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  1. Still falling through the floor both in Deimos and Cetus. Still having issues with Sepfahn clipping.
  2. Are you kidding me? after all these months we have the same problem with loss of affinity..... They released a second Necramech and we still have to deal with these bugs. How it this possible? It's bad enough that I have to deal with people leaching in afk mode, but also gotta lose my progress because of host migrations?
  3. Does anyone else see it as incomplete after the Deimos Arcana update? I had 5 forma on mine before the update. Weird thing is I see it as "maxed" in the Vehicles section and greyed out in the equipment tab
  4. Hello model author. My compliments on the skin you made. Please give feedback to DE on this issue. I'm sure they will listen to you. It does not scale in size for the Skiajati and Sepfahn as all other nikana skins as it should for those are much larger. Thank you
  5. The "funny if it weren't so bad" thing is that when you login to your game and don't make any move, the metallic reverts to gold (as it should be) but as soon as you move an inch it defers to your energy color....... Btw, if you bought the new Nikana skin, it does not scale in size as all other skins for the Skiajati and Sepfahn. And speaking of sepfahn, the clipping issue with any skin (I paid for) and the shoulder holster not working is still there...
  6. I have to write again because enough is enough..... I spent 6 euros, real world money not platinum to get this new nikana skin and what do you know, clipping issues as always, and the skin does not even scale in size for the Sepfahn and the skiajati!!!!!!!!! Is this a joke DE? Do you even care anymore? Will you ever fix your skins that we pay money for? #FixZawNikana #FixZawsGrips #HearUS
  7. It's been months of me posting this issue.... not a word from nobody. Make sure to pass by and drop a comment here>
  8. Increase the size of the new nikana skin to scale with Skiajati and Sepfahn.
  9. Again, for the love of Clem, please fix
  10. Why does this skin NOT scale in size for the Sepfahn and the Skiajati like all the other nikana skins? Will we ever have this bug fixed and enjoy our bought and payed for holster?
  11. mate, forget about it. People equip prime shred for fire rate. If it's ok with you that projectiles should go through the floor or any kind of material as if it weren't there to begin with, then you're the only one that does not get it. I DON'T CARE how thick the platform is. According to your logic, you should be able to shoot through any wall with anything just because this mod has a secondary thing that says punch through. And the fact that sometime is makes the impact and sometimes it does not, voids your so called logic. Even if it's a sheet of paper thick, it should be impacted
  12. Your logic is flawed. Bruh...... how is a platform not solid? Do you hear yourself? In any case, if it's in the game and the mod can be applied to it IT SHOULD WORK AS INTENDED. Translation, the game is broken or bugged.
  13. Yeah, but actually No. Punch through affects all layers of targets in that given proximity. That does Not mean it should ignore the first impact.
  14. As the title says, basically the projectiles of the Kuva brama go through the floor panels at random, no impact is detected. Might have something to do with Prime Shred that has Punch Through (pun intended) or maybe it's the collision detection in this test tile set, I don't know... Please DE, for the love of Clem, fix your game! First, us players get our Sepfahn bug posts ignored for months on end, after spending our platinum on skins and holsters, and now this game breaking bug. Oh and btw, the Oscira bow skin, that one that I've spent money on, is also animation bugged. The string
  15. Again........ and BTW, I'm tired of falling through the floor after all these years. Frankly, it's embarrassing....
  16. Again...... for the Nth time............. I will post this until it's fixed. Oh the irony of posting to a thread about new skins, when I've spent my platinum only for said skins Not to work properly...
  17. Nope, the bow skin has it's string as buggy as the first release day. This is getting so tiresome, buying skins for platinum only to look bad once you equip them. Talking about the bow skin and as an added bonus, the Sepfahn nikana shoulder holster bug and any skin applied to it clips while moving (this bug is present since .. forever) I'm getting tired guys....
  18. Please fix this...... It's been a long time:
  19. I bought skins and right shoulder holster....... both bugged.
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