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  1. For plains/vallis mobility Zephyr takes the cake due to the sky having little to no obstacles, but then again all frames have access to Archwing making their mobility obsolete *Shrug*. Zephyr has her turbulence which is the only thing that's stopping her from being considered Nyx tier by the community. It deflects projectiles making essentially 100% DR and boosts both her own and allies sprint speed and projectile speed(I think) with her augment.
  2. All fine here in UK NW London. EDIT: I blame Brexit, its clearly dividing us as a nation.
  3. When I read "Humanoid Railjack Enemies" I thought you were refering to some from of mecha but jokes aside, Slash, Viral and Corrosive are the best elements from what I remember.
  4. I do hope they release an augment which gives Gauss the potential to reach the speeds Titania is capable of. The fact that Gauss, the speed frame is incapable of truly modding for speed is a joke.
  5. Titania is the Number 1 fastest moving Warframe in the game without contest and anyone who says otherwise is flat out wrong.
  6. K-Drive has long been forgotten by DE. I wont count on them coming back to it with any substantial update
  7. I would typically agree with you but speed is is whole thing and who cares if he outclasses volt in that area, he should be.
  8. Sounds like a reason to buff Gauss movement speed.Which I'm down for.
  9. Every single Railjack mission is essentially the same thing [Board Thing > Shoot Thing > Leave > Repeat] with little variation people have already done and seen everything there is to do and see. Nothing carries over to the rest of the game besides those two weapons and the ephemera which are only available on select nodes essentially turning all other nodes into a ghost town with the exception of meta Gians Point since its the least frustrating to farm.
  10. 1) Not enough easily accessible high level content without extra strings attached. 2) The horrible state both Liches and Railjack has been released in, they both feel like empty husks of what could've been great feeling nothing like what they have shown us previously. 3) DE's inability to finish updates on time and meet deadlines for most content updates, even when they are released they need pages of patchnotes. 4) The decision to not increase Gauss Mach Rush speed in a meaningful way despite being the "Speed Frame". Despite that I still like the game but everything has been rather disappointing.
  11. Was expecting at the very least more than a single gamemode instead of literally doing the same thing at every single node with the slightest tweak.
  12. Not meaning to sound like a party pooper but we've only got around 20% of what they promised/said to be in Railjack and what we did get is the bare minimum with the exception of (Spoiler). Its a fun groundwork but the update was awfully disappointing much like the Liches and debatably Fortuna.
  13. strap a nuclear warhead to a arrow still makes it an arrow 😛
  14. Why not just go public and get tenno assistance for your Lich? Clearly you're not kitted out to deal with it on your own. As for the Railjack I have no idea how you're managing to fail during the loading screen. If you're going solo I highly advice against it since its a Co-op game mode and not something meant to be solo'd.
  15. Neat idea but it should be posted here https://forums.warframe.com/forum/89-fan-concepts/ . I don't you can pass the character as a "Druid" since Oberon sort of adopted that theme.
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