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  1. I can confirm, by playing hours & hours of Railjack, it may have happened twice or thrice to me The animation of the door opening plays, but it continues to act like a wall, hence you are stuck if you don't have the teleportation intrinsic
  2. While it's a shame seeing all this space gone, there was a lot of rooms that didn't serve any purpose & made travelling it tedious sometimes, even if warping helped a little They also may just be looking at how it works in practice before showing us anything
  3. Why not, it's something that I can see myself using
  4. The thing is that the large majority of combos, (for all weapons), have stagger on almost every hit. Combine that with the ludicrous speed that melee has & you got an unmatched type of weapon I forgot to add that to my first post, but on top of reducing the speed to a reasonable amount, they will remove most of those staggers, making melee not as broken as it is right now
  5. It's almost like that question was answered in the devstream :thonk:
  6. They said 10% melee nerfs, 90% gun buffs The nerf will mostly be about speed. As of now you can get, I think they said, +265% max melee attack speed with mods only, which is quite ridiculous. Even in terms of animation, with a max speed Wisp you can barely even see the animations
  7. If you really care that much you could always use a program to unlock the achievement(s) you want That is, if you stay fair about it
  8. It's also a Mirage, so with Eclipse's damage buff
  9. Favorite Warframe? Lavos, the most fun I've had with a warframe since Nidus Mission Type? Railjack, even if not exactly well implemented as of now, I still love railjack missions Weapon? Cedo, shotgun done right (I find the Corinth too slow for my taste) Quest? The Second Dream, the quest that had the most impact on everyone Aspect? Customisation, as in appearance but also modding Character? Wally or Father, but I guess I'm gonna go with Father until we know more about Wally Location/Tileset? Plains of Eidolon, the new Railjack Corpus missions also looked very int
  10. The problem is that melee is way too strong, but nerfing it would get them a extraordinary backlash from the community EDIT: AoE weapons are also extremely powerful in SP, the only way is for target guns to be buffed
  11. So what would be the solution? Buffing guns or nerfing everything else? Or maybe a 3rd or even 4th option?
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