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  1. The mod itself isn't a 'must have' by any measure. That notwithstanding, I appreciate giving us on PC the chance for parity. (I would've been equally okay with removing the mod entirely and reimbursing the players who bought it, but I can understand having avoided that because it'd honestly feel bad.) So, thanks. :)
  2. Am I reading this right, and the effect"s centered on Wisp and not the Reservoirs now? New sets iirc look a bit different from what was shown on Devstream. Still of debatable utility, but looks like an improvement. I hope Kavat's Grace is an Exilus. Could see using it then (though sliding usually does the trick). Gale Kick, I've been waiting for for years, but it needs a *much* higher multiplier if it's to be anything but a gimmick. (compare the duration of a jumpkick vs. Spam E combo, which may multihit on top of having innate multipliers.) Anti-Grav Array: sure. Odomedic is hilarious, its usability remains to be seen.
  3. Say I'm in an arbi. Say I died. Say I want to keep the rewards, so can't abort, but don't expect (or potentially want) to be revived, but on the other hand don't want to have to force my teammates to have to manage avoiding/suffering Resurgence Burden / Tokens. A "DNR" button would solve this. Thank you for your consideration.
  4. Not a big thing, but I always have trouble estimating where the disc'll go. Granted, the charge time's not very long. I think it'd improve the Zenistar a bit, but no big deal either way.
  5. Huh, really? No idea, then. Was initially testing it in the Simulacrum, but just tried it in a mission (4,4m punchthrough), still no effect. Bounces off enemies and that's that.
  6. Or if not for technical reasons, maybe opacity or something? In any corridor situation, it gets very hard to see. Compound that with Infested/auras, etc. and I'm basically playing the UI (and thank god for Animal Instinct). Alternatively, this may be an issue due to my minimum resolution and graphics quality, with higher settings giving more FoV and graphic sharpness. If so, lmk and I'll just live with it. Thanks for your time.
  7. I'm sure this's been reported before, but hey. Shadows use abilities. Recasting Shadows will teleport too-distant Shadows to you. If I've got this right, 'interrupting' an Ancient's Hardpoon attack via teleport will have it remain 'attached' to the point the harpoon hit and iirc will continue to remain attached until it dies. You should see the forests of tentacle-cables a dedicated player can amass.
  8. As title. Was looking for an Arbi drone solution (that isn't Arca Plasmor / Catchmoon) and was kinda surprised to see the grenade hit a Butcher and 'paf' on the floor despite 3+m punch through.
  9. Oh dear. Have a 'Woah'. Thanks for highlighting the correction, would've missed it otherwise.
  10. Still think this is a terrible idea. It changes nothing about incentives for tanky frames only, and unavoidable debuffs (if you can't drop the charges) just makes things snowball. ! While I'd've loved this 4 years ago when I started seriously formaing all my frames grumblegrumble This makes my obsessive 'build flexibility' imp very happy. Congratulations, you've just succeeded (potentially) incentivizing me to start playing (certain) Abritrations again (assuming the droprate isn't unreasonable, imo). EDIT: OP changed: Oh. *Checks drop tables* > 1.5%, 2%, 2.5%... While I don't have duplicates, I don't sell Warframes either. Considering how many of these I'd need... Yeah, I'll pass.
  11. This is a good change, thanks. If possible, I'd also appreciate better visual indication of the affected targets, but this is an improvement regardless.
  12. For Stangledome's comparative ease-of-use? Worthwhile tradeoff unless you're farming VIPs, and they aren't immune to Tentacles. Should, if it works the same way as Pilf Swarm. Pilf adds another roll on death, Desecrate rolls the corpse.
  13. Interesting, but I don't think actually useful if any context you'd need the unkilllability. What use-case do you see for this? I mean, cute concept, but I'm honestly having trouble seeing a playstyle/mod setup that this'd improve/fit in with. Except that Virulence directly competes with weapons, in that any damage done with weapons isn't contributing to your stacks, and your stacks are crucial. And if you don't need stacks, you don't need more damage for your guns, because Virulence. ... Yeah, okay? I mean, it works. *shrug*
  14. Due to no-time, I haven't watched the stream yet, just read the OP and renjingles' summary, so I'll probably be missing stuff. Scott: Yes, Itzal's Blink probably the most useful Archwing ability. Firstly, and I can't stress this enough, this says more about the effectiveness of every other Archwing than it does of Blink. Second You're the ones who introduced these huge maps with areas of activity far between. What sense does it make to blame Itzal for being the right tool for the job, given that the job is nearly always 'get across this huge map so you can use your Warframe' (especially given the above point)... what do you expect to have happened? It's effectively Vacuum all over again: Warframe is a looter-shooter. Egads! The loot-centric Sentinel, which just happens to increase your QoL by massive amounts, gets 78%+ usage rate! D: (Although I've seen people use Amesha to good effect in Plague Star, and heard testimonials to Amesha-use for soloing Fractures.) On top of which -most particularly in Orb Vallis - without constant use of a 'chaff' ability, your in-AW combat time against alert enemies is measured in handfuls of seconds. If you don't believe me, try leveling Amesha in OV. Not even in bounties, just sniping random enemies. Wisp: Passive's nifty. Maybe the issue is the cosmetic/fluff, but I don't get what her Reservoirs have to do with her codename (what even is her theme? Beats me). I like her 2, but have concerns on how instantly you'll get downed if you try actually using its movement capability. Portals? What? You can say her Reservoirs are portals to whatever, but all I see is dispensers. If you want to fluff her Reservoirs as portals to basins of X, you're gonna have to reskin them, imo. Don't get me wrong, her 4 looks awesome (as to effective, guess we'll see. Heat doesn't fare well against armor, and every single VIP is armored nowadays), but...? You want a Portal-frame? I don't think Warframe's engine can make one work, (tbf, I don't think any game could currently anyway - inputs / game controls aren't good enough to enable it,) but sure, go wild. Blink was awesome long before Portal. Heck, the movie did a decent job of portraying that, even. But Wisp, at least currently, isn't it. Hell, I'm (almost) genuinely surprised to see Reservoir on Wisp rather than on Vauban. (Not saying that'd necessarily be a good fit.) New Warfan: While stylish and all, the flutter animation in mid-combo breaks your flow and locks you in anim, which kills them for actual use, imo. It'd probably be fine if you actually killed something and then did the flutter, or maybe if you had iframes during it. As it stands, sadly, /care. That's all for now. P.S., ty Taylor.
  15. Ooh, interesting. I'm not sure about the change to the Tysis, but we'll see, and I don't think I like the damage reduction on the Ogris. It has a bad enough time in most tiles / against most factions as-is, and it's not like the lowered AoE will stop it from gibbing you anyway. I like the idea, or rather, this gives the fluff of "signature weapons" some substance - which I like. My issue is that, in most cases, it is purely fluff. Nidus came with fitting weapons, as did Harrow. But off the top of my head, that might be it. (I mean, what relation does the Akzani have to Mirage, for instance.) Thank fk. I've only met him twice, but he took ~9 minutes in a synd surv, and having him pop in a Kuva Flood or Nightmare mission... just abort at that point. With the exception of Amalgam mods not being slottable in Exalted weapons (which, yeah, fair), at a glance I'd say I love all of the Changes. Kudos.
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