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  1. For me it's not really a matter of courtesy, but rather game design and rampant power creep in the name of "Fun". The devs allowed the game to come to this point. Some builds like spin2win and AoE nuke frames can clear entire maps before the other player even had a chance to swap his weapon. Can't really expect common courtesy among strangers on the internet to address this, it's a game balance and design issue, a dev responsability. If the game allows it, even encourages it, we really shouldn't be blaming the players who use it, but rather the devs who let these broken mechanics like meme strike+blood rush to fester in the game for years.
  2. Dude, if you hate spin2win, saryn, mesa, equinox and god knows what else, I think you're the one who should be playing solo, instead of expecting anyone who uses AoE dps to go play solo. And I don't even like spin2win, I think it's boring.
  3. Can confirm the Shadowrun series is pretty awesome! There's still creative games made by passionate people out there, you just need to look outside the AAA big publisher market. Anything by CD Projekt Red or FromSoftware are guaranteed to be awesome games with artistic vision first. There was Hellblade, Plague Tale Innocence, and many others, depending on your preferences.
  4. Lol not really, I enjoy the gameplay mechanics. When the power I acquire allows me to completely bypass them and turns the game into a clicker with pretty particles it defeats the purpose for me. Operation hostile mergers was very fun though.
  5. Recently finished a 2015 scifi/horror game called SOMA, the story was absolutely amazing, highly recommend it! Also I've been completely addicted to Conqueror's Blade, the new MMO. To the point I didn't even bother logging on WF to farm the eidolon ephemera in nightwave. It just feels really satisfying grinding in a game where acquiring power actually has a goal and a purpose.
  6. I'm honestly not excited for Empyrean/Railjack at all. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised, but enh. I'm not feeling it. It just feels like an extra layer of spaceship combat gameplay that doesn't even look particularly exciting. And this is coming from someone who's been mostly happy and satisfied with everything DE released in 2019 so far.
  7. Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red, 'nuff said) Borderlands 3 (damn looks hype, reinstalling Bl2 just to play the new free DLC) Outer Worlds (from the same guys who made Fallout New Vegas) Elden Ring (From Software and GRR Martin, that's nuts! Imagine Dark Souls with a Game of Thrones touch, the trailer looks nuts)
  8. Sad to see the best act from season 1 butchered like this into irrelevance. But at least I can still play Arbitrations! Any plans to add Lua spy to the elite challenges? Maybe speedrun challenges? Solo hydrolist? I don't know, more difficult stuff.
  9. I recently played Sekiro, A Plague Tale Innocence and replayed the remastered version of Borderlands 2. All 3 of them are amazing games. I've been dabbling with Overwatch again and I'm about to start a new pvp MMO called Conqueror's Blade. Other than that waiting for Borderlands 3 and Outer Worlds. Destiny 2 also just went free to play, but I'm still not feeling it...
  10. When I use the tysis as a status applier I don't make a conventional damage build, I just stack fire rate, status duration, the elements I need and then with the rest of the slots try to balance out the elements so that they're all more or less with the same weigth, or at least not too skewed. You can actually unload a full clip super fast with fire rate mods and apply all 6 status in that one clip (or even less) consistently. But yea, it's single target and for most purposes I also agree that zakti is better overall.
  11. In that case the tysis is probably better if you're already using an invis frame. Because at that point it's one more element for the tysis versus the zakti forcing the stealth damage bonus from the stagger/finisher. Yep, which is why I said one of the niche use for the tysis over the zakti would be if you're already on an invis/stealth frame.
  12. It really depends which faction/enemy you're going against and what CO melee you're using it with. If your goal is just to proc as many status effects as possible for CO, the tysis can stack up to 6 elements. But it's single target. The zakti can stack up to 5 elements, but it does have AoE and staggers enemies for finishers. I haven't built the cyanex yet, but on paper it has one less status to proc than the zakti and no AoE or staggers. Normally I'd say zakti is better overall, but tysis can have a niche use, like if I'm already using an invis frame and I'm only concerned with dealing with single targets and my goal is to proc as many status effects as possible in a single burst (that was actually the case for me with demolysts in disruption, I used the tysis).
  13. For me it gets really boring killing low level enemies, and kinda defeats the purpose of the game which is to gather loot and make yourself more powerful (more powerful for what, if you already one shot them and never died before?). To the point I stopped bothering with MR and rarely have the patience to fully forma a frame anymore, specially if it's not a prime one I really enjoy playing. Mostly I just play when there's a new content release or when I have the time for Arbitrations or the occasional endless fissure/mission.
  14. Depends for what kind of content and game mode. Sortie and arbi defense really benefits from a healer for the operative, excavation and kuva survival still need defense frames, etc. But for killing missions like survival or ESO ... probably not anymore.
  15. Only DE can answer whether it's intended for certain warframe abilities to be buffed by weapon damage buffs or not. Oberon's smite, nova's antimatter drop, ash's shuriken, and a few other abilities as well all function like weapons for the purpose of the code and accepting weapon buffs. So they can receive buffs from stuff like vigorous swap, chroma's vex armor, arcane arachne, etc. I'm not an expert on these things, but maybe it has something to do with the abilities that manifest as actual physical projectiles in the game? Intended or not? Only DE can say. But even if that's NOT intended, the strat they used would still have worked by simply swapping Volt for a buff Rhino and dropping vigorous swap. It would take a few more casts of smite to kill the demo's, but it would have still worked fine.
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