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  1. Maybe one day soon Arbitrations won't be the most counter-intuitive thing in the world. "Have +300% strength on this frame to give you incentive to use it!" ... "nothing from the frame effects the arbitration drones!".... yay.... fun....
  2. Gara's 3 - it's health needs drastically increased (why it's even health based is beyond me... cause there's also a timer...), cause it's gone the second you cast it above level 50's, entirely ruining the point in wasting a mod slot for the new augment. Khora's is a waste as well unfortunately. Anything that can kill Khora that fast isn't going to be able to take advantage of " -x per enemy killed", and 150s is way too long to begin with. That's 5x longer than normal if venari died, but you can re-summon her for 50 energy, so add the option to drain her woefully small energy pool (for a caster, which you're really good at doing to frames that depend on their abilities to stay alive for some reason) to summon venari back right away. Cause any enemies you can kill fast enough to take advantage of that mechanic likely won't be able to kill you anyways... Inaros - yeah what's the point when even a super-charged Nyx enemy can't even kill another enemy. Wasted slot. Nova- is actually amazing.
  3. this is absolutely ridiculous, do you know that to this day we can do it to the Eidolons? What is it with you and your absurd hatred of people enjoying themselves without having to be put through long and drawn out events all because you give NPC's 95% damage reduction when they area already strong enough to kill Carrier Prime with maxed Primed regen in 1 minute and 09 seconds? STOP making things take longer for no increase in the reward they give, it makes people not want to do those things... so. very. simple.
  4. WE NEED A PLAT OPTION TO BUY A GRAVIMAG !!! We were given no context, as usual as to what we were doing when being told to choose a weapon. Now, until those in the clan who chose velocitus choose to give their rewards to the dojo, those of us who didn't choose it have no option whatsoever. I can't kill the orbs when it takes 3.0 seconds to reload and am constantly being knocked around and then when I actually can deal 0's of damage, it's so minimal that it's pointless. What a pointless, and might I say extremely idiotic, thing to do. It would do nothing but make you more money if you put them in the market for plat. So why aren't they already there?
  5. Hands down, the *worst* thing I've ever had to do in Warframe is the Orb fights, which ironically if the letter are rearranged spell ROB, because that's all they're there to do- rob you of your time. The fodder enemies are difficult enough alone, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that they should even be there. The arch guns (especially because you have to pray you chose the right one for the job because otherwise you are literally screwed unless other clansmen can get the thing built because for some reason you hate money. Can't just buy a Gravimag for 20p from market, nope. Just like Loadout slots and riven slots and everything else that have a limit that's overwhelmingly under what it should be). 90% of all warframe abilities do nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing to the fodder. They're just impervious to anything warframe related I guess. It's been this way since OV released and never got any attention. Can't cast Gara's 2 on most things that need protection, can't encase 75% of the enemies in glass for 45 seconds to catch a tiny break from the ridiculous havok they ensure, Revenant can't thrall half of them and if he can they still attack him, EV let's you cast at enemies but doesn't lock them in an animation stopping them from attacking you.... For some reason, in almost 2019, our companions aren't invincible. Why is that? They cant kill anything fast or consistently enough to warrant having a health pool. Even with rivens (because yes I have one for sweeper) it can handle level 30's but its not like I can AFK, and it's not like it kills fast enough to be worth it... so why why why why do they even have a health pool at all? Do you guys even try this stuff? Even with a bless/adaptation trinity I couldn't last 5 minutes but can solo Arbitrations, Sorties, and 3-hour survivals with ease. But carrier (and of course the vacuum that you refuse to just build into every frame, in every state, and insist on making limited broken mods for specific circumstances because the game is FTP and you'll do anything on earth except let people farm faster) and your means to have ammo, have health regen, have the uberly redundant "allow me to use my archgun even though my Sicarus prime is stronger" are all gone. Like there isn't enough other stuff to focus on during this "fight". And by fight I mean time-sink. The knockdowns (to warrant wasting a mod slot on our arch-gun?) are out of control and ridiculous even if you're using something that should protect against them. Because the stupid and ridiculously over-the-top "shield push". Add to this that the particular arch-gun I chose is the fluctus as it's 3.0 second reload you will NEVER be able to complete this fight. Or I mean, I won't. 3.0 second reloads is just... do you even play your game? I mean really play it? In what circumstance can you stand still for 3 seconds and that doesn't even include the 5.0 seconds it takes to equip the things. Listen to me very carefully... there is nothing fun about frustration. It does not add any element of suspense or enjoyment. Arcane Nullifier (two sets) are not protecting against magnetic procs.... why? The orb mother chooses when you damage it, not you, so even if on the miraculous occurence you're able to damage it, you'll just see 0's until your 40 ammo arch-gun is empty then you can have fun trying to be able to use it again. There's just so much, and I don't understand why. Why would anyone there think that this is fun. Do you only listen to trolls that want the opposite of what everyone else wants? Then there's the rewards and