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  1. Plains of Eidolon and Scarlet Spear happened 2.5 years apart, and Lavos will be available via Entrati immediately after the current operation ends. Even though Arcanes giant grind wall and Lavos grind-for-day-or-two are incomparable, DE should warn ppl, cause I'm pretty sure, that most of the players have a lot of Entrati tokens, that they have nothing to spend for anyway, and at the same time they would gladly spend those cells to buy couple more arcanes instead of Lavos parts
  2. Didn't test it on higher levels yet, but currently some of QOL is on my mind: Mixing elements should be changed, cause mixing something for every single cast is pretty annoying, and I keep forgetting about it (pretty sure, a lot of ppl do). How I can see it - you mix something once, and it stays until you decide to change it. Yeah, if you currently have a single element and you want other single elemets - you'll need to mix it with smth first, but it still will be better. Cause for me it oftenly like - I see crowd of enemies, I want to use one of my abilities on them. I remember, that I f
  3. So, I finished all 3 of the isolation vaults bounties, now all 3 mothers have mission about cleaning, and all of that missions have the same rewards, which only contains 2 parts of new waepons. Do I have to complete all 3 missions about cleaning to open another one with the rest of the parts? If it is so, you have to spend 20 minutes on vaults, 20 minutes on cleaning, 20 minutes on next tier mission and probably 20 mins on the next tier? If it is so - first, this is not obvious at all. Why you never give players proper instructions? From this point of view you should integrate wikia stra
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