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  1. A nice bonus if you don't have my matchmaking problems, but not a gamechanger. For reference: I saw how Holokeys work, went 'yeah, no'. Eventually decided to give it a try, so I have a 'real' basis for my opinion. Did enough RJStorms to get 1 weapon. Decided that 'yeah, no' was accurate, and wrote off the Tenet melees. Now, I see this. To quote myself from the U30 RJStorm feedback thread: "My absolutely most hated part of farming is farming Void Traces.Between that and the pre-radiant relics, I'm good with Void Storm rewards." But no, Void Traces were removed from RJStorms. I'm sitting on a half-dozen-ish Sevagoths, having already built and subsumed a pair. So if I'm doing T3 or T4 RJ, the only relevant rewards are rad relics (ESO's a better return on the time) and maaaaybe the sidequest rewards, since they're tradeable. And even then, the Holokeys don't have any guaranteed drop. So, I can either spam Veil (and while the Crewmates help a lot, the fedexing is frustrating) for an average of 3 keys per ~15 minutes (have I mentioned matchmaking problems?) maybe a rad Relic, and nothing else, or I can do a Saturn storm for potential Epitaph parts (which I have, and spares), but an average of 1 key per ~13 minutes, or Neptune storms for Nautilus? (which I have, though not spares) and ~1.5 keys per ~11 minutes. Oooooor, I can say 'yeah, no'. I think I'll stick with 'yeah, no'. These changes are better than nothing, certainly, but they're nowhere near good enough for me to consider. Did someone say 'Ambassador'? I'd swear I heard someone say 'Ambassador'...
  2. Especially given how he looks, that seemed an obvious reference to make. Though, in fairness, while it seems appropriate to his role, we don't actually know yet, so.
  3. Since seeing this post, I've had the 'unknown error' pop up when claiming from the 'in progress' tab, with no text in the filter box. Sadly, can't recall what, specifically, I'd claimed. Will make note next time. (Just worked fine with Coprite and Thyst, though.) Edit: To clarify - Esc -> Foundry -> select tab. No text in the filter box at any point. In the 'Warframe' tab, with no filter text, just now: * Crafted Nezha P Chas -> no double-ask. * Crafted Titania P Chas -> no double-ask. * Collected Volt P Chas -> Unknown Error * Collected Volt P Sys -> Unknown Error * Crafted Volt P BP -> double-ask. * Crafted Yareli Chas, Systems -> double-ask. * Collected Zephyr P Neuro -> Unknown Error * Crafted Zephyr P BP -> double-ask. Edit 2: Esc -> Foundry -> In Progress. No text in the filter box at any point. * Collected all 3 parts of Vanilla Rhino, no problem. -> Change to Warframe tab. * Started Rhino building, no problem. -> Change to In Progress. * Collect Vitrica, no problem. * Collect (Operator) Wolf Helmet, before the... popup? marquee? for the Vitrica shows -> Unknown Error.
  4. Might want to add a method of buying Crewmate slots into the interaction, somehow. Seems like a missed opportunity, making the player back out to the Liset for the market (as it's not even buyable via chat-link, being non-linkable).
  5. Now, all that said, I also play other, less well farmed characters. How does the value proposition look there? I'm probably going to do Sisters while passively farming Protea/Stropha on characters that don't have them yet. Any incidental Hounds I get along with that, yay. Not planning on doing either beyond that. As stated, the Lich improvement is not bad, but the new Showdown will dictate whether or not I do them. Similarly, will passively get Corrupted Holokeys with any that don't have Sevagoth/Epitaph yet, and maybe more - depending on what-if-anything I end up doing for rest of their Intrinsics. Still not going out of my way for them, though. Think that's everything.
