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  1. "You are X% away!" Stream ends. Well great, now I feel bad. I would have rather not even known how close I was. So far, not liking this.
  2. I wonder why Destiny 2 is listed as free to play too. Taking content away, requiring paid expansions to play new content, untradable premium currency... Wait, we're talking about Warframe? ... I'm going sit here and wait for the devstream later today to see what cool new FREE stuff we can earn. I saw WINGS! LASER WINGS! I look forward to grinding those out for free.
  3. The worst thing was the constant and bad timing of the glassed enemies. They were fun for the first few weeks but, anything 'fun' done too much tends to wear out. I think one of the things that could be done to in-mission nightwave interruptions is to make them opt-in as opposed to forced in. Example: 1. Nora pops in and instead of the enemies spawning and interfering in the mission, a console becomes active. 2. The console has a unique nightwave icon to denote it and is a totally optional objective. 3. Interacting with the console triggers a unique hack. It could be as simple
  4. I'd say surrogacy based on the conversations of Deadlock Protocol. Based on the capitalist nature of the Corpus, for reproduction purposes, I would guess that they potentially buy children as a sort of service. Sort of a "submit your and your partner's genetic material and we will send you a matured child based on that material. Only $1 million credits! No refunds!"
  5. I believe that is a result of the shaders or whatever graphical upgrade they did. Some of the syndicate people also have that dead look in their eyes. I wonder if, since this is a month long event, we'll see additional story stuff appear after a time?
  6. No. Reliance on outside information is a must for a lot of games. Used to be a thing we traded in person on the playground/around the office breakroom. Now we just coalesce our collective findings into a wiki these days. The Zodiac Spear in the original release of Final Fantasy 12 says 'You'll never figure this out on your own.' as an example.
  7. Tenno lead non-linear lives. After the 10-0 accident, the Tenno grew up and had lives in the void. Upon exiting the void, they reverted to the moment before they entered the void, and lost their memories. When we return in Duviri, we're going to find people that know/knew/will know us, like the leader of the Quills.
  8. Yes! I'm thinking Zelda 2 floating mecha horses. Which now that I think of it, makes the bike in BotW make a LOT more sense.
  9. My favorite Lich name I have is Jekuz Aff. I also recently got Cili Sodd. I had to convert both so I can have a laugh when they pop up to assist in missions.
  10. It was a merry mustache, so it had to go on a merry frame! Edit to add: this is cropped in Paint, but is otherwise straight from the captura.
  11. My QA work is not in video games, but in my experience, the largest resource cost is making changes to existing stuff for new stuff. Especially when it's years later and no one know why it was done that way in the first place. Here's generalization of a situation I have been in: We started on a new system to do things but it relied on old processes that 'were set in stone' (LOL) One of the requests was to change a string (Changed so it says AAB now, instead of the AAA it was). Minor enough, right? Well, after the change was made, half of our system up and broke. About 2 weeks of r
  12. As a QA person, everytime I hear 'isnt that hard to do' while discussing something, I end up in the bathroom crying softly because I know that someone has no idea the amount of work 'isnt that hard to do' really is. I'm sure there's a fair few bugs of 'I summoned mech and locked up', or 'I summoned mech and fell out of environment'.
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