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  1. 1. Not in my alerts. 2. Not on the relay. 3. Quest is done.
  2. One of the Nightfall objectives is to help Clem with his weekly quest. I usually saw an entry in the world state window for this,or found Clem at Darvo's in a relay. Neither are appearing. On multiple platforms. I've done the Man of Few Words quest already. So did the way I start Clem's quest change, how do I do this?
  3. At first, I didn't quite understand the potential. Too much muscle memory was making it difficult to adapt. Then I ran a lowbie friend thru the Index with a Gram Prime equipped... AND EVERYTHING SUDDENLY CLICKED. Massive combo opportunities opened up. Things were dying faster than ever before. No more pausing to switch weapons. The new ground slam mechanic to get to places in a violent and bloody manner. Switching to my melee just to take advantage of the auto-guard. It all just started working and making sense. Took a bit, but the more I adapt to it, the more fun it is. (Reminded me of learning to bullet jump in my early days.) AND MY CHANNELING WORKS! (I used to have a channel toggle on my middle mouse button that NEVER worked before this update, now it does! Yay! \o/)
  4. I can confirm he is a pain in the butt and does drop weapon parts. He's a huge meat shield that barely gets scratched by much of anything I had at the time. I was in Frost and had to use a crit-happy Gram Prime to take decent chunks out of his health. I also had to block attacks to reduce the incoming damage, and dodge roll out of the way of his charge attack. It was almost a structured melee fight where my timing, reaction, and strategy were all tested. What a weird feeling.
  5. It would be super helpful and convenient to have a tab for the Acts on the mission summary screen. That way you could easily review the progress of Acts without having to do a lot of extra menu navigation.
  6. I recall someone (Steve, probably) in a stream saying that they wanted to go back and expand on Helminth.
  7. I've gotten 8, and it's been 7 x 7500 Credits and 1 x C3 Lith Relic. Disappointed in this. I have enough credits already, so if it was just relics, I would feel better about it.
  8. Some of the lore/quests have Tenno transference with non-frames. That said, does that mean that we might see non-human frames in the future? Perhaps Alad V had a template that Zanuka is based on? Or perhaps there could maybe be an operator-only mission type that involves transference into non-frames? (full disclosure here: I want a kitty frame with a turret on its back, I don't care how.)
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