everything else. I just hate everything about this fight. The entire pack of 500p+ corpus weapons I bought once I figured out it'll be 2020 (when melee 3.0 comes out) that I'll be able to build them all suck. Horribly. And to put the icing on the cake, the one polarity that came on the shotgun is a D. When things like that happen, it makes me not want to spend the $150 I have to pay for Prime Access the next time around. Stop putting weapons out that need 4+ forma to be usable. And unfortunately back to the topic at hand, the shotgun is the only one remotely worth using and even then you found a way to make Tigris style shooting look good, because this shotgun has 1 shot in the clip and takes 1.1 seconds to reload with Chilling Reload installed.... what the actual F were you thinking? The pistol and whip are straight downgrades from weapons you can get in the game. Why spend development time on something that people won't want to invest in? I don't understand that. You make something, knowing damned well that nobody will want to put those 5 forma in to them. So aren't you losing money by people doing that? And for the love of God, even storytelling games with the sole purpose of telling stories let you skip the cutscene. Why don't you? To end on a positive note, Baruuk is amazing (so he'll probably be nerfed soon) and Mesa Prime is the best looking frame I've ever seen in my life. I don't want to sue armor or Tennogen on her. So you did something right.
  6. I'm very excited to try Nyx and honestly don't have much else to say about her. She sounds really cool now. But Titania needs more than this to be considered useful. I'd rather have a weaker Razorwing and usable other skills. Her 'buffs' will still need a wiki-level knowledge to know which enemies give what buffs and how to keep them up, while still not getting anything meaningful as far as defense. There is no reason, whatsoever, that a frame with those levels of squish can't use something as trivial as Aviator and it's miniscule 40% damage reduction. Especially when enemies on the plains (and now Venus, of course) treat her as an actual archwing with armor, health, and shields to spare (as well as healing abilities). It just doesn't make sense when strong frames get forms of healing (sometimes multiple; Inaros) and weak frames don't. Perhaps most importantly about Titania, she needs more energy. Why does Chroma Prime get 800 energy and literally casts 2 duration-based abilities and has more survival potential than most frames in the game... but something like Titania gets 425? She's expected to cast constantly to stay alive, and even more so to make her razorwing half the speed of parkour (which subsequently takes up a mod slot to do so), while not getting any flat damage reduction or healing. If you don't reconsider the changes being made she will sit where she sits now. What would make me use her more? Her 1: I shouldn't have to go to the ground and aim downwards in order to cast it on myself, ground = enemies... me = squishy Her 2: These buffs... smh... whatever. But at least don't tie them to a class of enemy... please. Especially when you have updates that mysteriously remove all eximus units from Adaro (couldn't imagine why...must be a bug?). See above reasons about being squishy with no defenses and not being able to spend energy because we don't have enough of it to use our safest form. Her 3: Still sounds useless. It needed, and still needs, to be completely redesigned. This should not ask players to stand in one spot and watch as some enemies get a little CC. And when it does, we surely don't want things to take longer as we embark on 8 in-game hours to farm one single mod. We want to move. This will work in one place- a small corridor as you're running for your life from the 3 stacking Energy Leeches because you only have 425 energy after investing 2 million credits and 40k endo. Her 4: Needs nerfed to allow for more sensible other abilities. Anyone who has ever cared to play as Titania will likely agree, that whilst it is uber-powerful in the Simulacrum the sad truth is you will never need that much power (against level 155's in example) when you can't even go into a level 50 mission because you'll die before you can even get one buff. Also needs immediate switching to melee not the even longer than normal archwing switching, so we can use life-strike (which also eats our energy) to stay alive because we have no healing. As usual, I don't intend to sound snarky or rude, just as a person closely tied to customer satisfaction I look at things like this and see how simply it could be corrected. The truth is that when you make a game that has one goal, consume player's time by force instead of letting them choose to give their time willingly, you need to make the activities as fun as possible. That means giving us multiple ways to do things and rewarding us for the time we put in. Want people to play the game more and spend countless hours re-formaing Titania? Make her as good at _____ as _____ is. Then we can say "I'd rather use Titania, and I can, because it won't hinder the team"
  8. Why do you do this stuff? Please explain it to me. Do you really think you don't have enough time-sinks? I've now completed so many tier 1 bounties trying to get "10 training time sinks" (I've received none...) and because you'll never understand something as simple as "do not waste people's time" I got so frustrated that I turned the game off. I don't understand why it is so difficult to understand that stuff like this makes people not want to play. Rewarding people for the time they put in makes them want to play. It's so simple. Going here and doing this will yield this reward (not might yield). Time spent = reward. Thanks, you've completely ruined anything good I had to say because of this. And that sucks because all the people that did the hard work making everything look and run great don't get the praise they deserve because someone else gets to decide how much wasted time is enough wasted time. Spoiler alert... it's any wasted time that's too much.
