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  1. As all the above said - find a method that lets you ignore the Guardians. Loki/Ash(/Ivara, but she's slow) with max duration, then just lurk. Wukong, max duration + rage, Defy and lurk. Remember to recast Defy every few deaths. (Assimilate Nyx works, but less well.) Limbo, Rift, lurk. Alternatively, range and duration, Stasis works on Guardians once you disarm them.
  2. @[DE]Aidan This is almost certainly the culprit.
  3. Thank you for this/communicating. As MarrikBroom said, I don't need concrete, definite answers to everything.
  4. Oh my frikkin' wow. This was a good update. Does this also affect frame colors being applied to a 'Focus deactivating' Operator? Guess we'll see.
  5. Yes, you can use Ramparts. Stand behind them, and you'll get an 'interact' prompt. Press the 'use' button again to dismount.
  6. And once again: Questions are mostly the same as pre-Devstream 92. (Polishing the presentation is a WIP), and spoilerized for length. 1's changed, 10b is new, 12's changed (since we've seen the next batch of weapon augments) as is 12c (for clarity of discourse) and 15c's on hold until multiwielding's out.
  7. Is he better? Certainly. is he worth picking over pretty much anything else? Not unless you're playing strictly for fun. My full review's here, but tl;dr- Smite's basically the same, though apparently it's got a niche bursting down solo bosses due to the wisp gaining a percentile damage component. Hallowed Ground's got the same anti-status, gained rad procs, and is a much more useable shape now (180 degree 15m arc at base), though it doesn't scale 1:1 with range mods, so going over ~100% range isn't as helpful as you'd expect - nor is going under as restrictive as you'd expect - and ends up with less coverage than Reckoning at high range. Renewal's method of application's worse, imo, but being able to use it as a permanent HoT (while energy reserves last) pretty much makes up for that. Iron Renewal's great - though trying to apply it to teammates tends to suck. Likewise Pheonix Renewal is quite nice now. Reckoning's basically the same. There's some interaction with HG, but with the range discrepancy, I don't really find that it works too well as a defensive measure. It can work if you're charging into a group, but in higher level content you pretty much don't want to do, imo. Depending on your playstyle, what levels you're tackling (and which teammates you'll have), you either want high range, medium duration and good eff for CC, or Strength > Eff > and at least 80% Dur and Range, though more's nice, if you can fit it. Also, Vit, Rage, and Flow or Phoenix Renewal, and that's pretty much all your mod slots.
  8. 1. Now that Harrow’s (WIP) abilities have been revealed, how excited are you for his release? > Somewhat excited New toy/toolbox, new theme, new aesthetics. That said, we need calibration. What kind of enemy levels are you expecting players to face with him? I'll touch on why this is important. 2. What part of Harrow’s (WIP) kit is the most enticing to you? > His 1 First off: This is synergy. It's a line mez. This works. Add in the vulnerability from his 2, the headshot handicap for his 3 and 4, and it's a linchpin of his kit. Second: Calibration. Outside the star chart, I don't see myself using his 2 against unmezzed enemies - can't afford the vulnerability. Enter his 1. As I recall, Rebecca's demo doesn't make it clear whether or not he can move while charging his 3. (And even if he can move, it's not as effective as parkour at reducing enemy accuracy). As such, outside the star chart, I don't see myself using his 3 near unmezzed enemies - can't afford the vulnerability. Enter his 1. We seeing a theme? His 4, granted, I'll probably use often, with as much duration as possible (to reduce the risk of needing to recharge often). Now, about headshots, scopes, etc. Seasoned Conclave players notwithstanding, I suspect that most players can't reliably headshot while leapdodgerolling, let alone while leapdodgerolling well. (Disclaimer: I'm basing this on myself. I think I'm around average.) Add in how Scoping messes up your normal parkour speed, the forced zoom - when only a subset of a subset of tiles have the scope to allow/enable zoom past x3, the different mouse-track speed (which, granted, is customizable via the options). Between that, and every single scope-capable weapon to date (to wit: snipers) gained scope sway, ludicrously poor hipfire accuracy, and transition time between scoped and unscoped accuracy (i.e. no quickscoping)... I'm sure some people will disagree with me, but I find snipers pretty unusable outside specific parameters. (Basically: A static mission-type, an invisible frame, or Excavation.) 