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  1. Found semi-irritating bug with valkyr's 4. if you aim while in it you lose invincibility and pull your gun out. no idea if this is intended but definitely seems like something in need of a fix
  2. seems like this twitch drop campaign is going to meet just as much silence from DE this time around as it did last time. oh well, we shall see if they run it again for the switch release of fortuna, though tbh, i won't be participating in it if they do, hopefully others will do the same.
  3. That's how these drops work, you're most likely to just see credits and fireworks. You were pretty lucky to get that noggle tbh. This campaign really isn't worth wasting the bandwidth. This is coming from someone who had at least 100 drops the last time they did this, mostly credits and fireworks with just a couple other things (which still weren't any of the big prizes). Overall this just feels more like a way for DE to generate views for their new update rather than actually rewarding anyone participating in the campaign.
  4. knowing warframe, if that gets fixed it might break waframe drops somehow 😉
  5. Warning for ANYONE excited about the free warframe possibility: they have an excruciatingly low drop chance, you are most likely to see credits, display glyphs and fireworks for all the hours you'll spend with a stream up. DO NOT GET YOUR HOPES UP PLEASE!
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