  9. I really don't understand on what metrics you make these changes. Like really? Astilla nerfed? I have 2 rivens for it and don't even want to use it (because even with carrier it's not enough ammo). Then Azima... the weapon I use that *everyone* says is trash gets nerfed? WHY? Then you buff stupid stuff that doesn't need it... why even bother. Stuff that needed a buff needed FAR more than "no more than 1 pip" and stuff that needed market upset (Sicarus, Tiberon, etc) needed floored to where Soma and everything else is. So those of us who constantly get screwed with unveils could have had a chance to make some plat. But then again... it's only the people who buy plat that get the awful unveils right? Just like we're also the ones who don't get more than 20% off..............
  10. Nice meme. Just did it with a Mesa buffed, Rhino buffed, and 2 other clan mates. 24 minutes in Grineer Lua Defense (and 4xCP) and after 24 minutes we got to rotation B. Why? Oh, because enemies will *always* get stuck at the far corners of the map. So instead of trying to fix something that you never will, perhaps changing it to 5 waves per rotation is the more realistic approach? Maybe? As usual I'm sorry to sound so rude but every time we turn around there's something else to slow us down. Cold barrels, arctic eximus, elevators, invulnerability stages, knockdowns, staggers, and the list goes on. This is a fast game, we want to go fast. It is really that simple.
  11. Will you be changing the dual-wielding charge time for glaives that silently nerfed? It now takes 2.5 times longer to get the "charged throw reticle" and thus shortens the window you have to throw it as a charged throw as well.
  12. So after playing a few of these: Defense are way too long. It took 40 minutes to complete rotation B. The 2 of us that were left clearly didn't die, not even close, but because AI spawning and pathing it took absolutely forever. This is unreal because in that same 40 minutes we got through 10+ excavators the next round. Which the essences stopped being rewarded at 3... which is really stupid. It only gets harder, why does the rewards never reflect that. Also, the 'operative' has no collision so I can't lock him down with Gara's 4, which whatever, but at least make him 5x slower because I couldn't even catch him to refresh his splinter storm. That's not engaging gameplay, it's tedious. Survival sucks too. Because for personal reasons I have to play solo a lot. I had an Ivara boon (my main frame and favorite frame) for the survival mission and as usual, it's not a battle of difficulty it's a battle of RNG. No matter how fast I killed I couldn't steal with prowl or obtain life support drops no matter how I tried. I made it to 18 minutes when normally with Ivara I can go 6+ hours if I wanted to. Why do you think random stuff is challenging? It's not. It's gambling. Dice rolling. And there's far more than enough of that already. Like rivens. I don't want to gamble. I was so excited seeing the endo rewards for this mode because I wouldn't be the only MR24 that doesn't have maxed mods because I refuse to bang my head off a wall (Rathuum-Vodyanoi) for unknown amounts of time. If I did, I'd surely have stopped playing a long time ago. It's that repetition followed by let-down after let-down from RNG that turns people away from your game in case you haven't figured that out yet. The drones shouldn't be immune to Warframe powers, IE powers like Artemis Bow, due to the time it takes to sheathe and redraw it just for one enemy. The drones should also not be invincible, because in example, enemies are in a line coming down a hall in the interception on Uranus and the drone was in the back of the line and an Arctic Eximus was in the front. See the problem? Enemies don't move once they're in a bubble albeit Nullifier or Arcitc Eximus, I had no room to maneuver around them, and thus an entire pack of enemies were standing there shooting and were also invincible. The drones need to be like Ancient Healers not invincible. They also need to not count against enemy spawns for defense missions because they spawn and remain stationary wherever they spawn opposed to being like shield ospreys or orokin drones that move to find someone to help (wish my pets did that... especially Venari) Other notes: Enemies with spawns (Drahk master specifically) are calling their pets and becoming alerted for no reason whatsoever as soon as they spawn into a tile now, I really hope