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  1. --END--Rikutatis

    Which looter shooter in 2019? (WF, Anthem, Division 2, Destiny 2)

    I might pick it up if the story and setting turn out to be pretty good. Destiny 2's lackluster (and sometimes cringe worthy) story and writing is what really turned me off from it initially.
  2. This is already far more interesting and with much better writing than the latest profit taker quest. I'm actually hyped for the Wolf of Saturn now o.O
  3. --END--Rikutatis

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    It's not the player base, it's the game systems and the way the game was designed. Steve admitted as much in relation to attributes stacking, exponential armor scaling, etc. I agree DE shouldn't raise the difficulty level in the normal Starchart progression, but the issue is that _every single_ piece of content DE releases, they want to make it accessible for everyone. Newer players already have hundreds if not thousands of hours worth of content to play through, when DE releases new game modes or content that are supposedly aimed at veterans (looking at you ESO and Arbitrations) there's absolutely no reason why this content has to be accessible to newer players as well. But DE continues to compromise, to nerf enemies, to lower the starting level, etc. Even in these game modes that are explicitly described as "veteran" content. I can understand why they want the open world content to be accessible to newer players (PoE, Fortuna), those are huge updates that draw in a lot of newer players wanting to check them out. But that's where difficulty levels come into play. The Division and Anthem both have difficulty modes (easy, normal, hard as you put it, just with different names). Several other looter games have those as well, like Borderlands just to cite one. Heck, I'd say the vast majority of them have difficulty modes. DE made the right move to make Sanctuary Onslaught with two difficulty modes, but they made the wrong move to put different rewards in each one, that way they feel forced to make all difficulty levels accessible to everyone. Anthem got it right, the rewards are available to all, it's just the drop % becomes better the higher you crank up the difficulty. It's not like things are simply not improving either, things are actually getting worse. Lately DE has been putting level cap on enemies even in endless modes. ESO has a level cap of 260 if I'm not mistaken, Fortuna alert 4 has a level cap of 125, Arbitrations is also broken in terms of level scaling, 3 hours in enemies are still below level 300 (in a normal Starchart endless mission, at that same time, enemies would have been already lvl 1.500). They removed void keys and removed trials. The profit taker is considerably easier than the eidolons. Power creep continues to increase and DE continues to decrease the game's difficulty. 👏
  4. --END--Rikutatis

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    Having to gimp yourself to find a challenge is not a solution (remove your mods, use frames without nukes or CC, etc). That's just bad game design as someone else here said. This is a looter shooter. The entire game loop consists of grinding for better gear and power progression. By gimping yourself and throwing all that gear in the garbage bin to find a challenge you are basically breaking the game loop. What's the point in farming new gear as DE releases them in new updates if you know you won't be able to use them or else the game will be braindead easy? In other similar games you do all this grinding to do raids, pvp and other endgame activities at the end of the loop. In WF you do all this grinding and have absolutely nothing to do with it afterwards, you just make everything trivial.
  5. --END--Rikutatis

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    Apparently DE just started worrying about difficulty recently, and have been brainstorming and discussing what could be done to address the lack of challenge in the game (based on what they said a couple dev streams ago). They have one or two things they want to try and experiment on over the course of the next several updates, but no concrete plan yet. So basically.... I'd say come back in two or three years to see if anything has changed then. 😋 In the meantime, there's Anthem and Division 2 coming out this year that you and your friends can check out.
  6. --END--Rikutatis

    Which looter shooter in 2019? (WF, Anthem, Division 2, Destiny 2)

    Oh, I realize that and agree with you. But I'm not too interested about unbiased opinions here, just what the WF community thinks about these new games and which ones they're willing to check out, if any.
  7. Finally it seems like there'll be some tough competition for the genre in 2019. Which one(s) are you guys planning on playing, and why? I know all the hype seems to be following Anthem, but I'm actually really excited about the Division 2's endgame and pvp, specially after playing the private beta this weekend. Some pros and cons of each game IMO: 1) Warframe: The best lore and art direction of them all, really fun gameplay and deep customization. But cons is the severe lack of challenge and endgame activities, including lack of meaningful pvp. The most casual of them all. 2) Destiny 2: It has decent endgame in the form of pvp, raids and specially now with Gambit, but really shallow customization (probably the worst of them all). The main story is also pretty mediocre and lacks any challenge, but Bungie seems to be turning things around since Forsaken and making it better. 3) Anthem: From the demos it appears to have deep customization, really fun gameplay and a solid enough endgame challenge with grandmaster strongholds, cataclysms, etc. Story is still up in the air, it has potential but I'm not holding my breath on it given Bioware's latest RPGs were lacking in that department. No pvp is a big downside for me though. 4) Division 2: The only non-scifi of the bunch, story/lore seems to be a bit on the mediocre side of things IMO but serviceable. The gameplay is also the most fps "traditional" feeling of them all, with the cover and shoot mechanics which can feel a bit mundane compared to the others, but Division 2 improved gameplay a lot and got rid of the bullet sponge feel of the first. But it's strongest point for me is the very robust endgame Division 2 showed in the beta, with the most comprehensive pvp system of them all, 8-man raids, an entire endgame faction that invades the map, and also really smart and challenging enemy AI compared to the others (again, talking about 2, not 1, they improved a lot). For people who want endgame and challenge, this seems like the strongest contender so far.
  8. --END--Rikutatis

    So, Catchmoon is the worst kitgun for high level.

