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  1. clearly the community should do the prime accessories from now on lol. the music ones are far better than the prime accessories. It's amazing, the metallics are in the 4th slot, the dual energy works... all kinds of cool things we don't get with DE armor. edit: PS- Octavia Prime Access is nearly over, and her chassis guitar strings *still* don't have dual energy colors... lol. Like, you invest so much of your time and base so much of your income on cosmetics; you'd think that everything would come out with some kind of normalcy.
  2. Great to see some gloom changes, was desperately needed. Looking forward to more? Like the one you mentioned and of course the 50 activation cost on a channeled ability. Might seem small to you, but look at Grendel. there is one reason nobody uses him and that was the choice to make him have unplayable drain. So wait: I was all "why is everyone saying it's a nerf" and then re-read to see you actually released this "fix" to the wild without the cap in place lmao. Sometimes I swear you want negativity. For everyone who didn't read that part and assumed something so terri
  3. I try being patient. But why is it that literally everything released anymore has these issues. If someone had taken one second to put a piece of shoulder armor on Rhino Prime with Dex skin ON and the old/ugly prime details OFF it would have been so clear that it looks terrible. Even the Dex armor doesn't work on the Dex skin. There's an incredible gap between the arm and the armor, and the scaling of the armor is about 7x too big. Stuff like Edo, Targis, etc all look hilariously awful because they're massive and there's a huge gap. You talk about 'fashion frame being end ga
  4. So I was thinking; maybe you could give affinity weekend and/or forma packs for the absolutely staggering amount of forma Sevagoth requires? Key word: requires. Maybe just even a Plague Star. Boy would that be nice, after all these years.
  5. Thanks... PLEASE lower energy drain on Sevagoth's 3, it's ridiculous.
  6. Hey guys. Sevagoth is cool, but man this 'no bloodrush' on exalted thing is really ancient now. It should have went away when Blood Rush & everything else was changed. Look at exalted usage... every single one of them are terrible for melee. With Excals being the only acceptable one and it's barely that because the stance pulls you all around and life strike doesn't work on the waves since no more channeling. I don't even touch him anymore. But Sevagoth's is terrible in Steel Path. And the hard part is that you actually want to nerf melee. Which is crazy to me. Wukong's most r
  7. Thanks So bought the supporter pack, which doesn't allow you to buy the collection then, but also doesn't come with the weapon lol. Why would you do that? I had to spend 200p of the plat I just got with the *collection*, the *supporter* one lol.
  8. The Corpus just keep getting stronger and stronger. To the point now that it's unbearable. To preface this, I'm a 4 year player, MR-30, with 7,000 hours in game. I play solo 98% of the time because I prefer it. I have devised ways to solo literally everything in the game. It's the only reason I still play is because I can solo everything. Doing most of these missions, which all take *way* too long, is such a chore. You said you were removing Gian Point to make the rest of RJ be closer to what we wanted. Well, and I cannot believe I have to say this, we don't want to spend 45 minut
  9. PLEASE lower the rank of some of these. Totally negates getting all that endo.
  10. You know, I really try to be patient and cool DE. But then one of the first thing's I see is yes, you made endo 1:1, but then made everything's drain SO HIGH, and even made the stuff that doesn't cost drain insanely expensive to max. Why? Why couldn't we just be able to max stuff we've already maxed and been playing with for years. Just, why.
  11. Coming off the back of the 2 Steel Path alerts for survival today, I'm still left wondering why Ancient Disruptors are 5,000% OP. I don't want to sound rude, or hasty, but I challenge any Community Manager to do Steel Path infested and have energy. Ever. We know Ancient Disruptors (which I will now call AD's) are horrific for their hitscan, never miss, omnipresent hooks. These things are enough to ruin fun even on regular ole' star chart missions. But then we're put into Steel Path, where the already incredible amount of infested enemies is amplified by 10. Then, since it wasn't likely c
  12. Guess it's too late to hope that you'll increase the rewards, you know, time vs reward is pretty horrific. But DE-2019+ has been like "oh, the more time they spend the more fun they're having" I guess.
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