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  1. it's not that i'm trying to not include them... i'm just stating facts. I do like them as cephalons and characters. I was just pointing a couple things out
  2. i know about Darvo mentioning cephalons, but in my opinion i think it would be neater if they were buyable in a potentially new Corpus openworld area, considering it is believed that the corpus make cephalons, that or at the new openworld area they are making (I'm not saying it as i'd probably spell it wrong), seeing as it is very orokin themed and they made the first cephalons, and could make them As for Cy, he probably won't have any interactions with Ordis, seeing as the Railjack can only be accessed from area's outside of Ordis's control, plus from what we've been shown about Cy, he seems to be the kind of person that would ignore characters like Ordis (probably as he'd consider them annoying or not related to the mission). yet I like the upside-down triangle design that they have.
  3. i don't think this is a good idea, as people who are really indecisive about what mission to do will actually spend about 5 minutes having to warp from planet to planet. plus i (like most people) enjoy the current loading screen as its simple but a lot of fun! ino, i think this would be rather inconvenient as you'd have to wait through the warp if you forgot what resources were on a planet and that is a lot quicker to check currently, plus as an indecisive person, i don't want to wait an eternity jumping from planet to planet to figure out what to do, only to realise that infact, i wanted to go to Cetus when i'd started my years of jumping from earth. that and I just enjoy having a loading screen and bar as it at least gives me something to do. Edit: I haven't played BF3 but if it has a cutscene or loading screen for warping then no. but either way I don't want to have to waste time with the warping around. i dont want to have to go through at least 2 loading screens just to do marroo's ayatan hunt, and a third one would probably actually make me want to die as i'd probably spend more time actually loading than getting the ayatan
  4. so what is your opinion on the design of Cephalon Cy? just wondering
  5. yes... until you realise that there are 3 cephalons in conclave. Cephalon Apnar, Cephalon Sark and Cephalon Vull. meaning that one of them would be left alone (don't you dare do this to my boy Sark) meaning that it would have to be a triple pack. and there is nothing that tells us that the trio of conclave cephalons actually dislike eachother (i haven't played that much conclave, so correct me on that if i'm wrong), and anything they say against eachother might just be to try and encourage the tenno to do stuff. this would work but its either a triple pack of them, or a dual-pack and one is abandoned, or they are all separate. also... the fact that only Sark has been seen with a visual representation means that this would be much harder to make than a normal cephalon
  6. I know that they exist, but I just feel that, out of all the conclave cephalons, Cephalon Sark has the most to go off of (seeing as he is both in conclave and index) but even then there isn't much to go off of, besides profit, profit and unknown love of tenno on his team. he could have some good lines but I feel that that Conclave Cephalons are too much of a mixed bag with very little to work an entire set of voice lines for. this is especially true when you consider that they were made for conclave and nothing else (except Index in sark's case). They don't know how to handle ships, when compared to Ordis, Cy and Jordas, they know nothing about ships and how to function them. In terms of lore, all they know is "get held by tenno and placed on point, therefore happy" and "tenno use guns and shoot eachother". we don't even know if they are even connected to the Cephalon Network. if they had more regular appearances and more concrete personalities or were shown piloting or even in a ship at literally any point in the game, I'd have put them in. but as they are now, there is very little chance for them (except for maybe Sark. I have some bias towards Sark if you couldn't tell).
  7. its surprisingly hard to come up with new cephalon ideas and put a name on them. which is why there were only 3 new ones here. i will update it if i think of any new ones though! and i'll try and think about the 3 idea's that you have. from what you've said, it seems to be a prim-and-proper cephalon, a nihilist cephalon and a cephalon that is the equivalent of a dad who thinks their awful jokes are good. i'll at least do your first need. INTRODUCING CEPHALON REGNA - a cephalon who believes they are of royalty. speaking in queen's english and believing that the tenno is doing everything for them and no-one else. sometimes even calling the tenno their subject or servant. has lines like. "servant, the Grineers are arming in preparation to stop my rule, attack them!" or "Servant, I approve of the colours on your weaponry. please let the system know of my ruling authority!"