    At least for me it's about options. I can bring a frame that can deal with armor along with a weapon that cannot, or I can bring a weapon that can deal with high lvl armor, along with a frame that can't. That's the beauty of our arsenal really, the options. Also I agree with you, I really don't consider the Simulacrum to be a real high level simulation, let alone lvl 100 enemies.
  9. --END--Rikutatis

    So, Catchmoon is the worst kitgun for high level.

    Arca plasmor struggles a lot with high level armor as well, same as catchmoon. Except arca plasmor can slot hunter munitions and become more viable that way, whereas catchmoon can't. The reason catchmoon is so popular is because 99% of the content in Warframe is low to mid lvl trash mobs anyways, so people never get to see where the weapon starts to fall off. Also Gaze is definitely not the worst lol. It has some serious ammo economy issues, specially compared to the tombfinger, but it's still very strong. As a beam weapon, very easy to headshot and proc pax seeker as well. And since you can adjust range, you can have it practically be a beam sniper lol, hitting enemies at a ridiculous distance, even in open world maps like Orb Vallis.
  10. --END--Rikutatis

    An idea on how to make Warframe more difficult

    Only AI changes is not enough for the reasons Teridax68 described. There's no point in making the enemies super smart with advanced tactics and strategies if you can press one button to CC the whole map then press another button to one-shot nuke the whole map. There's ways to increase the challenge in Warframe without redesigning the whole game, but a lot of people won't like that. It involves significantly increasing the enemy level that we fight against in "endgame/veteran" content. Lvl 60 at ESO and Arbitrations is just pitiful when we know for a fact our weapon builds can still obliterate lvl 200-300 easily. It's just that people are really against bullet sponge enemies and getting one shot (but honestly getting one shot is just them not wanting to adapt and change their current squishy builds used to face lvl 60s). But for a game with the mechanics that Warframe has, that's pretty much the easiest route to take. Lots of other games use that kind of inflated numbers difficulty and it works fine for them, like Diablo, Borderlands, and Anthem seems to be going that way as well. But other than that, I agree with Teridax68. The energy economy is completely broken and really needs to be looked on. But DE won't do that cause the community will just riot if they can't afk spam powers anymore. More recent operator gameplay has also greatly trivialized the game with brain dead invul rezzes, magus elevate, etc.
  11. --END--Rikutatis

    The Profit Taker is a much more fun experience than the Eidolons..

    So basically you're saying spiders are much easier than tridolons. Which I agree with, and I'm not particularly happy about. However you need to remember one thing: this is still the first spider. There's probably a couple more coming, like they did with eidolons. When all we had was the teralyst, the meta wasn't so rigid like it became afterwards with tridolons. People just used Chroma for the most part (like they do with the spider anyways), but you'd see more variety in weapons, frames, etc. Heck, Titania was very popular back then. I honestly think time gating is one of the few things actually saving the tridolon fight from being trivial, cause it gives people something to strive for in speedrunning them and becoming better at it. Doing 5x3 or 6x3 is actually challenging. Requires a rigid meta, sure, but I don't mind that. And folks who don't care about the meta can still easily do a tridolon fight in one night cycle with whatever loadouts they want. It's really not an issue. The profit taker is just brain dead easy atm. The mechanics are interesting, but DE actually came out in a dev stream and stated they were making the orb fights purposefully more accessible to newer players. Which blows my mind, considering they are now worried about WF's lack of challenge and difficulty and trying to find solutions for that (probably just because of Anthem's competition looming in the horizon).
  12. I'm curious as to what kind of build you were running when you did those tests then. I find that even in relatively squishier frames like excal umbra or khora, the breaking point where enemies start to one shot you regardless of your defenses or a healing specter is around lvl 350-400+ Here's a couple examples of endless runs I did with them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OjgO9tt-kY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrfeDhf4ELI With tank frames like Nidus, you can go to enemy levels well over 1k before they start one shotting you, like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHXFrR-524M
  13. The entire point of Warframe is to farm for all these mods, weapons, frames and gear. Like literally, that's the point of the game. Atm we are complaining we don't have any content available to use all that power on, your suggestion just reverts the problem: there's no point in farming and playing the game anymore if we can't use that gear because that kills any trace of a challenge.
  14. From what we've been told thus far it's just stats, enemies will have higher health and damage. And I know there's a bunch of people here on the forums that like to say they don't want difficulty to be bullet sponge enemies that one shot you, but honestly at this point this kind of challenge is better than no challenge at all. Anyone who's done long endurance runs without resorting to Ivara+CL or Octavia cheese (those can always be nerfed afterwards) know there's a lot more challenge to be had once enemy levels rise to the point where your optimized builds, situational awareness and mechanical skills actually start mattering. It's just extremely boring and burns you out to no end having to play the mission for 2-4 hours before you get to that point. Once enemies can actually hurt you and they don't melt when you sneeze in their general direction, tactical units like nullifiers, ancient healers, nox, etc. become more of a threat and DE can always add more of those tactical units over time and hopefully improve enemy AI as well. Just improving enemy AI like some people suggest won't solve the challenge issue. What's the point of smart enemies if they can't even dent your mitigations and you just AoE one shot them effortlessly anyways?