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  1. Foroeight

    Excalibur Radial Javelin Rework

    I think we can all agree that Radial Javelin is almost never worth using. And after thinking over everyone's inputs I agree that giving Excalibur a "Mesmer Skin" like ability would effectively make him way too tanky so I would like to retract my original post. I'd personally love to get a dmg reduction aura buff where strength boosts the dmg reduction, duration boosts the buff time, and range boosts the radius where any ally inside will also get affected by the ability (like Chroma's Elemental Ward) so that Excalibur can effectively protect his team as his name alludes to. This encourages him more into gun-play since he can take more punishment now without using his 4's auto block, and allows him to offer something in a squad setting. As for an augment, I think that adding a chance for proc negation based on strength would be a nice little touch. In the case that Radial Javelin does get reworked, what would you rather have for Excalibur? A dmg reduction ability, healing, a dmg ability that actually does dmg, or something else entirely? Would it synergize with the rest of his kit? Would it offer some support to the squad to promote him more on teamplay or focus more on himself to keep him in his role of a solo dps? How would the ability work? I'd love to get some more inputs on what you guys would like from a possible new 3 for Excalibur.
  2. Foroeight

    Excalibur Radial Javelin Rework

    When reworking warframe abilities, DE doesn't like to completely replace abilities. Take Nyx; a couple months ago she was announced to get her Psychic Bolts removed for a new ability. Now they're just going to give her Psychic Bolts a new function and redo the math on her Mind Control and Absorb. Since Excalibur already traded Super Jump for Exalted Blade, in the event that Radial Javelin does get a rework, it's unlikely that DE will want to completely change up its animation/function. But we can only hope.
  3. Foroeight

    Excalibur Radial Javelin Rework

    A healing ability would be greatly appreciated on a melee frame, especially with Excalibur's abilities having him fight mostly at close-range so he usually takes quite a bit of damage. Although a healing for energy per second ability is already taken by Oberon, and also having two channeling abilities sounds a little excessive. If DE wanted to keep the animation of Radial Javelin, another idea could be Excalibur performing the same stab-the-ground animation for Radial Javelin but maybe surround him in a pillar of light instead of shooting javelins at enemies. Upon activation, the ability would create a pool of hp in reserve (with the amount shown next to his shield/health bar). If Excalibur isn't at max hp, the pool automatically drains some of its hp until either Excal gets back up to max or the hp pool runs out. The initial amount of hp generated upon cast would scale off of Ability Strength, while that pillar of light could surround Excal with a 2m radius--scaling off of Ability Range--as an invincible barrier that would absorb any outside attack for 3 seconds before fading away, storing the absorbed damage towards his hp pool. This way he has a scaling restoration ability and gets two benefits. One, he gets invested more into gun-play since with only 300 shields to protect him and no damage reduction (not counting Exalted Blade), he is usually forced to switch to melee for Life Strike the moment he takes damage which can be tedious with the constant gun-to-sword switching. Two, you could take off Life Strike with Excalibur on his melee weapons, freeing up a mod slot to add more damage, speed, range, whatever, on your melee weapons, something he'd very much appreciate as a melee frame I'm sure. The only issue would be the speed of the healing being able to sustain Excalibur while he's under heavy damage, preferably on par with that of Life Strike, or at least close to that of Life Strike since you are using 75 energy at base for this. If the speed of healing was at least 100% healed within 2 seconds, that would be suitable considering the heavy gunfire you'll usually suffer when melee'ing, especially when surrounded.
  4. I placed a polychrome down in my dojo's obstacle course to preview some colors, transported to my dojo's second obstacle course to do the same, transported back to the first obstacle, saw that the first polychrome that I placed down had disappeared, and when I tried to place down another polychrome in the first room I couldn't. I thought maybe there was a limit to the amount of polychromes we could have in the dojo so I tried removing one from another room and placing another but that still didn't allow me to place one in the first obstacle course. I checked back on the second obstacle course room and there's no problems with its polychrome; the only issue here is being unable to place down a polychrome for the first obstacle course. The game keeps telling me "Failed to place decoration" even when I tried closing and relaunching Warframe. Anyone else getting this issue?
  5. Foroeight