  8. (this idea is mainly for the upcoming Empyrean) wouldn't it be cool if there were multiple Cephalon's available for your ship and Railjack (when it comes out). I've just thought of some things that I think would be cool. SHIP Ordis - loveable ordis, you all know him. no explanation needed Cephalon Cy - the newest cephalon to be introduced in Empyrean. no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point kinda cephalon. may have lines like "operator, I fail to see the value of that childish design". As someone with a no-nonsense attitude, I imagine that he would call colouring your warframe stupid and childish Cephalon Jordas - Jordas Precept's cephalon, turned mad by the infestation and copied onto many ship systems, he may have spread to your ship too, but just cannot do anything. may have lines like "operator, that warframe looks very prett -OUR NEWEST VESSEL IS READY-". He would try to be helpful but would have moments where the infestation takes over to give some sweet and scary lines Syndicate Cephalons - for 130,000 standing you could buy a cephalon based on the 6 main syndicates and Simaris as well. these would all be pretty obvious with no real need for an example. just normal lines with a hint of the syndicates theme mixed in. RAILJACK Cephalon Cy - talked about him before, base cephalon for the Railjack Ordis - in the tennocon presentation, Ordis was seen as the base cephalon for the Railjack, meaning that they HAD lines for him, why not add Ordis back as a cephalon NEW CEPHALONS Cephalon Animus - would be a corpus-based cephalon with a focus on profit and net-gain of money, would have lines like "Operator, should I sell some of your mods? we could make a profit from them" (Would be available for both the Ship and Railjack) Cephalon Sora - (no, not THAT Sora). a pretty laid back cephalon with no real worries and has a pretty fun side to them as-well. would have lines like "Operators, entering warp speed. put your hands in the air for some extra fun after buckling in!" (Would only be for Railjack) Cephalon Nano - a small cephalon with an innate ability for multi-tasking. has a disliking of the Tenno but helps them to try and become more well-known as a cephalon. would have lines like "that warframe looks awfu- it looks great! (silently) tenno have bad hearing, right?" (would only be for the Ship) any Ship cephalons would be 75 plat to get (ship version of Cy, Jordas, Nano and of Animus) whereas Railjack cephalons would be 150 plat each (since they would be much more useful than Ship ones and more people can hear them. these cephalons include the ship versions of Ordis, Animus and Sora). Note that buying Animus in the Ship Cephalon menu would only get him for your ship and not Railjack (or you could spend 200 plat for both at the same time), may change this at some point!
  9. Sedna: with Sedna using 90% of grineer tilesets, i wanted to change Sedna to make it fit more with Rathuum and Kela's themes, rather than it just being an assortment with one unique room before the Kela fight. any nodes in space would be normal galleon's but with the occasional Drekar unit (to keep in touch with Sedna's water-spirit naming theme, as Drekar's are the water variants) Idea: with this tileset being the home of Kela and Rathuum, it would reflect the harsh nature of the 'unbiased' Rathuum. any nodes on the surface of the planet would be mined out tunnels, with large holes in the ground, jagged walls, large screens and highly mobile Rathuum and lava running through cracks in the rocks. the screens on the walls would occasionally change to a speech by Kela, or a short video about one of the executioners with the crowd cheering at the end. Room layouts: (mainly based on the room before the Kela fight). most rooms would be sets of intertwined bridges above large pits or large bodies of lava, these bridges would only have very small walls (up to Saryn's knee). there would be few rooms with a more robust feel, with spinning plates on the wall to reveal Kela's weird puzzles (the ones encountered in her boss fight). completing all of them in a room would reward the player with ramparts coming out the floor that the player can use, as well as opening the lockers in the room. Tileset secret: after every minute the alarms are active, there is a 5% chance that a randomly chosen executioner will spawn in. This will be announced by Kela saying something along the lines of "EXECUTIONERS! THE TENNO HAVE INVADED OUR RATHUUM! LET US DRIVE THEM OUT!" followed by a pause before she says "LET'S CHEER FOR ____" and then saying the executioner that appears. this will happen until the alarms are turned off, and in a lockdown, there is a 5% chance of an executioner spawning every 15 seconds. Honestly there isn't much to say about a possible Sedna tileset since there isn't much you can do with the place, so thats all i have for it
