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  1. WAR-2975494 kuva siphon mission, teammates were already in the tile, i walked into the new tile and immediately crashed
  2. I've had an issue with flickering lights that I've been unable to resolve. I cannot tell if it is reflections or something else. Anti Aliasing is the only option that affects it in the game settings. I've recorded this with the beta graphics engine, however is is present in the classic as well. All my settings are maxed out, and I've tried toggling them off/on one by one. As I said above, anti-aliasing is the only option that affects it. Video: https://streamable.com/02tvrm
  3. Any clarification on how abilities will work on Hildryn? I assume they will cost shields instead, however nothing official has been mentioned yet that I've been able to find.
  4. I've noticed an uptick as well. I don't think the numbers are increasing, but they're being more vocal.
  5. I would absolutely love it. Not sure why, nor care to know, why people have such a disgust for PvP in Warframe. If it isn't forced PvP, then it shouldn't be an issue. Don't like it, don't play it. I hope one day we get a more balanced and fair Conclave instead of the "bring whatever you want". Burstons and latos only, stuff like that, whatever. The Necramech PvP would be fantastic with minimal effort required, and a sorely missed opportunity should they pass this up. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, I wouldn't want someone shooting down what I like because of
  6. Maybe with the Helminth system we can imbue some of the augments into the Warframe? Some of them should already be a part of the skill. Ash's Fatal Teleport should be default, no reason to have to use a mod for it. Same with Grendel's catapult augment as someone above listed. Rhino should be able to recast his Iron Skin without the use of a mod. Etc. Most of the augments seem to be bandaids to add what should have already been incorporated from the start. A few dynamically change the ability, and I'm not referring to those. Also for the love of Clem, let Valkyr recast W
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