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  1. Umm... Just going to sneak that in there then? Any idea how long this had been a thing, and certainly not abused, yet still I've never seen anyone use them in mission unless they were leveling them? It's this kind of stuff that kills me. Someone had to notice, diagnose, fix this... That person could have been thinking of a way for Excalibur to have survivability now that life strike and channeling are gone. Because even with 2k armor and exalted deflection you're still 1-shot by vomvalysts (who shouldn't even be in those missions... I mean... Have you tried killing one with your amp? How's that go for you? About 4-5 entire way bound unlocked energy pools? Me too. They also fire seeking projectiles, just like the dog things, that completely ignore stealth frames.). There are so many other things, important things, you could be working on but instead choose to nerf an already unpopular weapon. This is why it's been the longest stretch I've ever gone without playing warframe. And that says a lot for someone clocking 5k hours in the game.
  2. sure hope you're back... this crap really needs adjustments. 12 days ... c'mon guys
  3. PLEASE add a keybinding for Omni Tool! I'm begging you! 🙂 EDIT: For the people PM'ing me in game to tell me "leave your first slot empty and it'll have a keybind", which means changing everything else I already have set to do something not clearly described or probably intended. Opposed to having an option in the menu to assign any key so you don't have to use your gear wheel bindings at all. This way you can, for example, set it to one of your 12 mouse buttons or a shift modifier. I've spent 5,000 hours in game with my keybinds how I like them, I don't want my energy pizzas to be Num8 when they've been Num7 for 5,000 hours.
  4. Yay! After days and days I might get BUlkheads with enough health to make use of the veil.
  5. This TBH. And even Amesha is dying through every layer of defense, because crew ships fire their anti aircraft artillery at you non-stop. I have maxed Primed Morphic Transformer and still die even with my 2,3,4 (I think it's a bug as I see the health going down even when it's greyed out, and Amesha's 2 should also be sucking the projectiles into it's core and they shouldn't be touching me). I've been holding in one of my MMO mouse buttons programmed to rapidly press first ability while shooting as it's the only way.
  6. Thanks! Can you guys please consider reducing the grind? (sad we have to ask this each and every update you'd think you'd know by now lol). Mk2 stuff costling 7k carbides and all that? It's far too much. Then you have to wait 12 hours on top of it. Seems like someone said "give them every reason possible to buy repair drones", and this is the second content update in a row where you're doing far greedier approaches like this. First with Parazon mods and now this. You guys are better than that... it's why I've put the time in and spent the money I have.
  7. It took *forever* to mine all that crap, and you're telling me we need it in order to fix our ships which get damaged multiple times on the easiest level? Stop it with this ever-growing grind. WHY not use the millions upon millions of resources we already have no use for to fuel the repairs? Why do we have to mine for it? Are we not supposed to be able to complete even the easiest mission?
  8. Thanks for this! I always hated that weathered look! We are Tenno of distinction after all! Can we please get some fixes to "blink" (such as a toggle to turn it off because it's not very useful) if you aren't going to massively lower the cooldown. Can you also look into the archwing melee? It's horrific.
  9. The reason blink is the way it is, is because people like Steve and his mindset while streaming when learning that Reb said it should be faster. "she's had it what all of 2 hours" or whatever condescending thing he said. Because the difference is Reb actually plays the game not dreams of algorithms and lighting effects. Actually plays. Doesn't play because it's her job but she actually enjoys it. You should be listening to her immediately, not Scott. I don't mean for it to sound rude but Steve is as clueless to game play finesse as Reb would be to sheets of animation coding. And immediately she knew how the community would react yet its been days (probably because Steve wants everyone to try it... Like it's a complex thing to understand and digest) without a word. The blink is *so bad* that I'd rather be able to turn it off in settings so I don't accidentally hit it. Useless and pointless... No exaggeration. Also, archwing melee is completely broken and horrific. It needs that lunging auto target back the way it was and even then it was barely useful. Even with Furor...... /s
  10. Glad to see you're improving, but was there a real speed up on lich hunting? If the whole process was 300% and now it's 260% that's not that great. Especially when getting the Lich to spawn is a nightmare. Even at their max "anger" level. It just takes too long. And getting 1/7th of the amount of kuva to reroll one riven (at 5% chances...) isn't what I want. I just want the farm to be faster. We already have to level all of these weapons 5 times!
  11. Okay, real quick... why did you do the "pistol vazarin syndrome" with exilus slots? It defeats all purpose to make them V's. Why, why, why, why, why? We already have to spend time/money on the exilus bp's ... then have to forma them? And there is no reason, whatsoever, that we can't have reload mods in there. Especially when some reloads take 10x longer than it takes for 1 enemy to kill you... MAKE THEM ALL A DASH ... ALL OF THEM.
  12. Lmao. It's this reason I'm checking Fang Prime before anything else. Ultra-hoping all these "not really prime" or "that cost how much Crytoic?" melee get treated nicely. Cant relate to mash*tty though, got that a long time ago.
  13. Oh... a boss that's time gated dropping RNG loot with invulnerability stages, now that's new and refreshing. "Content".
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