  10. phobos idea: there was always this one rare room in grineer vs corpus invasions that i really liked, it was the room that was in a rocky pathway and you had to hack those weird barriers open to enter the opposing factions ship, i loved these rooms and they inspired me for this possible tileset for phobos. Phobos would mainly be made of carved out asteroid pathways with the occasional corpus outpost or base being along the path. these corpus outposts and bases would house sabotage, spy vaults, most of the objectives for the missions. the rocky area's would be very wide and open, but with high walls on all sides, these tiles would have the occasional crate, large boxes, craters, everything you would expect. Tileset Secret: in hard to find underground rooms, there would be a hole straight through the planet with an unmanned corpus vessel inside a large hangar bay, this hangar bay would have a new enemy inside of them "delivery staff" and "industrial bursa's". these enemies would be challenging, however this room contains many crates that house the common recourse from corpus-controlled planet, and any Industrial Bursa's defeated and hacked will stay that way for the entirety of the mission. Reason for choice of secret: Phobos is a desolate asteroid, not to mention small. that makes it the perfect place to transport corpus goods to and from the rest of the system... of course this also means that they have to be well hidden even on this desolate rock just incase anything does actually happen. Enemies: the enemies of this tileset would be of the 'Fengari' variation. they would have a more grey-brown colour palette. Enemy Changes: Fengari Shield Osprey - this enemy would work in a very unique way, besides just giving shields to enemies it would also provide shields to the tenno, but only at 25% compared to the shields given to enemies. Fengari Sniper Crewman - this enemy would be unable to drop a ratel spawner. New Enemies: Fengari Ratel - these enemies would spawn inside a tile, from the floor and would be equipped with a shield leeching weapon. for every 50 shields that one steals, it will release a pulse of shields that fully refill the shields of every robotic enemy in 10m as well as giving them invincibility for 1 second. they would be jet black in colour and give off a low pitched humming sound when they move. Delivery Staff - these would be weak enemies with only 10 health and a pure white outfit and a tablet on their side, the tablet would have corpus text on it that reads "shipment arrivals and departures". they would be equipped with a redesigned Vandal Quanta and a redesigned Vandal Prova. Industrial Bursa - this would be a light brown and black bursa that is capable of smashing its front-guards (the metal square things infront of it) into the ground to create a damaging shockwave. it is also equipped with a homing rocket launcher, live-ammo minigun and is 5 levels above the mission level.
  11. thats why you could... start building the item you want (say an energy restore), do a low level mission on a planet that drops the items needed to build it, return to the foundry, claim the item, do that same mission, repeat repeat repeat. or just use the phone app or check weapon and warframe builds, play with your pet, do some fashionframe while you wait. personally i don't think i'd need this as i never have the need to build about 50 energy restores or ship charges at a time, and doing a mission for the item resources while waiting allows for a semi-farm of said item
  12. honestly, i also agree with you on this. personally, i feel that Hysteria should slowly drain Valkyr's health (let's say 1.5 health a second) as well as not providing invincibility, and only restores health (let's say, 25 health), per X number of kills (let's say 7 kills). i think that this should be done because of many reasons: 1: it makes it less worthwhile using it on a singular enemy as you won't restore any drained health back unless you get a health drop 2: it discourages using it to hack, revive, etc, as you are still vulnerable while using it. (we all do it really, lets just be honest here) 3: it encourages players to only use it when in a bind or when in a horde of enemies because they can restore health quicker than they lose it (at least normally in those situations) however, i feel like making it have passive channeling is a must (mainly as i use a few too many channeling mods), or lowering the channeling cost from 5 to 1-2.
