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  1. ... Poop. Hadn't even considered that. You are, of course right. Thank you both @xxswatelitexx and @Aeon94.
  2. Especially if Warframe's supposed to be 'make your own fun', part of the game is giving players tools and letting them use them. Here was a great opportunity to let players feel accomplished for using the tools they're given cleverly and to great effect. If I had to guess, I'd attribute this to pathing constraints; and the implications that allowing those abilities would have, and - as such - is just the way it is. It's just a shame.
  3. Don't know how to describe it, but it's plain when you do it.
  4. POE farming isn't warframe.

    I tried. They have a pathological aversion to giving specific answers on certain subjects, this is one of them. ----- ----- Capes. -----
  5. I can't see under the hood, but anecdotally - I've been taking turns with friends at leveling Amps in a loadout with a lens installed. I'd normally expect ~2-3 convergence orbs per 10 minutes, but if a teammate's got an Operator out, I expect closer to 1.5 for the same time period.
  6. Not until it got zapped :p
  7. As far as I can tell, it's an exception: The only offensive precept that a sentinel triggers while invisible. (Don't even start me on Companions not having either attack precepts I can remove, or a 'heel!' command.)
  8. Image attached to support ticket for metadata: #1027158
  9. I never use toggle aim in game, but it's so much more convenient while fishing. And since it doesn't have a keybind, I need to crawl though the options at the start and end of each fishing session. Not a huge deal, but it does add friction.
  10. I always used the overlay map. I find the mini too small, and the overlay's sufficiently minimal that I can ignore it when not needed. Enter PoE and the topographical overlay map, and I have to use the overlay Edit: Woops minimap, because I can't see a damn thing through it. Having a separate option will be much more convenient than having to manually toggle overlay -> mini every time I enter the Plains. (And on that note, thanks for the keybind).
  11. Donno if it actually breaks the pathing or that it can't climb. Screenshot attaching to ticket 1023142 for metadata.
  12. Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

    There's my list of evergreen questions, but given that this stream's likely to be entirely PoE-centric, I'll pass on the textwall. * Solo extraction from the plains is now a thing, and I'm thrilled not to have to deal with situations like this. That said, I'm not sure which of these [url=]situations[/url] is more frustrating. Can anything be done about it? (e.g. if a player has a fishing spear or mining tool equipped when a bounty stage completes, they get automatically migrated to a solo lobby, sans said reward, and with bounty failed.) * Many people have spoken eloquently about Focus 2.0's costs, so I'll just add my 2 cents: At over 4k profile hours, all the gear, everything formatatoed, plat spent on collectables, etc. and not suffering from burnout, I think it fair to say that I'm a dedicated Warframe player. However, I utterly loath watching paint dry. I saw the new costs of Focus 2.0, and I saw the progress made in any non-meta-farming scenario (2k unboosted per orb if you're lucky, 800-1k in mid-to-high star chart missions, ~80-120 without), and I've written Focus 2.0 off. I understand wanting it to be a long term goal. I understand long term goals being capable of serving as a motivator. But for that the goal needs to be perceived as attainable. If one intends to pretend to develop the Focus trees, one's essentially forced into Hydron/Bere/etc. meta-afk farming, or into the rote execution of sleep -> stealth exterminates, which are so monotonous, so invariable as to be mindnumbing. Possibly the disparity between semi/casual play and farming needs to be decreased, possibly the base rate needs to be increased, possibly something else. Either way, however, Convergence is a linchpin in what's crippling 'earn as you play' Focus progress. (So is lenses gear-locking you, but that's a lesser offender, if meta/stealth farming weren't so much more lucerative.) * In a similar vein: Warframe's got a solid track record of huge %drop disparity between reward tiers. According to the drop tables, rare bounty rewards follow the standard 151:44:4:1 ratio. As I mention above, I hate watching paint dry. Between that and the ~2% of a rare reward, with 3 of 6? mission types turning into 'stand here for 3 minutes', regardless of how great or little a threat the enemy are, I've basically written off bounty missions (and the associated Eidolon Lens and set mods), now that I've gotten all the Gara parts. But this is already more 'feedback' than 'devstream question', so: Do your analytics indicate this as a potential a wider-spread issue, or am I simply not getting sufficiently into the grindmore Warframe spirit? P.S. There was math on Reddit during the leadup to PoE's launch on kuva-per-time (edit: [url=]found it[/url]), showing that (even) 4k kuva is a poor reward for 20 minutes of Sortie missions. 