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  1. Yes! Helminth system might now be usable! That's awesome news. Been asking since 3 days after Deimos for Bile changes. Real shame it took this long but at least now I can start using this system again.
  2. Well it's about time, I do however think you need to drop the amount needed of every bile resource there is currently by a large amount as well as make it so every single ability that's worth using, as well as subsuming frames, doesn't cost bile as often. It's extremely rare that something I want to do doesn't cost some bile. This is a great step, but it does nothing to solve the root problem in the long run. I'm a MR29 player, that has over 1k log-ins and 6k hours in game, and have never been without every booster running since 2017 when I started playing because I buy the top tier of e
  3. You forgot to change Bile... again... MR29 player with 6,000 hours in game... can barely do anything now because of Bile.
  4. Spent 800p on that package and can't use the "universal" rifle skin on stuff like Synapse (or any beam), or Torid (or any launcher)... That really sucks.
  5. I'm very glad you got some fixes and changes in. But you still, and I cannot believe this, but still haven't fixed Bile or other helminth costs. I have over 6k hours, buy every prime access, and never took time off from the game for years until I saw these costs and experimented. I can only hope others have done the same and you've seen a vast untime of veterans because of Bile alone. You know it's wrong. You just think it'll make people play more to grind the stuff. It won't. It makes them disgusted and stop playing. But hey... Cosmetics am I right?
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