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  1. Liquidushime

    Augment 2.0

    Note: I can't multi quote~ Okay, so not garbage, but as a person who plays mostly public, annoying. Also, Mag needs tweaks. Tell me WITHOUT any augments, what can she do? Titania has "survivability" but her buffs, and her kit need a ton more tweaks. Also, it was more pointed toward her Razorwing Blitz. She can gain speed by spamming powers. Her power are great CC wise, but they are worth using next to a frame with godly CC. I don't want them OP, I want them on par without augments. The element augment are garbage. Would you give up a slot for one? I didn't think so. Removing them and having them as a feature on their respective frames would be a QoL adjustment. I have Nidus, And I solo Kuva Survival for at least 2-3 Hours with a worthy weapon without a care in the world. He IS a god. With the augment, I can just 4 + 1 and I'll stay living for eons. 2 and 3 make it even harder to hurt him. But thins isn't about augments, it's about the fact that augments are suppose to change a little something and make frames more fun and variable, not make weak into useful and OP into Unfathomable. Think of everything I say without premade groups.
  2. Liquidushime

    Augment 2.0

    Yes, please? As of right now augments are one of four things: 1. Garbage (Element frames add their element to your weapons? Great for trolling.) 2. Useable (Regen Molt should be radial.) Gara Shards augment? 3. The only way to make a frame more useful (Mag/Titania -- I know she's got more to offer, but this is for the sake of the point.) 4. UBER GOD OP (Nidus is a god, his augment makes him even more godly.) Stomp Augment? We need more variety for one and less band-aid. I know Rebecca loves her spreadsheets, how about the most used augments? I bet I know the top ten! Bad augments need some love and good augments should be the goal. Change a frame just a bit with a good augment makes that frame more fun. Edit: My bad, I can't count.
  3. Liquidushime

    Make mag Great.....finally...kinda

    I went ahead and got her Deluxe skin. It is oh so pretty. It's just so good looking for a basic *@##$ looking frame. Now she needs a small rework. (WITHOUT AUGMENTS.) Passive - Magnetic Attraction Mag pulls nearby Pickups towards her when Bullet Jumping, similar to Vacuum. This also creates a area of effect that when touched by allies gives them a boost in vaccum/Fetch range for a short period of time. Pull - Mag creates a pulling force that ragdolls enemies when tapped, but pulls enemies into the air to float helpless when "charged." (I know ME2, but it's the perfect effect for warframe.) On a side note, Titania also does it, but why not mag? Magnetize/Repulse - Creates a magnetic field around a target, ensnaring nearby enemies and dealing damage over time. When used without a target or on an Ally, a shield forms that collects shots fired at it and shreds close range enemies with it's revolving shrapnel while shooting shrapnel at long range targets using electromagnetic force. This causes slash damage over time to enemies with shields and weakens armor. The more a target is hit. (Nova 1 style.) Polarize - Same as it is Crush - Fracturing Crush needs to be added to the 4 as a feature, not an augment. As of right now, I NEED fracturing crush for her four to wish it was effective against armor.
  4. I don't agree with the stuff. It's all the regular stuff we can get for plat. I feel like they could have busted out another mod, tossed out the boosters, and threw up a weapon (Baro Special Brakk) His stuff is limited timed things that I don't really need. I don't have enough forma built and it's not a double affinity weekend. Maybe drop chance would be better.
  5. Liquidushime

    Coming Soon: Devstream #27

    First off, Melee 2.0 is WONDERFUL, great job! My question is: What's your favorite stance? Also, what is going to be done about Dark Sectors? They are plenty great EXCEPT when their in conflict. With this strange abuse of the system, what is being done about it?
  6. Liquidushime

    Pc Event: Tethra's Doom

    If health time turns into health + plated health section = pretty cool
  7. Liquidushime

    Livestream #10: July 17Th @ 2 Pm Edt

    Update 9 is slightly fantastic (some issues here and there, but it's awesome) The new Vor is an AWESOME fight, Lech Kril is another, and corpus have the Jackal; when will we see the new golem? In the past couple of updates, it's been said that he's been worked on due to issues and ironing out problems. Will all the current boss get some new flavor added to them? -------- On another note; how long did Steve go without sleep to work on update? And also, did he even go to sleep? xb