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  1. Absolutely not. Fashion and gameplay have to be separate and unrelated. He has got to be able to change elements in-game. Yes and? Another Rhino Charge?
  2. Long post. Bring snacks Hello, Tenno. Throughout the past years, DE has been reworking outdated/bad abilities and Warframes to bring them up to par with 2019 standards: synergy, scaling potential, fully usable kit and an avoidance of press-4-2-win playstyles. Here I give my insights and ideas for plausible reworks/tweaks to existing Warframe abilities/passives. A lot of them involve giving them alternate functionalities through tap & hold mechanics, while others are heavily changd. I will try to go over all of the frames, if I don't it means that I think they are fine as is: 1. Ash - Shuriken now benefits from equipped melee mods. Tap to throw two blades as they do now; hold to launch a single, slower blade that pierces through enemies and does not home in on foes. People would argue that Shuriken does not need changes because Seeking Shuriken is a thing. However, abilities have to be good without the need of an augment. 2. Atlas - Tectonics is awful. The width should be affected by range. Moreover, Atlas should have the option of using Landslide to shatter Tectonics; dealing it's current amount of HP as pure Impact, or pure Puncture if Petrify is used. Additionally, Atlas can interact with petrified enemies, grabbing them and being able to toss them (dealing damage based on the enemy's HP). 3. Banshee - Sonic Boom should be a one-handed action, knock enemy weapons clean off their hands and deafen enemies. Sonar should highlight enemies through walls (only Banshee can see this). Enemies affected by Silence will suffer from greatly reduced accuracy. 4. Chroma - Entire rework. He is used a lot, yes. But only for Eidolons. Being used a lot does not mean he is a well designed Warframe. He is one dimensional and has only 2 (passive) skills and no actual passive. 5. Ember - I love the rework, although I feel that more could have been done. But let's go with Immolation. I feel that there should be more incentive to dare and stay in the overheated status. As such, upon reaching the overheated levels, Ember now deals constant Heat damage to nearby foes, deals Heat damage + guaranteed Heat procs on melee attacks and Fireball/Inferno cost less to cast. Speaking of Fireball, remove the charging mechanic (it is incredibly unwieldy on consoles!). Change it to tap for normal Fireball or hold for a volley of smaller Fireballs that proc Blast instead of Heat. A little thing to spice things up. 6. Equinox - Equinox should be able to keep Mend & Maim charges without the need of an augment. Additionally, the buffs she obtains from Metamorphosis should either not decay with time or be permanent as long as she is in that given form (they're not game-breaking anyways). Finally, Rage should increase Equinox's critical hit damage per enemy affected (it's a seldom used skill that increases enemy speed. More incentive to using it should be implemented). 7. Excalibur - Radial Javelin debuffs enemy damage and buffs melee critical chance and damage based on the number of foes affected. Slash Dash now works similar to Blade Storm: Excalibur can mark enemies by aiming at them and strike them. Enemies struck by Slash Dash are much more vulnerable to melee attacks. 8. Frost - I feel like Frost requires a more in-depth rework. Firstly, his passive should be that enemies within X meter from him (say 3 meters) now suffer a Cold proc. So, Freeze remains a single target ability. However, Freeze now marks an enemy that is directly struct by the projectile. Marked enemies that are killed will explode, dealing Cold damage (scales on enemy health) and flash freezing anything in the vicinity. Ice Wave now stays on the battlefield for a duration. Enemies that tread on the spikes will start receiving Cold damage, will become more vulnerable to Cold and will eventually freeze solid. Casting Avalanche within the Ice Wave will bolster the damage of Avalanche based on how much duration was left in Ice Wave (if Ice Wave does 100 damage per second for 10 seconds, Avalanche will receive a 100 x 10 = 1000 bonus Cold damage). For Snow Globe, allies shooting through the globe gain bonus Cold damage. 