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  1. Honestly, my issue with Murmur farming is that it's a dedicated farm - Can't also do siphons, nightmare, invasions, fissures or whatever else. If they were more integrated into 'normal' activities rather than being a dedicated node/farm, I'd probably be fine with it, honestly. Being able to passively progress it would make a big difference, I think.
  2. Every single thing here looks excellent. Thank you. Is there more that can be done? Sure. But that's always true, so eh, it's the trend that matters.
  3. *Distant Kela arena cheering* I wholeheartedly support this approach, and would love to see it adopted/applied more broadly.
  4. ... goddamn. I've literally no idea what to say beyond that. Amazing effort OP. This'd lead to great improvement if it's taken on board, I believe. Here's to hoping.
  5. On mobile atm, so this's perforce gonna be a preliminary, short post. First off: thanks for talking about this. That said, let's talk a bit about Warframe's UI. I say this with no vitriol: if I logged in to WF tomorrow and discovered that the entire UI besides mod-fusion (and other at-the-time nonexistent screens) was reverted to U13, I'd be almost-literally ecstatic. (Star chart gets a pass. I think that OG star chart gave players sense of where they were/were going, but at least it's improved (by regressing - if with better graphics) since the U14 iteration.) The tl;dr here is basically Warframe's eternal issue: prioritizing form over function. There's 'streamlined' and then there's 'flensed'. I'm in the UI to do something. STOP adding extra clicks to every step. Please. Also, re: icons- there are hundreds of different 'items' in the game. Are you familiar with the term "burden of knowledge"? It's much easier for a player, esp a not-seasoned player, to take in information from text than a slew of unfamiliar, complex, colorful - or, in a word, noisy - mess of icons. Heck, flying in the face of my initial high hopes when the loadout quick-select was redone, I basically completely ignore the slot icons - it's too much noise - and navigate purely by slot-place-on-screen. An excellent example of both 'overwhelming' and 'not enough info'. Well, that ran long. Might follow up with a detailed post tomorrow, we'll see.
  6. Warframe Survey As per dkah41's comment and LtGreen649's Reddit thread I'd wonder about selection bias with regards to who filled out the survey. I consider myself fairly up-to-date on Warframe matters (check recent dev posts at least once a day, skim forums, browse the subreddit by newest). That said, I'm not on twitter, and I only caught one mention/link to it. Further, you needed a logged in Google account to actually submit your form. Suffice it to say, I didn't end up participating. Between one and the other, I doubt I'm the only one. Kuva Lich Iteration Glad to hear it. That said: Removing forced failures system. Being forced to die to learn how to progress is a pain point in the community, and we are looking at other options to approach this mechanic. Removing the script-kill is certainly good. However, to repeat myself: Forget the weapon grind. Forget the forma-grind (why was this a thing, btw? It lengthens the time players'll spend with those weapons once, at the cost of disincentivising getting multiples for different builds, and more importantly - accelerating burnout with the Lich system, and most importantly: undercuts the uniqueness of the Paracesis for no apparent reason beyond Grind More™). Forget even the content-isolation of Thralls. Sure, I don't like it, but my issue with Liches, is primarily - even ignoring the difference between the Tennocon concept and what actually shipped - that they're internally inconsistent. Even with my concerns about the representatives of the survey responses, note that the single largest chunk (above even 'I play Warframe daily') was given to highly valuing lore, story - both aspects relating to immersion. Call it Gameplay and Story Segregation (Warning: TVTropes), call it Ludonarrative Dissonance, whatever. Taking Liches naively - at face value and uninformed by anything but what the game gives me: Lady, I killed you once, and even that didn't take. Stop ranting about the travails and trauma of repeated death and reincarnation. Immediately after I failed to kill you and you QTE-killed me. It never happened. Go home. You're drunk. Softening the blow of the RNG hunt. Both in allowing you to Banish a Lich, but also using an undesired Kuva Weapon to receive a “bait” that will guarantee you a specific Weapon. Certainly this'll decrease frustration and burnout, but it won't actually increase how long most players engage with Liches. They need to be less of an island for that, or so it seems to me. If all they are is weapon dispensers (and Ephemera dispensers if you're lucky, a completionist or a fashion addict), once you're done you're done. On that note: I can't wait for the ability to rename primaries. With Liches being churn content, attaching their names to the weapons loses all significance. At least once they're renameable, I'll be able to know what bonus a given weapon has at a glance. Thrall farming needs a little bit extra goodness. Yes, it does. What specifically you mean by this matters a lot, though. Next Warframe - Odalisk Interesting passive. First Ability Cool. Second Ability A line nuke that scales with density. Good vs. Infested. Good in corridors. Given those and barring a damage and eHP