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  1. I still think Warframe is a great game, but no I'm not satisfied with the current direction of the game. I stopped playing the game a few months ago since I started playing another pvp MMO, but I still try to keep up with the news. I still enjoy the story and lore, and expect to be back to play the New War, I'm sure that will be awesome for a couple hours. But Empyrean looks utterly boring and gimmicky from all the streams I've watched so far. The fact they been hyping and working on it for 2+ years and it still looks boring to me doesn't give me much hope. Eidolons was the last time I had hope for the future of Warframe's content, every "world boss" since them has been dumbed down, watered down and made more accessible to casuals. The entire game has been progressively getting more dumbed down in terms of difficulty (while we keep getting stronger with power creep at the same time). The only real game mode I was still playing and enjoying before I quit was Arbitrations. The Disruption clan event was really nice and I'm kinda glad they decided to expand on Disruption, endless modes is where WF really shines. So hopefully the new Disruption modes will start at a higher level like Arbitrations and have some decent rewards.
  2. Might as well be playing Hello Kitty Online. Teddy bears in space, summer beach water gun event... Ah well, at least Nightwave still has a cool story.
  3. Sad to see the best act from season 1 butchered like this into irrelevance. But at least I can still play Arbitrations! Any plans to add Lua spy to the elite challenges? Maybe speedrun challenges? Solo hydrolist? I don't know, more difficult stuff.
  4. Only DE can answer whether it's intended for certain warframe abilities to be buffed by weapon damage buffs or not. Oberon's smite, nova's antimatter drop, ash's shuriken, and a few other abilities as well all function like weapons for the purpose of the code and accepting weapon buffs. So they can receive buffs from stuff like vigorous swap, chroma's vex armor, arcane arachne, etc. I'm not an expert on these things, but maybe it has something to do with the abilities that manifest as actual physical projectiles in the game? Intended or not? Only DE can say. But even if that's NOT intended, the strat they used would still have worked by simply swapping Volt for a buff Rhino and dropping vigorous swap. It would take a few more casts of smite to kill the demo's, but it would have still worked fine.
  5. Let's be completely honest here, try to imagine what kind of "gameplay" Disruption would have if demolysts were not immune to CC: just stand there with the CC frame of your choice spamming one button to stun lock the demolyst (along with the rest of the entire map) in place until the 2 minute timer runs out. Wow, such engaging gameplay. Like limbo in sortie mobile defense standing still inside the cataclysm. Exciting times. I feel DE came up with the best compromise they possibly could: you can still use some CC on demolyst, but it has diminishing returns, he still receives status procs, but you need to deal with his shields first, and the rest of the enemies on the map are vulnerable as usual to all warframe abilities and powers. I for one am happy DE is trying to address and change WF's afk faceroll playstyle that has been in the game for years.
  6. This is my favorite endless mission now. Really great game mode, I loved it! I think you get the most of it by going for an endurance run, not a single round and out, because then you start to really appreciate how each amalgam and demolyst enemy is different from each other, and the whole thing kinda clicks together. Kuva survival used to be my favorite endless mission, but this one is definitely more dynamic and engaging. Between the nullifiers, all the different conduit modifiers (some of which can really be speed bumps for certain cheese builds and tactics), the need to constantly move around, the amalgams and the demolyst having very unique properties and requiring a different strat from the rest of the game, I thought it was really well designed within the context of WF. Btw this feedback comes from someone who's only played the game mode exclusively solo, I know 4-man squads can be a different experience, but I actually really enjoy the fact that you need a squad to make the most out of this game mode, the rewards and the event's scoring. WF was indeed lacking more coop content like this, well done. (thinking about it now, maybe these competitive events could have a separate leaderboard for solo runs only? Many ranked ladder competitive games have a separate queue for solos and premades) The only thing lackluster about this game mode atm are the reward tables. Once the event is finished I honestly don't think I'll have any reason for coming back because the rewards are pretty terrible. I hope DE will add this to Arbitrations, at least then I can continue to play it! Edit: pls stop listening to the complaints about nullifying effects on the game mode and demolysts, that's a big part of what makes it more engaging. Ppl just want to afk faceroll this mission like they do with other ones
  7. Just look around and don't space out it's really not that complicated. You can even use enemy radar to be more aware of enemy position. Nullifiers are fine and add challenge to the game.
