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  1. Sure hope Steel Essence drop was increased! Also, Regulators and Rampart's need de-buffed please! Edit: you forgot to increase Steel Essence drop rate... Really?... I have 12. 6 are from completing 3 planets. That means I've had 3 enemies drop it in 3 entire planets of missions. Why do you think that's ok?
  2. So no mention of Gara in this post... am I to assume the change came through with her? And does she still get that fat 0% crit chance? Or.
  3. I have all boosters active, and got 2 drops from earth, mars, and half of ceres. It's just horrifically low.
  4. The Steel Essence drop rate is horrific. Literally the worst. Completed Earth and Mars, and half of Ceres.... have 8 total essence and 4 of those are from completing planets. I also have a booster so that means in 2.5 planets I have received 2 drops. Two. I cannot fathom who decides these things, and even moreso, who thinks that it's acceptable. As usual, like every single update in the 3 years I have played the game... you need to increase the drops and lower the cost of the items. Also, as politely as possible, you should be ashamed of yourselves for artificially trying to extend playtime by forcing burnout on people who would like to have something new. Also, since it's apparently never coming back to RJ, how about another way to earn Umbral forma except for once every 6 months? That'd be cool. Imagine how many people would choose to play if they could earn something awesome like that opposed to something 99.9% useless like Stance Forma (for the one and only weapon in the game you'd consider using it on... but not by much because you can throw a few V's in and not need to spend your yearly Steel Essence on it Stance Forma). I seriously tried being as nice as possible. TLDR: increase drop rates, lower cost to purchase/craft items.Then apply this to everything you release. Forever.
  5. Super-hope you removed the unnecessary modifiers. All anyone wanted was to do basic _ _ _ mission with much higher levels. Nobody that wants this content really needs resources and especially not the ones on offer from planets. Kuva/Endo perhaps sure. Such a let down seeing someone just had to go and complicate everything so we don't have a choice in frames to use. Might as well put enemies and shield changes back if you're doing that. I'd like to see Reb use Nyx and Meg not use Inaros/Nezha/Unkillable-X frame for tonight. Just so it's easier to see what we're supposed to see. 🙂
  6. What's the underlying problem though? Is it Xoris, or is it that these frames shouldn't have to deal with decaying combo counter that only happens because of enemy spawn rate, "reset pits" that shouldn't be there, etc. I guarantee, on my life, if I were to go do an exterminate at least one time during the adventure I'll get the red blip icon with something around 800m+ away until my next enemy. If we use Naramon, then we can't have Zenurik. Which, should show something like Catchmoon did for used focus schools. Here's an idea that doesn't make focus schools non-choice since the Vazarin "have a few million wasted focus points" healing change.... Make energizing dash the base node of all schools...
  7. I've been hearing the horror stories about this and I'm just so confused. I thought it was made perfectly clear that all most people wanted was to start a regular old mission with nothing changed other than enemy level. That's it. Not arbitrations v2, not onslaught v2, not nightmare v2.... just the same old mission with no additional crap tied in like even more bullet sponge and even more stipulations like energy pizza or cipher usage or ability limits. Most of the people who would want these things would be happy with no change whatsoever in rewards (because they already have everything) aside from affinity so we might finally have a sensible way to level things alone. I was so excited. And now, as usual, they had to go and DE it up. Which I cannot even fathom. This is why it wasn't released when Steve joked about releasing it a month+ ago. Because someone had to dip their fingers in the pie and add special rewards which meant someone else had to dip in and make sure we couldn't get the rewards in a easy way which then, as usual, dictates the fun of the release. Because whoever (Sheldon?) is in charge of rewards completely ruins every release this way. Dog Days, Scarlet Spear launch, Empyrean, Kuva Lich, etc. The list extends to literally every single thing they release needing tweaked because someone there has no grasp on reality and how much time should be spent for a reward. Also- don't get me wrong I don't care if the enemies had some more meat on them so they were like "the old" enemies. Even damage is fine I suppose. My complaint here is mostly with the arbitrary changes like gear usage cooldowns or additional modifiers that are not something I wanted at all. When I can run out of ammo on certain weapons on regular star-chart missions, I shouldn't have ammo-pizzas be limited when the enemy armor is tanked up beyond a reasonable amount. Sorry for the rant I just wish for once it was going to be what the community wanted and not what DE wanted (more playtime per player, bottom line).
  8. Yep, for over 3 hours now it's been impossible to start the game. I've checked the boxes, verified, optimized, uninstalled, reinstalled, ran as admin, rebooted, rebooted modem, rebooted router, installed to different drive, deleted Appdata/local/Warframe and rebooted... There's nothing that I haven't tried. This is ridiculous. I've never had problems with the launcher until whatever you did yesterday DE. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.
  9. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  10. See Protea changes in red text, says yay finally. Thank you. Really feels a lot better; having 33 sec on my shield satellites and having her 2 actually kill stuff is a nice change. While her 4 is a neat I idea I still don't find myself wanting to use it. Like there should be a better reason to deploy. Refund energy? WEll my dispenser keeps me topped off even with 75% efficiency & maxed primed flow (with max energize). Keeps me from dying? My 1 already does that tbh, especially when paired with adaptation and no other defensive mods. IDK- like I said I love the idea, on paper and the animations are very cool; just useless in normal gameplay. Should be more like Nvidia Shadowplay than OBS, or even just slows down time while you're in it like how The Flash would see the world.
  11. Thanks... but, you forgot to buff Protea's 1 duration and 2 damage. Was really hoping you would have adjusted her by now.
  12. This needs a much higher base duration, even if it's just for the useful (shield) portion of the ability. It feels like Ash's invisibility. I also wish when I cast her 1 for shields, that my companion and I get it first. TOo many times I've spun through throwing her 1 until I have +100% strength, casting shield buff, and having someone swoop through and take it. I wish it were just applied, not picked up. Same for Vauban's buff while we're at it, there's enough other stuff going on that we shouldn't have to strategically aim and gather a buff every 12 seconds.
  13. Grenade Fan: The duration of grenade fan, namely the shield buff, needs a minimum 10 second increase in my opinion. It feels like I never stop casting- and because the 1 doesn't even proc Growing Power it doesn't serve much of a purpose other than to rotate until you have her passive active. It feels lackluster, which I understand because all warframe first abilities are. But the highlight is her shields. Blaze Artillery: While I understand you're being cautious because of it's accuracy and/or potential AFK... it is so incredibly weak. I tried testing it out both in SIM and in missions at higher difficulty (okay scott?) and it can't kill anything armored, at all, past maybe level 45-50. And that was with 234% power strength. Just far too weak. Otherwise, aside from the long casting times which seems to be the bane of warframes anymore (needing to slot casting speed mods to have them be less-capable as other frames that don't need them), she feels pretty decent. I find myself not really wanting or desiring to use her Ultimate though- I always have plenty of energy even with no efficiency mods and needing to cast grenade fan every step.
  14. Should have made Atlas' landslide adaptive like Baruuk augment... Sadface. These don't seem great. Cooldowns for Valkyr? She needed non augment buffs as is. And this Augment... still uses channeled energy? Why? She is already in dire need of an update guys, and I've always loved her regardless of that. Now you add this... which is a heavily gimped Blood Rush with too many negatives.She needs more health, more range on her claws, and more than 2 useful abilities. Luckily we get the option to have Enemy Radar on Saryn, because I was sick of using Primed Animal Instinct... /s You can do better than this DE.
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