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  1. Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.16.0

    Ooh. Nice. Any way we can get the same for Zaws? \o/
  2. Aha, multiple free slots explains why I didn't bump up against this before. Righty, thanks all.
  3. I've double checked, and there's nothing about it in any of the U22 patchnotes. So, I was building a Mote Amp, this is what I got on attempting to collect it: So I went to check the amp inventory tab, and imagine my surprise when I find this So... yeah. Time to get in touch with support, I guess.
  4. Coming Soon: Devstream #108!

    I like that you come to the Devstreams with some specific subjects in mind now, but that means there's much less room for questions and my poor list keeps getting longer :P Looking forward to hear what you've got.

    Kronen Prime. [url=]Handles are still on the same plane as the blade[/url]. WHY?!
  6. Credit where credit is due. Given that I asked for this, and don't recall having seen it in the patch notes: Thank you. Edit: Perusal of the patch notes shows that this was added in 22.10.
  7. I see. Well, bug report it is, next time that happens. Thanks.
  8. (Magus Elevate has a 75% chance to heal you for a flat amount at max rank.) since - for some reason - Warframe loves giving you unreliable tools, so I don't see that unreliable proc chance changing, and you can't see your WF's health while in Operator mode, and I'd rather not have to spam 5 half a dozen excessive times for 'just in case' if I'm in a hectic situation (and that's ignoring the effects of latency on Transference). Alternatively, if there already is one, I'm not seeing/hearing it. (Game sound is on, all graphics settings are on lowest or off.) Thank you in advance.
  9. Because I'd rather not stand around like an idiot for the rest of the 2 minutes just for the shaft not to open because I shifted slightly off the trigger volume of the pedestal. Thank you.
  10. Edit: Welp, never mind. This seems to be a new, Arsenal-specific breakage. ------ Example: I logged in for 22.14.0 and went to look at my Foundry. The UI immediately stopped functioning. Chat still works. Opening the menu via top-left three-line button still works, but can't access it except via /profile. Here's my Foundry UI after I opened the "Inbox" via menu, hoping it'd unfreeze after I 'saw' the forced message. (It didn't.) This isn't the first time this happens, just the most recent. Note that it might be Inbox-specific as the Riven reveal screen doesn't cause this. EE.log is attached to Support Ticket #1165462
  11. Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.14.0

    As one pf the people who pushed for skins to be made universal: Fair enough. (And since I'm on the topic: Thanks again for that.) Awesome. Question: Since Raid Arcanes are now officially decoupled from cosmetics, any chance that the original Arcane Helmets will get this treatment as well? Yes, I read the statement and saw the answer. But I'd love to use, e.g. my Palatine Rhino helmet over my Arcane Vanguard, or my Loki Prime over my Arcane Essence, but the bonuses are too good to pass up. So, for both consistency and Fashionframe: Any chance that this will happen? Well, I still think that per-enemy rampup is nonsensical. But this is better, certainly. RIP two of my oldtime favorites. Yes, I saw the slight base increases. Excellent. Thanks, keep it up. Awesome all around.
  12. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    Had this yesterday. Lures despawned during the Hydrolyst's 'oh crap, i ded' animation, before the actual 'death' or 'capture' animations run. Literally had the 'bounty failed' UI hovering over a dying Hydrolyst with the explosions of the depsawning lures in my face. Wasn't sure if to be more impressed or frustrated. Would've taken a screenshot, (I mean, that's gotta be some kind of record) but that would've caused me to d/ce, which would've been bad. ----- Wait what? Why should it? How does that even make sense?!
  13. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    Yes. YES. YES! Holy crap, this hotfix is amazing. Am I dreaming right now?
  14. Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    Glorious how that just rolls off the tongue. Pure artistry. :p