  8. I kinda agree with GreenFellow tbh. Once you get to that point and realize the game just bugged out, it makes me wonder how many ppl actually reported the bug to DE and how many others just kept quiet hoping no one would notice. Ofc I'll never know for sure. Although tbh I wouldn't mind if the event was extended like you asked for because this is a bug people just ran into, they didn't actively seek it out. I think it'd be a fair compromise to give it another week or two (I just don't want nightwave to get delayed because of this). I know that wasn't directed at me, but I'll reply anyway: It may be surprising to you, but some people do have morals and avoid exploiting in games. Even when they have the means to.
  9. It wasn't a ban, it was a suspension. I come from a background of PVP games where sweeping bans of thousands upon thousands of players at once for exploits and hacks are pretty common, so I'm used to this. Honestly I don't care one way or another since there were no rewards involved, but I do have to say the Warframe community is exceedingly fond of using exploits and glitches and thinking that's amusing or valid tactics. Some clans and groups hoard this information as if it was valuable game knowledge. Honestly DE probably didn't even scratch the surface of all possible exploits that could have been used in Disruption, there's soooo many glitches and exploits in WF it isn't even funny. I'm not about to go around reporting anyone, but I don't think it's amusing or a valid "strategy" either. Loki teleport was clearly a bug, because it worked on some tilesets but not others. People actively using this tactic to score that high had to reenter the mission multiple times until they got the right tileset to abuse it as easily as possible.
  10. No, please don't stop. I actually really enjoyed the event and the leaderboard give us a reason to push into these endurance runs and have fun. Many of us enjoy this competitive side of the game. I have had more fun with WF this week, even despite my lack of time to play it as much as I wanted to due to RL, than I have had in a long time before that. Even if DE hadn't done anything about exploits and cheats, that still wouldn't have detracted from my enjoyment of this aspect of the event. There's no reward tied to it, so it shouldn't affect anyone else's experience. It's just for bragging rights and self imposed challenges.
  11. Additional feedback on rewards: Now that I looked at the full reward table, gotta say the rewards are really bad. At the very least it should give a LOT more hexenon. Once this operation is over, I'll probably only play this game mode in Arbitrations (at least I hope it'll get added to Arbi's).
  12. Super fun, I did an initial run to get my vandal weapons and I really enjoyed it. A+ This is definitely a worthy addition to the endless roster. I'm really glad you guys added the Demolyst before launching it, because honestly this mini-boss is the one feature that makes this game mode fun and exciting. Without him it'd be something of a snoozefest. Well done!
  13. You guys said the new Gas City endless mode will allow you to get faster rewards depending on your performance (how many of those tower defenses you can do at once) and that enemies scale faster than in other endless mode missions. So my two questions are: 1) Is it still an AABCAABC rotation, or is it an ABCCCC like Arbi's? 2) How much faster should we expect enemy levels to scale? Can we get this faster level scaling in Arbi's as well?
  14. I bought all 3 weapon skins. I don't think they're anything special or must-have's, but they're not bad either. At least for me, because I didn't have skins for any of those weapons before and I like all 3 of them. The colors I had on my amprex also didn't translate too well to the telos skin, but when I colored it differently it actually looked pretty decent. Same for the other two weapons. 10 vitus is not that bad. Honestly I enjoyed these weapon skins considerably more than the bleeding ephemera, now THAT is an ugly looking cosmetic. No clue how DE ever considered that good enough for release, it just looks horrible. I'll probably buy the emote as well, just because I have plenty of spare vitus.I never use emotes on the game, but that one actually looks really cool. As for archgun rivens, don't forget the Larkspur. That one is actually really fun and pretty powerful to use in normal missions. I got a riven for mine with a very good roll (despite the low dispo 2) and I love it. And maybe the third orb to be released in the future will make these rivens even more useful, assuming that one also requires an archgun (we don't know if it will).
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