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  1. I can totally see this as the basis for "Invasions 2.0", with random sentient incursions across the starchart.
  2. Galvanized mods and the new Arcanes are a neat way to bridge the gap... but it's still power creep instead of a good "stat squish". But then, a squish would look like a massive nerf and the player base wouldn't tolerate that, I think. This, with the melee nerf, is a reasonable compromise. However, I hate that the entry point into this "better guns" is Steel Path alone. I understand that this is the part of the game where this needs to be addressed the most, but it has the issue that it still makes melee the best way to do Steel Path until you finished grinding the new arcanes/mods. So by the time you've finally grinded all of this, you're already at the point where you don't need them any longer. Furthermore, there are so many activities in Warframe that have underwhelming drops, this could've been dropped right in here to reinvigorate these activities - add them to the points of interest in Railjack (which is kind of high-level content), add them to arbitrations, to liches, add them to Deimos vaults and so on - in addition to Steel Path. That way, these game modes are refreshed - which they need anyway - and you provide a gentler entry point into the system. Then, by adding them to Steel Path as planned, you add a secondary way to access them for those who managed to get their favourite gun working - and now they can farm Steel Path for more.
  3. Conceptually, I like these changes a lot: it gives them a clearer gameplay purpose and rewards prioritising targets - encouraging a bit more tactical gameplay is always encouraged. However, I still worry about these enemies just insta-dying at lower levels (meaning people don't get eased into the system) and that it's still RNG-based in terms of benefits like dispensing energy. Mercy kills really need a short invincibility window to prevent team mates from nuking them instantaneously.
  4. The new Helminth abilities look alright - will depend on numbers, but they're somewhat interesting and encourage experimentation, which is always nice. The Invigorations are... meh? I like the concept of encouraging more variety by giving you a reason to play other frames than your favourites, but this is a double layer of RNG - random buff on a random frame. I understand why you don't want a reliable buff - that'd be a straight power-creep - but it feels like there are better ways to encourage play variety.
  5. Arguably, the silliness is somewhat constrained, too: it's mostly TennoGen that has pushed this - butteryfly wing syandanas, flight attendant Nova... and I'm getting the impression that they've been a bit stricter with enforcing art style since then. Recent TennoGen is either faction-themed or pretty gritty/sci-fi-esque. That doesn't mean that some of that more fanciful design is coming from DE, too, lately: the Star Days ephemera basically abandoned a lot of Warframe aesthetics and Yareli is really pushing the "cuteness", too. And as much as I like Liger Inuzuka's designs, I feel some Deluxe skins are pushing the theme harder than they should. Ultimately, none of that is destroying the feel/vibe of Warframe... yet. If these are the extremes and remain a rare occasion, it's fine. Then they're the exceptions that prove the rule, so to speak. But if they become a regular occurance or new overall art direction, then I'm actually worried: the strong art direction and atmosphere is one of the things that kept Warframe from "feeling" like a Free-to-Play game aesthetically and I think that's kind of important.
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