9. Gara - Spectrorage's mirrors will no longer have HP. Now, they will absorb and multiply all damage enemies inside the ring deal to them and, upon expiration (or manual cancellation), the mirrors shatter; dealing all absorbed damage as equal parts Puncture and Slash to all enemies inside the ring. 10. Gauss - While by no means a necessity, I think it'd be cool if Mach Rush's short dashes were instead incorporated as his dodge maneuvers. 11. Grendel - passive changed so that Grendel now gains HP/Energy from collecting regular resources (being a glutton, he finds sustenance in all matter). His current passive is entirely an aspect of his first skill and should remain as that: part of his first skill. Moreover, his Regurgitate is literally useless without first using his Feast. That is no synergy, it is dependence. To add insult to injury, Feast can already expel enemies. So, Regurgitate is extremely redundant. For my ideas, Regurgitate is a tap/hold. Tap and Grendel will begin puking digestive bile that deals both Toxin and Corrosive damage (with a high status chance). The stream of vomit leaves a temporary puddle wherever it passes that damages enemies (see Caustacyst for an idea). Holding the ability now ejects enemies as it does now. Pulverize can now be used to roll over puddles of bile from Regurgitate in order to imbue it with Corrosive/Toxin damage (nasty!). 12. Hyldrin - a great, but underused, Warframe! Pillage can now be used in Aegis Storm. Haven drains a lot less Shields when linked to enemies. Enemies that are linked with Haven and are affected by Pillage will lose double the amount of shields/armor (giving twice as much shields to Hyldrin!) and have their weapons temporarily disabled. Balefire no longer sends enemies to the stratosphere when Overshields are present but will instead give Balefire increased damage. 13. Hydroid - Truth be told, I loathe his sedentary play-style! It goes against DE's vision of engaging and interactive gameplay. So, Hydroid now, instead of melting into water, now summons the puddle around him. Allowing him to move freely, while also having his water trap. Aiming either Tempest Barrage or Tentacle Swarm at the puddle will have the same effects as they do now. Using Tidal Surge to run through a puddle will now absorb the puddle and make Tidal Surge grow in size (Tsunami!), while lowering speed. Finally, for the sake of pleasing those that like sitting in Undertow, if Hydroid crouches while on top of his puddle, he will liquefy and dive inside the puddle. 14. Inaros - A very popular frame used by many players. The problem? He is used only because of his HP and not because of his actual skills. Proposals: Devour will always take the same amount of time to kill an enemy and Sand Shadows gain vastly increased duration. Upon existing Sandstorm, Inaros now leaves a maelstrom of sand in a radius around him (duration is X times the duration you stayed spinning and range is Y times your modded Sandstorm range). Enemies caught inside have vastly reduced accuracy and are occasionally blinded by the sands (free finishers!). Sand Shadows regenerate health and have their duration reset. Inaros is also immune to status effects if inside. Should Scarab Swarm be launched at the storm, the Sandstorm will become a Scarab Storm; affecting all enemies inside and eating away at their armor (currently, Scarab Swarm deals Corrosive damage as its damage type btw). 15. Ivara - Please make navigator go 0.00000001% the speed of light with ALL projectiles by default. It is usually too fast to really make an impact. 16. Khora - Whipclaw can now be modded separately (stat sticks are so 2015). Whipclaw now has unique effects that vary with current Venari stance. In attack form, each enemy struck by Whipclaw will grant Khora increased critical chance (Cannot be stacked with subsequent lashes). In protecc, each enemy struck is disarmed and allies gain flat, bonus armor. In Heal, Whipclaw has lifesteal and enemies killed always drop Health Orbs. Finally, Venari no longer has the intelligence of a broccoli (Pet AI 2.0 when?) and attacking an enemy affected by Entangle will now spread the damage to ALL chained enemies. 17. Limbo - Can now stop his own projectiles in Stasis. 