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  1. tl;dr - In the Simulacrum, AI not paused, this Nyx w/ 134% power str and [url=]this Argonak[/url] (obscured mod is Point Strike). 1 Corrupted Ancient, 1 any other Corrupted. Apply Psychic Bolts. Do not apply Chaos. The Ancient's aura still applies 85%(?) DR to its ally, still takes any procs. Shoot the ally 6-12 times, the Ancient dies, despite (mostly) 0 damage popups and a visually full HP bar. Sorry, can't video, but see: and ----- Couldn't replicate this with any of the other weapons I tested. Didn't think to check whether this applies to Eximus. Infested Ancient Healers + Infested allies worked properly. Haven't managed to line up a non-Simulacrum test - the AI's being uncooperative. I'm assuming the cause is Hunter Munitions and / or crit, but can't swear to it as I couldn't replicate with other HM weapons - either Psy bolts ran out before either target died, the Bombard died (e.g. with a Hek, but the Ancient ended up with a rad proc which might've bypassed the issue), or both died (e.g. Lenz). It's not stacking Vir - tested with a ~98% status pure vir Hema. It doesn't seem to be just stacking DoTs, as a Vir/Slash rivened Miter didn't kill either of them. Can't be sure about Gas procs, due to the AoE. Also... Since when does the editor have a Preview Mode?! Not that that helps me with spoiler tags, but hey, still good.
  2. I don't know that this is intentional, but I love the fact that the lasers' sweep is timed slow enough to allow a skilled (with or without air-quotes, up to you) player to just slip in and hack the terminal (with enough time for 1 mistake, even) between sweeps - without having to disable them. This vault - the one with the laser canon. Not that this is the best way to solve it, but its the first clip I found.
  3. Chroia

    Atmo archguns break peacemaker?

    Haven't tried it more than the once, but here's what happened: * Deploy archgun. * Activate Peacemaker. * Peacemaker is active, energy ticks down. Normal weapons replace archgun, you can switch between them. * You can toggle Peacemaker off - which stops the energy drain, but: - the icon still shows it as active, - You can't use any abilities, - You're stuck walking. Dying fixes this.
  4. Timing minigame is both engaging and less fiddly. I like it. Late, I know, but wanted to say it.
  5. When you have the time, could you add falloff multiplier as well? (e.g. 10m-20m / 33%) Thanks for your time.
  6. Given that I know this was up for debate as recently as a month ago, especially considering that Baruuk's Rep-locked. Lets me (and possibly others) still progress the Vox Solaris syndicate, even when I can't squad in OV.
  7. Let me preface this: My computer is above min-spec, but not hugely so. As I said [url=]elsewhere[/url], I have a (somewhat-)better-than-[url=]min-req PC[/url] (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 vs 6400, 4 GB RAM vs. 2 GB, and a GeForce 550 TI vs. GeForce 8600 GT). But while performance in OV has certainly improved since launch, I cannot reliably remain connected to squadmates as either host or client for more than a couple frames - to say nothing of the various load times. So, let's talk about those load times. My load time into Fortuna varies from under 1 minute to over 4. As best I can figure, this correlates directly with how many people are in the hub. (I believe the issue is loading the cosmetics, because I still get the occasional desync when certain players join my squad. Should be able to dig up the support ticket I submitted about it a couple years ago.) Now, while I can pick an instance when loading in from my Orbiter - which means I can choose a low-pop instance, the same isn't true of returning from OV. I've done a couple of Profit-Taker runs, clocking 18 and 16 minutes until the kill. It then took me ~5 and ~8 minutes to load back into Fortuna. If you insist on not allowing people to generate 'solo', empty hubs, (because social, I guess? tbf, visual (read: player avatar) social hubs have never been my jam.) can you please do something to improve my QoL here? Honestly, unless I'm completely misdiagnosing the issue, even just a toggle in the gameplay options - 'auto-select low pop hub instances' - will improve things significantly better. Thanks for your time.
  8. ... which I assume is part of the more general problem Warframe has with focus and input-exclusivity (e.g. loadout-naming while chat is open will send text to both). But given that you don't allow queuing, automation or batch-crafting, spam-crafting - as one must with the PoE and OV resources - means that you're constantly getting interrupted, which is rather frustrating.
  9. When sorted by cost, auras used to show up at the end, making them easy to find - just click on the right end of the scrollbar. I know that you can filter by aura, but I personally find it less smooth to discern the tabs and click back and forth as part of populating a loadout. Not a huge deal, but it bugs me every time. First World Problems, but there you have it. *shrug*
  10. Chroia

