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  1. Why keep the ability in the first place? Because can't I think of any reason why it should be kept... at all. It's just a worse version of Grendel at this point and a boring AFK ability. This ^
  2. Sure, but it'll become harder to control without the the aid of Mach Rush for instant correction for cases where Volt retains too much forward momentum.
  3. Don't forget with the addition of Infested mobility Gauss can still maintain a fair amount of speed without the use of of his [Mach Rush].
  4. You don't need duration for a speed build, since this was before the implementation of Infested mobility.
  5. Gauss / Volt Speed post... As one who has touched the pinnacle of Gauss Speed, allow me to present you my video.
  6. Tsoe, could you please fix your spacing. it's a bit difficult to read as is.
  7. Why do people cry for more open worlds!? We have enough already. I thought the plan was to make an open world and slowly expand upon it adding new content constantly keeping them lively and fresh... like an open world. Instead we have content islands which end up getting boring and stale because of sheer receptiveness of it all. Just look at the size of the Orb of Vallis, look at the size of it and for the great size it's just a lot of nothing. There's so many areas we could possibly explore for story and adventure but it's all barren wastelands with literal sh!t and rocks. It's all very
  8. Doesn't matter, even if they do appear they don't do anything anyway besides kill maybe 1 or 2 Moa's. They're actually pathetic.
  9. I'm sorry but this is a horrible idea. EatingSim != SpaceNinja
  10. To make this even better Gauss should be given a way to increase his MachRush speed for that extra pinball effect.
  11. Nuking is 100% a problem and Los may help lessen the problem but it won't make it go away. Look at the current Ember and Mesa. Despite both having their room clears use Los it doesn't hamper their ability to nuke a room in the slightest if used correctly. DE would have to redesign the frames in a way which at the very least prevents them from being spammed such as some form of ramp up meter or internal cool down much like the baruuk's restraint mechanic, for example. Having Mesa Peacemakers expend a special ammo resource which can only be obtained by using her other abilities. Or
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