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  1. Sold my Imperator and Veritux way back when I first started, was going to ask if you guys could give us a way to get them again. Yay my collection can be completed!!! Edit: Damn
  2. Went to run the wolf alert, proc'd radiation on one of the Saturn six fugitives, then suddenly every enemy in the map knew exactly where my Ivara was while she was in prowl... Edit: Second try locked door that can't be opened:
  3. I'm putting this here until you claim it's not a bug. I have tried doing conservation in orb valis since the day it first dropped and something is seriously wrong... out of a few hundred attempts to get animals to appear I have only been successful 6 times. 6 out of like 200 times has anything showed up after using the call, and yes I HAVE used pheromones. This is ridiculous, especially now that night-wave wants to force you to actively go do conservation.
  4. So anyone else find auto-block super annoying? I mean "block" combos are super janky because block no longer exists and it is really disorienting when the combo stops and suddenly you have your primary/secondary instead of your melee out and are ADS. Also auto block cancels some combos taking you out of forward momentum and causing you to be a sitting duck for a few seconds and with gun-blades (at least redeemer prime) auto-block cancels the "heavy attack" which is of course the firing animation, several times I've had auto-block knock me out of firing, and then when I go to fire again the auto-block triggers again... I once had the firing mechanic locked out for a good 10 seconds because of auto-block triggering. I love the directional slam attacks though, they help a lot.
  5. I play with a controller on pc and there is a huge problem with the current melee config. "Melee channel" can only be bound to a controller button with either "quick melee" which doesn't exist anymore or with "aim weapon" which takes you out of melee and therefore does zero of what I want it to do. Edit: Also I am MASSIVELY annoyed by the fact I can't glide by blocking with melee anymore...
  6. When Fortuna first dropped I posted about a bug where, when attempting to leave Fortuna and go out to Orb Vallis the frame would freeze but the sound would keep going forcing me to alt+f4 out of the game and thus locking me out of having all nodes on the solar map completed and therefore locking me out of elite alerts. I figured I'd give it another try after this large update and see if it would work. It is far worse now, I can't even walk through Fortuna with out the frame freezing. I had this problem when POE first dropped but after a couple updates it stopped being a problem. I assume it's a similar problem now, I'm just annoyed that I'm locked out of elite alerts.
  7. Orb vallis is still unreachable. Fortuna works fine, but the moment I go to leave the game locks up. Hopefully I don't need it unlocked in order to do elite alerts.
  8. So as is usual with new content here I sit with the new content constantly crashing or freezing... good thing I didn't expect much.
  9. Easiest fix, IF DE is up for it: Unairu passive gives warframes and operators +250 BASE armor which mods would use for calculations. (Yeah 250 isn't much but it's WAY better than it's current passive and would make tanks tankier and squish frames less squish.)
  10. I'm getting hardware failure every time I login. The game runs just long enough for me to get my daily login reward before locking up and crashing. It started doing this right after the 23.10.0 update. I have: Updated every driver, run check disk, used several disk utility programs to double check, updated anti-virus (not that it needed it), changed all the graphical settings both in game(that took forever) and using the launcher. I have re-installed windows 10 and Warframe. Nothing has worked... Please un-bork. No other games/programs have any problems.
  11. I see the augur set still incorrectly state that it gives you shields on each ability cast, as opposed to correctly stating it only gives shields on the first cast of each ability during a mission.
  12. Update 23.09: I started having graphical glitches, no new driver for my graphics card and no problems in any other games, but since I have little to no free time and pretty much only did login rewards and ignored them. Update 23.10: Game crashes every time I login sending me to a "Hardware failure" page. No new hardware installed on comp, no new drivers, no problems in other games. Game has audio bugs and hitches a lot for the short time it runs. Changing graphics settings has had no affect.
