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  1. Des fois j'ai la bannière rouge d'erreur sur twitch pour récupérer mon butin mais si je me connecte et joue une mission je récupère les mails de Tenshin. C'est peut-être une histoire d'actualiser le compte. À essayer en cas de soucis avec Twitch.
  2. If I may annoy you, would it be possible to get pictures of each drops when you announce them in the future please? *kitty eyes*
  3. There have been some players on discord saying that the steam launcher is wonky. Using the official warframe launcher or the epic one seems to fix the steam launcher after a while.
  4. There is an option in the custom UI screen with different shapes of pointers and another has UI colours tagged "colour blind" but I don't know if that will answer all your needs. Orbiter/Menu/Option/Interface tab/UI customization (clickable 1rst line) has a high contrast theme and you can change the cursor, cursor colour and scale. It is not much but I hope it helps somewhat. I do not use the high contrast theme but it may helps with the reticles. In devstream they said, and shown, a more customizable system being developed so keep an eye out.
  5. The info is in the description tab, only in endless mission that tab is empty.
  6. Hello, A quick search didn't show any suggestion like this. Could you please DE allow us to by weapon slots by more than two each time? I am MR 20+, I recently got a nice pile of plat, I got more than a hundred weapons crafted in the foundry and... I need to buy those slot basically one by one. Please we can buy as many forma at once we wish, we can do the same with forma pack even... but weapon slots? Nope. It gets old fast and I lose count frequently. It's quality of life but it would save soooooo many clicks.
  7. I think he is talking about the fact that some consoles have packs that rotate and other consoles have their own exclusive pack actually always available instead of being on rotation like the other consoles' exclusive packs.
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