rework, likely to be of strictly limited use. Third Ability Well, people have been asking for this for Vauban for ages, so alright. Fourth Ability Oh, interesting. I love this ability pretty much everywhere I've come across it, quite aside from loving the concept. That said, its her only non-stationary defensive ability, and it's hard countered by oneshots. tl;dr- she'll probably be a fun Star Chart frame. Might have a spot in premades, depending on how her energy orb dispenser's cooldown works. But not more than that. Armour Scaling Scott mentioned the concept of “S-curve” scaling, where the exponential increase would plateau out at around level 75-80, but still increase with levels. Probably better than a cap, if you're not going for a flat, universal amount of armor/%DR. That said: I'm still of the opinion that Damage 2.0 needs a look. As it is, Steve's bemoaned player damage spikiness, and a lot of that stems from the TTK disparity between 'right elements' and 'wrong elements' - especially vs. armored enemies. A 75% double-dip on both damage done and armor-damage-mitigated is a big honkin' deal. Combine that with the swing of -50%->+75%? Yikes. With changes to armour, we still want higher-level enemies to feel deadly, so altering damage output scaling would most likely be part of the change -- doing so without making players be one-shot is a tricky balance here. Let me be very very clear: max level DEAC enemies are already lethal. Top-level DEAC enemies already do enough damage that squishy frames require reliable, constant lockdown to survive already. Which you were trying to get away from, what? 5 years ago? (cue Nullifiers and VIP CC resist.) Consider the frames taken into an Arbitration. Increasing high level enemy damage even higher will do nothing but further restrict the viable choices. Archwing Rework Good. They need it. The range limit vs. OW environments is terrible for them, quite aside from anything else. And almost every single ability needs a look. (Also: MORE SPACE VACCUUM.) This reminds me so much of a R/B nonbasic land from 2+ years ago, but I can't find it atm... aaand the spoiler ate the end of my post and can't be edited. %(*^(!#$@% The Prex cards are gorgeous. re: Vauban armor - If Scott was talking about his stat-armor, the armor bonus from Bastille is good, it just needs a longer base duration. Haven't seen the stream yet, so that's that. ty for the overview, Taylor.
  7. For the amount of threat they post to Archwings, Crew Ship need better indicators. The shape they have isn't distinct enough, and sharing a color with the dozen fighters zooming around the edges of my screen doesn't help any. The only times I can identify them immediately are when they're still too far away to have agroed so their marker is still grey - the only one on the board.
  8. Railjack uses mods. These mods require Avionics capacity from your Reactor. The good reactors have a 2% drop chance. But that's not terrible, you farm one and you're done, right? Nope. Reactors are RNG. I even have a Vidar Mk3. It gives 55 capacity, and this is unchangeable. That's part one of this... utter joy. Mods aren't underclock-able. Some mods, usually desirable ones, have a 0.15% chance to drop from specific, sometimes restricted-spawn enemies. And Railjack doesn't "even" have Forma so I can try to 'fix' the fit that way. Sadly, I didn't put these things together before ranking up my good mods, and now I'm SoL wrt actually using them in any kind of semi-cohesive build. I either use worse-base mods, or my super-duper mods with unranked+grid cheapo mods. gg no re.
  9. Sorry I didn't find this before, what with the 30 wreckage limit. Pretty much only have Mk.3s now. Still, lemme see what I can add here... Zetki Apoc Mk II: +58.4% fire rate Zetki Apoc Mk III: +59.1% fire rate Lavan Photor Mk III: +23.9%-25.2% damage Zetki Photor Mk III: 18.2%-24.1% damage Vidar Pulsar Mk III: 22.2% damage Vidar Carcinnox Mk III: +15.9% damage Zetki Carcinnox Mk II: +33.8% fire rate Zetki Carcinnox Mk III: +54.2% fire rate Vidar Cryophon Mk III: +51% damage
  10. So. 1) Considering how Archwing missions handle, I was strongly skeptical of Railjack. Well done. I'm genuinely enjoying it - if you discount the bugs and the ludicrous oneshots on any AW that isn't Amesha. 2) Steve loves saying that players' problem with some items, such as the Sibear or the Hema or the Knux, is - and I quote: "Sticker shock". Can't speak for anyone else, this has never been an issue to me. Not that I thought that the requirements weren't absolutely preposterous p.s. Still inviting players to clan for a Hema BP, just that it had never made me write something off entirely. Fast-forward to Railjack and gear repairs. Played some RJ, got a gear drop. Figured out it's unusable until repaired. Saw the repair bill. I'm about halfway through the Veil (having not rushed to Intrinsic 7, like a fool), sitting at 5/1/4/7. How much RJ game-time is that? And I've finally got enough mats to repair one mk. 2 piece of gear. Which I'm not gonna do, because I'm already: A) Quite capable of clearing Veil missions, especially not-solo, and B) Getting Mk. 3 gear now with which it has resource req overlap. Not to mention C) RNG. Repairs are a huge investment, and 50% rebate is nowhere near enough to convince me that "temporary" gear is worth the investment. 3) Not at all been my experience, and I've been pugging 95% of the time. As long as people have an idea of what's needed, we tend to pull through with little-to-no conversation needed (nor typing allowed. Hands tend to be full). Again, that's bugs aside. 