    Excalibur Radial Javelin Rework

    It's understandable if a defensive ability for excal does less but cost more than say rhino's Iron Skin. Rhino's more tank-themed so of course he'll have a more efficient tanking ability. That being said, I think at this point that anything else for excal's 3 would be good. Preferably, something that has synergy with the rest of his kit, and promotes him more into gun-play to steer us away a little bit from that "why would I ever not use Exalted Blade?" feeling (I mean his revisited trailer even says master of gun and blade lol).
  6. Foroeight

    Excalibur Radial Javelin Rework

    If RJ is kept as a dmg ability, I wish it's functionality resembles something similar to that glaive bug Fixed the Glaive consistently circling around the player. Sorry we know it was cool but not intended!
  7. Foroeight

    Excalibur Radial Javelin Rework

    Not that familiar with god of war but I think having another exalted ability would be kinda excessive since excal already has one (his 1 also counting as a pseudo exalted ability). But for extra firepower to keep excal's theme as a mobile, high dmg, slightly squishy frame, it would be really good if he got something like Saryn. Make his Furious Javelin augment built into the ability so that it actually does something, make the dmg boost also applicable to guns (maybe slash focused), and double for melee. And then an augment to make that buff able to be shared among your team. This promotes excal a little more for gunplay so you don't feel locked in melee, and allows him to contribute to the team.
  8. Foroeight

    Excalibur Radial Javelin Rework

    The javelins themselves would not need to be hit by an attack to absorb damage. Excalibur's hitbox would remain as it is. So if a projectile comes his way, the bullet needs to hit Excalibur for the javelins to take damage. If it looked like the projectile hit a javelin but didn't collide into Excalibur, then no damage would be taken to the javelins. The javelins would just be a visual effect to show how many you have left and wouldn't have their own hitboxes because in that case the ability would quite literally have holes in its defense and wouldn't be reliable. As for blast-esque attacks, they would not ignore the javelins and still be absorbed. But stuff like gas clouds or magnetic barriers or etc will still have an effect. And yeah I thought this seemed a bit too tanky too when compared against enemies' dmg scaling in the game. It's just that revenant can build his gates with strength so I thought having a set number of javelins with minimal hp would be fair. In which case, I also thought about reducing the number of javelins to 6. Or there's also having each javelin serve as a percentage of dmg reduction affected by power strength with a dmg reduction cap.
  9. Foroeight

