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  1. Yes and no. Since Titania, buy a frame before completing the quest, and you get a free riven when completing the quest (on top of the default main BP reward).
  2. I will be very interested in seeing the completion stats on this vs, other weekly challenges.
  3. Chapped asses notwithstanding, this was an excellent stream. If the 1/mo devstreams continue as they've started, they're off to a great start. Ticker's an excellent choice for a Valentine's vendor. Nice to see Ignis Wraith available to all comers. I'm pretty meh on the wings, but *shrug* tastes vary. Might need a toggle to hide teammates' wings, though, depending on how the fading works. Ghoul Saw. omg, it's actually (almost) here O_O (Not that I'm particularly anxious for it, just saying chapeau for working through the backlog.) (That said, I can't wait to see Xaku mcT
  4. Wraith: Take Nidus (naked Infestation), apply to Zephyr's head, Lavos' torso & arms (& snakes D: ), Xaku's legs and Volt P's knees. re: the rest - As usual, sounds good, we'll see wrt the reality.
  5. Ticket ID 2405059
  6. Corpus Gas City, in the Sabotage tile (she one with the reactor), same spots, 4 games in a row.
  7. Screenshot from support ticket 2400051
  8. A couple on Kuva Fortress. Screenshots from support ticket 2400049
  9. Just a guess, but does Polarize's armor strip have a LoS restriction? Because going by the video, that looks suspiciously like a reverse-(e.g.)Fireblast armor strip, with only the target out of direct LoS being stripped. (Hence, reverse Fireblast.)
  10. Magnificent. Magnificent utz.
  11. I got a similar issue in an Earth Excavation [url=https://ibb.co/KD8XYBN][img]https://i.ibb.co/VxktdbH/Warframe0024.jpg[/img][/url] as well as the smallest Corpus Outpost Defense tile (no screenshot though). Only happens at certain viewing angles. Also consistently get the same when entering the Railjack Artillery as a client. (RJ Arti as host works fine.) Bottom ~70% of the screen turns black. Edit: Am using DX11, Classic - not DX12.
  12. Welp. [url=https://ibb.co/gVjWMdQ][img]https://i.ibb.co/SrsmXcH/Warframe0008.jpg[/img][/url]
  13. Screenshot in ticket 2398497
  14. Notice all the enemies just... piled up and unmoving. Screenshot in ticket #2398492
  15. Screenshots in ticket #2398487.
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