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  1. Technically S.Stalker doesn't die, but leaves, so i don't think it would count I'm curious about other players tho, need to try it in the simulacrum
  2. It only took a second so i guess the bot doesn't look at the other infos
  3. Did it too. I blurred everything but my birth date (just in case) & it worked
  4. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/11-pc-bugs/
  5. It happened to me once where Splinter Storm's duration wasn't reset when casting Mass Vitrify But it was during a relic mission where I wasn't the host, so maybe it was due to bad connection?
  6. 1. As stated above, you already have the waypoint system, it's quick to use, just like you asked 2. Like above again, you go in mission with one loadout that you choose before starting the mission, if you fail, change it We already have a frame, a primary, a secondary, a melee, a pet, an archgun, the whole gear wheel, & soontm we'll have our Necramech for all missions. You don't need anything more 3. Agreed
  7. Plats will never be earned as in-game rewards, I thought it was pretty obvious
  8. @Vaml77Agrees with the quote, except for the Hek, all other regulars were very underwhelming, now even the worst Kuva weapon is at least decent So what? Kuva Liches have been out for about two~three years now, & they are just getting new weapons The Sisters will get more later, just have some patience
  9. I didn't say you had to agree with me I'd just rather have the same weapon work differently or have an interesting mechanic than boring straight buff
  10. Yeah, most vandal or wraith weapons are more powerful, so? If they wanted to make the Opticor Vandal just work differently from the regular one then what's wrong with that?
  11. You may think what you want, but in practice, the vandal version isn't better or worse, it just works differently The Opticor is a kind of BFG weapon, the vandal counterpart is a rapid-fire beam cannon
  12. That's... what a sidegrade is
  13. I quoted the person who complained about using formas, not you
  14. Just open some relics if you're low on forma, it's not like they're rare to obtain
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