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  1. You don't understand that what you show is kind of false advertising (or other words, me no english good) This is an aoe weapon, try with the steel path in real missions. It's trash tier, don't even bother with it
  2. Wow, you can kill them in 20 seconds, congratulations I can do 5s or less with any other weapon
  3. His one can be useful His two is useless, doesn't deal enough damage & sand thralls are useless His three his very meh, even as a cc ability His four doesn't really have a purpose, except with his augment, which is useless since he already has tons of health & armor He isn't a fun frame to play. "Being a health bar" isn't engaging
  4. Can confirm, some maps have very buggy spawn points Like Lua for exemple, going through a door will sometimes make tons of enemies spawn in the room you just left. While others will spawn because there's a small plant between you & the spawn point
  5. That's how ships dock with each other, we are just using them for ourselves
  6. Archwings aren't really popular, maybe we'll get more after their rework
  7. That's a problem with all bows, for me they they all go to 75, dunno why
  8. They added a button at the bottom right of the esc menu called "update history", (I think), for that specific reason It's new but it should tell you a bit about what you missed
  9. They have priorities, we have been asking for more story related content & less pvp or multiplayer content All of what you quoted has some sort of pvp in it & in case you ask, the next story related content, Plains of Duviri, has been delayed because the motion capture that they have at home is too basic (Geoff said so in a devstream at home)
  10. I feel like some of you people want DE to work on everything the game has at all times Just because they are not working on it currently doesn't mean it has been "forgotten", they can only do so much
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