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5

    *cough* Here's the thing, though: This is standard. * There is an issue with how a mechanic works when first implemented. * The instance is fixed. * A new use for the mechanic is implemented. * Issue still extant in new instance. Granted, I'd have to look this up if you want specific examples, but something about how 'you' work seems to facilitate these. ^ This. I mean, I don't see it as a big issue - just another dead resource reward - but given the max rank needed to start spiderlons... I mean, how common do we expect it to be for new players to rush Old Mate, then get carried in spiderlons to actually buy stuff? That's pretty much the only use-case I see for these.
  11. First off, I greatly appreciate the context that additional comments provide. Thanks for that. While I understand the design intent, I expect you're gonna have a real hard time with this. Newbies - who need that extra boost - can't obtain the Gravimag (unless carried, I guess? Edit: But even then, requires Solaris United Old Mate, so no, actually.). Midgame players may benefit, but pretty much only against bosses, Assassins, and the odd New Loka hitsquad. I repeat this often (though usually about damaging Warframe abilities), but there's a very fine line between 'too much damage' and 'not enough damage' - and very little straddles the line so well that a player'll have enough damage to only get through most of a mission. (I assume you can infer from this statement onto endless missions.) and ofc, "endgame" players don't need the damage. Only use I expect them to get from this crowd is the occasional AoE clear with a Grattler/Fluctus, or to wow a newbie. I have no comment on anything else - haven't started trying to work through the heists solo (by necessity as per my last post) yet, don't use WF with Steam (though I'm sure those who do appreciate the effort you're putting in here), and haven't used the Staticor since leveling it; the projectile speed kills it for me. Irrespective of that, though, thanks for the communication. :)
  12. Chroia

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    But it will remain in full effect for Assimilate, yes? While I can see that you'd want this for Absorb-as-a-nuke (though -given its current iteration- why you'd want that to begin with, idk), I think it's fair to say that if you're using Assimilate, you're using it purely as a defensive ability. So as long as it retains the 'Damage taken costs energy' aspect, I want it to stay up as long as possible - if that's because enemies are missing, I'm fine with that too. Edit: Since I don't see Absorb/Assimilate becoming agnostic again, how about instead of 'damage costs energy', it becomes 'damage increases drain', or - possibly better - 'drain increases per enemy targetting (not attacking) Nyx' - which synergizes with Chaos as well.
  13. I have a (somewhat-)better-than-[url=]min-req PC[/url] (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 vs 6400, 4 GB RAM vs. 2 GB, and a GeForce 550 TI vs. GeForce 8600 GT). But while performance in OV has certainly improved since launch, I cannot reliably remain connected to squadmates as either host or client for more than a couple frames - to say nothing of the various load times. As such, pretty much my only hope for farming Toroids is spelunking. And as Brozime [url=]eloquently puts it[/url]: "I cannot possibly advise anyone to do this farm, but if you would like to inflict pain on yourself, it's there for you solo player, if you want just absolute time-wasting pain, if you'd like existential dread over your time spent on this after you come awa from it an hour later with a single toroid - absolutely be my guest." (And, really, both my time and my mental wellbeing are worth more to me than that.) And this is a shame. The couple of times I actually managed so duo-ing with a clanmate, toroid farming was basically my perfect idea of fun: No gimmicks, no alternate lose conditions, no outside considerations to pull you out of the immersion in just killing things for as long as you can survive. Just Kill Sh*t. tl;dr - I'd already given up on the Operator cosmetics, looks like I'm faced with 'plat or do without' on Baruuk as well. Even if Orb heists drop Toroids, last I heard, they're also a team venture, so. Yes, I know that plat can be traded for, as well as bought, and I love Warframe for it. But at what point does 'technically obtainable' become 'effectively not obtainable'? I'm displeased with the non-choice I currently have. And if the answer is to increase the official min reqs? That's fine.
  14. Chroia

