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  1. I quit around 10 months ago, came back just last weekend for primed chamber lol (vectis p was always my favorite weapon). Reasons why I quit: fundamentally broken core combat mechanics that make any attempt of challenging content and endgame practically impossible. Before I quit Arbitrations was the only game mode I still had fun playing (endurance runs were where I had my fun in WF). But what really kept triggering me was how despite the lack of challenge and inflated power creep with each update, DE kept dumbing down the game, making everything easier, more trivial and casual (eidolons started as a good potential for world bosses, then profit taker was made easier and more solo friendly, then the upcoming orb and ropalolyst bosses were even more trivial, just fun puzzle bosses and nothing more). Nightwave elite challenges which showed promise at first were nerfed, etc. Basically I saw no point in grinding in a game to become stronger while the content just kept getting easier. I came back now and have been playing some of the new content I missed in the last year, and I was happy to see Arbitrations is even better than it was before (still my favorite game mode). Kuva Lich is okay in its current form, it was a nice distraction to do content in the 50-110 level, same as sortie. Better than farming primes in lvl 10-30 braindead missions at least. Railjack looks like a huge mess, I've been avoiding that for now. So yea, seems like nothing changed.
  2. I hadn't played WF in almost a year and Primed Chamber actually got me to reinstall the game and logon this weekend to buy it LOL (I had no plans to come back to WF before New War, if at all). Vectis prime was by far my favorite weapon and this mod fits really well in my hunter munitions build for endurance runs. I have no clue if I'll ever use it, but hey, it did the trick ^^ I'm glad DE finally released it.
  3. That's true only for PVE games (and even then, not all of them). That's why I quit WF almost a year ago and have been playing a PVP MMO since then. While there's grind there, the grind has a purpose (to get more competitive in pvp) and my skill is constantly challenged on a moment to moment basis. The truth is that Warframe is broken at a core mechanical level. There's no salvaging this game. It'd have to be Warframe 2, but sadly DE said they aren't going to do that. With the way combat, core mechanics and power creep work, WF will always be an afk farm simulator where the only challenge is RNG. They can nerf weapons all they want, it's not going to change things. Which is sad, because I still haven't found a live service game with story and aesthetics as cool as WF has, and the combat is genuinely fun, but it's just completely broken and has been for several years. Anyone who wants more than a pretty afk farm-collector simulator while they watch netflix on the side better accept the fact that Warframe isn't the game for them and quit before wasting even more time.
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