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  1. If QoL is on the table, would you consider: Steel Path modifiers for Simulacrum? Simulacrum access directly from Orbiter?
  2. I think modifying the stance is by far the best solution to the Ghoulsaw's current issue. I actually like the slowness of the weapon, but the fairest, and frankly the best way to make the weapon fun is if its slow speed was compensated by large multipliers, like Hammers and Heavy Blades have. I decided to compare a best case between Ghoulsaw and everything else in the Mastery 7 bracket. Mastery rank is the greatest indicator of a weapon's effectiveness/tier, and I was personally curious if Ghoulsaw actually fit in with its rank (7 is less than MR15, so it would make sense if it wasn't an incredibly strong melee but was secretly balanced at its rank.) You can view my spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bRPDnAfrtzip3MrKMuL1-MMwS3LysF3tmwTOaBTKQ2Q/edit?usp=sharing The comparison builds are using armor reduction and slash to best counter a Lvl 100 Heavy Gunner, which possesses 6441 armor. Health modifiers are not accounted for. Result: Old Ghoulsaw is at the bottom. Literally the worst weapon to ever touch Mastery 7. Current Ghoulsaw using the changes. Its damage has risen by ~44%, but it remains in the bottom half of the bracket. This is still insufficient. As other users have noted, this weapon is not only cripplingly slow, but it still has the lowest non-slash damage of all Mastery 7 Melees. Its only excuse is against high armor, but it doesn't stand a chance against the other options. Even a full 1.50 disposition will not save this. Proposal: Doubling Again. 2x Current Ghoulsaw is where the weapon would place if its modifiers were literally doubled from what they are now. This brings the weapon to the upper plateau in its bracket as a relatively viable weapon against armor. Raw damage still lowest in upper half, Slash proc damage is barely the highest in the bracket. A proper specialty. Proc rate is lowest of the entire bracket due to the appalling attack speed, and this translates into poor group coverage/s, despite the wide arcing moveset which makes use of the perfect 1.0 followthru. Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment on the builds and I'll recalculate them.
  3. Please note that Kuva and Tenet melee weapons, as well as melee explosions (glaives) also suffer from this on the traditional Condition Overload mod. You'll find some guns are overcounting as well, such as catchmoon secondary. They incorrectly multiply +damage mods instead of adding with them.
  4. Movement changes are greatly appreciated. I think I agree with most of the comments in that her scaling issues remain unchanged, this is merely a quality-of-life pass. I have a fear that DE is being misled by usage stats of the frame. People are playing Yareli for her character and not her usefulness, but it might leave her in a sub-par state. That, or there is hesitancy and caution of overbuffing the frame, such as the cases of Xaku and Khora. She just needs something. She dies, she lacks damage, and her utility (speed/crowd control) does not quite compensate. Her role needs to focus on one or more.
  5. Hi, sorry for the late feedback. Yareli has the most wonderful character of warframes added to the game! I really want to love her, but the content I play (casual endgame, Arbitration, SP, even Sortie.) does not allow for it. She is just not holding up. Scaling and K-drive mechanics are her biggest holdbacks. From the top: Passive - Fine. A bit sad status guns are left in the dust, but it is what it is. Sea Snares - Actually okay. I would say the biggest thing you feel held back by is the 15-bubble limit. This needs to either be moddable or removed. Globules are often wasted when, for example; one door may only get a few units, and creating a 4th cast of bubbles removes both the active bubbles and inactive ones Nevermind, once hit, recasting does not drop active bubbles which is much better. Merulina - Got a few issues and a few proposals. I REALLY want k-drives to work on normal levels, but it needs a few things. Very sustainable ability, good incentive to use it. Low energy cost. Damage reduction is passable. In most cases, without Arcane Guardian or Adaptation, Yareli's hit points will usually deplete before Merulina's do. The price paid for what is a fairly insufficient defense is an exceptionally difficult movement system that only allows sidearm weapons. K-drives are very nuanced and players can become quite skilled at using them, however this doesn't excuse it's usability in normal tilesets. There's a few headbonk doors on Europa, some camera clipping in Grineer asteroid tunnels (which are also very hard to enter!), and very unforgiving pitfalls on Grineer galleons. Falling into dark pits needs some forgiveness and shouldn't dismount. Merulina is very prone to mistakes, but I don't think Yareli deserves to lose her damage reduction for it. Like mechs, let Merulina stay after falling into black zones. Suggested changes: For the price of altered gameplay, Merulina deserves either limited k-drive modding or additional mod scaling. Speed can be one of Yareli's redeeming features, and on a high-skill vehicle no less. Make Magus Drive apply. Have Range mods apply to Merulina Boost Speed. Have Duration mods apply to Merulina Jump charge time. Add an evasion mechanic/buff for executing tricks. Evasion value scales with trick score. This would make up for her survival challenge. (Unlike other frames, shield-gate does not protect Merulina! On the plus side, that horrible shield-gating gameplay isn't practical for Yareli, but on the minus side, Merulina dies ez.) Efficiency allows for smaller trick scores for larger evasion bonuses. Duration extends evasion buff. K-drive mechanics are innately tuned for open-worlds. This style is unfortunately very difficult in our traditional maps. K-drives maneuver as if they have wheels. This is noticeable when you turn while having momentum. Just turning your camera 180 degrees causes the player to fight with a limited turn rate which can lead to large turn radii and excessive sideways movement. This could instead be a drift, where turning is instant with the camera but inertia is floaty like a hoverboard should be. Disconnect facing direction from your momentum. Have Ctrl/Crouch restore the wheels, letting you change direction while preserving high speed, actual drifting! Get rid of the rail-finder for mantleable edges. Maybe add some dedicated rails to certain levels, but it is just out of control on normal rooms. This is also necessary for the Ctrl wheels on the previous point, The lack of traditional air control is devastating. Accelerating and changing