18. Loki - New passive: Loki has a reduced detection radius and deals bonus damage to any and all enemies that are either unaware of him, have their backs towards him or are not targeting him. He deals reduced damage to enemies that are actively attacking him (hear me out first!). Decoy is now a proper hologram (can no longer be killed) and will have greatly increased aggro (plays with his new passive). Invisibility remains as is, but the duration is reset if Loki kills an enemy with a Finisher (continue to hear me out!). Using Switch Teleport with your Decoy will now generate a tiny flash that will blind enemies, allowing Loki to finish them off. Radial Disarm now grants a speed and melee damage buff to Loki (double if he is invisible) that lasts for a short time. Buffs scale with number of enemies disarmed. Radial Disarm cannot be recast until the buff expires. Come on, you guys have to admit that mindlessly spamming Radial (Irradiated) Disarm to instantly make the most dangerous foes a non-issue is pretty broken. 19. Mesa - Ballistic Battery now applies its damage buff to the current weapon magazine. Will also apply to Peacemaker for the entirety of the cast, but it will greatly increase the energy drain. Shooting Gallery can now steal ammo from enemies and refill your magazine. 20. Mirage - Eclipse stays as is. Prism is now a single cast ability that has a (moddable) duration. Attacking the Prism will ramp up the laser's damage (#scalingpower). Mirage can: tap to launch a regular Prism or hold to launch a Prism to a target area and leave it there, hovering (disco ball of doom). The thing is, Prism now serves as a source of light for Mirage, giving her some control over her Eclipse's effects (Eidolon hunts anyone?). 21. Nekros - Soul Punch will now instantly kill enemies that are beneath X% of health (similar to Dread Mirror). Unwanted Shadows can now be detonated with Soul Punch, dealing AoE damage based on their current health. 22. Nova - Neutron Star is now a default functionality of her first. All the damage Nova takes while Null Star is up is now dealt as Radiation whenever you decide to detonate them. Wormhole can now be used to instantly deliver Antimatter Drop orbs to targeted locations (UberEatThisNuke). 23. Nyx – Mind Control permanently converts an enemy into an ally (holding the ability cancels it). Psychic Bolts will now mark enemies and enemies that are marked will be priority number one to enemies affected by Chaos. And, most importantly Crapsorb Absorb will now MULTPLY all the damage it soaked and deals it back on deactivation. 24. Oberon – Clearly define Renewal’s healing area and make Reckoning consume enemy per enemy affected instead of always being 100 (saw this idea from a fellow Tenno and liked it). 25. Octavia – Getting the beat wrong no longer removes percentages in Metronome. 26. Revenant – A Warframe with a bad case of identity crisis, Revenant needs to be purely Eidolon-based. Firstly, when Revenant takes fatal damage, he assumes a Spectral form (like how Vombalysts take fatal damage). This saves Revenant from death but can only be used once every few minutes. Next, Enthrall now summons a Vombalyst from enemies that are killed. The energy pillar and projectiles now deal damage based on the enemy’s HP. The Vombalyst provides Revenant and allies with bonus shield and shield recharge rate and can revive Revenant if he is bleeding out (at the cost of sacrificing the Vombalyst and putting a cooldown on this effect). Mesmer Skin now consumes a charge, vastly multiplies the damage it absorbed, and releases it as an AoE energy wave (energy spike!). There is a very short window of time in which another charge cannot be consumed. Reave now leaves a patch of Sentient energy at its end point that deals damage based on the HP of all enemies Revenant passed through. Allies inside the patch gain status immunity. 27. Rhino – Rhino Charge should be incorporated into his dodge maneuvers, since it is so one-dimensional. The effects of his 1st’s augment is now his passive ability. Iron Skin is moved to his first ability slot; Roar now taunts all enemies in range into targeting Rhino (Roar and Iron Skin for moar armor); Rhino Stomp stays as is and he gains a new skill: Exalted Hammer (I know, I know, we have enough Exalted Weapons. I really cannot think of a new Rhino-themed skill). 28. Titania – For the 265739th time, Lantern has got to stay in the same place and not drift towards the Sun. All damage dealt by the Lantern during is duration is increased and released in the final blast. Casting Spellbind on a Lantern will double the range of both attraction and damage. Finally, while in Razorwing, Titania regenerates one Razorfly per enemy killed. 