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    So I've been thinking about my problem with Psychic Bolts' delivery method. Would changing Psychic Bolts' delivery method to use Garuda's Seeking Talons, either at the Natural Talent sped-up speed - due to not having her defenses, or affected by Range - for a larger starting area, be a good thing?
  15. Chroia

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    YES! \o/ Not amazingly thematic, but fits well enough, and I won't say no to some extra safety. I look forward to trying this out. How does it interact with Mind Freak? Okay, so. A bunch of stuff here. * I'm assuming that duration and effect scale with duration and (more importantly) strength? Requiring more modifiers will remove a bunch of her build flexibility (if you care to use this in the first place), but you're getting another tool into your kit. We'll see. * If you're serious about fighting Corpus, you're probably using some (non-frame) method of bypassing their shields to begin with - toxin damage or procs, gas procs. On top of that - while I haven't actually looked at Orb Vallis unit stats, the Corpus heavies tend towards 'low on shields, high on HP' (probably directly as a result of the above). As such, I'm not sure how impactful reducing enemy shields will actually be. And you're potentially opening an avenue to cheesing bosses with damage immunity shields. Again. (Check patch history for 'Shield Disruption' if you don't recall what I'm talking about.) * Also, and especially re: the Infested - How does this ability propagate? Same as current? Because I'm not a fan of unreliability, and forcing spam to assure coverage is just more incentive to build for max eff (as if you weren't doing that already). * Speaking of the Infested: Slow is a good (defensive) counter to the Infested, but Chaos already CCs them as well as stopping auras from spreading, with hugely better coverage to boot. While - if I'm reading this correctly - PB will remove the aura from the Ancient itself as well, this depends on it actually targetting said Ancient... see above concern. So, am I overlooking some particular benefit? Might need some more thought. tl;dr - Please give Absorb some more thought. ----- As a damage ability, Absorb has both bad damage and terrible range. And even if it had god-killer tier damage or incredible CC, it'd still be of limited use, due to the 10m (5 if augmented) base range - Its potential is limited by its application. And this is before getting into open world maps. I did the back-of-the-napkin math at some point, and if I recall correctly, in ideal circumstances a max Primed Flow Nyx Prime can trade her entire energy pool for under 10k paper damage (at default strength). Even assuming that the adaptive damage mechanic is effective (Corpus tend towards puncture damage - bad vs. shields, Grineer tend towards impact/slash - bad against armor), that's not an impressive conversion ratio, and that's before taking into consideration that enemy HP scales a lot faster than enemy damage to being with. As a defensive ability, default Absorb is both a self-disable, and of strictly limited use as enemy scaling increases, due to the direct 'damage taken costs energy' factor. Sure, it's fine discount invulnerability for most star chart content, but for any more serious content, you're both taking on a limited tank, and can't use parkour to be tankier by reducing enemy accuracy either. With, again, a max P Flow Nyx P, against non-enhanced sortie 3 enemies, I expect less - potentially much less than 20 seconds of effect. And sure, 20 seconds is a lot of time, but as a trade off of a full tank (~637 energy)? Way overcosted for the type of horde-mode game that Warframe currently is. It, quite simply, does not perform well either defensively, let alone compared with its direct-effect 'buff' competition. (Iron Skin, Warding Halo, Inaros, Nidus, Oberon, Trinity, Wukong, etc.), let alone the far more powerful (assuming no power disablers) indirect 'debuff' options; nor offensively. ***** Titania never 'clicked' with me, so all I can say is - those changes look good. Good enough? That, I can't say.