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  1. It has been mentioned before, but its very easy to accidentally press the action button and get a lich you didn't want. Aborting the mission or alt+f4 doesn't save you either from what I've heard. It is a rather rough punishment for a simple button press. While we should 'be more careful', it would be nice to cancel a lich. Especially if more will be added to the lich system~ higher levels and whatnot.
  2. Garuda's claws, although not exalted, need some attention too. IMO, they basically are her 'exalted' weapon, given that she has to give up her melee, which is more than any other.
  3. I have a solution. All the old versions of primed chamber should be renamed to "OG Primed Chamber."
  4. Any info on creating new mods? Specifically for shields, as they are in a bad state right now. Damage reduction, etc
  5. Great idea. Would love to see it happen.
  6. Can we expect murmur progress to be quicker, or to stay the same? I like the changes.
  7. player house? player house. +1 maybe we can live in some vents on fortuna too
  8. You could enable and disable sprint while cloud walking. I used toggle sprint.
  9. The cloudwalker nerf went too far. It's now slower than sprinting. I'm hoping they revert it back. One of my favorite frames after his rework. I put an umbral forma on mine, then his staff was nuked, and now his cloudwalker was nuked. Feels bad man.
  10. Yeah. Like I said earlier there needs to be multiple game modes. It can't be a one size fits all approach. DE actually has to invest time and effort into it and beyond that, maintain it as new content comes out. If they had a decent PvP, it would attract more players.More players, more money. Yeah I'm aware. Also sometimes when new stuff is put into the game, it breaks something in conclave. They usually respond by removing whatever is broken and "getting back to it eventually". Although if every frame had the same stats and abilities were disabled, you could put them straight in.
  11. Back on the topic~ If you want a balanced PvP, you have to start with a balanced framework. The current iteration of Conclave is literally "bring whatever you want" and basically a meme. It IS super fun, and I feel like that game mode should always stick around, however there needs to be additional game modes. If you take the framework of other popular shooters, what people are familiar with, and what is generally acceptable: Everyone has the same stats 200 hp, 200 shields, or something to that effect. Sprint speed, movement in general, are all the same across the board. Any other arbitrary stats are the same as everyone else. Frames are now just cosmetic. Abilities further down Weapons, load outs, damage There is a vast amount of weapons in warframe, not all of them should be starting weapons in competitive pvp No one needs a staticor or arca plasmor as a starting weapon A list of balanced weapons you can select from as a loadout. Pick a primary, secondary, melee from a list. Braton/burston/tiberon for primary, lato/lex/kunai for secondary, etc etc These are starting weapons. Some weapons shouldn't make the cut into PvP. IPS probably needs to go, as well as most status effects Weapons do true damage now, which can be balanced more effectively as everyone has the same hp/shields. If a weapon is under performing or over performing, you can buff/nerf accordingly. (EG Time to kill is too slow or too fast) Weapons on the map Warframe was based off UT, hence the pickups and such. They could add power weapons to the map, or other weapons to the map. Remember when your first mission in warframe, where you had to pick your weapons? You went up and pressed the button to swap between the braton/paris or lato/kunai or bo/skana. You were in a mission, and able to swap your weapons. They can easily implement something similar for PvP. Walk up to a Vectis on the map, hit a button and it replaces your current primary. Power weapons should be brought in line with other games. Rockets should be a one shot. Snipers are 2 body shots to kill, or 1 headshot. Opticor should one shot. Etc. Other weapons can be on the map as an alternative to starting weapons that aren't power weapons. This really depends on the list of weapons that are allowed in. Abilities should either be disabled or enabled for different game modes 3v3/4v4 with no abilities, with the above load out, would be a better start at balanced PvP If abilities are off, warframes are cosmetic. Rep your main with no penalty. You can have game modes with abilities on. We want multiple game modes, not just one or two. This isn't "abilities have to go period." Conclave only frame? Abilities suited to pvp? Nade ability, Shield ability, etc etc? Movement might have to be toned down Remember, console is a thing. Warframe has insane acrobatics, and using control sticks is going to suck. I can feel my fellow PC players die inside a little, I'm sorry Nothing too crazy. Small changes would make a huge impact. Remove the ability to roll in the air, remove a double jump, etc. Personally I don't think its needed, but this is something that would have to be looked at based upon feedback and such. Just throwing it out there because it might be something that needs addressed at some point. Don't take everything there as gospel. If you used something like what I said above, you can mold that into a lot of great PvP modes. We can totally keep what we have now, but add other things too. This isn't 'replace' this is 'add'. Just some ideas to balance. I know people aren't going to like everything there, as to be expected, but we can always add/change/remove things. Like I said earlier you need a framework to build upon. This would level the playing field and maybe encourage others to get into pvp as well. Right now pvp is just a clusterf*** honestly.. It should be played for fun but that is about all. Anyways its early so I'm end it here. We all want better pvp, we gotta work together and not fight each other over petty disagreements. Let me know if you have ideas, or if I was wrong, just please be pleasant about it. We could make something beautiful if we all put our heads together.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCTBQKfKXFc&feature=youtu.be
