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  1. Bonne année à tous ! on recrute toujours si y a des amateurs en ce début 2019.
  2. The issue is the cooldown time, in the boss fight we were unable to doo damage cause of the cooldown ... Repalce it with 10 min to replenish all ammo but you can equipe it when you want with the ammo it have.
  3. Messkoo

    Augment 2.0

    The fact is some augment are good, some other are useless.
  4. Messkoo

    What are you looking for from end game?

    It would be interesting to have the possibility to skip 20-40 first min of survive or in def, to start at high lvl directly without special rules. Another things fun that can be done, it's a endless mission with different standard objectives randomly choose every x minutes. like you start with 5 wave of def, then excavation come right after that, then 5min of survive or 1 round of interception, all of them without changing tilset. And add secondary objectives like capture, extermination, sabotage etc. Basically making an endless mission with all WF content.
  5. C'est bientot les vacances du coup on recrute !
  6. Messkoo

    Dojo Remodel Suggestion (Inspiration Hall)

    We need a tool te remove a room without restriction. We already have a full dojo build with some complete and complex decorated room and we don't want do erase them juste to change some other rooms.
  7. Messkoo


    Why the relay is themed around redveil and not Steel Meridian ?
  8. Avis aux amateurs, nous avons toujours de la place et sommes ouvert à tout nouveaux joueurs.
  9. Messkoo

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    One of the most important thing to do to balance melee for me is to change the foot movement. Warframe is a very dynamic, and you can run,jump, slide, attack in a realy pleasant flow but some weapons animations have too momentum and break this gameplay, for me this weapon become useless. For example take quick attack from dual blade : first one, this weapons don't have a really good reach, and when you start striking your warframe is struck in place and so you miss many time because your enemies are going away. in other hand, you have some weapon (quick attack) that don't suffer from this like polearms, nikana etc. Some combo animations have the same issue too. It will be good if the movement speed is not linked with the attack/combo animation.
  10. What I have understand : Spore : only one cast so we can't spam it to have more active spore. dosn't spread anymore with standars hits, only with toxic lash. Allies can't help to spread. can't be cast on molt. conclusion, Spore will become hard to spread and for me, with elemental chance from viral to corrosif, it's a nerf to avoid large spread of viral proc. question : does spore still spread toxic statut effect ? Molt : good boost, does it scale with armor or life mod ? Toxic Lash : good boost too. Miasma : does it remove spore ? Miasma damage are yet only boost by spore on ennemies ? Viral and toxic status effect doesn't boost damage ? 100% status chance per tick, good boost, but usless because viral don't stack, the only positive effect is that the viral effect duration is incresed by the miasma duration. Final conclusion : the actual saryn is fun to play, this change is for me a spore nerf to avoid mass viral proc with some other boost to ballance it (and making it less than just a nerf). The status effect of spore become usless against many faction. It' s hard to see the imact of this change but it come to close from sanctuary, and I can't think it's unrelated. Spore can be spamed unlike 4th abilities so changing viral proc for 1st power to 4th power greatly reduc viral effect on sanctuary, and with the harder spread possibility it make all this change a Saryn nerf for sanctuary.