  6. I am MR 30. I feel no compelling need to reach L1, as the only thing I cared about MR for was the initial mod cap. The only thing with any impact that Leg ranks would give me is initial cap for 5-forma rank40 weapons. ... I hate the slew of Rank40 weapons. On the Paracesis, it was a cool, unique new gimmick for what's supposedly going to be a story-significant weapon. With every Tom, $&*^ and Harriet getting a weapon with that gimmick both cheapens it, and makes no sense from a worldbuilding perspective. Thankfully, I don't need the MR from the extra ranks anymore, so there's that. I'm unlikely to ever get any of the Tenet melees. I've already gotten the once-rewards from Void Storms, and Corrupted Holokeys replacing Void Traces removes half the evergreen reason I had to do them. (The amount of Endo for the time it takes isn't a worthwhile value proposition. Rad relics are still attractive, but only if you're looking for specific relics rather than 'any relic', in which case ESO is significantly more worthwhile.) So Corrupted Holokeys would be the only thing I'd be doing Void Storms for On top of that, with each weapon costing 40 CH, and a 37.5% chance to get at most 6 per Void Storm mission? Absolutely not worth my time. I am unlikely to engage with the Sisters in any significant capacity. Liches, I can spawn as part of playing most anything Grineer, and working on Kuva weapon upgrades gives me what to do when I'm formaing things. Having to cool my heels waiting for Treasurers (who have one of the worst survivability mechanics - 'your Kung Fu damage no good here', with astronomical %DR and immunity to what should be the Damage 2.0 solution to Corpus, Toxin damage) is very much not what I play Warframe for. Note however: The change to flow might change this, depending on whether a Showdown is as much of an irritating back-and-forth as (solo) Railjack is. Relatedly, while the murmur reduction is nice, it misses the point. In my experience, at least, Murmur gain has always been significantly faster than Anger buildup, which is the real roadblock in the Lich progression. Moreover, I've been unable to find anyone who knows, on these forums, the wiki, the reddit, or Youtube, how Anger actually works, so I could try to improve my process. As to the Tenet guns - they look cool, and have neat functionality. But they're neither powerful or ease-of-use-able to displace my current go-tos, nor are they cool enough to warrant a grind of that magnitude dedicated purely to Corrupted Holokey. As for the Hounds: Haven't seen stats, but I'll be honestly amazed if their weapons have more-than-negligible impact. The ONLY companion weapons that gave were: * The Vulklok on launch, because it shipped with a Player primary's stats (the Lanka, specifically), and was immediately nerfed into oblivion. * The Cryotra, as an autonomous CO-primer, which, between Smeeta, Panzer, Nukor etc has been outgrown. * The Verglas, which shipped with a Player primary's stats (the Glaxion, specifically), is quite able to solo non-endless SP Grineer (esp when combined with the Nautilus' Cordon), and which, given the Vulklok, I'm honestly astounded hasn't been nerfed into the ground yet. Can't help but wonder if being locked behind Railjack is a reason for that - either getting players to play RJ, or spend Plat on it. But that's neither here nor there. On top of that, they're competing with the only progression-booster in Charm and Immortal-Mini-Saryn-with-PAnimalInstinct-and-Vacuum. What do they bring to the table? Null Audit seems like a cool concept, I cannot believe it'll be more than a cool gimmick in non-endless, and utterly useless in any mission with more than 1 Eximus at a time. Most of the impactful Auras are innate: * Ancient Healer's DR+proc-absorb and pulsed heal, * Ancient Disruptor's... was it 80%? reduction of ability duration, ability damage, and mana-burn (all of which are less relevant/potent for a player), and * Toxic Ancient's Toxin Resist and (more importantly) +%toxin damage (which, again, less impactful for a player). Which means they can't be stolen (for at least the disable). The only elemental Eximus aura that matters was the Electric one, back when it did Magnetic procs. (or when they stack with Guardian and a Shield Drone for damage-immune Corpus shields). And Energy Leech has no impact when player-aligned. And all that's assuming we're talking about just ONE such eximus every 60 seconds. Not a single other ability looks like it matters. On top of which, they're tied to Sisters. As I don't need the MR, they don't improve the value proposition. Still probably not doing that. And since none of the other megathreads seem the right home for this: The Blood for X mods either need to be baked into the Parazon, a tech-tree-style background improvement (e.g. Mercy-ing enemies levels the Parazon, unlocking innate abilities), or added to the Junctions. (Or something, idk.) The players who NEED those effects, read: new-to-mid players, can really only be expected to have Blood for Ammo, because it's a 8/10 or so drop from Phorid. And which they don't need, because they're most likely doing the majority of their serious killing with melee because guns are basically useless once you hit the teens until you've ranked up a whole much of high-capacity and-or 10-rank mods, as well as (learning about and) collected the needed elementals. (Shotguns are much more appealing in that regard, with almost every single non-endgame mod being 5-rank.) Blood for Life is a middling drop Vay Hek, who is hard for a new player. Let's not start on mission-Ambulases and Blood for Life. By the time they have them, they don't need them, as they at very least have access to small pizzas via a clan, or more likely to med pizzas and some large from their syndicates.
  7. Absolutely agreed. Legendary Cores are probably not something someone who got to MR 30 needs. But you know what? I'm fine with that, because it means that I've got no compelling reason to grind for MR fodder anymore. It's incredibly liberating. Case in point, I'm not killing myself (or my patience and braincells) farming out any of the Tenet melees. It's simply not worth the time. Maybe I'll get around to the Sisters or new Kuva weapons next time I have gear to level. --- I understand what you're saying, but I think you're severely underestimating the mat farm required to build the gear for MR 30. Spoken as a person who's played multiple characters to mid-twenties MR. You get a lot of endo as a byproduct. Edit - Though this might be less applicable as time goes on, if enough more low-req weapons are released. But yeah, agree with the rest of your post.
  8. Apologies for the previous tag, messed up following it back and thought it related to that issue. re: unknown error when collecting things from Foundry - Thus far I've gotten that from collecting: Bo, Eshar Devar, Goblite Tears, Tear Azurite. Orokin Catalyst did NOT give the error. FWIW, possibly related but possibly caused my own personal connection issues instead, but when trying to craft the minerals - as well as a Rahn Prism -, the 'are you sure' prompt pops up twice - though it starts crafting correctly after accepting the first time. Get the unknown error even after canceling the second. Not sure what accepting it would do.
