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  1. Remember Dante's Inferno? (Long time ago :S) There was heavy attack and quick attack. Combos would be something like (Q, Q, Q, H) or (H, H, H) or (Q, H, Q, H, H). You would unlock more combos as you went on, but they all were just different combinations of those two buttons. We have heavy and quick attacks in Warframe already. I'm not saying this is the end-all, be-all solution, however it would be awesome to have something similar.
  2. If this is all about Teshin, would it be possible to have him as the 'lotus' of the mission? As in the broadcasts where it pops up on the screen. cough *darvo* cough
  3. Please increase the maximum amount of craftable reviolite. 300 is pretty low, and sometimes you don't find the specific resource required to create more.
  4. +1 for the designated augment slot Preferably up top with the aura and such. Also can we have more than one augment per ability?
  5. After seeing the artist first impression, I believe it would be a huge miss if the warframe didn't shoot out detachable rocket arms.
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