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  1. Invisible due to Skiajati. Energy outline is there. The same occurs when using abilities that make one invisible. Invisible due to Arcane Trickery. The warframe energy outline is not visible. It seems weapon energy outline for melee is slightly visible.
  2. I agree. Tonfas's defining feature is the large amount of damage on their slide attacks. The second part of Stormpath makes using slide attacks terrible. You get crowd control, but why rag doll when you should just kill?
  3. Having the relic equipped before the mission does not indicate the relic is equipped during the mission. You have to check in the mission to see if your relic is equipped. I have equipped relics before mission before it disappears in mission for unknown reasons.
  4. Revival should be limited e.g. 5 per person. The pickups better be optional to pickup, I shouldn’t be punished because a stupid player comes in unprepared.
  5. So when are incursion exclusive mods being added back?
  6. Can't enter Cetus from plains after completing bounties. The doors won't open and the loading sign is not seen. If I leave squad, the loading is infinite.
  7. An unintentional change, which is actually a buff, is that all weapons seem to have almost double max ammo. Rubico is now 143 from 72. Ignis Wraith is 1599 from 800. Atomos is 699 from 350. Twin Grakatas is now 2399 from 1200.
  8. Same for me. Game crashes whenever I select a node or mission. EDIT: Was running 64 bit. Now on 32 bit and the game runs past crash point.
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