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  1. Lets be honest, her only good ability is her 3).
  2. We should be arguing why Oberon prime is a bull instead of a White Stag.
  3. The Fishing spear is already a weapon! It is strong enough to kill all the planetary boss' in the game, you could say its a "spear of Destruction".
  4. I think Nyx has bigger issues than her butt (pun intended)
  5. Can only agree with that
  6. Zephyr can compete (almost) :P
  7. Nezha, zephyr and Saryn
  8. I also miss the prime trailers :/ I thought they were pretty fun to watch.
  9. As a Sprint Speed Junkie I would love to see Sprint Speed getting a buff but sadly its not really needed due to the parkour system.
  10. 1) I barely notice the damage output of mind controlled enemies but its there I guess. 2) Being able to strip armour and shields completely is pretty rad but I don't see a need for this in many gamemodes besides Armour/Shield modified Sorties. 3) Chaos is okay but I would prefer to use Frames such as Khora or Frost if I wanted to CC enemies since they wont be able to attack or hack consoles at all. 4) Without the augment I don't really see anything outstanding for this ability.
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