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  1. So, I finished all 3 of the isolation vaults bounties, now all 3 mothers have mission about cleaning, and all of that missions have the same rewards, which only contains 2 parts of new waepons. Do I have to complete all 3 missions about cleaning to open another one with the rest of the parts? If it is so, you have to spend 20 minutes on vaults, 20 minutes on cleaning, 20 minutes on next tier mission and probably 20 mins on the next tier? If it is so - first, this is not obvious at all. Why you never give players proper instructions? From this point of view you should integrate wikia stra
  2. Why quoting me you talking about somebody else? I personally never told that DE were too silent
  3. Sooooo, what you've told so far: Nezha prime is 27 october, which we already knew for couple of weeks already Glassmaker finale - october, probably, we are not sure All the other stuff - we are working on it, that's it Devstream - november, probably Soooooooooooo, what was the point of this topic in the first place? To say smth just to say smth?
  4. I'll put all my current feedback here, cause we have no theme for "everything about deimos thred" Isolation vaults: After last "fix" I cannot enter vaults, opened in a proper way - it keeps teleporting me back again and again, and, lilke, on 10th attempt it teleports me into the vault, so I can collect rewards Xaku: It's not about bugs but this warframe is super weak. At first, when I was playing vs infested, I thought, that maybe they will be good vs shooting factions. And it is not like that. Low damage, pathetic survivability (what the poing evading 75% bullets, when onl
  5. Woah, tbh, I was preparing to see something lame, but now I'm actually really glad that I decided to watch the whole event online, cause it was amazing. No empty promises (well, I'm kinda old to the game, so I just can't believe that we will see all 3 of the new frames till the end of the year, but hope to see at least alchemist one), no trailers of updates that we will most likely will see in few years, no concepts of things that may or may not make it into the game, just pure awesomeness of new stuff that coming into the game pretty soon™ But I have one question - will there be an easier
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