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  1. I said "f**ck you" to the kick bot

    Why though? Because in order for a punishment to be an effective teaching tool, it needs to be linked with a clear idea of what is being punished. Otherwise you just end up with a mess of neuroses and superstitions as the person struggles to discern the pattern and inevitably misattributes at least some of the causes of the punishment.
  2. Ghoul Bounty: Ghouls Not Spawning

    Ooh, might've been this. Ghouls didn't spawn until I gave up and started back for the gate, so might've been fundashing. Will make pay attention next time.
  3. Ghoul Bounty: Ghouls Not Spawning

    Possibly unrelated: I was solo, and for various reasons at 95% RAM usage, heavy HDD read/write and at least 40% CPU use, and I spent ~2.5 minutes walking around a graveyard until the Vay Hek transmission appeared and Ghouls started spawning.
  4. [DELAYED] Damage 2.5 Part 1: Physical Damage

    That's not accurate. Slash is considered the most powerful because it's the most effective at dealing with enemies (because kills enemies through armor). For example, certain weapons, such as the Bo, already stunlock a target. However, they don't usually particularly kill them. So you're trading ammo and/or self-disable to disable an individual enemy. Or at best, to disable a line of enemies, up to punchthrough rate. But Warframe tiles are varyingly wide open, and the only choke points you have are if you're sitting in the sewers a dead-end and letting enemies come to you. Which is only viable in 1 game mode: Survival. So here you are, shutting down a single Heavy Gunner heading towards your defense target with your Impact-skewed Akstilletos. Great! But another's heading in from a different route, your ammo's running out faster than your target's health, and you've got 3 shots left before you need to reload! What to do?! That's right, you switch to a weapon that can actually kill the Heavy Gunner, or use a warframe ability to CC the HG. Warframe's gone for (enemy) quantity over quality for these last ~3 years. One repercussion of this is that shutting down individual enemies is not a viable strategy. And if Impact, which can completely shut down an enemy for 2-6 seconds is ineffective despite being level agnostic, how effective will Puncture's level-dependent damage reduction be? Either you're fighting enemies who aren't dangerous enough for it to be needed, or your enemies have so much higher a damage output than your eHP that just locking down a single target (or even a line) won't actually keep you alive. At the end of the day, at best the game doesn't reward you for not-killed enemies. At worst they're a progression stopper (resources unfarmed, missions uncompletable e.g. surv, ext) and possibly a threat (if you're around for them to shoot at). In other words, outside of LoR or speedrunning caps or rescues or OG datamass sabotage pure CC is a losing strategy. In the vast majority of the game, CC exists to keep you alive long enough to kill the other guys. tl;dr - * The less of a threat each enemy is out of the total situation, the less valuable shutting down an individual enemy is. This is made worse by CC procs being a self-disable (if I'm shooting target X, I'm not doing anything else) and opportunity cost (consumes your limited ammo, reloading is an enforced gap in CC, a gun modded for CC is one less weapon that can kill stuff). * Outside of LoR, pure CC doesn't let you win, it lets you not-lose. That's the definition of a losing strategy. tl;dr^2 - 'Dead' is the best status. Dead enemies are a) no longer a threat, b) the only ones that drop rewards and c) the only ones no longer taking up spawn slots. As long as dead enemies are the only ones the game rewards you for...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ----- Now, with that out of the way: What do these changes mean for forced procs such as stance combos on elemental melees, Hunter Munitions, Rhino's Piercing Roar and probably others I'm not thinking of atm?
  5. Mirage Prime Access is Here!

    No pic? (Just checking.) *Cough*HydroidPrimeTrailer*Cough*
  6. Ferrox: My new favorite primary

    Does (20%?) extra damage per ammo in the clip when thrown. Just shooting still does better damage per ammo though.
  7. This is awesome. (Don't love the Mass Vitrify changes, though I understand why they happened. As to Focus 2.5... we'll see.)
  8. Ferrox: My new favorite primary

    tl;dr- Glad you like it. :) 2nd best. Opticor takes the cake. Ferrox is (now) a 'Opticor lite': lower base damage, but much faster charge, higher crit and more punchthrough. And, ofc, it has its throwing gimmick, which is occasionally useful. Also, this might just be me, but the Ferrox feels much lighter to aim (i.e. more effect for the same mouse movement) than the Opticor. P.S. If you have Hunter Munitions, you might want to try it with the Ferrox.
  9. Dev Workshop: The Features of Focus 2.5