this is unintended because you can't even melee the stupid dogs with a glaive once they're asleep. Khora as my force specter, her 4 wasn't doing anything to enemies. They just ignored it. You made the time it takes to get the blue reticle while dual-wielding longer (by about 2 whole seconds) as well as shortening the window that we have to throw it at that time resulting in an uncharged throw. I guess you didn't think people would notice. You made the distance that enemies are alerted by seeing another enemy killed much larger than it previously was. It used to only be ranged enemies that could see that far away but now powerfists on Lua are seeing me commit genocide on Saturn. (this is all while cloaked as Ivara). My Cernos Prime with Hunter Munitions doesn't proc HM barely ever now for some reason... Scott? The new mode still suffers the same old bugs that old ones do, ancient problems like Excavation never ever spawning power cell carriers after you've completed a few digs so you literally have to go 500m away to get one which as you can imagine is ridiculous in this mode especially but also sorties. Survivals don't drop enough life support modules forcing you to use one single frame (Nekros). Defense enemies get stuck on the nothingness holding up the entire round instead of just dying/spawning in front of our faces after being stationary for so long.I was really hoping that you'd focus on making the missions work instead of adding new parameters for them to break (drones). The spoiler thing, that costs a whopping 1,000 ducats? You know... the meaning 15 per mission (because that's all you get 98% of the time) makes that 66 missions... and if they could all be done in 4 minutes (they can't) then that's 4.4 hours of only doing that... Who thinks of this stuff? Honestly who sits down and says "that's a great idea, the longer the better!" I'm sorry if this is long, or if it sounds like I'm angry, but understand that this game is my passion. The good praise and love that I give it in terms of actual money spent (at least 5 prime access now and many plat purchases on top of Tennogen we're talking a bare minimum of $1,100 I've spent) and word of mouth and such is all because I like the game that much. Over 4,000 hours I'd assume so far. And still log in and play every single day, not just log in. When I see things silently nerfed it makes me sick to my stomach like I'm being cheated on by a loved one. If you make a change that you think will go unnoticed you're wrong. There will be people who notice, and every little thing affects those people.
  13. It's almost 10PM, can you please just say "no not tonight" so i can go play something else while I have time. I give you guys my attention, all of it. WF comes before any other game. But I don't want to sit here waiting anymore.
  14. It better be a bug that Wukong's invisible duration is based off range... You have got to be kidding me. What's Wukong's thing?... His 2. What do you use for it?...Duration/Efficiency/Strength. What does having those things do?... lowers range via Narrow Minded. What makes more sense, duration relying on duration, or duration relying on range?... Don't think I need to answer that. So to recap: It doesn't refresh unless the allies' invisibility runs out while they're under your cloud It doesn't work on NPC's so we can't use it for rescue missions so Wukong at least had something he was good at It's based off range It's still useless I don't mean to sound rude... but seriously. Wukong sucks so badly, and all you could muster was this augment? One more reason for him to suck because every one of his augments are garbage. Three of his abilities are garbage. Why is it that you guys hate certain frames? Like Wukong, Nyx, Vauban, Titania. You're your own worst enemies and it breaks my heart because it's like half the people there are devoted to making the game better and enjoyable while the other half just worry about pushing stuff out just to say you pushed stuff out and making sure people waste as much time as possible in game via any means necessary. Why? As an end game player with about 3,000+ hours in-game I'd love to have a reason to choose other frames for certain activities and not feel like I'm limiting my effectiveness by choosing said frame. So I end up using the same handful of frames over and over. And it sucks.
  15. So... almost 4pm... really hoping we get Revenant today. Please?
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