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    Sentinel weapons need a buff

    they should remove the weapon mod restriction (for sentinel using same mods as guns) and if not then they should add kavats and venari mod restriction.... bad idea yes but im saying this for the damn sake of consistency
  2. great concept i would personally after seeing the pic of him left handing the polearm see a left handed frame like this concept in the art
  3. yeah its great when you finally enter a room and half a corpus division is chilling with a nullifier talking about trade deals lol
  4. Saravind

    wasting boosters

    if the login booster went to your mail so you could open/activate it when you want it would be fixed that easily
  5. Saravind

    So about them Repeller Systems

    slap the gyros on the archwing wielding corpus dudes
  6. Saravind

    Adaptation doesn't work?

    yeah adaptation when you die not having an effect been broke for a while now
  7. Saravind

    Adaptation doesn't work?

    i honestly believe adaptation is making me take more dmg got one shot off jackals chaingun on a umbral nidus twice so im not sure what was going on jackals on fortuna
  8. Saravind

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

    grim gury!!!!!!!
  9. Saravind

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    you can make snowglobe invisible look in the grineer colour pack there is one colour that is totally see through unless your right in the middle
  10. Saravind

    Coming Soon: The Orokin Vaults

    im just gonna put this out there.... they have stated on more than one occasion that they cater for those who cant play with others allowing to do this solo would be keeping to what was said