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  1. Zaw Bows, crossbows, glaives, throwing daggers would all be great additions.
  2. If anything, ice based weapons are the least common
  3. Short and simple: I LOVE it! Very cool looking, offers Mag defensive capabilities and hits hard. Nice change
  4. I would never use this in any scenario tbh
  5. I'm sure DE would now how to code this in.
  6. Gauss can only reach 80% of his total battery charge. With Redline, he gains access to the last 20%. Allowing for 100% battery usage
  7. That is a false rule that has never been stated. By your logic, Primed Continuity shouldn't exist because Narrow Minded is a thing.
  8. Viral in its current state FAR eclipses all other damage types in the game
  9. The pilot shouldn't outgun the Gunner. Making turrets stronger in a Gunner's hands makes sense
  10. It's dumb insisting it's a female when they're made from 3 Warframes (plural). Hence the lack of one true gender, hence the "they" pronouns; hence why Xaku is genderless. And I chuckle at your innocence when you say that great butts, ponytails and certain mannerisms are exclusively female traits 😛 Regarding being ineligible for the Prime cycle, they'll just break it I guess. But I am curious as to what the OG Warframes were before they were combined into Xaku
  11. Everything good or nice is automatically labelled as such. I ask, what exactly ISN'T considered virtue signaling? Of course. Yet you still call Saryn a "she" and Excalibur a "he". I mean... The Sacrifice showed us that there are people beneath the helm. I appreciate the fanart though
  12. Yes, Wikipedia. Truly an infallible source of realiable, peer-reviewed information. But really, I'm not here to argue. Xaku is gender-neutral and uses "they" pronouns. As stated by DE themselves, and they always have the final say regarding their own game.
  13. No, "he" or "she" explicitly specify gender (male or female). "It" and/or "they" do not. Y'all are so against "they", yet use it all the time. For example, "Someone left their phone on the table" Regardless, Xaku is "they" as stated by the devs.
  14. I too call them Xatu! Do you play Pokemon too? Hahaha
  15. Xatu is canonically genderless. They're made up of 3 Warframes held together by Void energy. Not female, not male. P.S. Other people besides females can be slender and feminine.
  16. While true, the fact that it's the only Warframe that can deal Void damage is itself a unique skill. That and the 4th skill would make Xaku devastating against Sentients.
  17. This adds no challenge; only grief. This idea is a solid 0/10
  18. 1. Heavy crossbow with a scope. A unique mix of a sniper and a bow. Deals massive single target damage. Additionally, instead of changing zoom levels, alt-fire shots a shotgun-style cone of arrows to defend against closer foes. (No, not the Nagantaka) 2. Handcannon revolver. Big, slow firing, heavy recoil, massive damage. A classic elephant gun. (No, not the Vasto or Euphona) 3. Corpus spear launcher. Launches electric spears that embed themselves in enemies. Two or more speared enemies that come near to each other will generate a chain lightning effect between the two; stunning them
  19. About time the Infested got an update! 🙂 They've been neglected for far too long
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