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  1. Oberon rework: Smite - A nuke with flat + percentile damage. Finally! Neat :3 Hallowed Ground - Vaguely puzzled that it's not a circle, but at least a cone gives you more wiggle room in your positioning when trying to cover an area to give yourself some room to maneuver (since facetanking requires a few very specific criteria, which Oberon doesn't fill). Nice that its gaining flat armor - may actually make it useful for frames without an already high armor. My instinctive reaction is to dislike that it depends on Renewal, but it does make sense (you need the armor on HG because you're limited in your mobility because of HG). Also nice that the armor sticks around after renewal shuts off, since renewal shouldn't shut off. But I'll get to that. Renewal - Why is giving it M Prime/Polarize-like (is the initial radius affected by range?) spread an improvement? Renewal is looked at as a poor heal (certainly by myself, but I'm fairly sure this is a common complaint) because it's A) entirely reactive. It can't be used preemptively, as it shuts down upon reaching full health - in a game where, past mid levels, you die from spike damage rather than slow attrition (and the fact that, in 'serious' content, every single bullet from any enemy can be enough to OHKO you, well...), and B) it has a start-up delay. Not only do you have the cast animation (which all abilities do), it has travel time. And I believe that the current projectiles (which are already deemed too slow to be useful) travel faster than 5m/s. And this in a game where, past mid levels, you die from spike damage rather than slow attrition (and the fact that, in 'serious' content, every single bullet from any enemy can be enough to OHKO you, well...). Furthermore, the ability still assumes - and the interaction with Renewal reinforces - that all of your team's within ~20m of each other, an assumption that, outside of 'sewer-camp' style survivals/excavation (which DE've been actively discouraging for a couple years now), falls fairly flat imo as ever more enemies gain CC/damage suppression abilities, large AoE damage and/or area denial 'ground is lava' patches fairly force players to either max bunker with some physical blockade (Globe, E Shield, Fracture) or disperse. Still, draining energy only once it starts applying is nice. It's already one of the worst healing abilities due to its usability constraints. Either shorten the startup time (i.e. remove travel altogether) or allow it to be used proactively, precast, instead of shutting down when target's at 100% health. All you lose is the one-off status removal (which, honestly? between travel time and HoT time vs. status duration - never actually does anything), and energy for upkeep - which you can choose not to, by simply toggling it off. Reckoning - Looks nice. Not much to say here, it's already his best ability. Passive - It's an improvement. Situational, sure, but nice where applicable, and at least it doesn't directly slow you down/set you up to be blind-sided by traitorous wildlife. Guess we'll have to see how hard the mere fact of its existence will hit the 2 cats. tl;dr - * Oberon shines vs. Grineer, Infested, Nullifiers. * Between his abilities having a low base range, and Rad not increasing agro, build for range, duration, eff, str - in that order. Oberon gains a bit more staying power as a 'leveling' frame, going from early-to-mid-game into early late-game. Which is a niche, certainly. Still don't see him as worth a spot in a precon group on anything past level ~45 though, as he's not AoE enough to be the dedicated nuke so unless either the flat armor boost from HG is so huge to counter the lack of Globe, or the healing sufficient to outweigh taking a Trin spot... *shrug*
  2. Not sure which you're referring to, but the disc still stays (i.e. doesn't get despawned) if you die while it's deployed.
  3. Except that he's not talking about changes, he's talking about mod mechanics. The answer, obviously, is the codex wiki.
  4. Oh no, it's a buff. Absorb/Assimilate are terrible for damage (in the spoiler). Due to the enemies having many times more HP than players, all that friendly fire did was zero your energy in half a second flat, if a teammate so much as grazed you with a shot, whether on purpose or by accident. Without friendly fire, Assimilate is now usable in a team setting, again.
  5. 0 forma Assimilate Nyx. Max range, workable duration, Flow. Chaos everything, Mind Control heavies, pop Absorb as a panic/tank button. More forma = higher Continuity, Vitality, Flow. A&B, depends on how dedicated you intend on melee-ing. Basically, Pressure Point, Fury/Berserker, EM Shielding/Guardian Derision/both, any crit mods you choose to use, with or without Body Count/Drifting Contact, and elementals in whatever spots you have left. Really, pretty much any weapon works. Off the top of my head, can't think of any particular combos/interactions.
  6. Which is well and good and assumes that you and the rest of your team have got the mods to carry despite the leechers. Not everyone's a decked out vet. Some people still need a full, contributing squad to pull through a sortie.
  7. Just chiming in with another ' :D ' post. Here's to hoping this is followed up on with looking at the underlying ability's mechanics and role, at some point.