1.1k kuva for 15-20 minutes of a Bounty 5 isn't a better proposition. (tl;dr 2 siphons for ~10 minutes, or 1 flood for ~5, assuming no boosters.) Is this intentional, or does it simply under the heading of 'lack of economy degrees among DE'? * Was making Sentient cores (and associated drops) A) not subject to vacuum, and B) actual drops to begin with, rather than given to the player directly, a la Kuva a conscious choice? If so, What is the design goal behind it? * Distance and direction affecting audio was implemented.. what? 4 months ago? And is paying huge dividends in PoE, between fishing, Teralyst tracking, and the Grineer. Good job. Just thought I'd mention that. If a question's needed: Was that intended, or simply an opportunity that presented itself - and was capitalized on? * As far as modding Warframes go, I'm a max Range fanatic. An ability is useless if it doesn't actually affect your target, and this was in the fairly enclosed pre-PoE tilesets. With the wide-openness of PoE, allowing enemies to engage from a couple hundred meters away - and teammates to spread as far or farther; and in multiple directions limiting both non-self buff/debuff and nuke application, do you think that ability ranges need to be rethought? On a similar note: Does it still make sense for the affinity sharing range to be 50m, given PoE's expansiveness? And, in a tangent, the expansiveness of PoE makes the increased pickup range that Vacuum imparts almost-literally invaluable. Have there been any further thoughts on increasing the frames' default pickup range? (Possibly tied to movement, via triggering off idle animation, or a special 'gather' emote, or some other method.) Or, failing that, Univac? (I specifically thawed and started formatatoing my Chesa, since my sentinels tended not to survive the Teralyst fight. Was hoping to keep Animal Instinct along with a cheap-knockoff Vacuum. Stopped after 2 forma - Retrieve is utterly ineffectual when you're as wide-ranging as one is in PoE.) * Fishing is, to my honest surprise, quite fun. That said, unlike mining, where you can incidentally mine nodes as you come across them in your roaming, between spears disabling your weapons and abilities on one hand, and fish not spawning unless you're ADSing with a spear, there's no such thing as 'incidental fishing', no 'Well, I'm otw to this hotspot, but ooh, look at that fish! ... The mission can wait a minute >_>.' Needing to dedicate yourself to fishing is inconvenient. Not an integral part of your roam, but rather extraneous. Why do I raise this? Because Skywing. Skywing consumables require fish. Meaning you're setting up a conflict of opportunity cost: Time running from A to B vs. the time spent fishing those fish. If Skywing, once deployed, were usable for the duration of an instance, this would be worthwhile. Given that it isn't, however, parkouring the 600-1km between stages of a bounty takes less time than gathering the fish for the consumables that each and every such travel would. This makes skywing an emergency 'HUSTLE, people!' tool. Which is a shame, because - regardless of how I feel about Arching/Sharkwing, Skywing is pretty darn awesome. Do you agree or disagree with this assessement? If so, is this 'working as intended'? Or again a casualty of 'no economists'?
  13. Fair enough. I can't say I feel the same, but I understand what you're saying. No idea, I'd swear I put it in general feedback, but I might've derped. Again, I thought that was why they added the targetting reticule to PM. *shrug*, I guess? I mean, I'm willing to compromise: Make it stop jamming and I'll make a Peacemaker AHK for myself.
  14. Not like I've not asked for this before. * With the implementation of the reticule, it's not "required" as an anti-afk measure (and is easily circumvented, if it was intended as one). * Host/client lag can make it 'jam' if you press lmb before the activation goes through, leaving you staring stupidly at the screen. And, last but not least: * The unnecessary pressure does neither my finger nor my mouse any favors. Alternatively, if you feel it does serve a beneficial purpose, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.