  13. Still waiting for k-drive drive-by's. 😞 Let us use weapons pls ty
  14. I think this is a picture perfect example of "Bug turned feature." They should embrace it and let it ride.
  15. Stalker fan club soon? They were here last January.
  16. EDIT: Oh, and while we're at it, sometimes the maggots don't use the proper energy colors. This has been an issue for a far longer time though.
  17. https://imgur.com/a/pN2JGQG 4 pics. 2 different colors. Also you cannot change the bottom color of the grass.
  18. Old, but I have this problem too with the regular version of Nidus. Default skin. Also affects the grass, it doesn't have two colors anymore. One is white and cannot be changed
  19. Pvp can't work as is right now. There would have to be massive changes for balance, to make a somewhat even playing field. Conclave would be it's own game. First off, every warframe needs the same stats in there. Spitballing, 200 health 200 shields. Something like that. Make it a cosmetic option for which warframe you pick, unless abilities are on when in there. May be weird to see Inaros with a shield, but everyone spawns in the same. If you do this, then you can properly adjust weapons and balance moving forward. X is killing too fast? Adjust its damage or fall off or etc. Y isn't up to par? Buff the damage to similar levels of others. Also think abilities should be off, but there needs to be more than one game mode. We can keep what we currently have, and add additional game modes on top of that. 4v4 team battles no abilities. 4v4 team battles with abilities. Capture the cephalon, last man standing, jailbreak, etc. Weapon selection has to be brought down as well. Some weapons are basically power weapons and aren't really healthy to friendly competition. Arca plasmor and staticor and etc shouldn't be a starting weapon. Instead you should be able to pick from a filtered list of weapons to start off with for a loadout. Pick from a braton, burston, corinth, etc. Pick from aklato, akmagnus, brakk, etc. Have weapons you have to aim. Remember when you started warframe and had to pick between the braton/paris and lato/kunai? You walked up and hit a button and it swapped them out. They can easily transfer this over to conclave. Have power weapons spawn where you can pick them up. If they balanced everyone's health/shield, you can make them actual power weapons. Ogris spawns, capable of a one shot. Some sniper spawns, with a relative power level to other shooters. 2 bodyshots to kill, 1 headshot kill. Crit/status would probably have to go. Headshots should do more, but random crits will cause salt. We probably need to do true damage and not IPS. Having impact do more against shields and such would cause issues with balancing. We have a lot of weapons in the game. Not all of them should make it in to conclave if you want any sort of balanced competition. We can keep the 'funbag' conclave game mode we have right now, where its bring whatever you want and have fun, but that can't be made into fair and competitive. In any other game mode, we need to have a short list of weapons to put into a loadout. Whether you own the weapon or not, you can select them. Conclave is it's own game mode, and you don't get to keep the weapons when you leave. Maybe you can try out a new weapon and you end up really liking it. Go get it in the normal game. Try before you buy. Not sure about melee though... I know dual swords are broken right now... Movement and abilities... This is a tricky one. In a traditional FPS we don't have as much movement or speed as we do now. Much less with third person perspective. Those who are very good with the movement system are going to have a very strong advantage. Also keep in mind that console is a thing, and aiming on there is a tragedy if you want pvp. May not be a popular idea, but removing a jump or slowing people down might have to happen. I'm not a fan of this idea personally. I would say keep the movement system as is and see what happens, but that will have to be decided through feedback and stuff. Abilities kind of make things complicated. They kind of break some things. Maybe they could be replaced as grenades or something. I'd say turn them off. anyways.... just spitballing. Don't hate me too much. I would love to see a better pvp in the game but it just cannot work as it currently is. I do strongly believe it can work, but it needs a lot of adjustments before that can ever happen. Most of which people are not going to like.
  20. StallorrD should be a npc in the game.
  21. Can we get a custom indicator for ramsleds? The new one for crewships is a very welcome addition. Sometimes Cy is talking too much, and by the time he announces 'ramsleds inbound' they're like 10 ft away and its too late to react.
  22. Invincible turrets in the kuva fortress
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