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  1. Puncture should make them bleed as well.
  2. Other explosive weapons are usually brought up. I'm well aware they're not rocket launchers.
  3. Agree with the whole kill faster thing. To me it is very backwards. A rocket launcher should be able to take out a lot of enemies, very quickly. Hell the Acceltra is a better Ogris. A rocket launcher should have a huge yield. Make it super dangerous to use up close, but make the explosion big enough to be effective, and make the damage high enough to compensate the reload/ammo economy.
  4. Might actually make you wanna try conclave with a noob tube.
  5. OP archwing weapon with limited ammo would be fantastic. Plus it would use the archwing weapon animations so no need for the 'over the shoulder' animation problem. I feel you... kind of. I hate blowing myself up too, but with a rocket launcher that comes with the territory. I mean, telling your team mates to 'watch this', and then firing one at the ground is always a good laugh.(well for me at least)
  6. Hit up support man. No one here can help you. Also, don't put your email out there like that.
  7. We have many toys, but not the simple rocket launcher. Yes there is the ogris, but its underwhelming to say the least. The fact that its a rocket launcher and that no one uses it kind of speaks for itself. Zarr, Tonkor... Something similar to the Halo rocket launcher would be perfect. 2 in the clip, 8 max ammo. Big AOE, big explosion, self damage included. It needs to hit like a truck. A tried and true boomstick. It would be hard to say its op if you take into consideration all the other gems we have. Lens, staticor, catchmoon, arca plasmor, etc. I feel like it has been overlooked as its simple, but how do we not have this already? Is it because it would require an 'over the shoulder' animation? (It would take a lot of work to get the animation smooth with all the frames... clipping, etc)
  8. Still wish he had some defensive ability. :S
  9. Get creds and buy wolf beacons. Use them at hydron.
  10. I really hope he has time to tinker with Ash. Ash has always been a favorite for me, but his abilities are so clunky at the moment it's aggravating. Even if he had the old bladestorm, it wouldn't compete with Saryn or Wukong or etc. I can understand why they nerfed him, but the whole 'direct line of sight' to 'paint the targets' is a bit cumbersome. Something like garuda's 4 for targeting would be sooooo much better. Also his 1 needs to throw three instead of two. 😛
  11. Always revive the kittos and doggos.
  12. Any way to save the songs after you copy them to the memory clipboard?
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