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  1. Necro, since I accidentally just found this: Condition Overload works with the actual thrown weapons now (and works with Orvius' puppeting attack as well). Power Throw detonations remain unaffected.
  2. If you mean F6, then you have too many screenshots in the screenshot folder. Not sure if it's the same for actual screenshot. Dump them in a new folder, and you should be good to go. (I start getting this once I pass 300.)
  3. Forum Update Feedback

    I like there being separate reactions for 'agree' and 'like'. 'Thanks' isn't bad to have either, but can easily be rolled into 'like'. Aside from that, agree completely. And aside from that, the smilies rub me wrong. But maybe I'm just an old fuddyduddy.
  4. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.9

    Edit: Woops, miised the post by SasoDuck. Nevermind me. >_>
  5. @PillowFortEngineer When you upload the pic, top-right there's a dropdown. Click 'share links' and use the forum one. @BitterLove Take a bunch of individual pictures, then splice them together in MS Paint or whatever.
  6. I think this is the right forum? Anyway. Spot is where the cat is, slightly under the large branch. Saw several creatures get stuck there. Metadata on ^ pic, attached to ticket 886196.
  7. Mag procs on unmodified Opticor?

    So I was idly vid-surfing on youtube and came across this vid by DarthMufin, which shows magnetic procs from the AoE despite no modding for magnetic damage on the weapon. Decided to have a look. These mods He posited that the magnetic damage is from the AoE, but that doesn't seem to be the case. though I can't say whether it's on the main beam or on the surrounding 'thick' beam. I'd assume that the 48 is the main beam, but then there should be 2*48 and 2*14, not 3 and 1. As best I can tell, the AoE still doesn't trigger on any punchthrough-ed shots. That said, there does seem to be something hinky with the thick beam. This is a line of 4 Heavy Gunners. Count the 48 damages. Also, the 'thick' beam has some problem with crits. Either it has a base mult of x1, or idk what. I call your attention to the topmost yellow '18 <mag>' - same thick-beam damage as non-crit. That said, note that 18 secondary damage is standard here, but was 14 in the first pic? I can only assume that there's some kind of distance dropoff in play, but no mention of it in the notes, and I've not managed to figure it out.
  8. If I knew this was the direction, I can get behind it. Since it's not in the announcement post (which is reasonale), hopefully they'll expand on the concept a bit on stream.
  9. ^ PvP exists. Those players who want to participate - do. What benefit is there for dropping a predatory PvP encounter into a PvE-by-choice mission? Yet another reason to stick to solo/inv only. ===== There was a 'competition' on the charity stream, Megan won (lost?), and has to change her handle to [DE]Mumbles (in-joke, she mumbled a lot on the stream) for, I think it was weeks.
  10. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.7

    \o/ *Is happy* Thank you. Oh thank *****. ===== +1 On the bright side, they did fix the global resource booster not applying to operator while it was still relevant.
  11. Dual Toxocyst (as well as potentially Knell)

    Lephantis. Also, tangent: Doesn't work against Nox, though - the finisher's damage is reduced by its locational damage reduction.