  8. YES! :HappyDance: Can we I get a summary of the discussion leading to this? ----- Could I get an explanation on the 'why' of this? Was praying for a change to Silence when Banshee Prime came out, but no dice. Silence, as is, is useless for solo stealth - on account of Banshee's passive superseding it for your own weapons, and it not actually silencing enemy weapons. Similarly, it's very poor for team stealth, since it, again, doesn't silence enemy weapons. An enemy in range shoots, an enemy outside range hears it - and there goes your stealth. It is, primarily used for 2 purposes: Short duration AoE stun - which can't be reapplied while it's active (see Nyx's original iteration of Chaos for how well that works). Combined with Savage Silence to open up melee finishers. Which can't be reapplied while active. Silence, as it stands, directly conflicts with Sonar. Sonar wants more range and more duration for better uptime. Silence requires either lower range or minimal duration - so you can apply it to targets where you can actually capitalize on its effect. Increasing its duration... doesn't help. ----- One less pet peeve. :)
  9. 1. In your opinion, how useful are jack-of-all-trades Warframes like Oberon? That's a very context-sensitive question. For faffing around the star chart? Sure. But - for context - you can successfully faff around the star chart with a formaed Mk-1 Lato. Oberon's rework was serviceable/reasonably good - for the time, at the time... some 2+ years ago? But Warframe's grown since, and seen some amazing toolkits added (Nidus' being the go-to exemplar, I believe). His rug gained status immunity (as did Renewal finishing - which is greatly less useful), and all his nukes were given added CC effects - and they're still good, absolutely speaking. But, as with the rest of his kit, they're not that individually all that hot relatively speaking, and his toolkit doesn't make up the shortfall. Further, JoaTs were not created equal. Just looking at vanilla skillsets - no augments: * Rhino has damage/status cancel, a universal damage buff and a high-ranged nuke/hard CC and some mobility. * Nezha has damage/status cancel, group status cancel, a fairly unusable heal, mid-ranged nuke/hard CC, and loads of mobility. * Excal has an underwhelming huge-ranged-but-target-limited-and-LoS-restricted nuke/hard CC, a significantly better huge-ranged-though-still-LoS hard CC/melee damage buff+finisher prompts which combines with his amazingly powerful ult... and some mobility. * (Could make a case for Frost, Mag and Volt being JoaTs, but tl;dr) * Nova has a fairly useless 1, a god-tier nuke kept balanced by usability restrictions, teamwide mobility and a god-tier CC+damage amp. And Equinox is amazing (though her actual flexibility is limited by Night and Day needing different amounts of Power Strength (read: none and not-none, leading to MAD syndrome,) despite losing all her mend/maim stacks on morph. Compare with Oberon: * Multitarget static-damage (so, no scaling) nuke with built-in Rad procs (scales, but random = unreliable). * Percentile-base-armor boosting rug (so, useless unless you've already got good armor - in which case you likely don't need it), that needs - on the bright side, grants status immunity, but needs large amounts of range to be usable, and awkward positioning to recast/upkeep. Oh, and it does negligible damage. * An explicitly reactive (can't pre-cast, auto-disables when target's at full health) Heal-over-time that also has an activation delay in the form of travel time. (Which'll remove status upon a full heal. So basically never, in my experience - between travel time + HoT time vs actual status duration.) * A fairly high damage, but minimum range (barring Absorb/Assimilate) nuke, with added subsequent CC via Rad procs and blinds - and a couple other effects. So, to suit the one-liner summaries of above: an unreliable non-scaling CC/nuke, an effectively unusable team buff, a non-emergency self- and effectively unusable team-heal, and a short range but powerful nuke/CC. Among his other issues, Oberon's skillset still assumes you have a group playing together all within 15 meters of each other - a thing that, due to the ever growing hordes of ability resistant/immune, damage resistant/immune, AoE TPK/CC enemies, is less and less often the case... unless you're in a precon team, bunkering up somewhere... which is a game-style that DE's been actively discouraging for around 2 years now. So yeah, the question depends a lot on the context. > Other (post an explanation below) 2. What are you looking for in regards to a Warframe rework? I'm looking for it to correct problems with its existing skillset. Why do you (almost) never hear requests for a rework for Loki, Nova, Inaros, Nidus, etc.? Because their skillsets work, no rework needed. I consider Nidus' skillset to be nearly-ideal in its interactions. His 1 is a line nuke. His 2 is a CC/reposition. Each works independently. They don't need to be used in tandem to work. But, oh, the results when you do... >:] His 3 is a CC or buff, and survivability skill. It works. But it also synergizes with his 1, being another origin point. Which means it also synergizes with his 2. His 4 is an area heal that spawns maggots. It works. But - being an area heal - it synergizes with his 3. And - given that is spawns maggots - it synergizes with his 2(, and was subsequently made to rely on his 1). Compare and contrast with Saryn, and the reason I hate her rework - Where Nidus has synergy, Saryn has dependency. