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  1. I hope they'll re-run the no weapons pumpkin fight one of these years.
  2. For a circular saw, it's not doing the one unique thing I was expecting it to: to hit flesh and rip into it until I stop pressing the button (or run out of fuel / energy). When you announced we were able to ride it, I assumed (yeah, yeah) that meant as if it were a vehicle (i.e. until I stop pressing a button, run out of fuel / energy, or hit an obstacle), maybe slightly unstable so we'd be in for a wild ride. It doesn't have to be on-par for damage for me, so these buffs are meaningless. Its role could have been like the chainsaw in DOOM: perhaps not the most efficient weapon, but oh so much fun.
  3. Assuming that's an oversight and not intentional. Here's another without discount: Pragka Pet Bed
  4. Right before 25.1.1 I was fighting the Ropalolyst and for some reason the health of one of its Synovias kept resetting to full as soon as it reached zero. This is after a few successful kills, mind you. After 25.1.1 I've had a few more successful kills and then just now in the final phase the Ropalolyst's health kept resetting to full as soon as it reached zero. Ran out of ammo, aborted mission.
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