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  1. I don't think he should have a way to regain energy with his kit.
  2. I would have to disagree, its all about killing enemies in style.
  3. Then you get thrown in a pit by another player using Grendle.
  4. For Gauss they're aiming for the end of august and releasing Grendal later at a unidentified date.
  5. Gauss and he's not even out yet. he runs fast and that's all I need to know.
  6. Nyx's 1 is pretty much useless (Literally just use a spectre and any frame can summon one). Nyx's 2 is good on paper but you will struggle to find content which justifies using it. Nyx's 3 is alright, imo its her most useful ability but for a "CC Frame" its not as good as her competitors due to it not being a hard CC (EG Frost's 4 and Khora's 2). Nyx's 4 without the Augment is an actual joke. It has 0 player input, a damage bonus which is pitifully short and difficult to increase (players can shoot you and charge it faster but who actually does that and it chugs your energy) and it has no lingering invulnerability which means once it ends there's a good chance of you getting killed right after it ends. I also fail to see how both her 2 and 4 follow her "mind control aesthetic". Does her 2 command the enemies to take off their clothes for a literal armour strip ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ? Nyx is playable and you can do well with her but I do think her kit could be better and be more fun. As for mag, I don't play her.
  7. I'm seriously hoping they aren't postponing Gauss so that they can release him together with Grendal for the reasons that have have been stated already. I guess we'll find out this friday.
  8. who needs control when you can have more speed 😛
  9. Just wait till Gauss, it'll be drift frame 100% of the time.
  10. Because that's it. EDIT: She has a really good ability but the rest of her kit is rather lacking.
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