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  1. Everything what coming out from the dev workshop should be balanced for the game if it is too strong it will be nerfed if weaker then buffed. This is normal, first time they need feedbacks about what how the frame / weapon operate. We are testers actually so we can give them opinions on how to improve something.
  2. I bought her and ranked up 2 times actually and she is while not the strongest frame she can be very decent with some changes. Her hp and shields are not so strong and she is also not that fast but her second and third abilities can save her. The last ability looks nice but you need to survive hordes of high level enemies if you want to blown them which is not that easy. The passive is luck based and usually the luck is not in your side but I mostly tested her survivability on lvl 10-75 and I think normal content is doable with her. Steel Path is a different thing and I think her abilities are
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