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  1. This is a report, not a complaint: The Tennocon drops mostly worked, on my end. Both my brother and I got both of the Athodai and Hydroid. I got the Necramech, but - amusingly - not the staff skin.
  2. Apologies for the belated reply. Perhaps. But mostly I think you misunderstood what I see as the issue / am asking for. Let's see if we can get something out of this, shall we? I wouldn't, except that Rift Strike wants me to. It demands it of me, in fact, given that it doesn't have a universal effect, just a conditional one that only works on Heavy Attack. (And that that's not how newer, more polished - design-wise - augments are.) I'd argue that Assimilate Nyx is better served by Void Dashing - it's faster, longer range, and comes with additional effects based on your school and Arcanes. Ivara though, I'll grant you - the Operator 'breaks your undetection' despite Prowl, Rift Strike doesn't. Absolutely agreed. But I'm not asking for Rift Strike to make Heavy Attack good. You'll notice that there's nothing about that in the OP, just the request that it not be either A) directly detrimental to how I use the weapon 'normally', or B) a dead slot. Not going to quote the next paragraph, as it's also about the viability of Heavy Attacks on the Twin Basolk, which I just addressed. I agree, and that's a shame, and can easily be remedied by giving Rift Strike a small, universal effect, to either mitigate the conflict, or improve the weapon otherwise - as per OP. No? Genuine question: Do you disagree with any of that (besides the Nyx comment, obviously)? ----- Sadly, probably true. But hey, at least now I can console myself that I tried...?
  3. In the Tennocon stream, here, 5:44:09, you can hear the mouseclick when Reb tries to click the circle, but nothing happens. It'd make navigating that much smoother. (For all I know, the functionality's in the works, but didn't ship in time for Tennocon. *shrug*) Thank you in advance.
  4. I see this was already posted about here, so this is a bump.
  5. As title. Solo fight as host. Last 3 of 6 became immune (no armor or shield strip) part way through. No active Comba/Scrabus AoEs at the time. Can't really tell you more than that, I don't think.
  6. 1) Fluff "Charge Attacks now step through the rift to attack enemies up to 25m away" Charge attacks don't exist anymore. They're Heavy Attacks now. 2) Mechanics If you're using Dual Basolk, you're using Condition Overload. Which means you're probably using Weeping Wounds. The mod is a product of a time where Charge attacks cost no resources, didn't interact with the Combo count. Rift Strike doesn't play nice with Weeping Wounds, on account of eating its lunch Combo Count, which they both compete for. This can be mitigated by modding for Combo Efficiency, but you run hard into the limited number of mod slots (particularly if you're trying to build hybrid) and element flexibility / weighting. Newer weapon augments (i.e. every weapon augment since the Jovian Concord a.k.a. Gas City rework) come in two flavors: * Universal - which is to say, they have an effect and that effect always applies/is available, which is usually part of the standard use of that weapon, e.g. Napalm Grenades, or most of the arena augments, and * Conditional - which is to say, they only have effect if you go out of your way for them to apply, like Dizzying Rounds (weapon has 7-14m or 9-18m range, DR only works within 8m). Conditional mods, like the above-mentioned Dizzying Rounds, tend to come with an additional lesser-but-universal effect (DR also offers +200% status chance). Rift Strike is a Conditional mod. Please give it a universal effect. (Combo Efficiency seems like a fitting candidate, but if you can come up with better, by all means.) Thank you for your consideration.
  7. so they're all just a bit offset from the walls they were previously backed against.
  8. ... since obviously, you technically don't have a target to cast on. Don't recall seeing this posted, so.
  9. As title. Specifically, I was grabbed-and-thrown by a lich. Can't really test other sources of ragdolling.
  10. Not a huge priority, obviously, just a slight convenience. Thanks for your time.
  11. The difference is that the Gladiator mods don't go on your Iron Staff. So yes, your example is a direct nerf, removing the gladiator set bonus is not. Which is why I said what I said with regards to the segment of the OP I quoted: I understood from the OP that the reason the Xoris is getting this change is that it enables the combo-mods affecting abilities with no downside (beyond foregoing weapon augments or high-disp rivens). Disallow the combo-mods, and you both treat the root of the problem, and don't need to mess with the Xoris's gimmick wrt exalted abilities - which still increases ability damage by up to x3.
  12. Under which perspective, DE deciding to increase enemy armor scaling per level is a nerf to Iron Staff (among other things), because indirect nerfs are nerfs. I agree that, by your definition, it's a nerf. But I don't share your definition. We disagree on the scope in question. So yes, different reading.
  13. So, different reading of 'nerf'. Alright. You're talking holistically, I'm talking specifically. I agree. That said, we going to talk about mandatory mods?
  14. I guess that depends on how you read 'nerf'. Not having them affect exalted weapons, and no other change, does not nerf either the abilities or the mods. Unless you don't read the OP to consider this an existing problem, with the Xoris only exacerbating it? Edit: Text doesn't convey tone - this is a genuine question. Edit 2: @Katinka Gotcha. That's fair.
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