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, have someone talk with /u/ThatOddDeer on Reddit. So, back to the question: What am I looking for in a frame's skillset? None of the options touch the main point, but closest are > Cohesion between abilities > Scalability > Interesting and diverse powers 3. What characteristics do you enjoy in Boss Battles? The boss battle should be a reward, not a chore (which is why I hate being forced to grind them for frames). Lephantis has spectacle. Alad V/Zanuka's boss fight is an interesting dynamic. Reworked Tyl Regor's arena is interesting, but you never really get to enjoy it... and he's an invulnerability boss with invulnerability minions. The Jackal, when level-appropriate, is one of the most fun boss fights in the game, imo. If only he didn't spam his stomp->fall off platform->repop on it->repeat, and his missile swarm were dodgeable. The Raptors would be an interesting fight, if they were more interactable/less OP. Razorback was likewise engaging, if not very interesting. Kela's rework was an improvement. So, what do I want? Anything that'll engage me. This can be > Strategic attacks > Non-combat aspects, or > Other. Just move away from bosses being oneshotting sacks of invulnerable HP. 4. In your opinion, how useful do you think filtered Chats will be for trading? > More change is needed Background: Not a fanatical trader. I've probably made upwards of 40k plat in total, across 4 years. I refer you to NeoNess007's comments on the topic. If I'm playing Warframe, it's because I want to be playing Warframe. Trade chat is manages to be both dull (stare at thousands of lines of text scrolling past) and demanding (make sure you're always paying attention, or you might miss the ONE thing you're looking for, or not register it before someone else does), all while being not-playing-Warframe. And yes, some people enjoy the feeling of making a lucrative trade (buying low or selling high). But I don't find it worth the time or effort. It is excruciatingly unenjoyable. I just hop on every so often, and if I find something within my price range, I'll buy or sell. 5. How excited are you for “Bobo”, a.k.a. the next Warframe? > I want to see his abilities first Aesthetically, he looks good, but a frame is nothing without a skillset.
  10. As title. Working as intended?
  11. New Machete stance - Doesn't interest me (machete don't really have a role), but I know it'll make some people very happy. Reload button for melee - Not entirely clear on what's currently implemented, will need to rewatch when I have a bit more brain. Still, fairly excited for it. (Also - GLAIVES! :D ) Tenno shotgun, Oberon rework - Mentioning that things are being worked on. Thank you. Again, these are not things I care about, but thank you. Just an 3 word 'this is live/current' is really all I ask, for most things. re: Nyx, Assimilate. And, again - I certainly either want the friendly fire functionality reverted, or Assimilate's niche changed so it can actually apply the damage (preferably the former), but 'this is live and under discussion' is really all I ask for. Delicious assets. Break out the tonfoil hats. New Ambulas fight looks interesting, though seems pretty easily cheeseable.
  12. Ideally? Certainly. But as long as orb spawn locations are tied to actors, there are (as far as I can tell) impassable issues to contend with. In missions with an objective, have the orb spawn 2m above the objective. But beyond that, no, I can't offer a non-dynamic better solution.
  13. Possibly not Warframe rivens - We can only hope. (Primed Pressure Point wasn't supposed to happen either. *shrug*) Not too optimistic, but thank you for the heads up - I don't watch the PS4 stream. Amen to that.
  14. Exactly. Why is the afk detection based purely on movement, with no consideration of enemies damaged - for instance? Sidenote - I've even come across a couple of people doing this in Conclave. I've come across 2 in the last 4 days, 1 in an invasion and 1 in a sortie. You know what, fine. Then increase the uptime to around 2 minutes - since that's the AFK trigger time. I'd even say 3.5 minutes - 3 minutes per 2-terminal MD, and ~30 seconds for travel time. You're still encouraging people to move (because this is WarFit? Isn't the point is to get people to play?) while not (as much) conflicting with the objective, and getting more than ~15 seconds of actual Focus gain (after travel to and back) in any mission that isn't Exterm. I might even be able to go back to farming Focus in Spy missions then... Except that the orb's spawn depends on both time and Exp gained, meaning it'll spawn after I've cleared a vault, more often than not.