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  1. Doesn't matter what the percentage is the number of procs being capped at 3 is the problem
  2. Currently condition overload benefit the weapons that can proc the most procs possible. If it change to 3 procs this will benefit the strong crit weapon that only needs 3 procs. Do you comprehend?
  3. You clearly aren't seeing the point. But it's ok you'll eventually get it one day.
  4. You can drop it to 40% 8procs doesn't matter as long the weapons that need condition overload most get the greater benefits compared to the weapon that's already leading in damage
  5. But yet you saying 3 procs was ok. Like i said earlier i rather have it nerfed so that weapons that uses more procs receive a greater benefit than those that dont. Put it at 8-9proc cap at 50% if that's the case
  6. And you still not understanding. Yes combo counter only applies to heavy attacks. Not what we are talking about. A weapon just getting a 4x Crit damage will do better than 1 doing base damage. Most likely these weapons will still scale to orange or even red crits still. Which all you have to do is increase the combo counter. While status weapons basically have nothing.
  7. Weapons would still be able to crit using normal attacks that's not changing. Blood rush will still scale with the combo counter. The only thing is heavy attacks will waste the whole combo counter. Which most people going to ignore anyway. So if they weapons still going to be able to hit red crits it going to massively in front of status weapons no matter how you put it
  8. So a weapon get red crits from blood rush doing basically 16x cd should equal a weapon using basic damage using condition overload. Definitely not. You know why people dont use the lesion now because it doesn't compete with the red hybrids now this further going to push that narrative since you only going to need 3 procs. Giving more power to the crit weapons and leaving status weapons at a stand still.
  9. Obviously you aren't understanding anything. Ok destreza p will be insanely better than a kripath after these changes. A red critting weapon that have a 3x cd will reach max condition overload procs at 3 with a kripath zaw that have 6 different status on it. Is that fair?
  10. Ok lets look at destreza vs endura.So u believe the destreza that's going to guarantee 3procs and have the crit bonus should get the same benefits as a the endura that's going to go out the way to focus on status to get 5procs to boost to match damage with the destreza?
  11. It'll become more of a concentrated meta. Favoriting super crit hybrid weapons than can easily get 3 procs. Destreza p, tipedo p gram p, atterax, and such. There will be little to no reason to use a status heavy weapon if basically a super crit weapon can get the same benefits easily
  12. Like i said earlier if they going to nerf it nerf it. But capping at 3 isnt the way to do it.
  13. You are definitely crazy. My weapon easily procs 5-6procs. You not adding into account forced procs. Most weapons can easily proc 3 procs. Meaning the weapons that have those extra procs is worthless. This condition overload changes will push ppl towards a whole new meta. Mainly towards the super hybrids like gram p tipedo p and such.
  14. I have a rapier kripath zaw 14% cc 32% sc 2.2x cd at base can proc 6 different elements. Destreza p 24% cc 18% sc 3x cd can reap the same benefits as me from just proccing basically ips from condition overload with the new changes. Its definitely not fair to the weapons that focus on status
  15. So u believe a pure status weapon that procs 5-6procs should get the same benefits of condition overload as a weapon that just proccing basically ips? The condition overload changes purely a buff to the weapons with lower procs instead of rewarding the weapon with more procs.
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