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  1. Huh, surprise dev stream! Glad you're managing to get an April dev stream in after all, after the Call of the Tempestarii launch! Of course, questions! So here are some: Obligatory: what's next? We knew about Corpus Railjack for a while, but all that's "left" are the Corpus Liches (soon?) and then New War/Duviri Paradox as these long-term goals. What can we look forward to in the next weeks/months? How will liches/queenpins interact with the Railjack system? Is Railjack "done" for now or will we see more changes in the near future? Maybe Corpus skirmishes and Grineer mix
  2. I got the impression that Sevagoth was drained of energy beyond use/repair after centuries of just haunting the area as its Shadow - Cy even says that it used the last of its energy to do so. If they had included a little visual indicator of that, e.g. had Sevagoth turned all stone-like and black (fairly straightforward shader effect) during the reunion with the Shadow, it would be clearer that there's not enough left to reanimate it - just enough to scan it and generate a blueprint. Hence, the viking burial with him finally finding rest .
  3. While I agree that WF is mostly fine in Solo or a small group of friends (and that's how I play most of it outside of fissures), this view doesn't quite jive with DE's push to make PUGs and the community a "thing": Spawn rates on solo can be problematic, RJ didn't get the command intrinsic until a year after its release, clans are integral to the game's equipment acquisition (and yes, solo clans are a thing, but clearly not the intent), the relays and world hubs are pushing you towards bumping into other players and so forth. Saying it's solely a player-driven direction ignores a lot
  4. Warframe is probably best compared to ARPGs like Diablo, Torchlight and Path of Exile. The big difference all these and Warframe (and their approach to endgame content) is two-fold: ARPGs rely heavily on randomised weapon/equipment stats, The closest thing to randomised stats in WF are Rivens and Valence fusion equipment. The latter is quite forgiving but the latter has spawned its own economy. ARPGs have almost infinitely scaling NG+ modes where you replay the campaign over and over again with higher difficulty. The closest thing Warframe has are ESO, endurance runs of endles
  5. Overall, the void storms are fun to play - there's a certain hectic and frenetic vibe to them, which is quite fun. However: Visual clutter: on some level, it sells the "storm" aspect... but it might be a bit too much. Especially the void sink screen overlay is pretty intense and maybe void sinks could be placed ahead of the player more often - it feels like the algorithm placing void fissures is a bit better at putting them in your way instead of just behind you. The void storm needs to have more effect on the space portion - there's just some damage and screen shake, let us collec
  6. If we ever get the equivalent of Invasions in Railjack, it'd be super fun to have her as your Corpus "mission control" for that mission, but opposing the players if you help the Grineer - "can't let you do that, Tenno". She looks and sounds like a fine rival character, basically our Railjack Alad V - sometimes helpful, sometimes hostile.
  7. Overall, the quest was fun and showcased some of the best bits of Railjack and give us some nice more lore nuggets about the Old War as well as introducing Vala and hinting at her future. Some more positive, mixed and negative thoughts: Positive: The music, atmosphere and tone were great and Cy continues to be a cool cephalon Having a "try-before-you-buy" section where you experience a new Warframe's abilities yourself is a really good touch! While the quest was short, the lack of filler was greatly appreciated: no booting back to the orbiter or waiting for inbox message
  8. More procedural content. A lot of Warframe's "magic" comes from its procedural content: the randomly generated levels that are kind of familiar but never quite the same, the random invasions, today's Sortie and so on. Newer content has kind of abandoned that concept of generating lots of varied content in favour of more static free roam areas and hubs and pushed the "randomness" into the rewards tables. There's still new stuff that tries to go the procedural route (Railjack dabbles a bit in that), but I'd love to see WF just embrace that direction. Randomised mini-quests (Sortie++), perio
  9. Yeah, Defense is incredibly static - it might be the only mission type that doesn't benefit from mobility. Every other mission, even mobile defense, rewards you for mobility in a way. There's some token effort to make it a bit less static (moving platforms, changing defense locations) but that's so trivial that might as well not do that. Defense needs to reward you for killing enemies efficiently/proactively and reward moving out. There's some basic attempt at that with the "stronger" enemies in certain waves (Bursas etc) but it has no actual effect - they'll come to you anyway. Disr
  10. These are all pretty good suggestions that would make the void fissure grind smoother and remove friction. The worst part about void trace farming is getting the minimum traces: the range of rewarded traces just feels way too big, getting less than about a dozen void traces just feels bad. Even if DE doesn't want to increase the cap of how much you can get, it should really be more consistent. RNG rewards is okay, but layered RNG rewards feel back because you don't feel "unlucky" like not getting what you want from a relic, you feel cheated for not even having a shot at playing th
  11. As far as we know, DE is aware of the problem: a spawn pad was announced as part of the Dojo QoL improvements but didn't end up making it. From that list, we are currently missing: placeable spawn pads, placeable NPCs, Kuva fortress and Cetus decorations. In the follow-up post, they announced: So it looks like it just didn't make the cut in the batch of QoL updates with Corpus Railjack. With a bit of luck, it won't get lost in the shuffle and we'll get spawn pads in one of the next updates.
  12. Just to illustrate what I mean, here's the door on a Grineer missile platform: the "port" is about 25m wide (see waypoint) and the actual door probably less than half of that. That means the door is actually quite close to the width of corridors in-game. You'll also note how the frame itself is probably a bit oversized with that as scale reference - but it doesn't stand out - it almost looks like a perspective issue. Now let's have a look at a Corpus Stanchion next to the Railjack - that really shows how huge even a Stanchion is! The giant thing you see in the Dry Dock? It's dwarfed by
  13. Something inspired by a Yukata mixed with a bit of a sci-fi twist and some inspiration from the the Orokin robes Ballas is wearing would be quite interesting and very "Tenno" in aesthetic.
  14. One oddity is: landing crafts and abilities have been decoupled recently. At this point, landing craft are effectively just skins with a sub-skin (the livery). Ideally, the Arclite craft would be a new craft (with the option for liveries) but no bundled ability. But clearly, the system isn't quite setup like that, so it's an universal livery instead, which works well enough even if it's kludgey.
  15. In the original Railjack reveal during TennoCon 2018, the Railjack had all the Orbiter stations built in (Arsenal, Foundry etc), when Railjack released, all of that was gone - and at the same time, RJ was relegated to late game content (post-Second Dream). Really think that was a mistake, they need to go back to their original ambition of having RJ as the "new orbiter" eventually, because that's what a fully integrated "Warframe 2.0" is. They can't switch it all over immediately, but I really think they should've made RJ something you can acquire after Mars or so but keeping it on, well,
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