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  1. Could we move Grendel's Catapult augment to his base ability? Hold LMB to boost. Its essentially mandatory as he gets stuck on small things all over the map. The boost from Catapult lasts too long and often leaves you boosting into a wall, unable to do anything until it finishes.
  2. He throws both with one hand so not really sure. There will never be one solution that will satisfy everyone. Ash has a lot of problems both mechanically and functionally. I don't think his abilities should be swapped out, they just need touched up/ improved. The list above the guy posted has a lot of things in it that have already changed, mainly the marking enemies mechanic. Change the targeting mechanic for his 4th. General consensus is: too slow, too clunky. Damage is something the balancing folks at DE will have to address. Smoke bomb duration is too short. Shur
  3. We should be able to turn into the ball with no enemies in our gut. It can be a great mobility tool, but sometimes the enemies are already dead or cannot be found. (Catching up to the team in exterminate, capture, etc). Also, could we make his 4th more nimble? I get the whole "inertia" and "mass" thing, but this is a fast paced game. Getting stuck on stairs isn't fun. Having your momentum stopped by the smallest of bumps in the tileset isn't fun. Ricocheting off some infested plant root, and taking 5 seconds to get going again isn't fun. If he was a highly mobile, speedy ball of de
  4. Man the real conclave is the forums huh? Anyways, Bladestorm's targeting mechanic is the issue. 2 spitball ideas. 1- Add the 'mark enemies you look at' to his passive, which is always active. Push 4 to shadow clone jutsu everyone you've spotted. Maybe increase the cone size for marking them a bit more. 2-Make it similar to Garuda's 4 or Mesa 4. Slap a big circle on the screen, clones attack anything in the circle. No more 'paint the targets'. Also, shame his arm daggers are basically useless. The only time they're used is for the cutscene. Perhaps
  5. Oh, and remove the requirement for his 4th that you have to have an enemy in your tummy to turn it on. It's a great mobility tool, and if that hot single saryn in your local area nuked them all, you can't become the ball. Also, Feast does not prevent new waves from spawning or anything. They removed that a long time ago. In fact, you can speed up defense missions by eating the last 20 enemies or whatnot. When he eats them they're considered 'dead', and the next wave will start.
  6. The big issue with his 4 is the whole "paint the target" mechanic. IMO it could be easily fixed. He could passively mark enemies he looks at, and 4 would just send clones after enemies he has spotted. No turning it on and off, just push 4 to activate at any time. I miss Ash. He was my favorite frame a long time ago and they murdered my boy. He is still amazing and has a lot of neat things going for him, but his 4 is too clunky now.
  7. The Catapult augment should be part of the base ability. Hold LMB to boost in a direction. The augment is essentially mandatory. It is a shame we have to sacrifice a mod slot to make the 4th ability more usable. It isn't adding damage or anything, just base functionality of the ability.
  8. Could we have Grendel's Catapult mod built into the ability? It's adding to the base functionality of the ability to make it easier to use, not adding damage or anything. It's a shame we have to give up a mod slot for this. Also, could we get rid of the nauseating FOV change whenever you activate it? Thanks for the update.
  9. I wish DE would take some time after an update just to go back and touch up the game. A lot of aspects have been neglected for a long time. The UI is bad in many ways. Voting for missions, finding friends, etc. Everything is buried. Could really use an overhaul. You'd be surprised what a new coat of paint would do. The cross hair is stagnant and never changes. Would be nice to choose a color or design (simple dot, circle with dot, etc) The mods in the game are rather lackluster. We don't have any shield mods aside from recharge and max shields, stuff like th
  10. Have you tried switching from DX12, back to DX11? Worked for me.
  11. Could we remove the exponential energy cost increase after using abilities?
  12. Can we please make the gunner perk just lock on to enemies? No downsides, no small time limit, just right click to lock on.
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