of his mouth by holding the ability key. The video:
  14. A terrible passive considering that, if Titania has a buff, odds are that her allies will also have it. Meaning, this is extremely redundant. Also, 3m? Pitiful range
  15. Regardless, that doesn't make your statement that this ISN'T a Tactical Alert true
  16. First, try reading the title and the first paragraph before jumping to conclusions.
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