4) Responses inline in green, obviously. You can't create unlimited (if rate-limited) resources from the air and expect not to have inflation. Increasing a craft's cost doesn't change that, it just puts off how soon you can 'done and moved on' it, while (potentially unbalancing your economy and) causing sticker shock. If I had to, I'd suggest a known, mitigate-able upkeep cost (like pet stims), tied to login, not just the passage of time (unlike pets), and make it automated (again, unlike pets). Or a 'weapon maintenance' every # missions with cost based on the gear used, possibly moldulated by its use-frequency-within-Xtimeframe rather than daily. Firstly - Awesome. Secondly - UNIVERSAL VACUUM. At least in RJ. 250m on the Railjack is A) from a central point, and subsequently B) nowhere near enough to clean up your immediate vicinity, and you've got a narrower cone of sight as well as less maneuverability than an AW to boot. Even solo I hop out of RJ if I want to loot an area. This is really, really not the issue. Do what you want, as usual. Just be advised: One of the reasons I dropped MMOs and picked up Warframe, and then stuck with it, was that Gear A is Gear A. How Rivens were implemented still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Fortunately, I'm not interested in any of the Kuva weapons, so I'm not actually angry about them, just concerned. And now we have RNG gear (combined with massive craft repair costs)? I'll be sticking with Clantech, thankyouverymuch. Which also means I'm sitting on my resources, thus accelerating how fast I build up a new stockpile. I'm not going to say that you going further down this will unconditionally put me off Warframe - that will depend on how minmaxed your need your RNG gear to be to access the content going forward. tbh, my only problem with MR for the RJ gear is the current, gargantuan crafting cost. Meh, when we get to that point, I'll let you know. Like I said, under the current paradigm, I'm sticking with clantech, maybe except a Reactor. We'll see how the Mk.3 clantach's statted when my clan gets there in a week or so. Well, I mean, imagine if you crafted a new Warframe and had to farm your ability cards. 'cuz that's what this is. Given my 180 on Empyrean between announcement and experience, I'm actually rather optimistic about this now. Just... the bugs... they're drowning me. Looking forward to the next Devstream.
  11. I occasionally exit the Railjack as my Warframe. Possibly related, my pet doesn't always get disabled when I exit the railjack, and so swiftly (under 3 sec) degens and perma dies. Edit And why is this separate from my previous post? Bleh.
  12. * Can't start Railjack from a solo lobby. * Matchmaking does not respect 'Invite Only/Friends Only' when selecting a Railjack node, puts you into a public squad. Edit Scratch that, Railjack lobbies are started from the Dry Dock. Uniquely atypical as this is, the above points are consistent with it. * Heavy latency-like behavior every time when first entering an enemy ship. Clears up after ~3-5 seconds. Edit Upon a couple more missions, this seems to be a host issue.
  13. This is not my issue with Liches. Is that clear enough? I don't mind losing, though - and Warframe's an egregious offender here - I'd really like to know what killed me and why I died, so I can improve. I don't mind dying if I was playing poorly. I don't mind dying if I made an error in split-second judgement. I strongly dislike losing arbitrarily. (again, Warframe's an egregious offender here, due to RNG particularlyhitscan enemy weapon accuracy with damage scaling on top of a Damage <-> Health asymmetry combat system. TVTropes link if the concept is unfamiliar.) You want to kill me because I had bad RNG behind a QTE? I don't like it, and it's certainly not the look I'd want my game to go for, but *shrug* you do you. What gets me is that as they are, Liches are internally incoherent, and you are constantly rubbing that in my face. I'll lay off the bolds now, hope I made my point. * Lich. Cannot be permanently killed until their Phylactery is destroyed. Want to translate that into needing the secret chant? Alright, it does fit in the game that Warframe is better. * A Kuva Lich is created by the player shanking a Larvaling. The resulting Lich prominently displays the proginator's (not the type's helmet, your actual, customised) helmet. Where, exactly, did they get it? They talk about repeated grievous bodily harm, inflicted by the player, and resulting in repeated death and empowerment. Aside from Parazoning the Larvaling, you literally only ever kill the Lich once: At the end, after they've been nattering at you for a bare minimum of 1.25 hours, 3-4 hours is anecdotally more accurate, and potentially days or weeks if you don't clear it out ASAP. Steve says you failzon them, they kill you, then they die. This is not, at all, in the probably-60+-times I've seen those animations, conveyed. They no-sell you, they script-kill you, they RAAAAH powerup and they port out. So, every single other time, you fail to kill them, and they unavoidably kill you. Did I die because I wasn't good enough? No, I died because 'fk you'. And I can live with that. Just stop immediately following it up with the Lich expounding on how I've repeatedly killed them. I haven't. That's the whole point, apparently.
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