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  1. I forget the exact path. /LOTUS/LANGUAGE/MEDALS/MOST_ENERGY_RESTORED possibly.
  2. This isn't related to the subjects listed in the OP, but is a new (I assume) bug: Deimos pillars no longer have Infested spawn around them on your first approach. Tested at multiple pillars, extracted, repeat, twice. No infested spawn pods at any point. --- TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Deimos pillars no longer have Infested spawn around them on your first approach. REPRODUCTION: Enter Deimos. Approach any pillar. EXPECTED RESULT: Infested pods should pop up around the pillar the first time you approach one of them. OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing happens.
  3. Spawn 8 CHG, consecutive throw. Once you're down to ~1-2, the glaive will start spinning and spinning in a widening gyre. Does no damage, doesn't collide with geometry. This can't be stopped (via tapping E), nor can you intercept the glaive manually (it orbits you and moves when you do). Not sure what the exact triggers are, nor if all those mods are required. Visual aid:
  4. As title, Power Throw has placeholder text.
  5. First: Thanks for the information. Second: I can't speak to the weapons usability, because no PTS access. Third: Better. Still wouldn't call the fundamental concept good (for all the reasons I listed in the last thread), but these changes certainly make them less restrictive. Feedback inline in red. Now this is excellent. As a sidenote: The kitgun arcanes could really use such a mechanic (i.e. 'duration wherein effect applies if target dies'), if you mean them to be used in combination with anything - otherwise they're entirely self-refer
  6. And it occurs to me this might warrant a feedback post. As my completionism indicates, I'm down for quite a bit of grind. (Heck, early on in my 'career', I spent earned plat on Ancient Fusion Cores of the various rarities for codex completion.) Xaku and Grendel are the only frames I don't have a duplicate of, including all of the Simaris ones. I even went so far as to refarm all the Xaku parts, as I was going to build a duplicate to feed Helminth (and what a pain that was)... Until I opened the Foundry to build it and re-discovered that it requires 5 Scintillant. But havin
  7. As per here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1219803-deimos-infested-issues-or-issues-according-to-the-codex/ and corroborated by the drop tables https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html Not that the Saxum Rex are any kind of common, but at least they exist, and you'll get the drop sooner or later if you do Iso vaults, which have at least 1 guaranteed spawn iirc. (As does one of the bounties.)
  8. Agreed. Wouldn't go so far as to say 'it'll alienate me' as long as it's not mandatory, though (see e.g. fishing/mining before Deimos). For what it was, though, it wasn't bad.
  9. Note: Not the 'Investigation' bits, the actual fight. It was a puzzle-boss, not a combat boss. Which, for a time-limited, solo event, is a good thing - unless the point is to lock out newer players via gear-check. A sidenote: fair oneshots are always good for getting some adrenaline pumping. As for the puzzle itself, it took a bit of experimentation to figure out, but was figure-out-able / wasn't 'point-and-click adventure-game logic' (I imagine there's a term for that, but *shrug*). Not sure if this is a 'me' problem or a 'game graphics' problem, but - as I mentioned in the
  10. A few things: * I'm not against trying new things. * Synergy: Synergy is an interaction or coöperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. * Dependency: The quality or state of needing something or someone. To wit: Nidus' 2->1 is a synergy. Limbo Stasis depends on either Banish or Catalysm to have an effect. Residual -> Theorem is a dependency. Residuals have an independent effect, Theorems do not. * Use case? For Residuals - > Their damage is literally irrelevant past Saturn or so, on the one hand, which makes them aimed
  11. Opening disclaimer: * I played with Loki/Zakti/Glaive P for ages. I think GP is still my most-used melee. * I play with bare-minimum graphics. Possibly some things I consider an issue wouldn't be at a higher graphics setting. This is a big deal. Between depth-perception fkery, and projectile speed (If you're serious about using a thrown melee, you're using Whirlwind, imo), hitting close targets (and not hitting yourself, though that's less an issue with Whirlwind) can be a problem. Less than before Heavy Attacks became Glaive throw, but still an issue for dual-wield char
  12. Posting for @CMarsh Paraphrased: So I finally completed my mech. Try to collect it from the foundry, get a 'insufficient Archwing slots. Buy?' popup. wut. However, I, indeed, have no free archwing slots. Go to market. "Nechramech Slot" exists as a buyable item, separate from archwing slots. wut. tl;dr, I can't get my first-ever-and-only Mech, because I don't have a slot for it. And even if I were inclined to spend plat to unlock a new system, I wouldn't know which slot item to buy. Unless I were inclined to gamble with my plat. Yeah, I'll pass on the mech.
  13. Yes! More of this, please. Excellent, ty.
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