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  1. Again, late to the party and can't imagine I'm the first on anything, so I'll keep it short. Nothing benefits from saccing shields, so the question here will be how it compares with Cold Vex Armor. Also, Spellbind and Firewalker exist in helminth. (Quiver as well, but that's (costs an aug slot and is) much more restrictive to use.) No effect for Hildryn and Lavos. Beyond that? New source of self-healing. Ally energy an interesting-if-probably-not-gamechanging bonus. That said, might have Garuda replace an EV Trin in stationary farm. Less ene
  2. Can't imagine that the points I want to raise haven't been hit already, so I'll keep it short. And this is where I quote you saying 'the game won't be balanced around Steel Path'. And not even a 'why' to go with it. On Kill is 'Win More' (a.k.a. snowball), and a godawful trigger condition for any effect you rely on having. Outside of a slim Goldielocks zone, you either don't need it, or have-trouble-to-can't trigger it. Weapon-specific On Kill is worse, because more restriction on top of the above. Headshot Kill is even worse, as it's effectively inapplicabl
  3. 'Explosion Radius' makes me think it's the meteor impact radius. It very much isn't.
  4. Not sure about the Defense change, but I do not and will not ever do New Corpus Ship tile defense if I have any say, so *shrug* That aside, all good stuff. GJ, keep it coming. Aurex Vertecs have "Walnut" written on their backpacks : Warframe (reddit.com)
  5. Intro - Mail Cy's fun. I get Noodle Incidents, but I don't remember Lucretia Platform. Mission 1. Having going though a debris field as a mission objective is new. Is it 'Glarios' or 'Glaurios'? Vala says the latter, Cy says the former, as do the subtitles. We require more Vosphene Gas glyphs. Ah, so we have a Captain Ahab situation? Alright. Mission 2. I'm not current on Corpus naval hardware, but I'm pretty sure that that's an Obelisk (as per the text on the wrecked ship in the extraction tile from Corpus AW), not a Pillar. Unknown ship's called Tempestarii. Alrigh
  6. And as before, the heads-up is appreciated, thanks.
  7. My absolutely most hated part of farming is farming Void Traces. Between that and the pre-radiant relics, I'm good with Void Storm rewards. That said: * Primes were nominally removed from the game (the 'Prime Vault') in order to lessen the bloat in reward pools. We're on... 350? types of relics, and ~5 per new PA and new Vault pack. * Corrupting rate scales with time. Combined with the spawn spread-out of dual-spawns (RJ+ground), this makes playing efficiently (1+ player per objective) counterproductive, as you run out of enemies (barring boarders) before you get any traces. * I
  8. Sony has no incentive to let people out of their platform. The best you can hope for is cross-progression, which Steve wants, but no details on when (or if) it will ever happen.
  9. My issue with them is that they're a spike of overkill damage in a game where that doesn't fit. If I can kill things with my primary fire, I don't need the altfire. If I can't kill things with my primary fire, I can't use the altfire. Not arguing for or against, just saying: It should be possible to implement that without this being an issue: Reuse the syndicate procs - their buffs don't cool down unless the weapon's equipped.
  10. Um, no? On top of which, if a player is actually going though the wiki or youtube and planning their progression, (and they haven't bought plat), it's actually more efficient to feed any base frames you're not keeping directly into Helminth rather than refarm them afterwards. I'm afraid I'm not seeing the correlation between the two. Where does it tell you how much each frame costs to consume, aside from sitting that frame into the chair? Is there a UI element I missed? I don't follow. Are you saying the system should only be able to be unlocked by players to whom
  11. Exactly, which is why I'm explicitly not asking for them to be nerfed. Amen.
  12. It has basically no telegraph, as far as I can tell, is hitscan, and does, like, SO much damage and I think a guaranteed Electric DoT, but I make a point of not getting hit by it in the first place whenever possible because have I mentioned SO much damage? ._. Not asking for it to be nerfed, just feedbacking. (And verifying that it's intentional, I suppose.)
  13. Like how you can look at Moa configurations with the 'build' button unclickable. Don't give me a confirmation box saying 'this ability hasn't been consumed'. Give me the requirements and gray out the button with 'Unconsumed'. Or you could put the consumption (and once consumed, injection) cost in the tooltips, but that seems like extra work when the cost screen already exists. For all the razzing that DE got when the 'endgame system' Helminth system launched with an MR 8 lock, Helminth is actually pretty damn expensive. Knowing the costs in advance doesn't affect well-farmed
  14. Not sure if this is intended, an oversight, or a code limitation.
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