3. What Warframe’s Augment are you excited most for next? > Other I think that the entire augment system needs to be reevaluated. With a handful of exceptions, opportunity cost means that the vast majority never see use - they're just not worth the mod slot. So if the setup is: 'There will be augments for these 4 frames. You have no information about what the augments will do, nor whether they'll be viable/worth the opportunity cost. Then the question really is: 'Which of the candidate frames/abilities do you like most?' 4. With the expansion of the Grineer faction, what new features are you looking for in your foes? > Other "Alternate damage types" are completely opaque. Damage 2.0 modifiers are completely invisible/under the hood. Beyond that, which currently-unused status procs actually affect players? CC procs don't affect players. Gas boils down to toxin. Corrosive is temporary. I'm sure a brand new source of Mag procs will be greeted with joy, though. "New mechanics" is way too vague for me to choose. Rolling out Eximus Strongpoints* is 'new mechanics'. So is rolling out breakable armor, or actual weakpoints. So is a 'On death, spawn 2 copies' "mitosing" enemy. Or a damage reflector enemy. Etc etc. "Different enemy designs" is also too unclear. Do you mean visually? i.e. another reskin? (Vanilla, Frontier, Arid, Drekhar, Kuva, Nightwatch) Do you mean from a design philosophy perspective? Combat doctrine? something else entirely? * As per my Devstream question-list: Weak points is a misnomer. You hit a thing somewhere, and something happens. You hit a weak point and something catastrophic happens. Compare and contrast with a strongpoint (fortification) - until you deal with it, you can't advance, a.k.a. nothing happens. Look at Ambulas. Ambulas has weak points. Compare and contrast with the DC challenge Lv120 Juggernaut. 5. What is your opinion on the proposed headshot benefits from the coming scoped secondary weapon? > Other See the end of my answer re: #2. The benefit of a scope, is greater resolution and accuracy at greater range. Tying additional stat buffs to it (and potentially balancing the base stats to account for them) makes players (i.e. me, but I've heard the same from others I've spoken with) feel forced to use scopes, even outside the handful of situations where using them fits. Compound with the horrible spread on hipfire, and the game-wide terrible weapon-swap speed, you're just making scope-use even more mandatory - regardless of whether or not it's beneficial. So, in abstract, scopes are a good thing, especially since variable zoom was added - when using the scopes is optional, to use when the higher magnification benefits you. In practice, am I looking forward to yet another weapon that can't hit a thin Grineer with hipfire from past ~9 meters because it comes with a scope? No, I'm really really not. ===== The high level enemy Youtuber's probably LifeOf Rio.
  9. Woopsies. Anyway yup, came here to post about this as well.
  10. Re: destroying hype - Regardless of whether DE can do something about it, as long as the person posting the datamine A) lists it as datamined info, and B) doesn't include spoilers in the title... what's the problem? (The corollary, ofc, is that if they are actively spoiling, they shouldn't be.) Then it's purely 'opt in'.
  11. Bump, because I'd still like this. Anyone have a pro/con opinion to contribute?
  12. Wait, we already had a new-Ambulas sortie assassiation? o.O Well, nm me then. Glad to hear my reminder wasn't needed. Thanks for the info.
  13. A pre-emptive 'just in case this has slipped through the cracks' reminder: As with Kela, Ambulas got reworked. And, as with Kela, she's now gated behind a resource farm. And, as with Kela, she can be chosen as a sortie Assassination. So, unlike with Kela, verify whether you intend sortie-Ambulas to require said resource before she gets rolled for a sortie. And if, as with Kela, the intent is that sortie-Ambulas not require pre-farming to be able to take on, make sure sortie-Ambulas actually doesn't require the resource before it shows up. Thank you.
  14. I think it was last Stevestream that he noticed that the Ballista telegraph ignores blocking geometry, and disliked it. Look at it less as an actual laser (because - visual media conventions aside - lasers aren't actually visible in clear air) and more as a 'spidey sense' telegraph: someone's drawing a bead on me. This both makes physical sense, saves coding time (just change the visual to be less 'laser'y (since Warframe doesn't have SAO's GGO's Trajectory Prediction Lines as a standard thing) and more ethereal/'Void'y), meshes with the concept of 'Tenno as adept warrior' as well as touching on 'mystic powers', and still gives you advance warning of a Ballista.
  15. Given that the EE.log keeps track of mission time, this should be fairly simple. ----- Have you tried this? I'm pretty sure it's possible. (Also, nitpick: Cyngas is the archwing shotgun, you mean Cycron. And I agree.)