    Excalibur Radial Javelin Rework

    So I've been playing Excalibur / Excalibur Umbra everyday for almost a year now and before I say anything I gotta point out that I love the frame. His Slash Dash, Radial Blind, and Exalted Blade all work really well with each other to give Excalibur a very balanced and fun-to-play feel, especially if you love melee. However, I've noticed that this all come together to make Excalibur sort of 'locked' in his 4 if he wishes to function as best as he can. While I haven't let this bother me too much in the past and I tried to balance my gameplay with Exalted Blade both on and off, the recent addition of Arbitrations to the game has brought to light just how easily Excalibur can be shut down. Arbitration Shield Drones making fellow enemies immune to warframe abilities and weapons' damage as well as being immune to being immune to warframe abilities themselves, makes all of Excalibur's abilities completely useless the moment one of these pesky drones appear. Meanwhile, I can safely say that the entire warframe community will agree that Radial Javelin is one of the most useless abilities in the game. It's only good for clearing through T1 Exterminate missions (just maybe T2), and even with its Furious Javelin Augment at max Strength and all 12 Javelins hitting a target the bonus damage gained from this pales in comparison to a simple cast of Radial Blind which does so much more at its base, unmodded value. I've noticed that Excalibur's only weakpoint is his defense and because Melee 3.0 is on the horizon I was going to hold off on this until after that, but with Arbitrations now on the table it can not be ignored. Excalibur's Radial Javelin must be reworked. With that said, I've had my own spin on how this would go about with each version being influenced by certain warframes. Radial Javelin Excalibur summons an arsenal of javelins that defends and assists him in battle. Energy cost: 75 Radius: 15 / 18 / 22 / 25 m Health per javelin: 50 / 65 / 80 / 100 Misc: 5 / 7 / 10 / 12 javelins Excalibur summons 5 / 7 / 10 / 12 javelins that revolve around him and protect him from damage, each absorbing 50 / 65 / 80 / 100 damage before they are destroyed. Health per javelin is affected by Ability Strength and armor mods. At max rank, with a maxed Steel Fiber and Intensify, the health per javelin would be: Modified Health = 100 x (1 + 1.1) x (1 + 0.3) = 273 Each javelin's health is independent of the rest, and Excalibur himself must be visually hit by an attack for a javelin to absorb damage. e.g. If each javelin has 100 health and a Bombard's rocket hits Excalibur for 500 damage only the first javelin will break, leaving the remaining 11 javelins and Excalibur's shields and health undamaged. Does not make Excalibur immune to status effects, knockdowns, staggers, and the auras of eximus units. Excalibur is immune to knockdowns and staggers during the casting animation. Pressing the ability button while Radial Javelin is active will launch the javelins still revolving around Excalibur at the nearest enemies within 15 / 18 / 22 / 25 m, one per enemy, with each javelin temporarily stunning its target. If there are more javelins than there are enemies within range, each unused javelin restores 25 health Radius is affected by Ability Range. Unless an enemy is aware of Excalibur within a short time or Excalibur has line of sight, Radial Javelin will not target enemies. The temporary stun is unaffected by Ability Duration. The 25 restored health is unaffected by Ability Strength.
  10. Foroeight

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    1. How much will the damage of melee weapons be buffed by for Melee 3.0? I'm hoping its at the very least 3x because getting to that damage multiplier is fairly easy. 2. As cool as directional slam attacks look, they're not all that useful for damaging or even knocking down enemies, because the attack speed of light attacks makes slam attacks almost useless and the range of slam attacks is pretty small (sometimes you don't even knockdown the guy who is within arm's reach of you). So besides being able to aim slam attacks, will the damage/range of slams be getting buffed as well? 3. Wall attacks. Slow. Short range. Damage is too weak compared to its execution time. Pause before launch. Please make wall attacks more rewarding. 4. How are channeling mods such as Life Strike going to be handled in the melee rework regarding activation and cost? 5. If charge attacks are being taken out, how will gunblades fire outside of combos? via heavy attack? 6. If blocking is automatically gaining the benefits of channel blocking, what are some ideas you have in mind for the cost of doing so? And personally I hope to god it's not going to remain as energy or at the very least don't make the energy drain of channel blocking damning for all warframes to use like how it is now... 7. ...because Excalibur exists. Don't get me wrong, I love the 100% auto-block Excalibur has even while attacking (hilarious when radiation proc'd Mesas one-shots themselves because they tried to shoot me while I was channeling). His abilities are great, everything works with him, he is my favorite warframe and I love how he is right now without any gripes. However...if Excalibur is being punished in Melee 3.0 because his pre-existing auto-block is going to suffer from the new channel blocking mechanic, whether I wanted to use it or not, that doesn't sound right to me and will be very disappointing.
  11. Foroeight

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    1. Will we be able to polarize for umbral polarities in the future? Maybe a new(umbral) type of forma? Or Umbra warframes/weapons/abilities being the only variants capable of being repolarized with umbral polarities? 2. Will we be able to obtain more than one Umbra warframe? Such as a second Excalibur Umbra?