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  1. It happen often when the faster are at extraction more than 30 sec before the last guy. Resulting sometime leaving clanmate. So we must wait everyone in front of extraction. May be your solution would be a good change, but to avoid situation like Hikuro-93 is talking adding a timer at extract before you can do it ?
  2. We can see texts from Tributa and balise trough windows even if the text is in another room and floor.
  3. There is an issue when you have used your aura forma : If you have an aura installed, you have no indication that the polarity is universal. You need to remove your aura to see it. It will become a trouble when you are looking for WF who have or not have this universal aura polarity. Changing the visual polarity with the universal polarity when equipped ? or some other indication. Without an aura installed : With an aura installed :
  4. Still need to be fixed, It's really a pain to decorate with this.
  5. Still boring ... It need : - more ennemies - More rewards (little intervals) - Somthing other than this drones. -No revive, Only bleedout stats
  6. The real problem is not the change/nerf, it' that riven disposition just start to change regularly. This was the goal when riven were introduced but DE has never do it until recently (or just for 1 or 2 weapon very rarely). So every players take riven stats like they will never change ...If this regular change were done from the start, there will be less rage post.
  7. There is muliple issues for me. -The most important is the line of sight needed for power 2, 3 and 4. Line of sight is not an issue, but how the game is calculating it. This make the three power to have some trouble to work well because allies/ennemis are not targeted. - Her powers only work well in horizontal plan, the verticality is very bad. - Three canalized power, it's too much. - Pillage is not interesting at low lvl (not enouth shield/armor to replenish our shield), at high lvl, not a trouble, a few enemies can fully restore shield and overshield.
  8. Bonne année à tous ! on recrute toujours si y a des amateurs en ce début 2019.
  9. Why the relay is themed around redveil and not Steel Meridian ?
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