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  1. Really great upgrade I'm impatient to see it !! Can you look at this list of improvement too ? : Improvement : - Removing children/parent room limitation for destruction (or make it easier to do, a room need to be connected to one another but every room can take this role, not the older like actually) - Reopen decoration selection to the last use, tab or search (we have more and more decoration and it become difficult to look trough every time we open the menu) - Set old decoration placement cost to 1 (statues etc) - Give more decoration capacity to ol
  2. Yes may be, I'm not good enough in english to understand clearly all descriptions :x
  3. Yes finally, but I don't have seen it in patch note. Corrected in update 29.5 Deimos Arcana.
  4. I was thinking to have more decoration to buy. It will be great if all unique decorations we earn during the game must have been unlocked in Teshin shop like planet decoration for completing a planet in steel path, tee service (earn in quest ? i don't remember), Mastery Rank decoration, and many other ones witch are unique. With this we can give them to our dojo without hesitation, me can make other decorated room etc.
  5. 1years and more bug still in game please correct it :
  6. Bug still in game in update
  7. Can we enter Captura in dojo ? (with dojo layout) never tested if it's possible.
  8. Is it possible to fix this old bug for all decorators en future decorators ?
  9. Don't work like magnetize, is worst because like other have said, it remove the headshot possibility.
  10. Bug still in game in Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.1
  11. Some Dojo bugs have been corrected in Heart of Deimos: Update 29 But not the must annoying of them : this one. So, bug still present in game in update Heart of Deimos: Update 29.0.5
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