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  1. This would require either a serious and long term familiarity with Warframe, or research. One-shot first impression vids are much easier. ofc, articles have been written without even that much familiarity, so... eh?
  2. Exactly. But DE love them some bandaids, and the fact that one exists means they can go 'it's a player choice' and continue ignoring it, so gl getting any changes for it.
  3. Except that that was the reason it was made self-only. The LoS on top of that just made it not worth using even for yourself. But but this already exists! etc. On the one hand, I really need to come up with new material. On the other hand, putting more effort into riffing on something than DE's putting into implementing it well just feels wrong.
  4. What he said. That said, if Magnetize could actually hold enemies, that might actually make it synergize (better) with Pull, finally. Also, But but this already exists! So there's no need to change anything! \o/ Yay for bandaids! \o/
  5. Desecrate forces health orb drops, regardless of the enemy's drop table, though.
  6. Reworking World on Fire into a DoT ability

    Sorry, let me try to clarify my problem. "Reward" WoF with buildup for longer activation, but soft-cap how long it can be active. Alright, sounds reasonable. Except that giving it a time-based ramp-up to make it useful at higher levels means that until it hits a 'ramped up enough' level, it's not being useful. Like what we saw happening with the first deployed version of the reworked Undertow - It initially did flat finisher damage, scaled on each enemy based on how long it'd been in the pool. This was basically useless, given that you couldn't 'pre-scale' the damage - each enemy started at 0 "stacks"; you regain energy while in the puddle, you weren't shooting and your team couldn't hurt pooled enemies. Compare the effectiveness of the 21.4 launch with the 21.5 changes. Between that, and Warframe lack of encounter design, its having a more-or-less homogeneous enemy level at any given time (iirc it's something like mission (or endless scaled) level +/- 3, +5 for eximus), there's aren't really any temporary difficulty spikes that warrant pulling out your big guns. You're always facing a constant enemy level, so you always need to be at a constant power level to deal with them. On top of that, you're basically enforcing an increasing level-based time-and-energy tax before WoF's ramped up enough to be significant - and you're going to have to pay the tax again and again since, by design, you can't upkeep that ramping, because you're intended to either toggle WoF off or run out of energy. ... Writing all this, it occurs to me that if '# of times WoF was activated' was tracked on the player, you could start partially pre-ramped, which might alleviate this, but then you might have issues with having ramped up too much. Maim, conversely - and unlike Pacify -, scales independently of its energy cost. It improves as a consequence of your playing the game (read: killing stuff). Chicken and egg, as I see it, both stemming from Warframe's design (enemies, abilities and modding). Given that you can stack Power Str mods, people generally mod for 'leave it on forever' (if through an explicit ~75% effective eff, if through AE + PFlow), because the efficiency penalty that Blind Rage imposes makes it a damage-per-energy net loss. Math follows: Edit GODDAMN IT, editor. Edit alright, I hope that'll work. Edit Nope. Spoiler still eats everything after it. Looking at the 2nd most popular build of WF-B, here's and Ember built for max eff WoF, max str w/o BR WoF. This comes out to 1100 damage for 0.75 energy per sec, or ~1,467 damage/energy/sec. Replace Intensify, and you're gone to 1,376/2.04, or ~675 d/e/s. A ~25% damage gain for a 272% energy cost increase Replace Stretch (to not change the existing str/eff baseline), and you're at 1496/2.04, or 733.3 d/e/s for a ~36% damage increase and a 272% cost increase. </end of math> So sure, you can trash your efficiency for a slightly higher burst damage (which is compounded by Accelerant), but A) as above, Warframe's 'encounter design' doesn't encourage spikes of increased capability, B) the efficiency hit affects Accelerant (and Fireball/Fireblast), which directly impacts on your survivability, and C) any relevant enemy aura is still going to shut you down regardless, and the increased damage doesn't even pretend to compete with the penalties Damage 2.0 imposes on heat vs. armor. It is, in short, not worth it. And even beyond that, Warframe's unwillingness to define things is kind of a problem. What is Ember supposed to do? In low levels? In high levels? *Shrug*. What's the role of a nuker? To nuke stuff. But at low levels, where you can nuke stuff, people complain. And at high levels, well, you can't nuke stuff, so what's your purpose? (And before you say 'CC' I'll remind you that her best sustained-CC tool is anchored to an external "optional" augment.) ----- Is your main focus stopping it being 'always on', or making it require active playing to kill stuff? Given that I don't see a way to do the former that doesn't cripple WoF, considering everything above the break, and going off Maim, how does this sound to you? Just spitballing here, no idea if it's any good as I literally just thought this up: Forget giving WoF an inherent scaling cost. Instead, halve its base damage, replace the heat proc with Firequake's knockdown and reduce its range to 5m. Then let it gain flat property increase stacks (i.e. multiplied by ability mods) a la Resonating Quake whenever you afflict an enemy with a heat proc (a la Growing Power). Heck, if you want, you can even make them decay. (Things don't burn forever, after all.) (Alternatively, give it a static 25m range - less than that is basically useless, and that's before PoE arrives-, which is unaffected by mods and stacks don't increase it either.) Voila - can't be used to afk-kill; requires active playing (e.g. shooting for status, or using Fireball or Fireblast) to build up enough stacks so it's usable, if the stacks decay there's no need to worry about it being 'always on' since if you're not playing, it's going to do basically nothing, and it gives you room for consideration: 'build more stacks? Not build more stacks? Have too many, so reset?' and ofc, if they decay, you need to be keeping up with the heat procs to maintain it (since WoF won't generate them for free anymore). It doesn't directly address "killstealing" once you get the ball rolling, though making the stacks decay does indirectly work against that, But as long as Ember remains a flat damage nuker, and neither the modding system, nor Damage 2.0 change, there's not much that can be done about that.
  7. Never did, unless you were killing Feral Kubrows. Pilfering Swarm gives you an additional roll of the target's drop table. Health orbs are only drops for cabinets and Feral Kubrows. So unless you're using an ability that force-spawns them (e.g. Desecrate, Reckoning), you're not going to be seeing many, and certainly near-none from kills.
  8. tl;dr - will come with a respec, no focus exp reset. Edit: 8:40 or so.
  9. Reworking World on Fire into a DoT ability