  13. Chimera damage? Meaning corrosive + radiation = new damage type?
  14. The changes to Nezha and Revenant sound great. I'm looking forward to trying Nezha again as his kit seemed very clunky before. Wonderful. Even better Just wow, all the QOL today huh? *sniffle* I'm so proud! *sniffle*
  15. So just going to re-iterate, I'm so glad I now have to cast stasis twice as often as I used to on a frame that still gets me auto-booted when trying to play with others.(Sarcasm) Honestly the stasis nerf was completely unnecessary. Can we instead get our duration back and have our bullets frozen... not our allies bullets but our own? Honestly it's was annoying enough to have to recast stasis every 60 seconds just to stay alive, now I have to do it every 30 seconds. Limbo is so squish his only way to kill enemies is to freeze them. If your not going to give him back the duration can we get some armor/hp buff on him then? I'm not saying he's unplayable I just want to point out how niche he already was, Limbo was a defense/mobi-defense warframe assuming those missions WEREN'T against the corpus or the corrupted. His stasis and cataclysm having the duration they did made it viable to solo sortie missions with him, and they weren't a walk in the park, they were a grueling, annoying, must-have-one-eye-on-the-timer chore. Cataclysm can be almost indefinitely extended with the augment, and both stasis and cataclysm had the same base duration making it easy to keep track of both of them. So before this Limbo "update" I would login and check sorties, was it Grineer or infested with a mobi-def or regular def, cool no problem just grab my limbo running the builds for which ever it was and have a good time, now it's "Oh look a Grineer sortie with... oh never mind, I'm not going to put up with that head ache." "Why is the duration change to stasis such a big deal?" People ask me, here's why: playing Limbo means getting to mobi-def target and popping out of the rift to quickly insert the data-mass and instantly pop back into the rift in order to avoid dying. Then cast Cataclysm, followed by immediately casting stasis so you can: stay alive, kill enemies and keep the mobi-def target from dying. Since cataclysms duration is extended by the augment you only need to watch the stasis timer, after about 62 seconds (on my old build) I had to shut cataclysm off, and instantly pop back into the void with Limbos dodge mechanic HOPING nothing actually hits me in the 1-2.5 seconds I'm out of the rift. Then I shut off stasis, re-activate stasis and cast cataclysm again. Rinse and repeat, now mobi-def isn't so bad; each mobi-def target only takes about 1.5-3 mins, however def is completely different. Needing to defend a target in one spot for however long it takes to kill however many waves? That was a lot of recasting even before this duration change, and as for sortie defense, ugh. Sortie defense was aggravating before this change, going as such: find defense target, banish him, slip into the rift, first wave spawns, one minute later cast stasis, pop out of rift, pray nothing hits you because if something so much as sneezes in your direction you're dead, banish defense target, re-enter rift. Previously it was every minute pop out of the rift to re-banish and re-cast stasis and pop back in, rinse and repeat. Now every 30 seconds, since enemies do get banished with the defense target, recast stasis, at sortie level Limbo is a one shot kill meaning any enemy in the rift when stasis ends will kill him, which is why he was "akin to a god" because otherwise he is dead. Sorry I see no legit reason to have halved the duration of stasis, Limbo is squish as hell, that is draw back enough, you are either perfect with your timing or you are dead. I'd like to point out, when you last unvaulted Ember prime you nerfed the hell out of her, and now you announce Limbo prime and nerf Limbo... I'm seeing a pattern I don't like.
  16. I would rather continue to not play with others than take a 50% nerf to duration thanks.
  17. Had to re-install warframe recently because of hiccups... Can't find "toggle crouch" in options Edit: Nevermind , customizing controller buttons doesn't work... This is unplayable with the default setup.
  18. Not sure if this is from this update or an earlier one but I just recently defragmented my hdd and decided I should verify and optimize warframe (as well as my other games). I clicked verify and now the launcher won't stop verifying the download cache, it hits 100% and then just starts over. It does this endlessly, restarting my computer has not stopped this it just automatically starts verifying when the launcher opens.
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