direction with strafe should be just as easy as on ground, after all this is a hoverboard. Ceilings need to kill momentum, not pin you to the ceiling when you jump or slip you in the opposite direction due to a ceiling slope. Tunnels such as the Grineer asteroid tile can be a challenge to enter. This would be solved with better air control. Aqua Blades This is the sole mechanism that could compensate for Yareli's arsenal restriction. Base stats are good. Slash is problematically strong, but in this case she needs it. Duration is generous, energy may be somewhat high. Could use an additional mechanic of some kind for utility or scaling, or a special/emergent interaction with Riptide or Sea Snares. Maybe an augment to add your own melee weapon to the blender while riding Merulina with 1 hit/sec, this would pretty much fix all the scaling issues and invent some extremely creative builds. Fair for all levels. Riptide An expensive, low-damage ability with a fair area. Of the kit, this skill shines with area coverage. I can see this being an ability specifically modded around with high range. The damage scales better than Cataclysm, but it suffers in effect radius, cast range, line-of-sight limitation, long cast time, and radial damage falloff (down to ~5% damage) despite the vortex. Utility may even be lower than sea snares. A potential technique with the ability would be to cast it on yourself while aquablades are active, and become a slash blender for an armor smoothie. This surprisingly does not work, as aquablades do not damage ragdolled enemies. A missed opportunity. Damage numbers are yellow for some reason. There is zero interaction with critical effects. This will trick players with into thinking it does damage xD Scaling is poor in any serious mission, even sortie level. Range would be good, but fails due to line of sight. Could be a decent grouping ability, potentially the largest of the grouping abilities, but the exploding novelty disrupts that. -Overall TL;DR- A more traditional frame. Mostly damage abilities and damaging mechanics, however they all greatly pale in comparison to high level demands. Scaling needs to somehow increase. Modding ability is poor. Globules want duration, Riptide wants range, Aquablades and Merulina can't really use either. It's wasteful for her kit. She's got slots free for augments. These are potentially solutions like how Accumulating Whipclaw completely busted Khora. K-drive implementation is not good enough. It lacks control, is unforgiving in many ways despite removing knockdowns already. Reviving teammates puts Yareli at risk. K-drives worked out in the wide-open maps, but Yareli needs to be competent with it everywhere. It can be done. Looking forward to changes.
  6. Beam weapons are too strong. They have broken scaling with multishot bonuses on status damage, giving them a major edge on all other guns. Since deadlock protocol, Multishot has affected both base damage and status chance, resulting in a double-dipping from multishot bonuses on status damage, much like Faction mods but far stronger. Is this going to be balanced? Status damage just needs to be divided by the multishot factor.
  7. Was hoping Gun Arcanes meant we could finally get some use out of the Residual and Theorem arcanes. Being restricted to kitguns is unfortunate. Surprisingly light nerf to Kuva Nukor. No address for it's unique status effect counting for condition overload. Mixed feelings on the Galvanized mods. I generally dislike conditionals, I prefer weapons to work out of the box. Other than the Galv status mods, the on-kill conditions don't solve the gun issue. the initial killing threshold will still be limited to the initial stats, which for the conditionals are lower. It's a high dependency on momentum. At least the condition durations are mostly generous, except for the scope mod. The Galvanized scope having two conditions is also too much. But the conditions at least ensure these mods won't be seeing use for some bosses, such as Eidolons. +Damage stacking between the arcanes and the new mods is kind of a new direction for Warframe. Slots are generally dominated by stats that multiply each other, but we're finally seeing a decent amount of same-stat stacking. The new status mods are the most impressive. The condition is reasonable, and they were already common with status weapons, so it's nice to see those get a mild buff (because they also generally slotted Heavy Caliber or Magnum Force). Weeping Wounds is still an outlier, vastly outscaling all other status mods in the game. There's no Status 2X for heavy attacks, key for weapons like Arum Spinosa. Lich Ultimatum I see is the direction this ended up going. Going to depend heavily on how plentiful these are. Will need to try them out to make a better judgement. Overall, the Gun-Melee gap has slightly closed just due to the melee mod nerfs. But I think players will be hard-pressed to slot many of these galvanized mods. They seem highly dependent on preference. The arcane slots are kind of freebie buffs, those will be the most important.
  8. Nice, looking forward to Invigorations. It'll be a nice RNG wrench into the meta, rewarding players with diverse arsenals. I'm in favour of everything that dislodges any established "meta", even seasonal shake-ups. The top frames will be just as strong as before. Think of it as a chance for almost-usable frames to finally see periodic use. Fair point, but easy fix: Make Invigorations not work in operations. Also fair point, but I think we all know by now that they lack the resource to apparently do this. I think some players will interact with this system and others won't. People seem to be frothing at the thought of the insane buffs, but get rekt by the RNG. This is gonna come down to a demographic issue. Let's see how it plays out, but it should be healthy for the game overall.
  9. It remains to be seen how her abilities scale. I could see the 3 being handy for speedy missions, especially combined with the k-drive. Her grouping skill on 4 hopefully doesn't cost 100 energy. Grouping skills are super handy, and maybe this one will stand out with some high range or something. It's a little unfortunate that the enemies go flying upwards, but maybe there are other effects. I expect this frame to be kinda squishy, which is my personal biggest concern. And k-drives being kinda poor to handle.
  10. Some clarity on this, it costs 100% more energy.
  11. Still a bug. Looks like it's been an issue for 14 months. The original thread was even marked "Fix Pending" Edit: It's a returning bug, covered in another thread.
  12. 14 months. Edit: Allegedly fixed before, but has been around for the last 2 months again.
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