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  1. For hunting i use ivara with the sleep arrow
  2. Kuva nukor is very good for steel path if you got adarza kavat and arcane avenger for the extra crit . For steel path i used chroma p for easy , boss missions , nova for def , hard obj missions , ivara for corpus spy , wisp for def , loki for grineer spy ,
  3. A few weeks ago the reload was faster with maxed primary merciless . But now i have to stop fireing to reload the ammo
  4. I can use skins on the tenet melee weapons ? Like the infested 2hand nikana skin for the tenet livia
  5. Inaros need some love . Please DE . I am a inaros main
  6. I am using the nikana prime as my main melee and i hate that animation . Too hard to hit the target with that on console
  7. I have viral on my nikana p and corrosive on my other weapons
  8. I want the klamora , certus , and something for long range maybe the pencha . I am using a volt with roar , lanka and zenurik operator
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