    Disclosure: I'm very against lenses. They shoe-horn you into explicitly using or avoiding parts of your arsenal due to meta-considerations outweighing gameplay considerations. I hate Convergence with a passion. It screws up mission flow, breaks up the squad, can spawn in awkward locations and really really screws up play tempo due to explicitly and heavily incentivising immediate mass murder sprees, irrespective of actual available spawns, or teammate disposition. My takeaways: * I'm still going to be using exactly 1 node on Zenurik (Energizing Dash) and picking up the waybounds when they become available. Between very few of the other nodes in any school being sufficiently appealing for the opportunity cost, and the lack of streamlining loadout+school combinations making switching a hassle, I'll just continue passing on it. Very few of the Void Mode additions justify the globally increased cost that comes with having to use them if the node's active, flat damage abilities fair poorly against armor - and are hugely outdone by any mid-or-better modded weaponry, and outside of extreme cases (e.g. max str frost Chroma), stats-as-defense aren't viable in higher (non-endless) level content. * Since I don't see Lenses being either made generic or simply removed, I'm for the universal pool in a 'well, guess that'll have to suffice' sorta way, as it goes a ways towards mitigating the restrictions that lenses impose on your gear choices. If your preferred gear has a lens, but the wrong lens, you can still use it, and use the 'wrong school' focus to increase the pool. * I highly doubt it'll be the case, so while I'd be glad to see that the universal pool and node cost reductions are sufficient to make casual or incidental progress non-negligible (12k in 5 hours is ridiculous.), given the rate of focus gain without Convergence vs the intentional, by-design... what's the opposite of 'ease of use'? of activating and capitalizing on Convergence, no changes to Convergence means to me that Focus remains effectively non-existent to players that aren't spending ~30-90 minutes a day doing exp farms explicitly to progress it. I expressed my bullet-point issues with Convergence above, so won't repeat myself. That said, they say a picture's worth a thousand words. So here's (the equivalent of) 34,000 words on a specific problem with convergence spawn mechanics, and (only) 1 case where it was actually a situation where I could capitalize on it. tl;dr- Convergence spawn logic has an 'accumulated exp' factor. Which means that -in my experience- ~70%+ of the time, it spawns exactly once I can no longer benefit from it. Unless I've screwed up my filing, these should be from between the Glast Gambit and the launch of PoE. (Not linking every picture because a) that's tedious and b) some people have data caps.)
  10. Thanks for facilitating, and for the further info :) Comments inline in red.
  11. If I'm in a Relay for the Simulacrum, that's the only reason I'm there, so when I'm done, I'm guaranteed to be returning to my liset. Implementing this choice (if mechanically possible- Cetus is a hub, Simulacrum is a mission) saves loading time. Edit: and since I'm on the topic of QoL and the Simulacrum, thanks again for the fast travel option, and the expanded in-sim options.
  12. Thanks for the communication. Haven't read the thread, so pardon me if I'm repeating others' points. As to the change: What is the design intention here? What's the intended niche? Intended use-case? Because it looks to me like what you're doing here is killing MV's defensive ability past the mid-late star chart, leaving Gara with a individual-targettable %DR and a melee-range nuke. And while %DR buff's nice, CC is king (don't need DR if you're not taking damage after all), putting her far behind Frost in actual usefulness. We have 4(ish) location defense abilities: Snow Globe, Cataclysm, Energy Shield and Mass Vitrify. The comparison with SG is "obvious": they're both a round thing you place between an area and an enemy. But it's a bad comparison. SG's got instant deploymeny, an unlimited duration, being entirely HP based, but with a damage absorption phase as well as being stackable, expels/debuffs enemies inside, and not unique in that you can have up to 4. MV, would be completely diametrically opposite, if not for the 'expel/debuff enemies inside' aspect. A much better comparison would be to Cataclysm: Both duration based, both with an exclusivity (MV's impassable, Cata segregates Rift and non-), both with a disable on enemies inside (Stasis for Limbo, vitrify for Gara) and both are unique (only 1 at any given time). With MV you can fire out from the safety of inside. The Rift mechanic (and Stasis) disallow that for Cata. Cataclysm shrinks, where MV allows the player to set its size dynamically, and is constant once placed, but Cata's a sphere where MV's a band with restricted vertical protection. If the mentioned changes are all that happens, this change single-handedly turns MV from a powerful-but-limited alternative to SG/Cata into a strictly worse variant of all the rest: vs. SG: Same limited HP mechanic, but no stacking or absorption to let the player compensate, and unique to boot while not even providing complete coverage before you lose any sections. vs. Cata: Both unique, but MV's HP (e.g. basically useless in high level content) vs duration, and while it (potentially) allows defensive fire, it (situationally) doesn't actually provide cover. vs. ES: HP vs. Duration, both made of limited segments, ES's more flexible (due to manually placeable segments) but MV has easier deployment.
  13. The Great Plains of Eidolon Feedback Survey

    Unless this was literally done within the last 5 minutes, you can. I gave Konzu, Suumbat and Onnko all 2s.
  14. Plague star: Mixer defence over way to quick

    Either they're allied, or there's some issue with their hitboxes. I came across them a couple times, repeatedly tried shooting them, to no effect. (Could scan them just fine.)
  15. Why is range not a stat on melee weapons?

    First off, thanks for the acknowledgement. I know that actual reach varies depending on the animation used. As such, would giving the slide attack range of all weapon - which all use the same animation - be a simpler universal solution, while giving players sufficient information to extrapolate swing range from?