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    6 minutes ago, Zelmen said:

    You do know that the mote amp counts? Thats 11min to craft and like 20 min to level.

    I have 12 gilded amps including a gilded mote amp already. I don't want to build another and the turn in rep is garbage. 

    gilding should never be a choice for nightwave. I'll let forma slide but not gilding.

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  2. The more I use the new melee 2.9. The more I miss playing Warframe. Inability to control when, or if I block, destroys some game play. Channel as a toggle makes me ill, I only need it for key attacks not everything. You all took a great system that could have been adjusted slightly, and tossed every monkey wrench you could find into it for some reason.😕

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  3. Can we maybe get some way to regain lost control on PC?

    I would rather be able to decide when I block. The game does a real poor job of only blocking key high damage attacks, while ignoring low damage attacks I could have chosen to soak. It completely messes up the flow of melee, and feels like it was designed for a console. I had block on mouse2. Mastering when to block was also rewarding. The new system, game tries to play for me and does a real poor job.

    I'd also like to be able to channel on mouse1 like before, and it not be a toggle, as I only need it for certain attacks. Mastering split second channeling was rewarding. This new system is not rewarding, it is not effective either. Was it just over simplified for consoles?

    I do not need the game to decide what is the best action at the moment. Much as I dislike toggles, can we get one in options to disable the game deciding how I play?

    I can no longer aim glide with my melee weapon out, or leap into the air and melee osprey, who thought some of these changes would be fun? 




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  4. Idea of year... Maybe you need to stop using Loki?

    Excalibur is the main frame of Warframe

    So? He was also my first frame. I played him when everyone thought he was trash, and excelled with him. Now he is just a no talent, face roll mess, of broken OP exalted blade spam. What fun is that?

  5. Excal is the root of all evil, I would rather you remove Excal rather than destroying things that he abuses because he is so broken now. Hasn't that frame cause us all enough problems, just remove him.

  6. After this latest update Venus and mars archwing are stuffed. game is left in a open menu  and you have to terminate the game............... as if playing archwing is painful enough.

    yup same on Neptune. With the absurd amount of Archwing I have run trying to get dual decurions this is really maddening.

  7. I assume it's because you screamed about console changes screwing up a PC game. If you were able to rebind the damn key then I don't know why you overreacted that much to make that claim.

    Are you saying consoles do not affect pc games? from bad console UI's, to clunky mechanics , and graphics. Porting to consoles has set back pc gaming more than I care to even think about. I'm not going to say anything like PC ( insert Nazi garbage) cause it's low class, but some of us old folks have been around and know what is going on.

  8. So it doesn't occur to you that you should change your key binding? Default key binding in this game is just bad. I've changed it once to my convenient keys and never had a problem. Getting that alt fire allows me to aim so much better on quanta. You hate consoles because it's inconvenient for you and also because you never thought of you changing the key binding? This is petty beyond words. Alt fire change is one of the greatest changes.

    How does key binding ever be a problem for you when it's completely and totally customizable?

    Simple but relevant proverb of the day:

    If your brain doesn't do its job, your body suffers.

    Why did you assume I didn't instantly remap the key? Doesn't change the fact I think middle mouse as a default bind is super silly.

  9. No, I am not doing it wrong, not to mention I main melee.....gliding is USELESS with it (and f*cks up blocking while airbone). Now I can't jump up, block the rocket from a Napalm then smash into the ground because all my momentum is lost thanks to gliding. You could do all sorts of crazy things with coptering, the new system is inferior in every way.


    Edit: Directional air melee is also lost (you can't hit S#&$), blocking became useless now. Only the run and gun people benefitted from this new system a bit.

    I have to agree. Not to mention alt fire on middle mouse wheel wtf who thought that was a good idea? If I didn't know better I would say these are console changes screwing up a pc game. I hate consoles!

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