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  1. Fix an "exploit" for the most horrific grind in Warframe history... Don't fix the fact that it's so bad it led people to do things like this... Yep- back to playing Anthem. At Least it's fun.
  2. What an unacceptably ridiculous amount of grind. Say it with me... forcing the players to do the same thing, over and over, for literally 10+ hours to get rewards (and not offering them to be bought with platinum) isn't going to make you money. However- making people desire playing because rewards are fun, desirable, and obtainable reasonably would make people want to play. It shouldn't be this hard. It really shouldn't. It seems so easy to me... how long would you want to play a single game, with a single weapon, in a single setting, with essentially a single warframe before it gets old? 1 hour or 745,238? Stop making grinds like this... each time you do it makes me want to play less.
  3. Thanks, and with all due respect... that's the ugliest skin I've ever seen. Really hope Ivara doesn't end up like that, too.
  4. Not sure when this started, but Life Strike no longer works on Baruuk's "waves" from his ultimate, yet remain working on actual contact with enemies. Does not work at all on Titania's Diwatter. Sometimes still works on Umbra's Exalted Blade. This is incredibly important to me and I'm sure other people. Especially on the "balance" that is Warframe. Had to do sortie 3 today (Eximus Grineer and Ghouls level 100/110 on Plains of Eidolon) with Titania while not being able to heal without leaving Razorwing, going into operator, crouching, going into frame, going back into Razorwing... should be as simple as one swipe with my melee while holding my channeling button.
  5. Glad to see you're finally taking some interest in older missions! That's awesome! But... you know what'd be the best change? Making it so your ability to stay in a survival was because of skill and not RNG. 90% of the time (100% for Arbitrations and Kuva survivals) you cannot stay even if you wanted to unless you're using 1 of 3 frames... I instead wish it was more skill related. For some reason you guys think that mind-numbing grind is what keeps people playing, it's not. For me it's being a space ninja and using my powers, a trend which has also fallen to the wayside with your recent Corpus additions that just flip a coin on whether or not your Warframe powers will work. I hope to see some adjustments to this as well.
  6. are you kidding me? there's no way weapons like Sicarus needed nerfed- please stop wasting my plat.
  7. Another hotfix... another time you ignored this. You already made the money off it, so who cares am I right?
  8. AWESOME! Another hotfix, and Wukong's Tennogen ignored yet again. You should be ashamed.
  9. Worst of all, it was changing the first day. Then they hot-broke it and its been broken for days.
  10. Since the hotfix yesterday, Wukong's skirt things won't change from default. having bought both Tennogen to get rid of his awful look; this stinks. Video:
  11. Correct, it's not only for Mithra though it's his previous one as well. I own both and neither change from the default ones. Edit: Awesome, wasn't important enough for the hotfix. I try being positive but that really sucks.
  12. *You broke Wukong's skirt, it stays default no matter what instead of showing the Tennogen version!* Oh well, not like it cost real money 🤡
  13. Nice! Really hoping to get his duration looked at, another few seconds would do great.
  14. Very good so far, I love it. But every duration is far too low. Frames should have the ability to forego a certain area and still get by (due to corrupted mods). IE- Loki doesn't need strength. Making it so they have to be balanced to be effective makes it much less enjoyable. Especially when you have to count on enemy AI to get your armor buff, count on level design (ability reset pits) to heal yourself as fast as possible, etc. Over all very good though and Wukong finally feels good. And to all the Vauban mains I understand, but Wukong will be primed soon- that's likely the only reason this was done now. It's much easier to forget Vauban, Ember, etc when you've already made your money off of them.
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