    I like the overall idea, but I've got a problem with this: WoF, as it currently is, autotargets a limited number of enemies. As such, it's likely to miss VIPs in a crowd, meaning this synergy isn't going to passively help you much. And between the low % per trigger and the speed of casting abilities, you can't really rely on those either - you're down to a status weapon, for something with a lot of armor. At which point, why would building a status weapon to proc heat be a preferable to just continuing modding for Corrosive? (For reference, the wiki's %DR chart.) True, Corr procs take a comparatively large number of procs to reach 100% removal... but 100% removal is overkill. (And this is before talking about procs weights. Unless the base weapon's elemental, you're fighting with IPS damage for procs. A combined elemental can be weighted much further towards elemental procs.) 3 corr procs at 3k armor would about double your damage. 3% armor reduction would increase it by, at a guesstimate, 12%. I'm sorry, I don't have the math-vocabulary to be succinct here. What I'm trying to say is that the effect that armor's %DR has on eHP doesn't scale linearly, so a linear reduction isn't particularly effective when, erm, relative-value reductions exist, and both rely on the same method of delivery. Also, a mechanical note: If WoF is made to scale off # of enemies affected - like Pacify, I'd assume that it would allow Zenurik regeneration to work as well - like Pacify. I have no issue with this - it works pretty well for Peaceful Provocation builds - but I think you would, so thought I'd point it out. ofc, the "Focus sledgehammering" hasn't happened yet, and we don't know how that'll affect things. ----- WoF has a pulse rate (I think it's ~3/sec) and a target cap (5 on cast, 3 on pulse), so this shouldn't be an issue - it can't multihit on a single pulse. If you're not talking about that, just that it'd focus down individual targets too fast then, as I mentioned, I'd prefer that the tick rate were lowered and the target cap removed. This - again - makes it less of an area instakill at lower level, while retaining capability at higher levels, as the concurrent spawn cap increases. And, to answer your question: Look at Smite. It has a high %HP split among individual projectiles. It relies on masses of enemies diffusing the HP among them (which is why it's so strong against bosses without adds). But if you're really concerned, make it apply a short buff to the target which'll reduce the damage of repeated applications in a short timespan.
  10. So we're seeing focus farming under the current iteration? Oh well. Fair enough, though. This is Primetime and not the Devstream.
  11. Reworking World on Fire into a DoT ability

    So, assuming you can't keep it on all the time *coughArcaneEnergize+75%effandPFlowcough*: in higher levels, it's useless until it spins up, but once it does you run out of energy. Doesn't sound particularly useful to me. Am I missing something? I've been a proponent of giving WoF a %HP component to address scaling. Your solution both gives it scaling while helping the team with armor mitigation. Works for me. Now just need to do something about either its range or its target cap.
  12. Honestly, my only gripe with today's sortie 3 was that one Nox that spawned. Bad enough they do AoE toxin. Now double (or whatever) that damage. Now give them a (I forget. 75%? 80%? 90%?) elemental resist on top of their locational damage resist, and the scaling HP of their helmets. Blargh.
  13. Glaxion Buff When?

    Sad part, this is after it got a buff. Late edit2: Derp. 1.75% status per ammo. Assuming 20 RoF and 3 tics a second that's ~12% status per chunk. Edit: Nope, the editor insists on putting my text inside the quotebox, and I still can't edit it. I give up. @[DE]Aidan for reference, I'm talking about crap like this, re: the editor. Had to manually enter quote tags, because the source thread's locked -> Editor concludes that my [/quote] is just a suggestion and eats the entire rest of the post. To be fair, though, most of the other beam weapons are relatively bad as well.
  14. Coming Soon: Devstream #98!

    Eh, you mean if they only generate Steel rep without even doing Hexis/Suda dailies? That's not really being a Hexis/Suda player, it's being a Steel Meridian player (who happens to have positive standing with Suda/Hexis), but okay, I get what you're saying.
  15. Coming Soon: Devstream #98!

    Similarly, Hexis/Suda players can't access the Large Ammo Restore. Yes. There was an answer to this on Reddit some time ago. -- [DE]Rebecca. Note the disclaimer, but no active plans as of 8 months ago. They addressed this on a post Tennocon Devstream: Mastery will be tracked per weapon head, but by the combination.