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  1. I want a force cannon. Just a gun that super launches whatever you point it at.
  2. Hi I'm from the future and this man becomes warframe president. Please show respect.
  3. Not gonna happen my dude. DE saying it is just as effective as you saying it. Even if you could, hooking a mouse and keyboard up to a switch kind of defeats the purpose. Consoles have wanted mouse/keyboard compatibility for ages now. Aside from the unfair advantage you'd have over those with controllers, there are a multitude of issues that would happen.
  4. Comes down to what is 'enough'. 50p starter, I don't think that is enough personally. It's not tradeable, and will net you very little. It's also super easy for a newbie to blow through it on things they don't really need, but don't know any better. Nightwave, slots and stuff are great, but there are few and can't be reacquired - barring waiting for the new nightwave to come around. Perhaps if there were more, then yes. It is a good step in the right direction IMO.
  5. I feel like if the sentients invaded, EVERYONE would get their butts kicked. I know the grineer and corpus are formidable, but would pale in comparison to the hivemind-never sleeping- robot menace. Thats kind of where I was going with the allied thing. Like hey, if we don't join up, we all dead.
  6. I mean, this is just a pc vs console thing. This is the same issue you would have with any other game that is on both platforms. Think of Diablo. Clicking with a mouse is one way, the joysticks are the other way. There isn't anything DE can do about this. This would be Nintendo adding mouse and keyboard support in the first place, then warframe supporting it.
  7. Deth cube should make angry beeps and noises. Like gets pissed at random things and makes locking on sounds and angry buzzing. Bumps into a wall, turns around and gets pissed at wall.
  8. I do think for new players it might be beneficial to provide them some. The biggest holdups are slots. It may incentivize them to buy more, If not plat, maybe just the slots
  9. Me too man. I wanna put that sucker down, and I want a glorious mission with it. Maybe that will be how we get momma back.
  10. I'm for a slot just for augments- Effectiveness of mods aside. Also DE is cranking out work constantly. Calling them lazy isn't very fair. Just because they haven't touched on what you want done, doesn't mean they're sitting around on their asses.
  11. Anything that gives +str, which we have enough already, needs a hefty penalty. Ammo is basically a nonfactor in this game. I don't think we need any more str mods period. You have to consider what it would do to certain frames if they combined all of them together. Results wouldn't be good for game balance. Corrupted mod that converts shields to health, and a mod that converts health to shields.
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