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  1. Could we get an official 'here is what we have worked on and what we decided on in the great lines' please? This thread as been running for a while and the tennocon is passed, some information would be nice.
  2. Could the next update make it so the preview square for fur colour match the colour applied on our pets please?
  3. Will the information from the app be available when watching older videos or only during live?
  4. The disruption mission have the red pulsing radar on screen.
  5. In glass maker 3 when the player discovers the new crime scene Nora's audio isn't synced well with the subtitles which made her last two lines abruptly cut.
  6. I tried to grab the boosters yesterday but they weren't added to my game while the twitch prime page shows they are claimed, I also only have one account.
  7. Could you also check the market display? The button to buy the velox is in the bar chat, to get it you have to manoeuvre the pointer carefully. Thank you for all the work you do.
  8. To be honest I hope DE will take note of the most frequently asked questions and use it to fill the in game codes with explanations for them. Most on the questions could be easily answered by a google search. Only those basic answers should be easily found in game without leaving for internet trawling or having to read the fan made wiki.
  9. Update 28.0.6 seems to have a lot of bug fixes. Will you add it to cert soon?
  10. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  11. Thank you for the news! Could you guys give an option for weapons like ignis that fire in a long stream to not vibrate for the whole stream or to vibrate more softly please? I like the feedback on most weapons but on others it's quite annoying (my wrists get tense and cramp).
  12. Ordis is wonder, did Vor took the Void's characteristic to be without end?
  13. Thank you for your transparency and investment. Take care of yourselves please.
  14. Oh wow I had never realised Oberon can have stiffy issues lol To me the weird thing with oberon prime is that from the back the loin cloth thingy looks weirdly crooked
  15. Grey has a point, why instead of nerfing the most used wouldn't you work on buffing/reworking the least used weapons? I know it's more work but it would make the gameplay more fun and varied if we had more alternative options that are viable. Right now it's mostly melee, primary/secondary that can aoe and are polyvalent, snipers against specific bosses.
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