  9. Please please tell me this means that Mods 3.0 is back on the table.
  10. Again, late to the party and can't imagine I'm the first on anything, so I'll keep it short. Nothing benefits from saccing shields, so the question here will be how it compares with Cold Vex Armor. Also, Spellbind and Firewalker exist in helminth. (Quiver as well, but that's (costs an aug slot and is) much more restrictive to use.) No effect for Hildryn and Lavos. Beyond that? New source of self-healing. Ally energy an interesting-if-probably-not-gamechanging bonus. That said, might have Garuda replace an EV Trin in stationary farm. Less energy, but no targetting requirement. The only status effects that are relevant are: Slash (MOAR is good). Vir (1 is crucial, diminishing returns on subsequent, caps at 10), and if you're using this, you've already got how to apply lots of it in a hurry. Gas (MOAR is good, but caps at 10). Rad (Only the first stack matters). If 'Duplicates' means x2, Slash is even more godkiller now (subject to energy) for anything not status immune. Which, need I say it? is a bad thing. If that's not what it means, I don't grok the statement. tl;dr - useless ability. ... Huh. Now this is interesting. And possibly abuseable. The reward dictates the choices. The vast majority of the time, if I'm not playing frames, it's because they A) aren't the right answer to (the gamemode that offers) the reward I'm looking for, or B) they are, but another frame is better or more comfortable to use. Invigorations do nothing for the former, and probably not much for the latter. Okay, but am I credited for having subsumed every single existing frame already? Because, sure, I have a lot of resources, but I don't think I have 'feed Helmith from R10 to R15' resources.
  11. Can't imagine that the points I want to raise haven't been hit already, so I'll keep it short. And this is where I quote you saying 'the game won't be balanced around Steel Path'. And not even a 'why' to go with it. On Kill is 'Win More' (a.k.a. snowball), and a godawful trigger condition for any effect you rely on having. Outside of a slim Goldielocks zone, you either don't need it, or have-trouble-to-can't trigger it. Weapon-specific On Kill is worse, because more restriction on top of the above. Headshot Kill is even worse, as it's effectively inapplicable on most non-bipeds, as well as Infested fodder. has been needing a nerf for years, so is fine. I can't imagine that many people stack it with Fury, but from the perspective of lowering visual spam *shrug* sure. That said, between the 'on kill' trigger and the short duration, I am literally never going to slot it over P Fury. Hell, I would genuinely not slot it over Fury in content serious enough I thought I'd need the attack speed in. 33% damage nerf. Sure. Combine with Another 33% damage nerf, and they're multiplicative. Alright. ... Is my math wrong, or did high end melee just lose almost 75% of its damage? (Assuming P Fury, X status effects, and no other base damage sources, it now does (1-0.36)*(1-0.34)*(1-0.34)=0.278 as much as before.) I will say that I'm rather pleased, and fairly surprised, not to see Weeping Wounds hit as well. Which shows that the person doing the rebalancing has enough of a grasp on the situation to realize the issue with status -> CO isn't WW but primers. Not something I'd take as granted, so; glad to see it. If this is an issue, I've literally never experienced it. So, -50% sustained damage (under perfect timing, realistically a bit more) for heavy throws. Need to check how that maths out with Killing Blow and Amalgam Organ Shatter. On top of a ~40%-60% base damage reduction. Also, were really all the thrown melees overused? I'd've only expected the Glaive P and maybe Xoris to get hammered (due to forced Slash and ease of acquisition, respectively). So, less of a mass killer/primer now. Fair enough, I guess. Alright, let's have a look! > On Kill > On Headshot Kill > On Melee Kill ... Let me get this straight. Guns struggle to kill armored things on Steel Path, so you're going to give them conditional damage increases after they kill stuff. Merciless - 'Quantity' weapons lose a stack at 3 seconds. Fine for SP Surv. Everything else has downtime (between waves/rotations in Def/Int, between objectives in MD/Excav, etc.) Deadhead - 'Quality' weapons get a reasonable-for-the-greater-restriction 20 sec. Not enough to obviate the abovementioned downtime issue, but enough to give you a bit of room to retrigger it. Dexterity - The thing about having a primer+melee setup, is that they complement each other. One is support, one is DPS, as it were. This thing puts them in direct competition. Between that and the different engagement ranges (unless using a thrown melee, which you don't seem to want), you're not gonna be using both. If your gun can kill, you're unlikely in melee range. If you're killing them with melee, you're, ya know, killing them with your melee? > While Aiming > On Kill Look, I like the idea, but those conditions kill the mods for me from the getgo. (On Kill I've already touched. And unless untouchable via invis/godmode/hard CC lockdown, you can't commonly afford the restriction of ADS in actual high level content.) Literally the only mods I see myself using are the +Status/CO mods, on weapons where I'm already using the untyped +%status mod, because free damage. Meh. I mean, sure, the Forma is certainly nice, but I'd still be at a significant net loss if I intended to actually gear my arsenal to use the Galvanized mods. Since I don't, though, hey, free Forma.
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