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  1. Dang, you keep forgetting to make Yareli good... and holokeys not death to farm.
  2. She was never able to slot Argon Scope. Much like Excalibur couldn't slot Blood Risj or Weeping Wounds and stuff. The original acolyte mods weren't allowed. I haven't tested to see if Titania or Mesa can use Galvanized Crosshairs though so if they can that's kinda crappy. Even before we had moddable exalted weapons you could have argon scope in something, and it would show the icon for it, but not actually give you the bonus. At least her bow is ridiculously strong, it doesn't really need scope. It still one-shot everything. Except all the flat damage mitigation stuff because DE. TIME SPENT = FUN HAD. - DE 2021
  3. You forgot to make Yareli good :(
  4. Meanwhile, I still haven't gotten my Tennocon Merch... The stuff I ordered the first day you could? The stuff I'm supposed to have to make me feel like I'm there? That's just on top of the horrific grind and lack of concern for everything in the update. Core features aren't working. Lol. Like. The entire reason you nerfed melee and added the mods... Yet the mods aren't even working. How is that possible? And Yareli? The absolute worst frame ever. I thought sevagoth was bad... Since I haven't touched him since the 15 forma. But then there's this. Absolutely, positively, useless. But hey. Making more money is more important than things working or being fun. So. Cool.
  5. Animal instinct turns off when on Maerlina... please fix asap.
  6. So now, in order to do Steel Path, it'll be harder, take longer, and be even worse for already lackluster rewards. On top of that, there will be 7 new arcanes or whatever, that are of course RNG, and likely need 21 each to be effective. It's your answer to everything anymore isn't it? Grind until you just can't take it anymore. What a surprise that you are nerfing everything when normal players already only have one choice like being invisible and using octavia to do Steel Path to have a somewhat normal Umbral Forma rewarding. But, all the people who do endurance and stuff make it that much worse for the rest of us. I see the galvanized mods also can't be stacked... because... that's all we needed to make guns usable. /s Magically, aiming down scope fixes it all, right? Just look how popular Argon Scope is. We won't be able to complete the 'on kill' because you won't buff all guns by 500% base to make them even close to being capable of handling Steel Path Survival.
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