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  1. Raqiya

    news mods?

    [Primed Rush] when [DE]?
  2. [DE] should honestly just remove all and any nukes from the game or nerf them to the point that they have a minimal effect on the tougher units. Compared to other frames I don't think Khora is too much of an issue.
  3. Her fourth ability is to reverse time and her first is grenades(bombs). Tell me she isn't Tracer.
  4. Titania was way faster than Zephyr last time I checked with the use of [Razorwing Blitz] and she's not much much faster than Archwing but was in fact much slower back in the Itzal blink days.
  5. I don't play sabotage to defend things, we have mobile defence and defence for that. I'd rather just run fast. 😛
  6. I only avoid Jupiter for sabotage missions since they take too long compared to other Nodes.
  7. Isn't 'Ass' also the technical name for a donkey? If so I don't see a reason it should ever be filtered 😛
  8. But It will give reason for the player to try and raise their overall strength and a reason to keep playing the game. I currently don't feel challenged so I feel no need to to get stronger. I currently don't feel a need to get stronger so I don't partake in content. I currently don't partake in content so I don't feel entertained. I currently don't feel entertained so I don't play the game.
  9. That's not a solution only a patchwork fix.
  10. Yes its [DE]'s Job, well... their design teams. Warframe is a action based third person shooter with a focus on gear progression and challenge/difficulty is what drives the player to obtain better gear. Without challenge/difficulty there's no reason to play the game. Obviously the progression cannot be endless but there should be content that should be impossible to trivialise and will always pose threat to the player to give them a reason to try get stronger. For those who are playing what's your end goal when playing the game (I'm genuinely curious )? - If its 'Fashion' then you don't really have to play the game 90%(My rough estimate) of the fashion is acquired via 'Credit Card Poweeeer!'. The others are supposedly acquired through some kind of achievement and is meant as a form of badge of honour(virtual street cred?) but if they were easy to obtain its worth is reduced(which many of them are). - If you're playing for story you have my condolences. Story content is slowly drip fed to us and lacks and lacks any kind of real flow resulting in a messily told story. Sure the universe is interesting but there's far more games with a more interesting story and better flow which doesn't keep us waiting a year plus for a 1 Hour story quest - If you like the content being easy then why not keep playing on Earth? I mean seriously if you don't want a challenge you have no reason to try becoming strong enough to venture to other systems. If you believe this is unreasonable I see it being equal to asking a player to gimp themselves to feel challenged in Warframe (I'm sorry if that came off as rude). Balance in the game is all over the place and the [DE] team is too spread thin to truly address this issue a single Warframe shouldn't be able to complete a mission while the player is AFK, this doesn't make for interesting gameplay and neither should a single player take control of a entire mission in Co-op leaving the other 3 with nothing to do.
  11. That's a horrible way to think. the lack of difficulty in the game is a genuine problem with the game and it pushes away many players. This is probably the only time where I can say taking a break is a valid solution to the problem, the [DE] Devs did say that they were working on a Hardmode for the game but who knows when that going to get released knowing [DE] and with the coronavirus quarantine still being present.
  12. I would go the other way and remove all Operator Reviving capabilities.
  13. Doesn't matter, even if they do appear they don't do anything anyway besides kill maybe 1 or 2 Moa's. They're actually pathetic.
  14. I'm sorry but this is a horrible idea. EatingSim != SpaceNinja
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