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  1. Totally agree there. At least the archwing quest ends with you being dropped into the archwing so there's at least a small bit of 'this is the thing you got, now use it' moment that is lacking with RJ. They added a fair number of archwing mods to RJ at least, so it's not as much of an island as it used to be. RJ is my favorite mode in concept, and I super look forward to the addition of Corpus and Infested and <spoiler>-focused missions. (I'm staring at you Duviri Paradox)
  2. While I agree that the game explains things poorly, it has gotten better in terms of finding information in-game. There are Info icons in the lower right corner that can assist in many areas now, and you can mouse over stats to have a description of their function. There's also the TRAINING and MISSION tabs in the codex that have some light (i.e. barely useful) tutorials. I would love to see the TRAINING and MISSION sections of the codex expand and have guided tours of the systems/objectives/playstyle. It sort of has one with Advanced Movement in TRAINING, so just have more of that... but
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