29. Trinity – Her passive is now instant reviving and an extra revive for herself. Well of Life stays as the healing skill. Blessing is now a full squad resurrection that grants status immunity and damage reduction for a short while. Allies affected by the buff cannot be revived by Blessing until the buff expires. 30. Valkyr – Ripline should have proper momentum when used as a mobility tool. Tap and hold: Tap to yank the enemy’s weapon off of their hands; hold and Valkyr immediately pulls them in (no ragdoll). If she presses the melee key, she performs a Finisher. If she presses the melee key while pulling herself towards terrain, she violently smashes the ground with a melee attack. Warcry, much like Roar, will now taunt enemies. The more enemies currently attacking Valkyr, the more melee damage and armor she gains. 31. Volt – For Shock, tap for the regular chained lightning; hold to shoot out a tesla orb that slowly travels forward and continuously zaps enemies for heavy Electric damage. Damage of the orb can be amplified by attacking it. Amplification is doubled if Electric damage is fed into it. Launching the orb through Electric Shield will now transfer the damage dealt by the orb directly into Volt’s passive. For Speed (renamed to Energize because it sounds better), on top of the current speed-boosting functionality, Volt surges electricity through his body. All attacks gained increased status chance and proc the Electric status effect regardless of modded elements. 32. Zephyr – Tornado: tap for regular tornadoes, hold for a single, massive tornado that has increased damage and greatly increased pull radius, but is immobile. Allies standing inside the tornado gain greatly increased evasion and aim glide duration. Phew, that was a lot of brainstorming 😊
  3. This is an extremely meaningless amount of damage reduction.
  4. HAHAHA! His 1 is absolute garbage. It should instantly kill enemies that are at a certain HP level (like Dread Mirror) and be used to detonate unwanted Shadows.
  5. Translation: "The majority thinks this is an issue. But because it's not an issue to me, there's no problem"
  6. I don't know. I would hate looking like Grendel, Hydroid, Vauban and Titania
  7. Universal Range and Duration has to be a joke.
  8. Being used by a lot of players doesn't exempt him from a rework if his design is bad. People use him for his HP only. Chroma is used by many, yet he's a terribly designed Warframe.
  9. Jellyfish are translucent and blend much better into their environment than tree frogs do. Not only that, the most venomous animal in the planet is a tiny, very stealthy jellyfish. So it fits thematically as a sort of upgrade from a tree frog. I love it
  10. Already a bad rework idea.
  11. Ah apologies. I thought you meant Mirage as a whole xD Regarding your complaint, I don't think Heat procs should affect Eclipse. However, Prism should be changed to a purely duration based skill that gives the effects of bright lighting when Mirage is near. Tap should release it normally, hold should cause the Prism to hover above her. Providing illumination and offense
  12. Omg the drama. I swear, this community should have its own reality TV show. Mirage? Useless because of that? Puh-lease
  13. A literal non-issue and more of a spoiled request.
  14. Fun in PvE games comes from killing enemies. If a trigger-happy Ignis player sweeps through tiles, what is there left to kill? What fun are we having? No, playing Solo is not a solution. Besides, a range nerf will not kill the Ignis. Unless of course y'all are incapable of actually approaching enemies and aiming.
  15. It's very powerful though and with very high range for what it is
  16. It was announced that the Catchmoon would be getting a (much deserved) nerf. What about the Ignis (Wraith)? A flamethrower that has very long range, great ammo economy, highest beam thickness of all continuous weapons and creates an AoE upon impact on top of absurd damage against mobs with no real aiming required is a bit off. Especially when entire rooms can be wiped out by this in nanoseconds. Not only that, the Heat proc rework will bring this gun to even more powerful levels! In my opinion, Ignis should not have the range of a laser. The stream of fire should be much shorter, but the thickness be increased to compensate. Damage can stay the same.
  17. They are ALL viable. Catchmoon makes even primaries seem garbage. Hope it gets nerfed to have a max of 10m range lol
  18. A literal trivial issue when he has base 200 energy and Elude costs practically nothing to maintain.
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