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  1. Well know we also know that some tenno are rude trolls that will not respect channel purpose. Shame on you trolls, you are the reason we can't have nice unmoderated discord on the wave. Thanks to all brave cephalons that did the rave clean up.
  2. I still stand by my request. Also could you add the all the colour palettes in the lich pack to the colour palette list so more people know they exist please?
  3. Hello DE, I think this part of the forum would gain in effectiveness if: - You had a pinned message at the top of the section and each subsection. It would be listing the threads on the topics that get the most threads duplicates created, the threads you are currently investigating and the threads you need more 'witnesses reports' on to pin the issue. It could also remind us of the format and informations that would help you best. That mini index would help orient players quickly to see if the issue is already being reported and in which thread add their report. Moreover it wo
  4. It happens to me always if I try for a second run after killin it once. I always run with teams. Equipment is Chroma Prime, Vectis Prime, Nukor Kuva and Zaw, with smeeta and zenurik. For me it seems to come from the console overheating, it didn't crash on my xbox X but it does on the Xbox one.
  5. Hello, I request a way to filter seasonal and on sale market offerings please. Right now my game has a timer with a trolley about a sale that end in a month, that get me to the welcome page of the market when I click it. I have no idea what is actually on sale an will need to check the forum for it. (and after looking the forum show nothing and on discord people are confused and don't know either) A sort by recent-ness would also be helpfull to check what came out last.
  6. I have the issue too. Always at the end of a mission, while on the flying to orbiter screen. The part of the UI I end up missing is the upper left where we can see our glyph, our teammates and the public/invite only/private toggle.
  7. Could we get an official 'here is what we have worked on and what we decided on in the great lines' please? This thread as been running for a while and the tennocon is passed, some information would be nice.
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