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  1. I did the mr 9 test (after 4 months of trying) recently on Switch and I feel your pain. It is FAR harder than it used to be. I echo some of the recommendations in this thread. 1. Equip Enemy Radar - seeing the enemies on the minimap is super helpful. 2. Use a cheese strategy. Banshee + Redeemer, Skiajati, Orvius, etc. 3. There is a practice option when accessing the test from relays. Use it to find a pattern and a route. It's a pain, but doable. I wish they'd fix it back to the original difficulty though.
  2. The short of it seems to be: DE, please add a gift option to Prime Access/Prime Vault/Prime Accessories purchase flow for those of us who want to be generous souls to our friends or others. It would likely lead to increased purchase numbers.
  3. Right now, I can see a little shopping cart icon that says there is an active sale on. GREAT! But uh.... WHAT IS ON SALE? I enjoy poking in the market every so often, especially after getting some discount platinum from a log-on bonus. This is the first time that I have seen a notification about a sale. (There might have been some in the past, never noticed until now.) I expected to click on the icon and get taken directly to the sale items, all arranged and easy to view, which would be super convenient. Instead, I get taken to the marketplace and... no indication of the sale items to be seen. It took a few minutes of poking through each category before I found As the marketplace grows, it becomes harder and harder to search for things. As sales happen, the excitement is mitigated by the difficulty of finding the actual sales items. I expect that there is already a marketplace revamp in the future as the UI of the game continues to be updated, but for a short term solution a 'SALES R HERE' section would be a welcome addition.
  4. I am still seeing this issue as of the 27.0.10 hotfix.
  5. Tenno live nonlinear existences. (I suspect this hypothesis may be borne out by the upcoming planes of duviri stuff) This is evidenced by how the Quill interact with the tenno. We will have/do have/have had a long relationship with them.
  6. Polar Coil is not working for me either. Swapping/unequipping weapons is not causing it to work either. I am using a Maxed Vidar Polar Coil. I get 8.5 seconds of steady fire with a Vidar Apoc MK II regardless of Polar Coil. I get 14.75 seconds of steady fire with a Laval Pulsar MK II regardless of Polar Coil. Edit: After some additional testing, it seems to work intermittently and in some cases, the avionic is being applied even though it is not equipped which skewed my results. I am unsure of what is causing it or how to reliably repro it.
  7. This didn't change my views of Natah (she's a pawn in a greater scheme). But it did change my views of the Tenno. I thought that the Tenno were adults in the Old War at some point, but it seems that the only place the Tenno age (or can choose their age) is likely in the void itself. I expect to learn more about this in the Planes of Duviri, which is the most exciting lore bomb I'm looking forward to. I also didn't expect to see the Tenno controlled by the Lotus. If she has this power, why is she not using it now to force us into helping the sentients? I suspect this may tie into the role that Rell was playing in keeping the Man in the Wall at bay.
  8. I do not want to see Cryotic removed from the rewards. Instead, I'd like to see it's use (and other rewards) expanded into more Railjack use, like weapon repairs, or ordinance restocking. Cryotic is a common requirement in building 'icy' Frame weapons, so why not expand that mentality to weapons? A Cryophon turret could use the resource as a repair requirement. The Apoc could use Ferrite, the Vulcar could use Rubedo. These are just examples using the current rewards in a more meaningful way. In the future, I could also envision a changing requirement for restocking payloads based on element types. Say you added a new type of cold missle. Instead of the default Copernic/Cubic Diode, it would require Cryotic/Cubic Diode. (I can't recall the exact mats to make missiles, this is just off the top of my head.)
  9. Fire Suppression Avionic should reduce cooldown as it's upgraded. I almost never have more than 1 or 2 fires simultaneously occuring during a mission, so having it extinguish more than that is a complete waste. Unless there's something that's going to cause 6+ fires at once?
  10. After getting Gunnery rank 1 to unlock the target lead indicators, I've noticed that they are half as long as they should be. This becomes increasingly noticeable the further from a target I am. I run the game in Windowed Fullscreen at 1600x900 resolution. I am unsure what other settings may play into the display of the indicator.
  11. Please fix. This has really hampered my enjoyment of Spy missions. T_T Seeing how long I could maintain a stealth bonus in spy was a great way for me to relax and farm some focus. Now I just frantically do the mission since it doesn't matter if I get caught anymore, and it's so stressful. >.<
  12. Oh, wow, really? She looked rather masculine when I saw her in Dark Sector. I only played for 2 hours, so now you have me curious about the rest of the game. I guess I have something to look forward to! 🙂
  13. While waiting for this update, I decided to play Warframe's REALLY 'Old Blood' last night (aka Dark Sector). Had quite a bit more fun playing it than I expected to. It was interesting to see how some of the base concepts have evolved over the years.(I kind of want a male Nyx now, with those armblades.) I'm content to play some more tonight, since I'd prefer a major update to work out of the gate and minimize hotfixes/catastrophic issues. Hopefully the main quests still work, as I'm trying to push a friend to do Second Dream, and it would suck if it broke in the middle of the quest while he was doing it. >.<
  14. Darn, I was hoping to have it today so I could stream it. I suppose I could still do an 'Old Blood' stream and play Dark Sector instead!
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