  13. one thing i think you forget is that most of the traps in the gas city and kuva fortress can be destroyed (somewhat). Gas City door scanners can be shot at and destroyed, meaning that even if rushing, you can destroy them. Gas City shock turrets, they can be shot at and destroyed when active (sadly those EVIL poison vents cant, but oh well). and the Kuva Fortress scanners can be somewhat negated by timing and using tenno form cloaking, and the turrets can actually push you away (if you get hit by the initial burst), meaning they don't just damage you. and there are traps that can hinder movement and prevent you from running away (think the camera's on literally any corpus ship that activate the laser walls, the grineer laser walls which drain energy and prevent movement abilities as well as hinder your vision), as well as the Bursa in the Index (cant remember their name) which can activate traps that force you into a fight with it or another enemy, as well as other movement hindering traps. while in all i like your idea, i don't like the idea of slowing warframe down, warframe literally advertises itself as a game about 'Space Ninjas'. and last i checked, Ninja's are pretty flipping fast. Warframe's weapons are so over-the-top devastating to keep a run-and-gun playstyle while also allowing the player to be on watch for basic traps (camera's, scanners, turrets, etc) in their mad dash through the area's without always having to watch the mayhem that follows behind. this is why some of the traps (especially the Gas City ones) are quite annoying, leaving status affects on you. another thing i'd say is to maybe shrink it a bit, some grineer tilesets have narrow hallways that it could end up in, making it completely invincible to the player who has to try and lure it out (which is very hard with warframes ai), meaning it could block the player off without a way to move it out the way. I'm basing their size based on your illustration rather than what you said and the fact that most grineer are 1 warframe tall, making the suit around 2 warframes tall, 2 warframes wide and maybe 1.5-2 warframes long, and also the fact that there are very few grineer who would actually be small enough to pilot that if it could fit through a doorway, with only Kuva Jesters coming to mind, and also because the grineer (despite their damaged DNA), only ever get messed up faces, rather than size changes, and all fully living enemies (excluding the infested) are all based on human adult sizes. plus if you compare the minigun to a rampart minigun, you can get an accurate scale in that they would get stuck in grineer meteorite vents, and some small hallways based on their size when compared to regular grineer and ingame reference material. (assuming that the size is kept from rampart to this new enemy type) like krc473, i have not played PSO, but i feel like Warframe has taken a distinctive step away from it, branching into a hectic and fast-paced run-and-gun playstyle compared to what you described about PSO (i'm personally basing what i know about PSO's playstyle on my favourite indie game Heart & Slash), and personally... i think warframe is better suited to run-and-gun rather jumping between slow and methodical fighting into hectic running every 2nd tile. this is why few enemies actually slow the fighting down. Nox's, Tusk Thumpers and Juggernauts (sorta) come to mind immediately, as well as some bosses like Krill and Sargas Ruk, and the Orb's and Eidolon's which were made to be slow so they make sense. all in all... if this enemy were to be slightly adapted to warframes quicker and more hectic playstyle (maybe make the front take 1% damage or make it so that enough blast damage on the front forces the pilot to self destruct), it would be better IN MY OPINION! that or make it unique to open worlds as its big design and shape doesn't really fit the small rooms of some of warframes tilesets (namely vents), as well the fast that this giant green monster being in the blue and scenic ocean labs which already have unique enemy types. make it a standard size compared to the pilot and the rampart its based on and put it in the PoE or a new grineer open world and it could fit right in as a mini field boss (with some extra health and annoying capabilities like homing rockets)
  14. doing this multiple times, please no. getting the Parascesis to level 40 is a chore and a half even when farming Hydron for XP, i dont think anyone would do this (maybe in the background, but it would take a good 2-5 months to do just to go up to level 100)
  15. are you suggesting... MORE TALONS?! i agree... more manual detonation weapons!
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