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  1. Vauban needs something like a nullifer shield imo
  2. If we grow up, we should have enhanced void powers. New abilities, etc.
  3. How about the robot mines for you?
  4. Might make magnetic damage relevant again...
  5. Chroma Valk Oberon Saryn (she gets 1337 life lol) Nidus (but his prime will come out... some day...) Atlas Inaros anyone with high armor Valk has THE most (base) armor, and would be amazing. Oberon is a solid choice as well. I used mine on Saryn and have 0 regrets. This one? Not sure. Really enjoying monkey man soooo
  6. Honestly the AI needs to be looked at overall. I know that DE wants to avoid AFK playing, and summoning specter aimbots kind of does that, but they are terrible. Kubrows, Kavats, Specters, Wukong clones, etc. They cant hit anything, make terrible decisions, and are basically meatshields. Given how fast we move about the map, they don't have time to casually target something and waltz over to melee it. Kubrows and Kavats should be way faster imo. They should be able to outrun grineer and chase down whatever they're after. The specters don't have mods, so why is their aim terrible? We know the damage will fall off quickly anyways given the scaling. Oh and remove slash dash from Umbra's AI. All it does is launch him off the edge.
  7. Nekros and endless missions perhaps.
  8. You get a wolf sledge, and you get a wolf sledge, and you get a wolf sledge, and everyone in the audience is going home with a wolf sledge!
  10. You all underestimate Prodman. He can easily solo the Phorid. Pretty sure he would destroy the wolf in 1 hit.
  11. Please let us aim glide with our melee out.
  12. Let us aim glide with our melee, without pulling our weapon out. Right now Valkyr is broken as she loses god mode if you aim. Let the fire button switch us back to our guns. This would however interfere with those who use melee on LMB.
  13. Hammer skins are broken. Volnus with Palatine skin.
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