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  1. Can one member of the duo be a kubrow? There are a lot of famous warrior-dog teams.
  2. If I entered this, could I use a Kubrow for my second ‘actor’ or does it have to be my operator / another frame? because I might have an idea for one of my Frames and my Kubrow...
  3. I don’t know if it still happens, but being equipped with a gear item (say a Synthesis Scanner) and hacking a console with a parazon caused me to be stuck with my parazon equipped without my gun, melee weapon, or gear item until changing weapons. That happened just yesterday. I would even attempt to Right-Click aim with the parazon, even though the Parazon has no animations or functionality when equipped.
  4. I’m excited for the Titania changes, but I wish she would seamlessly float like Wisp does. Seeing her levitate while idle in both her noble / agile stances, but walk / run while moving, meleeing, and shooting is jarring. I would use Wisp’s own animation pack, but that would destroy the fluttering idle animation of Titania’s cosmetic Razorflies.
  5. That glitch happened to me too! I think what happened is that the Osprey is a locational dummy for the Hunhow effect, giving him a hitbox and a position for his speech to come from.
  6. But will Titania float with her new changes? I hope she floats with her new changes. Really excited for this though!
  7. I really want to be able to use regular Oberon’s shoulders on Prime Oberon, and for Titania to float when she moves and attacks, not just when she’s idle, but I don’t think that’s what this is about.
  8. This sounds cool! But I don’t know if I will be able to virtually attend for most of it, as I work until 2:30 - 3 PM...when do virtual gifts tend to be given out? Also I’ve recently noticed an annoying glitch that has killed me a few times. If you have the Codex Scanner equipped and then hack a console, you’ll still have your Parazon equipped, and will only be able to feebly wave it in people’s faces until you equip the scanner again. This prevents you from shooting, meleeing, or casting, and locks you in a crouched state if you had crouched before hacking, keeping you from sprinting for your life.
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